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Warbringer Recording New Album

California thrash act Warbringer has issued the following statement about their upcoming album and show dates:

While earning a reputation as road warriors, Warbringer have spent the last two months home working on new material that will comprise their second album. The five-piece are now prepared to enter the studio in January to record the follow-up to "War Without End", voted by Revolver as one of the best albums of 2008.

In mid-January Warbringer will play four shows in California previewing new material, including a show in Anaheim during NAMM, before entering Sharkbite Studios (Machine Head, High On Fire) in Oakland January 19th with Exodus guitarist Gary Holt producing. The album will be mixed by Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Light This City, Braindrill) at Castle Ultimate.

Guitarist John Laux comments, "Since our last tour we've lead a very successful and creative campaign in the jam room collaborating on our next record. While staying true to our identity we have plenty of new tricks up our sleeves, including things we learned on the road, as well as showcasing [newest member] Nic Ritter's explosive drumming. We're thrilled to be tracking in the Bay Area and we couldn't be more confident with Gary Holt as our producer to help us bring our music to life in a recorded format. Besides being a legend in the thrash scene, Exodus have always managed to produce records with a killer punch regardless of dismal musical climates. Also, we think Zack's experience in mixing and mastering will be excellent as he's worked on a number of very LOUD and FAST records."

Meanwhile Gary Holt had to this offer, "I am stoked to be producing the latest Warbringer record. I had a chance to hang out at rehearsal and listen to the new songs and their latest stuff is crushing! People will not be disappointed, that's a fact! The young guns are definitely stepping it up a notch or ten and it promises to be intense!"

Upon completion metal's most lethal live band will immediately hit the road beginning February 10th alongside Soilwork, Darkane and Swallow the Sun through the end of March leading straight into shows with Kreator, Exodus and Belphegor through May. Yes, the band will be playing over 100 North American shows to set up the new release while they continue to support their debut on what they've dubbed The Tour Without End. Warbringer's new untitled affair is expected to be released in late May and the band plan to tour well into 2010.

01-14 The Whisky - Hollywood, CA
01-16 The Jumping Turtle – San Marcos, CA
01-17 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
01-18 Gilman Street – Berkeley, CA

Hirax Finishing Work On New Album "El Rostro De La Muerte"

Bay Area based thrashers Hirax has posted the following message online:

"Hello Metal Friends

"We hope all is well with you! We are taking time out to send you some gifts and updated news about the band. Hirax is in heavy writing mode to finish up our new epic CD/vinyl release El Rostro de la Muerte (The Face Of Death). This will be the heaviest album that Hirax has ever recorded.We are very excited because the new songs are some of the best work that we have ever done! Expect El Rostro de la Muerte to be released Spring 2009.Then the band will hit the road and the touring will begin!!

"Thank you to everyone for all of the support! We look forward to seeing all of you in the upcoming year 2009!"

Suicidal Angels Enters The Studio

Greek thrash metallers, Suicidal Angels, issues the following update revealing details on their upcoming album:

"As it is now confirmed, we can announce that everything's set for the recording of the second Suicidal Angels album! Recordings will be held at 'Prophecy and Music Factory Studios' in Germany, under the direction of producer R.D. Liapakis, who, as many might know, is an accomplished fellow Greek musician and recording engineer, lead singer of the heavy metal group Mystic Prophecy."

"The yet untitled record will contain 9 tracks of pure thrash metal, which we can't wait to play live by the way! It will be recorded in March and released (hopefully) later in 2009. One of the songs, 'Jesus Lies,' has already been performed live in various occasions and can also be heard through our upcoming DVD, 'Live Domination,' the production of which has been unfortunately hampered by some artwork issues, that will very soon be resolved. This song will give you an idea of the straight-in-your-face approach we have adopted while writing new material, that we hope you like."

"So everything's rolling and March draws near! Moreover, the plans for a 2009 European tour are in motion, many shows have already been confirmed and we can't wait to see you all again and have a hell of a time. More on our upcoming tour will be posted soon, as the final details will be worked out early in 2009."

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Solstice Issues Recording Update

Florida death metal band Solstice has issued the following update about their upcoming album:

"We're done tracking guitars, bass and vocals. Only guitar solos remain and those are about half way. We should be ready to mix and master in about 3 weeks and then we WILL have some new music on the player.

Bass playing is outstanding as is the bass tone, Garrett really put on a show for us and done with extremely limited rehearsal.

We'll be updating again soon."

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Legendary San Francisco Death / Thrashers Insanity are back! The band already started jamming again on October 4 and 5 and just played their first show at Thee Parkside in San Francisco on December 14 with local acts PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE, FOG OF WAR and DIMENSIONS OF GORE opening. The new line-up consists of Dave Gorsuch (guitar / vocals), Juan Casarez (drums), Ivan Munguia (guitar) and Nathan Green (bass / vocals). Here's an official statement from the band about their upcoming new album "Visions Of Apocalypse": "The tracks on this album are the last studio recordings of Bud Mills on drums. Originally intended to be pre-production tracks (recorded over the period of a year on three different drum sets and transferred digitally as the studio was closing), long hours have gone into mixing and pre-mastering the album as the band intended on re-recording it in 2007 but Bud became ill and died of cancer on November 14th, 2007. This album is being released to honor his memory and his impact in 1985 as a pioneer in the evolution of extreme drumming."

For more info check out

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Dark Funeral Frontman Emperor Magus Caligula Joins Sanctification, Replaces Kristoffer Hell

Dark Funeral frontman Emperor Magus Caligula has replaced Sanctification's Kristoffer Hell. Here is the update from the band:

"There has been some changes in the SANCTIFICATION camp lately and it is with sad eyes we can inform you that Kristoffer Hell (Vocals, bass) has left the band. Kristoffer took the role as singer and bass player during the recording of the upcoming album "Black Reign" since Mohlin didn't have the time that is needed for the band.

"Mr Hell feels that he has other things in life that is more important at this moment and we support him all the way on that.

"We wish him the best in the future and thank him for a remarkable effort on this album! The band is far from over and we have a new line up for the upcoming live shows so stay tuned for more info on that soon!

"Me and Markus has decided to let you guys in on the new session members. We were not going to tell you yet but it will be official on another site today anyway, so here we go!

Vocals: Masse Broberg (aka Emperor Magus Caligula)
Guitar: Tomas Elofsson
Guitar: Markus Edvardsson
Bass: Andreas Mellkvist (from Oltued)
Drums: Tony Westermark (from Soreption)

"That is the new line up for now. Masse will arrive here (Östersund) on Friday to start rehearse with us and Me and Andreas are in full rehearsal mode. Tony just have to finish his recording with Soreption and then he will team up with the rest of us.

"We are also happy to announce that we are set for the 2009 edition of the House Of Metal festival here in Sweden! Some of the bands that are booked so far are: Danko Jones, The Haunted, Opeth, Torture Division, Sanctification, Mustasch."

Suicidal Angels Parts Ways With Bassist Sotiris

Greek thrash metal act Suicidal Angels has posted the following message online:

"We regretfully announce that our bass player Sotiris decided to leave the band due to personal reasons.

"It was a tough decision and he struggled for months before making it, but in the end he just believed it to be the best choice.

"Sotiris joined the band in 2006 and was the band's bass player for many important concerts and all European tours up to now. He also was part of the line-up for the band's debut album, Eternal Domination, and can be seen performing on stage in Suicidal Angels' upcoming DVD, Live Domination, and various videos uploaded on YouTube. Together with the rest of the band, he tried hard to promote Suicidal Angels' music and helped make the group a better live act.

"Suicidal Angels would like to thank Sotiris for his contribution in the two years he was the band's bass player. We respect his decision and wish him the best for his personal as well as professional life.

"Suicidal Angels will go on as scheduled, regarding the recording of their second album in Spring 2009. More news on that will be posted very soon.

"Regarding live appearances, you have probably gathered that the bass player position is now open. It is possible, however not 100% sure, that Sotiris will play the gig with DEW-SCENTED in February. We have already considered some candidates for the job he leaves behind and we'll have more on this in the next few days."

