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Interview with Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust

1.Brutal Regards Joel! How are you? Could you tell Us a little about the history of Toxic Holocaust?
-Hi, thanks for the interview. TH started in 1999. The first release was the demo Radiation Sickness limited to about 50 copies. After some inactivity for a few years finally came the Critical Mass demo in 2002. This was the first demo to be spread in the underground trading circles, which led to the release of Evil Never Dies on Nuclear War Now / Witches Brew in 2003. After some EP's and some tours came the release of Hell on Earth in 2005, which in turn led to the deal with Relapse Records, which I just signed. I am currently working on my still yet to be titled third record which should be out by Sept. 2008.

2.What do you preffer man, black metal or thrash metal?
-I like em both. I like the evilness of Black metal and the sound of Thrash. I mean my favorite bands are Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer etc, so I guess I kinda lean toward the darker side of Metal.

3.Have you ever played in a band before Toxic Holocaust?
-Yes, lots of them! Mainly punk and crossover bands. Played drums in most of them.

4.After 2 full lenghts how do you end up contacting the people from RELAPSE RECORDS?
-Well, it kinda just fell into place. It turned out that we both wanted to work with each other so it just
made sence.

5.What is the difference between being independent and being signed with a label like RELAPSE?
-Better tours, better distribution. I can't comment on
much more right now cause me record isn't out yet, but
it seems like it's gonna work out well.

6.Do you really compose music and lyrics?
-YES, of course.

7.In some point of your career have you considered to have lined up musicians instead of having live musicians only?
-I always thought about it, but the right guys never came along. Until I find the right guys TH is going to remain a solo band where I hire musicians.

8.What are the albums that most influenced you musically speaking?
-Welcome to Hell, Bonded by Blood, Power From Hell, In the Sign on Evil, Show No Mercy, Bathory first one.

9.Why are you touring mostly in Europe?, there´s a lot of people who really likes you here at Latinamerica!!!
-I don't get many offers that seem like they will work in Latin America, I really want to do more touring there. I love the fans down there, you guys are total diehards! Expect some stuff coming your way soon I hope.

10.And lyrically speaking what vocalist have most influenced you on your voice man?
-Quorthon of Bathory and Angleripper on In the Sign of

11.Do you think somewhere in time does happen all the nuclear obliteration that you write for your songs?
-Well, maybe...but I really hope not. I would like to continue touring without the need for a chemcal suit.

12.Hellhammer or Bathory?

13.Sodom or Venom?

14.Is there any metal band from Mexico that you really like?
-Sure Transmetal, Strikemaster.

15.Besides music do you have another activities or just music?
-I collect records, drink etc. You know typical stuff
that you do when you not on stage or touring.

16.Is there any new material you´re about to release?
-Yes, I'm working on my 3rd record now to be released
on Relapse. The songs are coming along well, this will
be more of the same evil Thrash Metal that you've come
to expect from Toxic Holocaust.

Thanks Joel, anything you wanna add to this interview?
-Thanks for the interview see you guys ontour soon!!

Check Toxic Holocaust in this site:

New Info About Wtichtrap Euro - Tour

Oslo; 24.01.2008

FALLEN Booking is the new and improved metal agency you should look out for after NEDLOK ended January 08. Geir Kolden, the father of NEDLOK quit this year to proceed a career in acting. We wish him luck and want to say thanks for all that he has done for metal in Oslo.

Fallen has set a goal to provide you with bands you never thought would play at a small venue in Oslo… Old-school is the keyword! We will with that in mind organize gigs not as often as before, but work harder on getting that band you would die for!

This first year we will arrange two festivals named MAIDEN MASSACRE FEST. One in the beginning of May and then one in end of September. Bands that are ready so far are: Adorior, Asphyx, Witchtrap, Holocausto, Holy Moses, General Surgery……this is just the beginning…

Also we will have some scattered Thursday throughout the year that will be dedicate to new upcoming bands. For those who haven`t turned 20 yet you will be glad to hear that it will be allowed for people 18 years of age. Butchered at birth is the name of these nights. Watch out for info about dates and bands.

The new team is: Anna (former manager, barkeeper), Sindre (Obliteration, Nekromantheon), Miriam (the underdog), Francesca (red art, photo and illustrations), Kristian (Obliteration) and Deathanie (Grind Crusher, ex-Endwarfment)

Raise Your Fists!

Fallen Booking,

Anna, Sindre, Miriam, Francesca, Kristian, Deathanie

For this European tour get in touch to: (up and running soon)!!!

and e-mail her to:

your metal brother visit our witching sites:
stay evil stay ugly stay metal
see you in hell & ROCK'N'ROLL

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Interview with Spearhead

This is the Interview with Barghest, vocal and bassist from Spearhead.

1.- Hey how are you guys? Could you Tell us about your name “Spearhead” and how were you formed?

-The name “Spearhead” means the leading force in a military attack. Spearhead was founded in late 2003 by myself. After some early line-up changes, we recorded “Deathless Steel Command” (released in September ‘06). Following this, our rhythm guitarist was replaced, and a promo CD (”When the Pillars Fall” Oct ‘06) was released; followed in Dec ‘07 by our second album “Decrowning the Irenarch”.

2.- Who are your most important influence? because you have a really aggressive and obscure sound.
-I guess we have a handful of influences, such as Angelcorpse, Morbid Angel, Asphyx etc, but our sound is quite distinct from them.

3.- How´s your way to compose, do you make the music first or the lyrics come first?
-Music is always composed first. Lyrics are written to fit the structure of each track.

4.- What kind of Philosophy do you read to wrote your lyrics?
-Unfortunately the term ‘philosophy’ is nowadays often associated with humanistic and distinctly ’modern’ modes of thought, whether they are chronologically modern or not. I thus avoid using it. What readings have been an influence are the Traditionalist works of Evola and Guenon for example, and any other traditional Eurasian historic or ‘mythological’ texts.