Whiplash Signs To Pulverized Records

Reunited New Jersey thrash metal act Whiplash has signed a new record deal with Pulverized Records. The label will release the bands comeback album, "Unborn Again" around July of next year if all goes as planned, with recording expected to begin in March. The album will also include a free bonus DVD which will chronicle the the recording of the new album.

Guitarist/vocalist Tony Portaro states: "We are thrilled to be working with Calvin and everyone at Pulverised Records. Their enthusiasm surrounding the Unborn Again project is unmatched by any of the labels that we have worked with in the past. It will also be my pleasure to work side by side with the Harris Johns and although the actual recording of Unborn Again will not begin until March of 2009, we are eagerly anticipating mixing and mastering with him at Spiderhouse in April."

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Interview: Karnarium

This is the interview with Swedish Deathmetalers Karnarium.

1.- First of all, how is Gothenburg nowadays musically speaking?

-A lot of people are making metal music here, but the bigger part of these people are into "deathcore" or whatever it's called nowadays, or they are into nu-metal or I don't know.. hell, fucken boring anyway, too much cheese as always.
I suggest you listen to Chronic Torment, far from new haha but doing good shit. they need more attention.

2.- If you could choose 3 bands that you think most define your sound, which bands would they be?
- How about if Raven(uk) and Immolation started a band together, and they in their turn started a side-projekt with members from saxon AND pungent Stench?! That band would be a clear influence on karnarium. The other two would then be Gorgoroth, iron maiden and old rotting christ.

3.- What was the main reason behind choosing Death Metal?
- Sadomasochism.

4.- Who is the mind behind the lyrics or do you all participate?
- Funeral Whore writes all lyriikks.

5.- Can you tell us alittle about your name?
- It starts with the letter K. it is from the latin word carnarium.

6.- How is your relationship with Blood Harvest your current label?
- Well, he's kinda slow in answering mails but apart from that he's kool.

7.- Do you think that the band has evolved in any particular aspect comparing it 10 years ago?
- Well yeah, we are better musicians. the lyrics have been a bit more complex up and down, and well..put it like this: if Karnarium were to be a single human, he would be a deranged drewling semi-autistic borderlining sociopath with hybris, but with a radiance of brilliance and glory comparable to the ancient days of Ur! That's our evolution. hahahaha praise the abomination!

8.- Tell us about those great new songs you have uploaded man, would that be part of your next work?
- Yes they will be on the album, they are typical Karnarium songs, but might come across as somewhat weirder musikallyy and lyriikally.

9.- Have you toured recently?
- No, hahahaha.

10.- Besides music how is living in Gothenburg?
- Grey, boring, miserable, cold. quite stupid also most of the time.

11.- Last but not least, when are you coming to Mexico?
- Hahaha, never?

12.- Anything you wanna add?
- Yes thank you for this interview, hello to all putrid punks in Mexico.

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Memorial: Chuck Schuldiner

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AC/DC Announces Stadium Shows

AC/DC has announced two stadium shows in the United Kingdom for next summer. The band will perform at Wembley Stadium in London and Hampden Park in Glasgow.

The bands U.K. tour dates are now as follows:

14 - London O2 (Sold Out)
16 – London O2 (Sold Out)
21 - Manchester MEN Arena (Sold Out)
23 - Birmingham LG Arena (Sold Out)

26 - London - Wembley Stadium
30 - Glasgow Hampden Park

Deicide And Vital Remains Announces Tour Dates

Tour dates have been confirmed for the huge trek headlined by Deicide. Also on the bill will be Vital Remains and Order Of Ennead.

The first batch of tour dates are as follows:

8 - Club Loaded - Farmingdale, NY
14 - Harpo's - Detroit, MI
16 - Iliff Park Saloon - Aurora, CO
17 - Club Vegas - Salt Lake City, UT
18 - Big City Nightclub - Farmington, NM
20 - Voodoo Lounge - San Jose, CA
21 - Angels Roadhouse - Yucaipa, CA
22 - Key Club - West Hollywood, CA

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Dimebag Darrel 20/08/1966 - 8/12/2004


Interview: Dirges (Colombia)

This is the Interview with Dirges from Colombia.

1.- To begin with tell us about the history of Dirges. How you knew each other and where does the mane come from?

- Ok. The band was initially formed in 98 but was consolidated in 99. Was an idea of a group of friends who always had clear the idea to play thrash metal. The name Dirges was an idea of Tormento, the actual drummer and singer of the band who proposed it, and referinf to its meaning, immediately took acceptance of all members, perfectly fitting for what it meant. Those beginnings where tough in search of the proper musicians and for lack of instruments, but today and in almost 10 years that have passed, things are coming real good.

2.- What is the meaning of Dirges?
- Dirges it´s the name of solemn chants that in ancient times where used to accompany the warriors who died in battle towards their last path. Those chants represent the last homage that was made as a tribute to the snatched lifes in battle.
That is Dirges.

3.- As in all Latinamerica you know it exists the lack of support, how much difficult was for you to record your first demo Thrash Metal?
- Pretty much! But at that time I was not in the band, I was friend of all them dough, and I knew how things where progressing.
Thrash Metal had several difficulties (instruments and $$$) and when the band finally recorded it they were not satisfied with the result, and at the time we went back to mastered it again the record was already deleted. That first demo has never been released officially, it was distribuited from one friend to another ans so on. Eventhough the band´s discontent, today it’s a great piece and very demanded on live shows. We are planning that at the end of the year will be edited at last in CD format.

4.- You have a very peculiar sound I can hear black and thrash metal influences, could you name some bands considered as references?
- It´s weird, but a lot of people say we have black influences but we never planned like that: nevertheless we considered influenced by those first works of Kreator (Endless Pain), Destruction (Sentence of Death), Sodom (In the Sign of Evil), Venom (Welcome to hell), Slayer (Show no Mercy) and others with that same gloomy vibe. Prsonally i´m fan of Desaster that has the same gloomy vibe and which combines thrash and black perfectly.

5.- Now how has been the musical evolution since that first demo until After the Devastation?
- Our evolution has been essentialy on experience over the years. We do not make the same mistakes on recording sessions and we search to improve the execution skills more than technic aspects that until these days we want to preserve without letting new tendencies affect the sound of the band.

6.- Speaking of errors and technic affairs, how is the composition process in a Dirges´song?
- We all take part on it and we all look forward to agree at the moment we finish a song. Occasionally ideas take places on rehearsals, one simple song take several rehearsals we have clear that no matter how much time it takes to finish one song we have to persevere and search that special touch.

7.- People in Witchtrap and Luciferian told us that in Colombia tere is a strong metal scene, do mutual support exists in all Colombia or just local bands in your zone?
- Sure, fortunately that support exists cause it makes distribution easier we are very good friends and that same friendship has made a bigger support. I think the main problem is the lack of support by the general public that has no fate on the scene.

8.- What can you tell us about After the Devastation what inspires you to write the lyrics on the album?
- The songs in After the Devastation have a particular theme: the passion, energy and force that metal transmit to us, that is the most recurrent topic.
And it is so simply cause using an instrument to play metal music is an experience to be proud of, songs like Thrash Metal, Solo la Muerte, Guerreros de Maldad and No Comienza el Final, are examples of it, we speak also about war that for Dirges (taking in count what the word means) and also our reality it is impossible not to play; this seems to be tipical but I think that it´s inescapable.
Reffering to recording time Uh! It was very long.
It took near a year and a half cause there were $ and self esteem problems. We had to put money that is already back in our hands cause the CD is selling good, in that aspect it´s a total bummer for us…but things had gone the right way.

9.- How does people react in a Dirges live show?
- Brutal man! That is something we wouldn´t change at all, the support has been excellent, people singing the songs; speaking by ourselves each one of us break a leg an stage and that make people respond enormously. Think there is a great chemistry between the band and audience and I dare to say we are prophets on our land.