5.- Do you use a specific scale in your music?
-We don’t limit ourselves to any one type of scale, no.

6.- Now how is the Death Metal scene in UK?
-Pretty poor, but not non-existent. The are only a small handful of bands in this country worthy of any real merit.

7.- How was the contact with Invictus Productions?
-Invictus Productions was in contact with our drummer, Vortigern, after hearing samples from “Deathless Steel Command” from our website. This album was due for release on another label who let us down, and so we moved to Invictus forthwith.

8.- How long was the recording of this excellent album “Decrowning The Irenarch”?
-The recording was completed in 2 weeks, at Hertz Studio, Poland, in the Summer of 2007, but the writing process probably took around a year or so.

9.- What bands would you like to share the stage with?
-Shared the stage with a good number of respected bands already. Can’t think of any bands off the top of my head we haven‘t already gigged with.

10.- Besides metal what other music do you like?
-Folk, martial music, industrial, and classical.

11.- Napalm Death or Benediction?

12.- Have you suffered any kind of misfortune on stage?
-What band hasn’t?! Drum kits slipping, amps not working - but nothing disastrous.

13.- What are your plans for 2008?
-More gigs, maybe some festivals in the Summer, but nothing planned for definite yet.

14.- I hope someday see you in Mexico, for last anything to say?
-Thanks for the interview. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Check this guys on

Avenger Of Blood Bassist Needed!!

We are on the search for a new bassist!

*Must be able to relocate to Las Vegas!
*Must be a "serious musician"!!
*Must own professional equipment and be 100% dedicated!
*Must have Vaild Pass Port or be able to get one.
*No Junkies, Drunks, Egos, or anyone with their handout!!!*

All interested parties, Please Submit a video link or an mp3 of your playing.

*I dont have tabs, so you will have to figure it out by ear.
*Our Tuning is in D standard.

*Send info about youself such as age, music history, etc....
For more info, contact Shannon at or

Thanks a Lot!

The Seedbed Of Evil: Negation

This section is about the new Xtreme Music bands!!

Today we have an excellent Grindcore band from Malasya "Negation", if you like bands like Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, Phobia, etc; This band have influences of those bands, check this guys on:

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Interview with Besieged

This is the Interview with Pukey, drummer of this young and excellent Thrash Metal band from Canada.

1.- Brutal regards guys, how are you? Could you tell us the meaning of your name “Besieged”?
-Hey man, I'm doing good. thanks allot for getting in touch with us for the interview. To be honest about the name it was kind of a weird thing, way back in the day when we first started we called our self "Manifest" with our first guitarist jordan rubel. That whole time was just pure sepultura/slayer worship for us(of course we still love those bands) we'd sleep by our drum set and amps just so when we got up we could start jamming right away, no time to waste. We ended up writing a couple songs during that time as you've probably heard "visions of Pain" and "savage life", but besides that we'd just be ripping the covers out all day. But of course, we had been doing our cover bands for awhile playing in our basement and having kids over. Most of the time when you would cram 30 kids in a little basement, you had them flying through the walls and shit. But eventually we put on our real first show, we basically rented a community centre and lights and fog machines and all that good stuff, told a bunch of people we we're playing there. The word got out and we ended up with a good 80 people that showed up and didn't even have a clue what we we're about to be blasting into their heads. At the end of the show I think there was 3 people still there, and we just trashed the shit out of the whole place. But, we had so much fun we decided to really start our own band and of course we needed a name that would be perfect for us. I think we were playing some war video game on the playstation or something and the level was called "Besieged". Me and Nolan kind of both just thought that sounded good, being 13 and 14 at the time we really didn't care what we called ourselves, we just wanted to play some fast and heavy music ahaha.

2.- How is the Extreme Music scene in Canada, i mean do you have a good relation with other Thrash, Death, Black Metal bands?
-We used to try and get to know all the bands we were playing with and just hang out and drink beer, but after awhile you realise that people really don’t give a shit. It’s all about who’s band is more popular or what fucking gay new trendy style of metal is in today rather than the actual music itself. I can easily think of some bands here in Winnipeg that need to drop the big shit ego’s, after all. We’re all still playing here in the same fucking city, we should be supporting one and other instead of talking shit.

3.- Is there any band or album that have been influenced you in a really important way?
-For me, I’ll always say Sepultura – Schizophrenia was my most influential album. When I first heard that CD i don’t think I took it out of the Cd player for a year straight. That is some powerful music.

4.- Your demo “Visions Of Pain” is a fuckin angry, violent Thrash Metal, how was the process of composition and recording?
-We recorded it at a really cool studio here called Studio 11, basically we had a few songs written and we wanted to get them out there for people to hear. So we called up the studio with pretty much no money, asked them how much for a 2 song demo(which by the way was a ridiculous amount) It was pretty much just a big hang out spot, we had all our buddies come down and just watch us record all day which was a fun experience for us. But when it was time to work, we definitely did so...I think it came out on the tracks. There pissed off songs, we were pissed off, we ARE pissed off...we just want to record fast and heavy and angry fucking tunes for people to fuck shit up to. I think we did a pretty good job.

5.- In your own words describe Thrash Metal.
-Fast, Heavy music.... That people can get together for, and beat the shit out of each other to. But at the end of the day, it’s what we all eat and breath and live for anyways. It’s a lifestyle as well as a genre of music, we live for this stuff man.

6.- Now you are independent or you are already sign with some Label?
-Independent, if you want to sign us....please do.

7.- Have you suffered any kind of misfortune on stage?
-When we play live we try and make it as fucking crazy as possible, once the kids see us going crazy that normally starts all the shit. But we always have something fucked with our equipment every show, whether its the cords or the amps or the kit. Or Niklaus Wolf trying to kick Nolan in the head because he’ runs around stage like he has ADHDx30. Hahaha, which really is quite fun to watch if you’re watching us play. ENERGY man, that’s something we have tons of and let it all out when we get on the stage.