10.- Have you ever found in a comic or really problematic situation on stage?
- Problematic, never, we are aware that we all make mistakes, I believe there are more comic situations in rehearsals at the beginning it was traumatic but now is funny.
The first drum set was made of kitchen recipients jajajaja, the bass pedal moved everywhere, there were some funny shit going on.

11.- What are the plans in a near future for Dirges?
- We are actually working on the second production and the next year we´ll be in the studio recording it. We hope a South American tour will be confirmed but nothing is sure, the tour includes: Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, possibly Chile and Argentina. Touching other issues the next month After the Devastation will be released on LP by Utterly Somber Creation from U.S.

12.- If you have the oportunity to create a Metal Festival, tell me 5 bands with you like to share stage, Colombian or Inter national bands.
- Uff... from Colombia with Masacre and International mm a lot... Kreator, Desaster, Death (R.I.P. old Chuck), Megadeth, Bewitched... i don´t know, complicated.

13.- Could you recommend us some Colombian bands?
- Runner Hell (Heavy Metal), Schizofrenia (Brutal Death Metal), Satanachia (Black Metal), Revenge (Heavy Metal), Yoght Sothoth (Death Metal).

14.- Do you have other bands beside Dirges?
- Yes, with Julio (Black Arrow) guitarrist of Dirges we play in Runner Hell, Heavy/Speed Metal in the vein of Exciter, excellent.

15.- For last, Anything to say?
- Thank you so much brother for the interview and the support to the band, we hope play soon in Mexico and visit our Myspace, leave some comment. A strong greeting for all the Metalheads.

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Loudness drummer Munetaka Higuchi passed away

Munetaka Higuchi passed away on Sunday, November 30 around 10:00 a.m. (Japan Standard Time) at a hospital in Osaka, Japan. He was 49 years old. Higuchi was diagnosed with liver cancer (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) in April 2008. He had reportedly undergone two rounds of chemotherapy treatment and an operation to remove part of his liver. Rest in peace Munetaka.

Acid Drinkers Guitarist Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk Passes Away At Age 29

Polish Thrash Metal/Crossover band Acid Drinkers has announced that their guitarist Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk passed away yesterday at the tender age of 29. No further details have been made available at the moment. The band released a box set earlier this year through Metal Mind Productions.

Whiplash posts More New Demo Material Online

eunited, New Jersey thrash metal outfit Whiplash has posted a new demo online of a song entitled, "SNUFF" on their Myspace page. You can check it out by heading to this location . The band will be entering the studio in March to begin recording a brand new album which is called, "Unborn Again" which will also include a bonus DVD. You can check out the bands latest video blogs below.

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Darkthrone mainman Nocturno Culto has posted the following message online:

"Winter is most definitely full-on here now, and I'm enjoying the feeling of isolation as best as I can. Great! That out of the way, I will first thank Fenriz for doing a great job on the Darkthrone Official mySpace, du brenner for saken, bokstavelig talt!!! And to all of you who send me words through this site. Winter means a bit more actively indoors for me, so I'll give it my best shot to maintain this cyber-cage.

"Dark Thrones And Black Flags is, well, history for me now, since the planning and songwriting for a new album is well under way. We enjoyed recording it and looking forward to December 13th when we pull the trigger for a new album. There are small details this time around that will most likely result in a slight different sound and 'feeling'. Seems pointless to mention such stuff here, but I can assure you that both Fenriz and me looking forward to this. The first session of a new record is always exciting plus since it do set some fundamental least in our heads....well, at least in MY head then. Working the way we do now is such a blizz it's hard to describe.

"I'll get back to you all soon, about other music projects, bands etc..."

Deicide Frontman Glen Benton Slams Blabbermouth

Glen Benton, frontman of the legendary death metal band Deicide has posted the following message online:

"Let me clear up a few things about past cancellations and the recent central american fiasco, firstly to all you stupid fucks on blabber crap in your who talk your crap about my past cancellations of shows. I only cancel shows when the safety of the band has come into question or if there is a personal family issue for anyone in the band or crew that might arise ( and they do) and lastly the unprofessional and dirty dealings of adolescent shit promoters who like to play games with our money. Yes money!!!!!!…Did you stupid fucks that post your ridicules bullshit on blabber think we do this for free? Fuck no!!!!!…There is this bad habit my kids have it's called eating and living under a roof…and when you fuck with my money I take it personally and I walk, I have that option…I'm my own boss.. I have better things to do than get stuck at airports and stranded in foreign countries where I cant communicate in order to do my job when people drop the ball. So when we make an agreement with someone for a performance I expect them to live up to their part of the agreement, if not, I do what I have to. Most intelligent people would agree that not even I work for free. Unlike you children who post your ignorant bullshit on while living in your parents basement with mommy washing and folding your underwear and cooking your meals and wiping your asses…I am an adult with family and big people responsibilities…and have people who count on myself to make decisions in the best interest and safety of myself and the other members of DEICIDE..I am never happy having to walk off a tour or not do a scheduled show - this is not something I plan or conspire to do, and you the fan are not the only ones disappointed, we are as well. It is the nature of the beast in this business.

"I want all to know and remember this especially all you jack offs that like to talk shit but have never been out of your own front yard nevertheless out of this country, I don't do this for you…I do it for me…and when it comes to me you don't matter, so when you book DEICIDE you wannabe big time promoters …remember this, breech my contract in anyway and you to will find yourself with your dick in your hands and the fans kicking your ass….GB"

Destruction Announces North American Dates

German thrash metal legends Destruction will be heading to North America in March for a tour. Joining them will be Krisiun and Mantic Ritual.

The tour dates are as follows:

5 -Farmingdale,NY - Crazy Donkey
6 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
7 - Poughkeepsie, NY - Chance Theater
8 - Montreal, QC - Fou Founes Electriques
9 - Quebec City, QC - L'Imperial
10 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club
11 - Cleveland, OH - Peabodys
12 - Mokena, IL - Pearl Room
13 - St Paul, MN - Station 4
14 - Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms
15 - Regina, SK - The Exchange
16 - Edmonton, AB - Starlite Room
17 - Calgary, AB - Warehouse
19 - Vancouver, BC - Plaza Club
20 - Victoria, BC - Sugar
21 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
22 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
23 - San Francisco, CA - Slims
24 - Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
25 - San Marcos, CA - Jumping Turtle
26 - Anahiem, CA - Chain Reaction
28 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater
30 - Ft Worth, TX - Lola’s
31 - San Antonio, TX - Scout Bar

2 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room
3 - St Pete, FL - The Garage
4 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
5 - Raleigh, NC - Volume 11
6 - Springfield, VA - Jaxx
7 - New York, NY - BB Kings

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Interview: Thanatology

This is the Interview with Dr. Bautista from Thanatology!

1.- First of all, could you tell us about the history of Thanatology, how does this proyect is formed?

-It was formed by mistake on 99 with 5 teenagers who wanted to scare the shit out their classmates…all went wrong cause the concept was very well acepted; by personal matters (medicine school) I got back with Dr. Picos on 2006 with a more defined idea of what Thanatology is now and here we are starting on 2009 with the proyect.

2.- Is there more people involved besides you and Dr. Picos?
-Not musically, Thanatology will always be Dr. Picos and me until the end. But there is other people who help us in other matters cause we do not have the time to attend all this shit.

3.- Do you remember what bans or what album motivated you to create music?
-Yeah, it was a long time ago (96, 97) and that would be Harmony Corruption by Napalm Death, that´s the band that made me jump up on a satge, sing and make the stuff I am doing now.

4.- In my personal point of view Thanatology offers an extraordinary combination of grindcore and death metal I remember the good old times of Napalm Death, are they a musical reference for you.
-Good ears you got there David! Coming from me the answer would be yes, but Dr. Picos Believe me! He doesn´t listen metal at all and he say influences does not come from metal.

5.- Your demo “Grind Metálico Forense“ was a little sample of what you can do before you release your EP “La Clínica de lo Grotesco“ what differences do you find between the demo and the EP?
- Exactly, “Grind Metálico Forense“ was just a little sample so we could release “La Clínica de lo Grotesco“ and there are several improvements…in my opinion the art, the concept, the recording, the music are superior in all aspects.

6.- How was contacting with Disgorge´s Ed Talorda for the solo recording on the EP?
- Ed (Disgorge) and Travis (Cattle D.) are very good old friends and they knew the band in 99, since the they´ve became followers of Thanatology and when they knew I was coming up with the proyect they offered their help in anything ans so I asked them to participate on the recording.

7.- Doctor, could you tell us where does the title “La Clínica de lo Grotesco“ came from?
- Sure, the idea was taken from a painting called the “Gross Clinic“ by Thomas Eakins in 1875. This title (as well as the picture) always had a strong impact in my subconscious and i´ve always wanted to use it for Thanatology.

8.- How could you define Thanatology´s sound?
According to us musically, it is grind with metal and thematically forensic, in other words…FORENSIC METALIC GRIND!

9.- If you could have the chance to participate in a mexican Festival which bands would you choose to share the stage with?
- Definitelly Disgorge, Hacavitz (personally they are the best stuff in the country without underestimate other bands from the national scene).

10.- Does the lyrics are related with real people cause in “Escuadrón de Enfermería“ I can imagine a lot of nurses raping a patient, je je.

- Ja, ja, ja if I could tell you man! But no, the title is part of the concept of the EP and also it is kind of a tribute to our guradian angels (nurses). Believe me nursery in this country unfortunatelly is very despicable.
And yes, there will be much more songs based on real medicine personalities.

11.- Who made the EP cover art? Very “Severed Survival“ from Autopsy I must say.
-Me and a visual artist named Rodolfo Arana (is the same guy who made the demo art) and you know? A lot of people tell us that reference about the cover art, but being brutally honest it was not our source of inspiration at all.
What we intended to do was to tell the story contained in the songs graphically and that is how the image for the EP was molded…it wasn´t easy to came up with that visual solution.

12.-Do you have any plans maybe debut album, touring?
- Plans?..well they are many, a month ago we sign a record deal for two albums so in that aspect we are very glad and to finally play live! (medicine demands a lot of time).

13.- Where does your names come from?
-The titles are real Picos and me we both are surgeons (certified by the medical asociation of B.C.) nicknames aren´t real cause we do not want people to know who we really are cause we are mixing our proffesion with music, the hipocratic community is very jelous of its discipline and we don´t want to create any conflict between us.

14.- Thank you very much for the interview Dr. Bautista would you like to add anything else?
-Thank you David and welcome to the Grotesque Clinic!

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The Seedbed of Evil: Evil Incarnate

Old School Death Metal!!!!
Killer music of this guys from bands like Num Skull, Krabathor and Jungle Rot. Satanic and blasphemous Death Metal in the vein of Morbid Angel (era Altars of Madness).

Evil Incarnate are:
Michael Eisenhauer - Bass, vocals
Christopher - Guitar
Andy Vehnekamp - Drums

Blood of the Saints (1999)
Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace (2000)
Waiting for His Return (2005)
Behold: The Endless Glory of Baphomet Split (2007)
Ennemy of God Best of/Compilation (2008)

You can check this guys on:

Vader Posts "Carnal" Video Online

Polish death metal legends Vader has posted a video online for their song, "Carnal." You can check it out below. The band will be embarking on the Wintersun tour along with Deicide in January and afterwards will be recording a brand new studio album entitled, "Necropolis."

Vader - Carnal from Carlos Abysmo on Vimeo.

Sacred Reich To Re-Issue More Albums

Sacred Reich vocalist/bassist Phil Rind has posted the following brief message online:

"More re-issues in the works? Some good news coming soon. We are working out some details. You will know as soon as we do."

Believer Signs To Metal Blade Records

merican thrash metal band Believer has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records, who will be releasing the bands forthcoming new studio album in early 2009.

Believer frontman Kurt Bachman recently posted this update:
"Finally, the mix is complete and we will be mastering on November 18th. So far we think it sounds killer and don't worry, we will not push the volume to limits of distortion. Our plan is to keep all the dynamics in place for your listening enjoyment. The record will be released early next year and the artwork is absolutely amazing! Check back often for more updates as they should be rolling in more frequently. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and for getting the word out there about our new record. Please feel free to link to our MySpace page on your own sites to help us build the buzz!"

Testament Announces San Francisco New Year's Eve Show

Testament has announced that they will be performing a special show on New Year's Eve at Fat City in San Francisco and will be joined by thrash metal supergroup Dublin Death Patrol (wich features Testament vocalist Chuck Billy), black metal act Dragonlord (which includes Testament guitarist Eric Peterson) and Laaz Rockit.

“It’s gonna be a fun party with a bunch of friends,” says singer Chuck Billy. “It’ll be our band, my side project, Eric’s side project, and our friends from Laaz Rockit. We thought it was a good idea for all us friends to get together and jam, even if Alex is away playing with Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We’ll be able to play some stuff with Glen Drover. The show is gonna rock from start to finish, so make sure to get there early!”

Guitarist Eric Peterson also commented on the show: “We’re excited to play New Year’s Eve in our hometown. We haven’t played there in a while, and we decided to play in a smaller club to have more a of a friend/party vibe. Be sure to get there early as my side project Dragonlord goes on first!”

Sathanas Finishes New Album, Makes Tour Plans

SATHANAS has finished their new album, "Nightrealm Apocalypse." Mixing and mastering will be handled by Necromorbus Studios in Sweden once again, with artwork by Juanjo Castellano. Look for a release date in early 2009 via PAGAN RECORDS.

A European tour will follow shortly thereafter in March with NUNSLAUGHTER.

The confirmed tour dates so far are as follows:

March 11 - Frederica, Denmark - Ungdomens Hus
March 12 - Berlin, Germany - K17
March 13 - Poznan, Poland - U Bazyla
March 14 - Praha, Czech Republic - Exit Chmelnice
March 15 - Ziar Nad Hronom, Slovakia - City Culture Centre
March 16 - Belgrade, Serbia - SKC
March 17 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Channel Zero
March 18 - Padova ,Italy - Country Star
March 19 - Montpellier, France - Secret Place
March 20 - Toulouse, France - Le Petit Cléo
March 21 - Paris, France - La Miroiterie
March 22 - London, UK - Electrowerkz
March 23 - Birmingham, UK - Bristol Pear
March 24 - Lille, France - La Rumeur
March 25 - Wermelskirchen, Germany - AJZ Bahndamm
March 26 - Nürnberg, Germany - Kunstverein
March 27 - Jena, Germany - Rosenkeller
March 28 - Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany - Asgard
March 29 - Harderwijk, The Netherlands - De Mac

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

Napalm Death Singer Barney Greenway Discusses The New Album, "Time Waits For No Slave"

Napalm Death frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway recently did an interview with RockSound in which he discussed the bands forthcoming album, "Time Waits For No Slave." An excerpt from the interview can be viewed below.

"Each album appears to have got progressively better and better. There was no great master plan really,” he explained. “We’re just a very organic band, very spontaneous, and we just try to write the best songs possible. If there is anything in the back of our minds then I think it’s that we always try to make each album differ without losing the thread of what should be there and I think we’ve done that with this album.”

“I still feel really humbled to be a part of the whole Napalm Death experience,” he admitted candidly. “People consider us to be a pioneering band, and once you’ve achieved that, what else is going to satisfy you? I get to work with some pretty unique musicians that come up with riffs and material that still blows me away, and it was no different for this record.”

Read the full article at

New Videos

Grave Digger

Legion Of The Damned

Cronos Discusses The Importance Of Venom

The following story is courtesy of Jeff Kitts from

Guitar World sits down for an in-depth interview with founding VENOM bassist Cronos to discuss the black history of his highly
influential - and storied - band.