8.- By the way, how is the crowd in Canada, crazy as hell?
-I think Winnipeg is just a little spoiled as far as metal shows, they don’t appreciate their local talent as much as they should. I mean, even when we drive 3 hours out of Winnipeg to play a little city, the kids love it man. They don’t get lots of shows often and finally when some bands from our city play there, it’s just mayhem every time. I’m sure there are alot better places for us to be playing than buttfuck Manitoba, but that would take a label to send us out on the road.

9.- Do you have plans for touring or record another album this year?
-Definitely, touring would be great. We are really looking to plan a tour for the summer, I think that would be fucking brutal. We just love playing shows man, touring would be amazing. As far as a new album goes. It’s being written right now as we speak, we’re always writing music. It’s what we love to do, Basically next time we all get together for jam we will be putting together hopefully a couple new songs. Then if everything goes well, hopefully by July we could be in the studio.

10.- Razor or Sepultura?
-Depends which Sepultura you’re talking about haha.

11.- I hope see you some time in Mexico, do you know some Mexican Metal bands?
-I hope so to, I’ve been there many times. Allot warmer then Canada! Haha, Yea I’ve heard many bands from Mexico. But personally have never talked to them.

12.- For last anything to say?
-Stay true, no matter what people say. If you’re doing what you want to do, that’s all that matters.
Drink beer, do drugs, smoke cigarettes and BANG YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE STAGE. SPREAD THE FUCKING WORD!!!THRASHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this guys on

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Kataklysm Forced To Cancel New Zealand Shows

Canadian death metallers KATAKLYSM won't be able to make the New Zealand dates on March 20 and 22 due to "timing issues" related to the new album, but the band promises to reschedule as soon as possible. All remaining dates in Australia will go ahead as planned. The band's new album, Prevail, is scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast Records on May 23 in Europe and May 27 in North America.

Interview with Roger Johansson and Johan Thornberg (exvocals) from Insision

1.- Brutal regards guys, how are you? How was the formation of "Insision", do you play Death Metal in your other bands "Embalmer" and "Ildoor"?
Hello David. I came along with Insision right after the First Demo " Meant To Suffer " 1997. Didn´t play In Embalmer or Ildoor, But Insisions first singer Johan Thornberg can comment on this as he still is a good friend of ours.
Ok..Long story, I´ll try to keep it short..
The music we played in Ildoor was more melodic-based blackmetal in the same vein as Marduk and Dissection, mostly because the guitarrist in that band was really into that kind of stuff. I sang and played drums in Ildoor back then..
But me and Joonas(Ahonen-Later on also Insision) felt we wanted back to our death roots and was generally fed up with the whole melodic thing.
So Ildoor split up in late 96, and I got a call from an old friend of mine, said he started a brutal deathmetal band and wanted me to sing with them, so I did and we played a couple of shows together,,That setting also had Thomas Daun on drums.
At that same time Joonas and Patrik Muhr (who played guitar in Embalmer) had met up and jammed a couple of times, and since both me Patrik and Thomas didnt feel it was working out with the other guys, we quit Embalmer and formed Insision.. that was about it..
Patrik was with us until like 2 months after the recording of "Meant to suffer" then he suddenly called me up and said he was quitting the band bacause he was moving to another part of Sweden..Ah well..
Not so long after that we recruited Roger to fill the abcense..and I guess the rest is history..

2.- For you what is the most notable difference between American Death Metal and Swedish Death Metal? Maybe the most important Death Metal Schools.
-Roger: Well, The different thing you can hear between the two scenes is the sound and the style. Swedish Death Metal dosen´t have the Techinal elements
as the american style does, though the Old School Swedish Death Metal Style is more raw and dirty/Depraved than the American.
I like them both and Insision trying to capture all of it.

3.- Your first EP "The Dead Live On" it´s really good, this open the doors to sing with a good label?
Yeah, I guess it kinda did.. We had gotten great response on the "Meant to suffer"-demo tape..I know we got a bunch of intersting deals to choose from, but we wanted to "play it safe" and signed with Heathendoom rds since we knew the guy who ran it.
I think the most important thing was the timing.
People were aching for brutal music the same way we did and we provided it..We did a lot of trading back the aswell so we had a good rep in the underground already.
Dont remember everything..haha..Roger will fill in the rest for ya.
Yea it´s pretty much everything that i can remember too, Everyone just wanted to hear the brutal shit since the Gothenburg scene was slowly getting bored.
It was a start of Insision career back then.

4.- How was the experience of played with bands like Hypocrisy, Necrophobic, Merciless and Disgorge from Mexico?
-Roger: For me Personally playing with the Disgorge (Mex) guys was one of the best things i have done with Insision.
Sad that they split up with Antimo though. I have always prefered the brutal kind of Death Metal and Disgorge are one of the most brutal bands on the planet,
They´re doing good music and they´re cool guys aswell.

5.- In the 2002 released your first album (by the way… MASTERPIECE) "Beneath The Folds Of Flash" it was hard the record sessions?
-Roger: Insision was really hungry when we ecorded that album and i think it is heard on the record when you put it on.
The Band stayed at one place toghether under the whole recording process and we had a good time.
It wasn´t that hard to record Beneath The Folds Of Flesh" album, it went smothly.
We are now writing new tunes to the follow up on our latest piece titled IKON.

6.- After 10 years, three Studio albums, and so many necks broken, how do you feel when you play in front of a crazy, noisy audience?
-Roger: Well, It´s fucking great to play this kind of music when the crowd freaking out. It only gets better and better.
We will do some more records and hoping to tour some more too.

7.- For you which one is your best album?

-Roger: I Think everyone is good but they all have their good sides and bad sides. It´s all about the sound of the records and the quality in the
writing process, Feels that we only can get better.