1981 was a good year for metal. IRON MAIDEN’s Killers, BLACK SABATH’s Mob Rules, DEF LEPPARD’s High ’N’ Dry, OZZY OSBOURNE’s Diary Of A Madman: all quintessential, landmark albums in their own right, all indicative of where metal was at the dawn of the Eighties. The genre was still a few years away from poofy-haired MTV domination, but these and other releases, like RUSH’s Moving Pictures, with their singalong choruses and hooky riffage, hinted at the overly commercialized direction metal was headed. And the hard rock community - bands and fans alike - certainly seemed content with this evolution. Except three lads from the north of England, that is.

Conrad Lant, Jeff Dunn, and Tony Bray - three strapping longhairs from Newcastle, England - envisioned a different future for metal, one that did away with all songwriting convention, broke all known speed records, and scared the bejesus out of people. And they accomplished just this in 1981 with the debut album from Venom, Welcome to Hell.

“Venom was unlike anything at the time,” says Lant, known to the Venom legions as the bass-playing warlord Cronos. “People credit us with starting a movement and all, but the truth is I think it was inevitable. Punk had died. Metal was lame. There could only be one new way to do this — for metal bands to get some fucking balls again.”

Read the full article at

Source: GuitarWorld

Children Of Bodom And Cannibal Corpse Adds More European Tour Dates

Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom and American death metal legends Cannibal Corpse have added some more tour dates to their trek across Europe next year. Also on the bill will be Diablo. You can check out the tour dates below.

31 - Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany

1 - Stadtgarden - Erfurt, Germany
3 - Backstage - München, Germany
4 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
5 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
7 - Syma Hall - Budapest, Hungary
8 - Gasometer - Wien, Austria
10 - Alcatraz - Milan, Italy
12 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
19 - Forum - London, UK
20 - Elysee Montmatre, Paris, France
21 - Hof Ter Loo - Antwerpen, Belgium
22 - Hof Ter Loo - Antwerpen, Belgium
23 - Grosse Freiheit - Hamburg, Germany
26 - Sentrum Scene - Oslo, Norway
27 - Tyrol - Stockholm, Sweden

Overkill And Exodus To Tour Europe

As previously reported, Metal Church has had to pull out of their European trek with Overkill due to guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof suffering from back problems. However European thrash fans will not be disapointed as filling the shoes of Metal Church will be thrash metal legends Exodus. Also on the bill will be young, Irish thrashers Gama Bomb and Torture Squad.

The tour dates are as follows:

February 20 - UK London @ Carling Islington Academy
February 21 - NL Uden @ De Pul
February 22 - NL Enschede @ Atak
February 23 - GER Aschaffenburg @ Colos Saal
February 24 - GER Hamburg @ Markthalle
February 25 - GER Bochum @ Zeche
February 27 - ESP Barcelona @ Bikini
February 28 - ESP Madrid @ Sala Live
March 1 - ESP Alicante @ Nave 8
March 3 - SWI Pratteln @ Z7
March 4 - ITA Milano @ Rolling Stone
March 5 - GER Augsburg @ Spectrum
March 6 - CZ Zlin @ Metalmania Festival

Evile Guitarist Breaks Jaw, Band Cancels Tour

Evile guitarist Ol Drake has apparantly broken his jaw and as such the band has cancelled all their forthcoming tour dates. A posting from Evile frontman Matt Drake reads as follows:

"Ol collapsed last night and fractured his jaw and split his chin on the ground. Luckily his beard absorbed some of the blow. He's been in hospital and had X-rays and been stitched up, but he's unable to play - he can't really move - he's a mess. Ol doesn't drink, it seems to be some medical problem that's being investigated. They did an ECG and we're awaiting results. Unfortunately we're having to pull out of the tour to get home to the UK where Ol can recuperate and have some follow-up tests.

"We apologise to all our fans and to anyone planning to see us at the shows. As you can imagine we're devastated we can't play, but Ol's health comes first and that's currently our priority. We will update our fans through the MySpace with news when we're back home. We won't be on any of the Satyricon tour from today."

Flotsam And Jetsam Reveals New Album Title

Guitarist Mark Simpson of legendary thrash metal band Flotsam and Jetsam has posted the following mesage online:

"The title of the new record is The Cold. Travis Smith is once again going to do the cover, which we are extremely excited about because of his amazing skill and vision. The cover will also feature the debut of an up and coming new talent.

"Some song titles are: 'Black Cloud', 'Secret Life', 'Hypocrite', 'Falling Short', 'Take' and 'I'll Beat The Fuck Out Of You'. OK, that last one is not a title but it's close. 10 songs - ALL Brutal, ALL Killer, NO Filler!! We are currently finishing up guitars and starting on vocals. Still hopeful for a release in the first quarter of next year and to do as many shows as possible in support.

"Thanks to everyone who made it out to KIT XI and hope to see you next year!"

Nazxul Guitarist Greg Morelli Killed In Motorcycle Accident

Legendary Australian Thrash Metal band Mortal Sin has posted the following message online:

"Our long time friend Greg Morelli, guitarist of NAZXUL was tragically killed in the early hours of Thursday morning November 20th in a motorcycle accident. As many locals would know a huge storm hit Sydney last night and Greg was riding his motorbike home and hit a greasy wet patch on Parramatta road North Strathfield.

"Greg's death will be a huge loss to the Australian metal scene and of course the international black metal scene. The new Nazxul album had just been completed and Greg was really looking forward to getting back out on the road and we had also talked about the possibility of heading over to Europe for some shows next year. Greg explained to me that the new album was sounding like they finally wanted to sound like, and was really proud of what he had achieved.

"I hope all the black metal fans out there will raise their horns tonight for Greg. Rest in peace mate, you're a fucking legend."

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


Sathanas have finished recording their new album "Nightrealm Apocalypse". The mix and mastering will be handled by Necromorbus Studios in Sweden, the artwork was done by Juanjo Castellano. "Nightrealm Apocalypse" is supposed to be released in early 2009 via Pagan Records, followed by a European tour with NUNSLAUGHTER. You will find the exact dates at the band's official website

Iron Maiden Announces Final Leg of "Somewhere Back In Time" Tour

Following the huge international success of their "Somewhere Back in Time World Tour 08," Iron Maiden will be taking to the skies once again in 2009 for a fourth and final leg starting in Dubai on February 13th.

Loaded up with a full complement of band, crew and twelve tons of stage set and equipment, the band's customised Boeing 757, christened Ed Force One by the fans and flown again by Astraeus Airlines Captain and Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, will once again be circumnavigating 80,000km around the planet for concerts in 19 cities in eleven countries, making it a staggering 37 countries in total visited on this tour, playing to almost two million fans.

Taking off in early February, Maiden will make their first appearances in New Zealand in 16 years via Dubai and Bangalore followed by the long haul journey for a return to Mexico in some even larger venues and then finishing with an extended run through Central and South America to include countries and cities they have not visited before. The dates are as follows:

February 2009:
Fri 13th - UAE - Dubai Media City Amphitheatre
Sun 15th - India - Bangalore Royal Challenge Rock In India
Fri 20th - New Zealand - Auckland. Mount Smart Stadium
Sat 21st - New Zealand - Christchurch. AMI Stadium
Wed 25th - Mexico - Monterrey Estadio Universitario
Thurs 26th - Mexico - Guadalajara Arena VFG Jalisco.
Sat 28th - Mexico - Mexico City Fero Sol Stadium Complex

1st - 29th March 2009 - South and Central America.
Details to be released soon.

The "Somewhere Back In Time" tour revisits the band's history by focusing almost entirely on the 80's in both choice of songs played and the stage set, which is based around the legendary Egyptian Production of the 1984-85 "Powerslave Tour" which was featured on the recent DVD "Live after Death." This is arguably the most elaborate and spectacular show the band has ever presented, and will include some key elements of their Somewhere In Time tour of 1986/7, such as the Cyborg Eddie.

Comments Bruce Dickinson, "This unique way of touring earlier this year with everyone and all our gear onboard the plane helped to make 2008 easily one of the most successful, exciting and fun years in the band's career. Taking Ed Force One around the planet and playing to our fans in so many different countries was an incredible experience for all of us. For me personally, flying and performing was one of the most challenging and satisfying things I've ever attempted despite the rigours and all the logistical difficulties we encountered.

"In fact it was so much fun we decided to do it again as a final leg of this tour. All in all this will be a fantastic way to round off a tremendous year for the band before we take a bit of time off and then start work on a new studio album."

Says Steve Harris, "We will once again be loading onto the plane as much of the production and stage set as we can ram in, along with arranging plenty of pyro for all the shows!! We will also be changing round the set list and replacing some of the songs, mainly with songs from the first four albums as the Early Days tour a few years back didn't visit any of these places so we thought the fans would like to hear some of that even earlier material. This tour is likely to be the last time we play many of these songs live so we really will be giving it everything we have got!"

The Iron Maiden plane Ed Force One has been back in regular airline service since the end of the first leg in March this year and has been used for the "Bruce Air" fan club flying trips during the European leg of the tour, as well as Bruce flying various missions to bring troops back home from tours of duty in Afghanistan and collecting stranded British tourists in the recent major airline closures. However the Boeing 757 will be taken back into the hanger soon to be completely refitted and its Maiden livery restored, this having been removed due to fears of evil ju-ju spirits-- Eddie! - inhabiting the plane from worried passengers on its summer route from Central Africa.

Iron Maiden has made arrangements with the local promoters to facilitate a special first ticket pre-sale to members of their fan club, which will mean they will be guaranteed to get a ticket, and be able buy the best seats where applicable.

Through this special pre-sale fan club members will also be able to buy the appropriate tickets which would then allow them to enter the exclusive fan club draw to have special privileged early access to the stage barrier. More info follows:

On sale dates and details will be announced soon, but registration for more information on how to buy a ticket is now open from

The special fan club pre-sale will be open to the fan club members via on the 15th December with tickets going on sale to the public and at retail outlets on the 26th January.

New Zealand
The special first ticket pre-sale will be available exclusively to members of the Iron Maiden Fan Club on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th November, before tickets go on sale to the general public 28th November.

The first ticket pre-sale available to Iron Maiden fan club members will run Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th November, before going on sale to the public Wednesday 26th November.

South and Central America -- full details to be announced very soon

If you would like to join the Iron Maiden Fan Club and take part in these pre-sales, go here. Existing members - watch the site for further details later this week.

Opeth Announces South American Tour Dates

Swedish prog metallers Opeth has posted the following message online:

"We receive a lot of mail from you guys in South America and now we can announce that Opeth will come to South America in 2009! During March and April Opeth will appear in Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo."

The tour dates are as follows:

27 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Valador
29 - Bogota, Columbia - Bogota

1 - Santiago de Chile, Chile - Teatro Capoulican
2 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - El Teatro
4 - Sao Paolo, Brazil - Hangar

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New Motorhead Video "Rock Out"

jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

Cripple Bastards Announces More Tour Dates

Cripple Bastards has announced a string of new tour dates into next year:

SATURDAY, November 15th 2008 - Reggio Emilia (Ita) - "Temporock"
SATURDAY, November 29th 2008 - Manduria (Taranto, Ita) - "Bike & Rock"
SATURDAY, December 13th 2008 - Prato (Ita) - "Siddharta"
SATURDAY, January 17th 2009 - Torino (Ita) - "United Club"
FRIDAY, February 6th 2009 - Roncade, Treviso (Ita) - "New Age Club" + NAPALM DEATH
SATURDAY, February 7th 2009 - Bologna (Ita) - "Estragon" + NAPALM DEATH
SATURDAY, March 28th 2009 - Belgium - "North Sea Hardcore Fest"

Earache Records To Release Box Set

Earache Records has posted the following message online:

"In recognition of a music genre that has spawned some of the most original and talented bands hailing from every corner of the globe, Earache Records is proud to announce the release of Worldwide Metal.

"Celebrating the diversity of metal in all of its forms, Worldwide Metal is the ultimate collection of the fastest, heaviest and most brutal metal tracks to rock this planet. Offering 5 CDs of pure metal mayhem plus a fully playable PC game - all for the price of one CD - this collection consists of over 80 tracks from some of the most legendary and inspirational bands of all time.

"Worldwide Metal includes both old school favourites and some of the best new talents to hit the scene. The 5 CDs are split into territories according to artists and include USA (2 discs, featuring DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, MUNICIPAL WASTE, BONDED BY BLOOD and more), UK (featuring CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, CATHEDRAL, IRON MONKEY, AKERCOCKE, EVILE, GAMA BOMB and more), Europe (featuring VADER, DECAPITATED, LINEA 77, EPHEL DUATH and more) and Scandinavia (featuring AT THE GATES, ENTOMBED, THE HAUNTED, MORTIIS, CULT OF LUNA and more). WORLDWIDE METAL also marks the Earache debuts of IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION, THE BOY WILL DROWN and OCEANO.

"On top of having over 5 hours of extreme metal on 5 CDs, Worldwide Metal also includes a fully playable PC version of "Earache Extreme Metal Racing"! Originally released on the PlayStation 2 games console, "Earache Extreme Metal Racing" blasts its way onto PC for the first time and remains the first and only death metal-themed computer game. In this full game, ten Earache bands race their vehicles in a gruesome fight for supremacy. One or two players crush and kill their way through totally twisted racetracks to the soundtrack of 3 hours of ear-splitting death metal and grindcore, with rare video clips included as unlockable bonus content.

"Perhaps one of the best things about this killer collection is the price - this box set of 5 CDs plus a PC game will be sold for the price of just one CD! Due to be released on 24th November, Worldwide Metal is the perfect purchase for any collector and an ideal Christmas present for any self-respecting metalhead."

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The Seedbed of Evil: Invocation War

Pure Evil!!!!
I have to say this band is Killer, great Thrash/Black Metal in the vein of Sabbat, Aura Noir or OLD, raw sound with a little touch of Brazilians Sextrash on the vocals, great stuff here.

Invocation War are:
Alejandro Warlust Carrilo - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Carlos Deathcrush Lopez - Drums
Slut Seducer - Bass
Blasphemic Assaulter - Session Live Guitar

You can check this guys on:

Interview: Lethal Dossage

This is the interview with crazy Thrashers "Lethal Dossage".

1.- How is the way you get involved in Heavy Metal, to be more specific what was your first musical approach to this genres?

- Well growing up we were always around music, but what caught most of our attention was Metal! We all started off listening to classic rock and it just progressed from there. We found that we enjoyed the more aggressive and heavier sound of music!

2.- When and how the band started?
- The band was started up by our drummer Andre Vega an a previous guitar player we had in the band, Arturo Amaya. It was the remains of an old band they tried starting up but didnt work out. Thats where they approched me and asked if i wanted to start something up with them. I also knew of a guitarist in mind which we recruited and then later joined the band. Since we were all local and good friends it was very easy to come together and play what we all had a passion for music and SPEED METAL!

3.- Could you talk us a little about Thrash Metal Scene in California? How is the relationship with other bands, you have good places for play, etc...i mean for us in Mexico looks like a very big Thrash Metal scene.
- Yes, i heard the Thrash Metal scene in Mexico was very alive we hope to play there soon! As far as the scene in California its great! Were form LA and from what we've been seeing the scene has been getting bigger again! Alot of bad ass Metal bands are coming out and tearing shit up! Most of the local Thrash and Speed Metal bands is where we have a better realationship with! We all know what we like and live for and we know what to deliver to our fans! Its just a great enviorment and vibe that comes off a Thrash Metal show in LA! Nothing but pitting, headbanging, stagediving and just fuckin fun!