8.- At this moment what has been the most important tour in your career?
-Roger: The most imortant tour for Insision was the one with Suffocation of course. But we had some trubble there with the linup at that time when
Tomas(drums) did quit two months before we did go on the tour so we had to rehearse like crazy with Markus (drums) who is with us today. But it was cool
going along with the Suffo guys, They´re also one of my favorite bands and it was cool seeing them like 30 times on that tour.

9.- Now you sing with Dental Records, it´s a good label for you?
-Roger: They had trubble with releasing the album in the U.S. and we haven´t got the attention we really wanted to get when releasing
this album, Though they´re telling us that the record selles good and so on, But we haven´t seen any numbers of that yet. We will discuss what the next step is for Insision with the label as soon we have some new songs ready.

10.- When you play, you have an amazing precission and technique, how many hours do you take to rehearsal?
-Roger: We have rehearsed very much these years who have passed and for now we just rehearse like 2 times a week and
fokusing on new tunes the third day at home. If we planing a tour or gig we reharse 4 or 5 times a week, just playing the setlist.

11.- Plans for this new year?
-Roger: Keep on doing complex and brutal songs and try to get on tour....Hoping to record a new album late this year too.

12.- Well for last we hope see you sometime in Mexico, and anything to say?
-Roger: Thanks for a cool Interview. Insision are hoping to come over to Mexico
some day and kill !!!

New Proposal: BESIEGED!!!

Hails Metalheads!!
Today we have a new Thrash Metal band from Winnipeg, Canada. So check this guys:

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Interview with Alex Bouks from Goreaphobia

1.- Metallic regards guys, how are you? You are one of the first Death Metal bands in the East Coast, in that years how was the Philadelphia Metal scene?
-The Philadelphia scene was never very good.We were outcasts in this city from day one.By 1989 into 90.We built a strong following along with our friends in Incantation,Immolation,Profanatica etc..

2.- What happen with Relapse Records, why you never released a full album?
-I left the band and soon after the band fell apart that is why we never did the record.

3.- Could you talk to us a little about "1992 Tour of Possession", it was good?
-That was a little fucked and so long ago.I was drunk most of the time.But i do remeber very good crowds for those shows.It was also fun to tout with my friends in Immolation.

4.- Your demo "Morbidus Pathology" now is a cult stuff, maybe this is gonna be released in the future?
-It has been released threw a comp CD put out by Necroharmonic records with other Goreaphobia material.The Cd is called Vile Beast Of Abomination.

5.- How was the reunion show in 2004, it was hard to fit in, or simply the magic never gone?
-The magic was never lost between me and Chris.The darkness flows in out veins and our souls.It was a very good show.Great crowd very old school vibe!!

6.- How is the relation with Necroharmonic?
-Very good!!The owner of Necroharmonic Roy Fox is one of my best friends and he did a great job.I have total respect for the man.

7.- "Vile Beast Of Abomination" is the beginin of a new era for you?

-Well,It is mainly old songs.But,it did help reintroduce the band to the scene today and to new fans alike.

8.- You are in the Studio now?
-Yes we are working on a new record with all new material.We have John MCentee(Incantation) on guitar and Jim Roe(Incantation) on drums.This is the best and only line for the band as i am concerned.The heaviest and darkest material we have ever done.It will come out on Ibex Moon Records some time this year.

9.- What is the most funny thing you have ever seen in one of your gigs?
-Violence!!!!!I don,t know just alot of drunken stupidity.Funniest show i would say was in 1991 we did a show that Paul Ledney of Profanatica set up that was in a chinese resturant.That was starnge.

10.- Plans for touring soon?
-Yes we have a lot of shows this year threw out the US.Some fest and a tour of canada with Estuary.We are still working on doing more poss in Europe.

11.- I hope see you in Mexico someday, do you know some Mexican Metal band?
-No plans for Goreaphobia there yet.I play guitar now in Incantation now so i will be there for some shows in 2 months.I am shore we will do something there eventually.Yes many bands from Mexico i like.Cenotaph,The Chasm,Denial etc..I have much respect for the mexican metal scene.You people like the real stuff down there unlike most of US.Mexico seem to understand what real death metal is.True metal warriors.I palyed down there a few months ago with Incanation we palyed 2 shows with Dismemeber Grave and Sinister and a show with Denial.Fuckin great people!!I can,t wait to come back.

12.- For last, anything to say?
-Thanks you for the interview!!!Hails!!!!!


This is the tracklist of the World Tour.

01 Intro - Churchill's Speech
02 Aces High
03 2 Minutes To Midnight
04 Children Of The Damned
05 Infinite Dreams
06 Revelations
07 Powerslave
08 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
09 Wasted Years
10 Stranger In A Strange Land
11 The Troooper
12 The Evil That Men Do
13 Hallowed Be Thy Name
14 The Clairvoyant
15 Iron Maiden


16 Bladerunner Theme
17 Caught Somewhere In Time
18 Heaven Can Wait
19 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

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Pestilence Is Back!!!

12.I.2008. I have for you the best news you can even imagine... PESTILENCE IS BACK!!! There is new line up: founder Patrick Mameli (vocals, guitar), well known Tony Choy (bass) and drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Non-Human Level and others). Patrick is working on new great songs which style he describes as modern fusion of "Testimony..." and "Spheres", but even more technical (!!!) and more brutal. New album will be recorded by Jacob Hansen and produced by Patrick himself. As you see we all have a reason to live!

You can see this new in:

Former Skyclad, Therapy? Drummer Dead At 36

According to Kerrang! magazine, former 3 COLOURS RED / THERAPY? / SKYCLAD drummer Keith Baxter has passed away.

Baxter, who shot to fame with 3 COLOURS RED in the '90s, died of liver failure in hospital on January 4, 2008, surrounded by family and friends. He was 36 years old.

Baxter was born in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK. As a teenager he became a founding member of SKYCLAD, recording five albums with them before leaving in 1995 to join 3 COLOURS RED, with whom he recorded two UK top 40 albums ("Pure" and "Revolt") which included six Top 40 singles.

Following 3 COLOURS RED's split in 1999, he formed ELEVATION with former 3 COLOURS RED bandmate Pete Vuckovic. The group signed with Sony but was dropped a year later. He briefly played with the Northern Irish band THERAPY? in 2002.

3 COLOURS RED reunited to record a third album ("The Union of Souls") in 2004, but split up again the following year.

Belphegor Reveal New Album Title

Austrian blackened/death metal machine BELPHEGOR have issued the following update:

"This is the kind of news all you sikk Belphegor maniacs have been waiting for! The extreme metal commando has just revealed all details on their upcoming pitch black masterpiece which will be unleashed April 11th in Europe (North America April 15th, Brazil April 18th).

Entitled Bondage Goat Zombie, the album features artwork in classic and disturbing Belphegor style. Some of the nine brand new tracks will deal with the writings of the infamous Marquis de Sade. Sounds like the ultimate Belphegor treatment? Expect supreme death/ black metal art."
The tracklisting: 'Bondage Goat Zombie', 'Stigma Diabolicum', 'Armageddon's Raid', 'Justine: Soaked In Blood', 'Sexdictator Lucifer', 'Shred For Sathan', 'Chronicles Of Crime', 'The Sukkubus Lustrate', 'Der Rutenmarsch'.

Lord Belial To Enter The Studio In March

Swedish black/death metallers LORD BELIAL will enter Deadline Studios on March 3 with producer Valle Adzic to begin recording their new album, entitled "The Black Curse". The CD is tentatively expected this summer via Regain Records.

LORD BELIAL has been confirmed for this year's installment of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place July 31 - August 2, 2008 in Wacken, Germany.

LORD BELIAL's seventh full-length album, "Revelation", was recorded at Los Angered studio (owned by KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque) outside Gothenburg. It is out now on Regain Records.

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Cryptopsy South America Tour

Cryptopsy will embark on their first-ever tour of South America and Mexico in March and April. The dates are as follows and more to come (venue details to be confirmed):

February 29th: Nicaragua - Managua
March 1st: Venezuela - Maracay
March 4th: Colombia - Pereira
March 5th: Colombia - Bogota
March 11th: Chile – Concepcion
March 12th: Chile – Santiago
March 13th: Chile - Antofagasta
March 15th: Mexico –TBA
March 16th: Mexico – TBA

Apr. 03 - Saltillo
Apr. 04 - Tampico
Apr. 05 - Monterrey
Apr. 06 - San Luis Potosi
Apr. 10 - Toluca
Apr. 11 - Guadalajara
Apr. 12 - Leon
Apr. 13 - Mexico City

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INSISION needs your help to grind at Sweden Rock Festival 2008! - Vote for us today!

INSISION needs your help to grind at Sweden Rock Festival 2008!

Please go to , and vote for Insision! Just write Insision and click "Skicka" (send).

Thank you for the support!

Brutal regards,

Insision Horde

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008


Denver avant-grinders CEPHALIC CARNAGE has announced a four-week U.S. tour with DARKEST HOUR, WHITECHAPEL, and EMMURE.

The U.S. tour, CEPHALIC CARNAGE’s third in support of their critically-acclaimed new full-length Xenosapien, kicks of on January 31st in Richmond, VA. A complete listing of tour dates can be found below. This tour follows the band’s recent U.S. run with DYING FETUS as well as their first Australian tour and Mexican headlining tour.

CEPHALIC CARNAGE recently debuted the first video from Xenosapien, for the track “Endless Cycle of Violence”. The video was shot with director and producer Soren (HIGH ON FIRE, UNEARTH) and can be seen here. The video is also currently in rotation on MTV2’s “Headbanger’s Ball”.

Updated CEPHALIC CARNAGE news / tour information will be made available via the Relapse Records website:, the CEPHALIC CARNAGE website: and MySpace:


***All Dates from January 31 thru March 1 w/ DARKEST HOUR, WHITECHAPEL, EMMURE***

January 31 Richmond, VA Alley Katz
February 1 Wilmington, NC Soapbox Laundrolounge
February 2 Atlanta, GA Masquerade
February 3 Nashville, TN The Anchor
February 4 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabitts
February 5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
February 6 Orlando, FL The Social
February 8 Houston, TX Java Jazz
February 9 Dallas, TX The Door
February 10 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit
February 12 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse
February 13 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy
February 14 Pomona, CA The Glass House
February 15 San Diego, CA Soma
February 16 Oakland, CA Oakland Metro
February 17 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
February 18 Seattle, WA El Corazon
February 20 Denver, CO Marquis Theater
February 21 Lawrence, KS Bottleneck
February 22 Iowa City, IA The Picador
February 23 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock
February 24 Chicago, IL Reggies
February 25 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
February 26 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s
February 27 Lemoyne, PA Championship Records
February 28 Pompton Lakes, NJ Mainstage
February 29 New York, NY Blender Theatre @ Gramercy
March 1 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

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HELLHAMMER Reveals Details: Demon Entrails Album(Remastered)

HELLHAMMER Reveals Details Surrounding The Demon Entrails Album;
Remastered Versions of Legendary Demos

With the release of Demon Entrails on February 26th in the U.S. the days of numerous sub-standard bootlegs of the classic HELLHAMMER demos Death Fiend, Triumph of Death and Satanic Rites are finally over!

Demon Entrails has been specially re-mastered from copies of the original master tapes under the supervision of Tom Gabriel Fischer, and the demos now represent HELLHAMMER exactly as the band sounded when recording these songs in June and December of 1983. Drawing from a wealth of previously unknown historical liner-notes material and artwork as well as plenty of unreleased HELLHAMMER photos from 1982 to 1984, Demon Entrails features all lyrics and essays detailing the individual demo recording sessions.

Currently also working on a book dealing with the history of HELLHAMMER, Tom Gabriel Fischer points out the importance of this release: "The release of these demos is very significant to both Martin Eric Ain and me. No matter how one looks at HELLHAMMER, this was our first recorded music so many years ago, and it represents the radicalness of our own lives at the time. These demos became the foundation to everything we later created in CELTIC FROST. Hell reigned on earth."