4.- I heard some songs of the demos in your Myspace page, and i ahve to say is a KILLER THRASH METAL!! being from California (one of the best Thrash Metal scenes in history)who are your most important influences?
- Wow thanks alot! Yeah being from LA is great! Had alot a good chances to see all of our influences and legends that came back together like Judas Priest, Anthrax, Testament!
But some of our Important influences have to be Slayer, Iron Maiden, Venom, Death and soo many more man too many too list haha. But alot of our style and aggressiveness comes from those bands for sure.

5.- Tell us about the process of composition, all of you participate or somebody have the mainly idea for a song?
- When it comes down to writting we all have a say in it. When someone has an idea for lyrics, riffs and even for drum beats we speak our mind and try to stirr something up for a song or an idea for a song. But theres really no main person that contributes the most we all write together and compose songs together!

6.- What inspires the band lyrics?
- When writting lyrics many things influence us, it could be from things we see on t.v., things we dont agree with, death, and so on. Its just basically what were interested at the time or what we feel would be a good thing to bring to attention!

7.- Besides music do you have another activities or just music?
- Music plays a big role in our life but besides that we all do different things like of course work, school, or just hang out check out shows, parties, girls ha etc.

8.- Plans for record a Debut Album or sign with some Label?
- Yes! We are at the moment managed by New Renaissance Records and personally managed by Ann Boleyn (Hellion, Detente)! We are expecting to record and be on the next Speed Metal Hell compliation through the lable and later record a debut album!

9.- In your own words could you describe Thrash Metal?
- Wow! In my own words Thrsah metal is many things!
Its not just music but something way important for some people! If you ask any true metal head around they would say that they cannot live without music like that! It could be what gets you though the day or just something to fucken drink too! Thrash can be described in so many different ways be i know we can all agree that its going anywhere!!!

10.- When you are holding a jam-session in the reharsal, do you then sometimes also cover a song or play a classic metal anthem?
- Ha oh yeah when we started thats all we played! We jammed from Metallica to U.F.O! Its just fun to play music that got you influenced in to that genre in the first place!

11.- What did your first demo give you as a musician and as a person?
- When we recored and released our first demo it meant alot for us. It gave us a sense of accomplishment as a musian and as a person. Not alot of people thought we would be able to play what we wanted until they heard out first demo! They just saw us as just another Thrash band coming out. We wanted to be more than that and stick out more than that, so i think our first demo had a good impact on that!

12.- Have you started working on some newer songs yet?
- Yes, actually we have about 3 songs completed and ready to be recorded and about 3 more were working on and were expecting a whole lot more!

13.- Okay, time to end up this interview, anything to say?
- I just wanna say thank you for the interview and also giving us the chance to be promoted by you! And just wanna say look out for us, check us out at
www.myspace. com/lethaldossage or
www.lethaldossage. com and you'll be hearing more from us very soon!!

Cannibal Corpse

Have announced "Evisceration Plague" as the title to the group’s brand new studio album due out on January 30th (GER / A / SWI / I), February 2nd (rest of Europe) through Metal Blade Records. "Evisceration Plague" marks the follow up to the bands extremely successful 2006 release "Kill" (debuted at #170 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart), which has become the fastest selling CANNIBAL album in the band’s storied career as well as highest selling album since 1996’s "Vile" (debuted at #151 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart). Bassist Alex Webster comments, “In CANNIBAL CORPSE our goal has always been to try and make each new album we record our heaviest. That goal was a bit more challenging this time since we were extremely satisfied with our last album "Kill", but we knew that by working with producer Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios again, we would be able to start at that same level of heaviness and take it even further. Now that we can hear the finished product, I would say we've been able to achieve this goal, and I think our fans will agree. "Evisceration Plague" has the best guitar sound we've ever recorded, and the entire band has never played with more precision and power. We can't wait until you all get a chance to hear the album in early 2009, because we think you'll be as happy with it as we are.” The "Evisceration Plague" tracklist reads like this: 'Priests Of Sodom', 'Scalding Hail', 'To Decompose', 'A Cauldron Of Hate', 'Beheading And Burning', 'Evidence In The Furnace', 'Carnivorous Swarm', 'Evisceration Plague', 'Shatter Their Bones', 'Carrion Sculpted Entity', 'Unnatural' and 'Skewered From Ear to Eye'. Keep an eye on the CANNIBAL CORPSE MySpace page for more updates on the upcoming album, a new track and upcoming tour dates.

Handful Of Hate

Returns with a new line-up: Deimos (guitar), Damiano (bass), Andrea B. (drums) and Nicola (vocals, guitar). The band also presents two new songs from their forthcoming CD, out in 2009 and will sell every item from their merchandise with a special discount price at every gig.

Destruction Announces World Tour

German thrash legends Destruction has announced that they will be touring North America beginning March 6th until April 7th. No dates have been confirmed yet. Likewise, the band will be heading to Australia and New Zealand in April but no dates have been confirmed yet. They have also updated their European tour schedule which is now as follows:

26 - Karlsruhe, Germany - Substage (NEW DATE)
27 - Plzen, Czech Republic - KD Šerikovka
28 - Glauchau, Germany - Alte Spinnerei
29 - Zlin, Czech Republic - Winter Masters of Rock
30 - Warsaw, Poland - Progresja

1 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
2 - Rostock, Germany - Mau
4 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
5 - Tampere, Finland - Tulliklubbi
7 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Musikens Hus
8 - Oslo, Norway - John Dee
9 - Copenhagen, Denmark - The Rock
10 - Enschede, Netherlands - Atak
11 - Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob
12 - Leeds, England - Rio's
13 - Dublin, Ireland - The Village
14 - Dudley, UK - JB's
16 - London, England - Underworld
17 - Saarbrücken, Germany - Roxy (tbc) (NEW DATE)
18 - Essen, Germany - Turock (NEW DATE)
19 - Weert, Netherlands - De Bosuil
20 - Pratteln, Switzerland - Z7
21 - Milan, Italy - Rolling Stone
22 - Nürnberg, Germany - Hirsch

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

Exodus Guitarist Gary Holt Slams Rick Rubin

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt recently took part in the "Call & Response" section of Decibel magazine where artists give their opinions on songs from heavy metal artists and beyond. When faced with "My Apocalypse" by Metallica, here's what he had to say:

"There are some killer riffs on this one; nice to hear them rediscover that tempos can be fast sometimes. Much better than any of the last three (albums) for sure. But Rick Rubin is a monumental hack. He has killed the production of the record for me. I was really expecting James to throw down the "...And Justice For All" crunch, totally crushing guitars, but these are not heavy at all. If all they were looking for in a producer was 'guidance,' I would have told them all they need to know for dinner and a beer: 'Go back, listen to your legendary records, listen to your Diamond Head records and then gather in a room together and make a metal record.' I would have given them this advice for free- much cheaper than Rubin! But it's growing on me. I still dig it, just not the sound of it. Andy Sneap would have made this a monster. And thank Satan Kirk is soloing again! The world needs him to shred!"

Demigod Calls It A Day

Finnish death metallers Demigod has decided to call it a day. The band has released no further details on the split at this time but they will reported as soon as they're announced.

Black Sabbath Guitarist To Be Honoured in Birmingham Ceremony

Tony Iommi is to be added to the Walk Of Stars in Birmingham.

The Aston-born Black Sabbath guitarist will have his name added to the Broad Street walk on November 23 in a ceremony led by Kerrang! Radio DJ Johnny Doom.

"It’s really an honour," says Iommi. "It’s so nice being recognised by your hometown."

Whiplash Reunites and Plans To Record New Album

80's thrash metal band WHIPLASH has announced that they're reuniting to give their fans a long awaited breath of fresh new material. WHIPLASH stays true to their fans with the power-thrash riffs and double bass that broke them into the industry.

Aside from the new material, Displeased Records will be releasing the band's first two classic albums on one CD.

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008


From Warbringer Myspace page:

Were writing more tunes.
Cross your fingers we kill enough muses to have a full length ready for the next onslaught of touring.
Either way we couldn't be more excited about how things are coming along with the new stuff.
Keep posted because at this point the album is very dated and we want to give you guys some fresh cuts sometime around the end of winter!
Oh and if any of you guys have pictures from the last few tours, send em our way, we would love to see them!