Demon Entrails will be available as an opulent oversized double CD media-book packaging and as a gatefold triple vinyl album. Both versions will feature a lavish booklet and a poster. There will also be a third, bare-bones lower-price CD version. To check out the artwork and some rare HELLHAMMER photos as well as discover more info on this release, visit the following official HELLHAMMER website at or go to for further details!
Here is the tracklisting information for the CD formats of the release:
Hellhammer – Demon Entrails 2-CD Tracklisting:

CD 1: Satanic Rites Demo, December 2/3/4/7, 1983 (45:57)
1. Intro (0:58)
2. Messiah (4:18)
3. The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation) (3:02)
4. Buried And Forgotten (6:01)
5. Maniac [re-recorded version] (3:46)
6. Eurynomos (3:10)
7. Triumph Of Death [re-recorded version] (6:58)
8. Revelations Of Doom (3:03)
9. Reaper [re-recorded version] (2:28)
10. Satanic Rites (7:18)
11. Crucifixion [re-recorded version] (2:45)
12. Outro (2:01)

CD 2: Death Fiend & Triumph Of Death Demos, June 10/11, 1983 (56:18)
1. Crucifixion (3:04)
2. Maniac (4:01)
3. (Execution) When Hell's Near (2:38)
4. Decapitator (2:07)
5. Blood Insanity (4:22)
6. Power Of Satan (4:11)
7. Reaper (2:06)
8. Death Fiend (2:35)
9. Triumph Of Death (5:15)
10. Metallic Storm (2:19)
11. Ready For Slaughter (3:36)
12. Dark Warriors (3:03)
13. Hammerhead (2:48)
14. Angel Of Destruction (2:58)
15. Bloody Pussies (4:59)
16. Chainsaw (3:58)
17. Sweet Torment (2:09)

Warbringer Interview

Interview with John Laux from "Warbringer".

I am John Laux and ive been writing music for the band since we started. had a blast working on it.

1.- Hey how are you guys? You have a great Old School sound, who are your main influences?

-Thrash wise Artillery, Violence, Stone, Sacrifice, Demolition Hammer. There's also to lots of Death and Black Metal like Dissection, Carcass, Death... everything that rocks. Our taste is very ecliptic and We each have spent years of our lives digging up and listening to underground metal acts.

2.- What do you think about this recently boom of Thrash Metal bands all over the World, maybe this is the beginning of a golden era like the 80..s?
-For many of us thrashes glory from the 80's seems like it was cut short. If all these bands new bands want to push thrash further than the legends before us, certainly. if enough bands come out with an inspired original thrash sound, its not rehashed era worship, its fucking HEAVY METAL.

3.- Could you talk to us a little about your history?
-Well Warbringer really kicked off when John Kevill and I started writing music in 2004. Shortly we found Adam Carroll from Ventura to fill in on drum duties. Our first real line up also included Emilio Hoschet on Guitar and Brother Andy Laux on bass duties. We Just naturally fell into the thrash metal circuit in LA playing every few weeks with then local legends Merciless Death and Fueled by Fire. We had a few line up changes and a little drama after each of our 2 EP's and now our lineup had Adam Carroll switch to guitar and the drummer from his band Zombie; Ryan Bates. Since the One by one the wicked fall ep, everything took off for us! And with our new lineup were feeling unstoppable.

4.- How is the energy in gig of you? Because your music is violent as hell!
-Our live act is VERY important to us. I think thrash creates a truly energetic live atmosphere. If the audience sees the band raging, there going to get in to it and everyone's gonna have a blast!

5.- Generally, how is the process of composition?
-Jamming and parting all day and all night, I always try to make sure the song were writing sounds inspired, it can take us anywhere from a day to weeks to finish a song. Vocals usually come in last.

6..- Tell us about your EP "One by One the Wicked Fall", this EP was the catapult to signs with Century Media?
-Yea, we tracked, mixed, and mastered that at Love Juice Labs in Orange County and finished that thing in about 32 hours. Our goal was to record the most bone crunching, speedy thrash record we could at the time.

7.- By the way, how is be signed with a fuckin monster label in the Metal Music like Century Media?
-Fucking Awesome. I have plenty of there shirts and cds, and now our music is going to be sold With the same production value as the stuff I grew up on. It's overwhelming. We made music video for Combat Shock, and were completely psyched about it. It's fucking thrashing.

8.-Now you have this excellent album "War without End", how was the experience recording with Bill Metoyer, is a demanding dude?
-Hardly. I think he even liked us a bit because we were all patient hard working kids. If not working as hard as us he would be working harder
To make sure the record would sound as flawless as possible for us. I would defiantly enjoy working with him again.

9.- In the States exist a lot of places for play or just a few?
-In California, in LA, I couldn't even count. There are a handful of shows every week with new, young and hungry bands
playing out of the old school sound. The gigs can sometimes round out to sold out shows with thrashers that aren't even
21 yet.

10.- Which has been your best gig at this moment?
-Probably playing in san Fran with a band Like Suffocation, or opening right before Exodus at the whiskey

11.- Exodus or Metallica?
-Well, when I started listening to metal, it was Megadeth. So fucking Exodus easy, they just get heavier and heavier.

12.- Have you suffered any kind of misfortune on stage?
-Broken strings has almost become a regular occurrence for me, they never last more than one show.

13.- Plans for touring soon?
-Tons, the best part about CM is they can put us out on the road with the right bands Jan-Feb with Exodus, Arsis, and Goatwhore.


And we have a few more that are on the drawing orld.

14.- Would you like come to play in Mexico?
-The last time we were there with Exodus we had a fucking great time! there was such a strong reaction from the audience that i don't think ive felt anywhere else.

15.- For last, anything to say?
-Thrash or be thrashed fuckers! Thanks for any support, just checking out our tunes is great!

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Dew - Scented Interview

This is the nterview with Dew - Scented.

1.- Hello guys, how are you? What was your motivation for create ”Dew – Scented”, i mean you have in your country bands like Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Darkness, Tankard, Living Death… so they was a motivation for you?

D-S: Hola, que tal? Por aqui todo bien ;-) Well, tough question to start with, really!? What were our original motivations when we started out the band? I guess we wanted to have a good time with the music we most enjoyed listening to and we also wanted to be a more direct and more active part of the scene by forming this band, I guess. I guess all the bands that we were / are into in a way contributed to inspire us to begin as musicians as well in some way. Some of the ones you named belong to our faves, yes, and it’s certainly amazing to see that we managed to add our very own feel and flavour of Thrash Metal into the mixed throughout these last years…

2.- In your experience, how was the search for a studio or label for record your demotape “Symbolization”, it was hard, easy or just the right moment?

D-S: It was both challenging and exciting back in those days. I remember we were super happy with how the demo tape came out and started to spread it and of course also to sell it at shows. The good response from the media and from the people who care about our style of music was very positive and encouraging at the same time, so we simply continued to work hard and grow at the same time. I guess the “hype” for extreme Thrash Metal wasn’t very strong around those days 92 – 94 as it seemed that gothic metal or black metal plus of course extreme death metal were taking over the spotlights. So actually it wasn’t all too easy with the style we were playing but since it was the only way for us, we were happy to see some labels being interested in working with D-S right after the one and only demo tape release and from there ion things started to snowball, I guess.

3.- Immortelle is a great album, killer debut, how was the process of composition for that album, maybe a special inspiration?

D-S: Thanks for the nice words, but I am not really sure if I would agree 100% with you. I guess “Immortelle” is what it is because it was our first album and we couldn’t compare it with anything previous, so we tried our best. All in all, I believe we could have done a lot of things differently and better for that debut, but that’s the past. I think we worked hard to get the right amount of ideas and songs together before entering studios, but we also re-recorded all 6 tracks from the demo tape for the album., so I guess it’s fair to say that we simply released all material we had available around that time as our first album. Maybe we should have waited and selected a little bit more, but we were hungry and wanted to move ahead as aggressive as possible and use time on our side, especially since it took like a full year between finishing off the recordings and seeing the album finally released. But yeah it’s in the end of the day that album that got things rolling a bit more professionally and also internationally so that we started to play out quite some live shows everywhere we could and also got into the first line-up changes struggle due to the bigger amount of activity for the band where not all the original members managed to set the time off to be part of the campaign….

4.- You played with monster like Overkill, Edge of Sanity, DEICIDE, Tankard… what was the feeling when you stayed in the stage sharing with this guys?

D-S: Actually it wasn’t all in 1999. The Edge Of Sanity tour was already in 1996 for “Immortelle” and also the first tour with Deicide was in 1998 (We later toured with them again in 2003). But yeah, all in all it was a good year because we had released “Ill-Natured”; which is probably our most technical release ever…shame about the production though, as we weren’t quite happy with it. And also a lot of touring came through that year….

5.- “Inwards” opened a lot of doors in your career… Nuclear Blast release your album and you play in North America, this was the best year in your career or one of the best years?

D-S: I would say “On of the best” as every single year has its own highlights and good things to it. But definitely there was a lot of excitement and challenge around “Inwards” as we finally received proper distribution and some better promotion internationally with this release. It was the first time ever (on the 4th album) that our release would happen domestically as well in North America and in Japan and I remember a lot of very positive press for “Inwards” because it seemed that we succeeded on making our songwriting arrangements a lot catchier and more effective, plus this was the first time we actually had a really strong sounding album. It was the first time we worked with Andi Classen at Stage One studio and it definitely helped A LOT to make the music’s approach more relentless and heaver in all ways!

6.- How was the people in Europe, in Latinamerica we are crazy as hell, fucking infernal mosh pits, but i can..t imagine how is a gig in Europe, how is the energy in your gigs?

D-S: Yeah, in the best of cases a gig would always have a lot of energy with people digging the music and moving to it…however they do it is up to them and always pretty different. I don’t think you can generally say how a certain country will exactly reply to your music and your show. I think it differs a bit from each other but not too much in the end. I mean, you can have a really good show in for example Southern Germany but also a really bad show. It always depends on the atmosphere of the night of the gig, I Guess. Yeah, I know about the crazy and very intense shows in Latinoamerica. That’s why we would certainly love to come over and play some shows sooner or later with Dew-Scented. We would be the soundtrack to Inferno…

7.- What was your best gig or tour at this time?

D-S: This is absolutely impossible to say really. We had so many great experiences at single shows or tour-events throughout the years that I would really not be able to mention any special one of them here now. Let me just say that we had our good hare of fun…

8.- Sodom or Deicide?

D-S: In what sense? That’s comparing apples to oranges. I guess both bands were very important for their own scene (Thrash and Death Metal respectively). I guess “Persecution Mania” and “Agent Orange” were my fave Sodom album and for Deicide I think their debut did it best for me. We played / toured with both bands and always had a good time with them. Sodom are also from the same German area where I live so I run into them casually…

9.- In your last album “Incinerate” we can hear excellents riffs and melodies, for you this is your best and interesting album?

D-S: I would have a hard time always repeating that our newest album has to be our best to date. I mean, in the end of the day it would certainly be more up to other people to make that call and comparison. I can only say that you always try to represent the band fairly for what it’s all about around the time of doing a new album. With “Incinerate” we had a pretty creative and determined period, so that it effected the album being pretty heavy and straight forward. I like that actually. And yes, in general precise and annihilating riffing is the core element to a good D-S song so I am happy to hear that you are digging it…

10.- How do you contacted Alexander Pahl? he is a great bassist.

D-S: Wow, this already goes like 5 years back by now. He first started to help out as a session member when our original bassist Patrick didn’t come up with enough time and energy to keep up with the touring schedule of the band. This was actually in 2002 when we had some 5 weeks touring all over Europe schedule with Cannibal Corpse. Alex did a great job and we had tons of fun together on that tour so that we eventually stayed around and still is a member of the band up to this day. At the beginning he was also still active in his former band Obscenity but nowadays he is only active with D-S as proper band.

11.- Maybe someday we can see you in Mexico?

D-S: Well yeah, I would hope so too. I am very sure that our style of music would find many friends in your country and that the shows would be a blast! We are ready to come over any minute!!! Judging from the time I spent in Mexico doing some holidays last year, I can only say that you have a wonderful country and I personally would be totally happy to come back soon to spend some more time there in the sun….

12.- What are your plans for 2008?

D-S: We have some touring in Europe scheduled for February with our friends Severe Torture (Holland) and Destinity (France); so we hope that will be a good run. Also, more shows coming up soon afterwards in different countries. %Then, we are also aiming at starting songwriting for a next album between Spring and Summer, so let’s see how that goes. There is no rush with the upcoming album though, so we will simply take it easy and make sure we come up with extremely strong material for sure….

13.- Could you talk us a little about this song “Final Warning”?

D-S: Well, I see the song musically as the “blueprint” for a D-S song, really. It reminds me a bit of the track “Inwards” in its vibe. Very straight forward fast-paced Thrash Metal attack with some technical edge to things. I like it and it’s been working out great in a live situation though. It’s one of the total fave tracks for some of the other guys in the band. Can’t say that it would be within my top 5 of the new album, but thank god it’s always a matter of taste and we like all of our songs in some certain way, hahahaha! Lyrically the song is about the very last friendly reminder that you can give someone before seeing things break down. It’s about friendship and the tragic end for those who aren’t in control of their own actions anymore…

14.- For last anything to say?

D-S: Well yeah, thanks for the time and for the support with this interview! Estamos listos para venire a Mexico y tocar para todos los metaleros por alla. U n prospero 2008 y hasta pronto!!! Keep it mercilessly heavy and till next time….check out and for current tourdates and news about D-S! Mosh!

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Toxic Holocaust Sign To Relapse Records

Relapse Records is proud to announce the signing of TOXIC HOLOCAUST.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST has released two full length albums, Evil Never Dies and Hell on Earth respectively, in addition to several split releases and 7" singles since forming in '99. TOXIC HOLOCAUST's newest material will appear on the upcoming Thrashing Like A Maniac compilation due out on January 21 via Earache along with DEKAPITATOR, MUNICIPAL WASTE, and more. Brand new TOXIC HOLOCAUST tracks will also appear on the 'Speeds-N-Spikes' split 7" series, due out later this month, where the band will be paired up with BLUDWULF. The band is currently writing the follow-up album to Hell On Earth which is expected to see a Spring / Summer release via Relapse.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST has always taken the more punk rock approach to metal, embracing a D.I.Y. attitude to self-book tours of Australia, Japan, Europe, Brazil, Canada, and the full U.S. The band is currently wrapping up a brief tour of the North-West United States and has most recently been added as main support on the MUNICIPAL WASTE U.K. and European tour in February. A listing of TOXIC HOLOCAUST tour dates can be found below with more to be announced soon.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST audio samples can be heard now via the official TOXIC HOLOCAUST MySpace: Stay tuned to for forthcoming TOXIC HOLOCAUST news / album release / tour information.


January 4 Tacoma, WA Hell's Kitchen (w/ ZEKE)
January 5 Seattle, WA The Fun House

***All Dates from Feb. 1 thru Feb. 16 w/ MUNICIPAL WASTE***

February 1 Plymouth, U.K. White Rabbit
February 2 Brighton, U.K. Barfly
February 3 Birmingham, U.K. Academy 2
February 4 Bristol, U.K. Croft
February 5 Leeds, U.K. Josephs Well
February 6 London, U.K. Islington Academy
February 8 Stoke, U.K. Underground
February 9 Eiperfest, Belgium The Fenix
February 10 Groningen, Netherlands Vera
February 11 Tilburg, Netherlands 013
February 12 Debaser, Sweden Malmo
February 13 Gothenberg, Sweden Sticky Fingers
February 16 Copenhagen, Denmark Loppen

Brutal Truth European Tour Dates

Brutal Truth European Tourdates

BRUTAL TRUTH: Announce European Tour Dates

BRUTAL TRUTH has just announced their plans for a two week European tour in February '08. The recently reunited seminal grinders will begin this tour on February 6th in Belgium before making stops in the U.K., Netherlands, France, Spain and more. A listing of confirmed BRUTAL TRUTH tour dates can be found below with more to be announced soon.

Since reforming, BRUTAL TRUTH has also begun writing for a new full-length album. The band currently has 10 new tracks completed with many more on the way. BRUTAL TRUTH drummer Rich Hoak says of the songs; "the new songs are the most brutal bizarre grinders ever and we are totally psyched."

Additionally, BRUTAL TRUTH sees the issue of two new 'classic' shirt designs through Relapse Records and the re-issue of their Machine Parts 7" through Bones Brigade Records. For more information on this new BRUTAL TRUTH merchandise, please visit and

For more information on BRUTAL TRUTH access


February 6 Hasselt, Belgium Muziek-o-drom

February 7 London, United Kingdom Underworld

February 8 Sheffield, United Kingdom Corporation

February 9 Glasgow, Scotland Barfly

February 10 Rotterdam, Netherlands De Baroeg

February 11 Strasbourg, France Molodoi

February 12 Paris, France La Locomotive

February 13 Durango, Spain Plateruena

February 14 Corroios, Portugal Cine Teatro de Corroios

February 15 Madrid, Spain Sala Live

February 16 Barcelona, Spain Sala KGB

February 17 Plaisir, France La Clef Des Champs

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Fueled By Fire European Gigs 2008


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