Exodus Mexico and South America Tour Dates

Nov 20 Monterrey, Cafe' Iguana - w/ The Haunted MEXICO
Nov 21 Mexico City, Circo Volador - w/ The Haunted MEXICO
Nov 25 Santiago, Theater Novedades CHILE
Nov 26 Buenos Aries, Super Rock ARGENTINA
Nov 27 Montevideo, Central Rondeau Colonia URUGUAY
Nov 28 Asuncion, Salon Universal PARAGUAY
Nov 29 Sao Paulo, Inferno Club BRAZIL
Dec 1 Valencia, La Alhambra VENEZUELA

Testament "Thrash Domination 2008" Japan

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Deicide And Vital Remains To Team Up For U.S. Tour

Death metal legends Deicide will be teaming up with Vital Remains for a tour of the United States. The tour will begin in february and features support from Order Of Ennead and Adrift. Deicide recently tapped Kevin Quiron as their new touring guitarist, who made his debut with the band in September.

Maryland Deathfest Confirms More Bands

More bands were recently confirmed for Maryland Deathfest VII. Just announced to appear at MDF 2009 are:

Bolt Thrower
Swallow the Sun
The Red Chord
Rotten Sound
Keep of Kalessin
Trap Them
Agenda of Swine
Pretty Little Flower
Complete Failure
Hero Destroyed

Bolt Thrower has released this bit of news regarding their first trip to the USA in 14 years:

"Due to the fact that we are not real festival lovers or great fans of flying, the chances of us ever coming to the States for a one-off show was always very small. But after years of relentless emails from Ryan we've finally given in. It's hard to believe that it's been 14 years since we last played in the US, so we are very happy to announce that we are finally coming back. Bolt Thrower will be playing Maryland Deathfest VII, on May 22-24, 2009, at Sonar, Baltimore, MD."

A few more bands were exected to be included in this announcement, but the organizers are still working on the details. Therefore, another announcement is expected with even more band confirmations in the near future, as they wrap up the booking process for Maryland Deathfest 2009

Tickets will definitely go on sale on Friday, November 7th.

Here is a full list of currently confirmed bands for Maryland Deathfest 2009:

Bolt Thrower (England)
Mayhem (Norway)
Pestilence (Netherlands)
Asphyx (Netherlands)
Atheist (Florida)
Enslaved (Norway)
Marduk (Sweden)
Immolation (New York)
Brutal Truth (New York)
Hail of Bullets (Netherlands)
Abscess (California)
Absu (Texas)
General Surgery (Sweden)
Today is the Day (Tennessee)
Swallow the Sun (Finland)
Pig Destroyer (Virginia)
Birdflesh (Sweden)
The Red Chord (Massachusetts)
Keep of Kalessin (Norway)
Victims (Sweden)
Rotten Sound (Finland)
Phobia (California)
Devourment (Texas)
Sayyadina (Sweden)
Flesh Parade (Louisiana)
Jig-Ai (Czech Republic)
Trap Them (New Hampshire)
Antigama (Poland)
Splitter (Sweden)
Grief (Massachusetts)
Agenda of Swine (California)
Entrails Massacre (Germany)
Kill the Client (Texas)
Magrudergrind (Washington DC)
Lair of the Minotaur (Illinois)
Crowpath (Sweden)
Man Must Die (Scotland)
Gnostic (Georgia)
Unearthly Trance (New York)
Maruta (Florida)
Car Bomb (New York)
Weekend Nachos (Illinois)
Catheter (Colorado)
The Endless Blockade (Canada)
Pretty Little Flower (Texas)
Hero Destroyed (Pennsylvania)
Complete Failure (Pennsylvania)
Drugs of Faith (Maryland)
Triac (Maryland)

Candlemass Confirmed For Bloodstock Open Air 2009

Candlemass are the latest act to be confirmed for the 2009 edition of Britain's Bloodstock Open Air festival. The festival will be held from August 14th-16th next year at Catton Hall in Derbyshire and also features The Haunted, Sabaton, Katatonia, Turisas, Wintersun and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.

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Onslaught To Record Live Album At Damnation Festival

Nige Rockett, guitarist with legendary British thrash metallers Onslaught has posted the following message online:

"Onslaught will record their performance at this years Damnation Festival on Saturday, November 22nd, (Leeds, UK) for a future live album release through Candlelight Records in early 2009. (Onslaught will be appearing on the main stage - showtime tbc).

"We're really looking forward to playing at this year's Damnation Festival, its gonna be a real crazy day... what a way to wind up our European promotion for the Killing Peace release and now we've got the added bonus of recording what will be our first official live album. This will keep things ticking over nicely while we complete the writing of the new opus... and dont forget to make some fucking noise for the boys."

Onslaught will finish up the touring with a small U.K. tour, after which they will concentrate on writing and recording their fifth studio album. The tour dates are as follows:


14 - Birmingham, UK - Asylum
15 - Nuneaton, UK - Queens Hall
21 - Swansea, UK - Sin City
22 - Leeds, UK - Damnation Festival
28 - Kingston, UK - The Peel

Tribulation Reveals New Album Info For "The Horror"

Swedish dark death thrashers TRIBULATION unveiled the new album artwork for their upcoming full-length "The Horror".

The tracklisting for "The Horror" is as follows:

1. Into The Jaws Of Hell
2. Crypt Of Thanatophilia
3. Curse Of Resurrection
4. Beyond The Horror
5. The Vampyre
6. Sacrilegious Darkness
7. Spawn Of The Jackal
8. Seduced By The Smell Of Rotten Flesh
9. Graveyard Ghouls

The album release date will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can check out some of the band's material on their Myspace page.

Necronomicon Signs To Xtreem Music

XTREEM MUSIC has announced the signing of legendary classic German thrash metal band NECRONOMICON. The band emerged back in '83 together with bands like KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM and released three classic albums from 1986 to 1988 and later two more in 1994 and 2004.

Necronomicon has always been active and nowadays even have three out of the four former members from 1983/84: Freddy, Jogi and Axel plus Andi who joined in 2002. The band is now readying their sixth full length album, "Revenge of the Beast," for a December release.

The band posted the following statement about the signing:

"November 2009, NECRONOMICON has signed! It’s the end of a long search and NECRONOMICON did a pact with the spanish Thrash & Death label XTREEM MUSIC with his owner Dave Rotten. Now it's time to release the production 'Revenge of the Beast' for all the Thrashing maiacs out there! Finally!

"Again it was a long and rocky road for the 4 guys from the southwest of germany. Very typical, very NECRONOMICON. The production 'Revenge of the Beast' was recorded long ago. Once it was produced, mixed and mastered by Guru Achim Köhler it became a damn jackhammer!

"But they didn’t just leave it at one production: Out of thanks and respect to the fans, NECRONOMICON produced 'Revenge of the Beast' on their own a second time - in the style of the 80’s. It was all done in Temple Studio with Oliver Noack and NECRONOMICON and sounds like it – raw and brutal. Both productions are being released together on a special limited double CD edition for the 25th anniversary.

"Then the old question: Who is best for the band? And, as you know, this is not quite easy. After loads of talking and debates Freddy, Axel, Andi and Jogi made up their mind for the Madrid label XTREEM MUSIC.

"Because of the sun and the nice climate conditions there? No, because of Dave who is a real fan of the band, the music and the whole Metal scene. Very authentic! And because Dave build up and manages a very nice label in a professional way an with lot of enthusiasm.
In the end it was a clear decision for NECRONOMICON and we expect a lot from the cooperation."

"Revenge of the Beast" is due for imminent release on December 15th on a first limited edition of 1.000 copies on double CD to celebrate their 25th anniversary. There will also be exclusive and very limited NECRONOMICON shirts to be sold together with the double CD on a special-priced pack (CD+shirt) which will be sold only through the XTREEM MUSIC mailorder.

The band just returned from a 3-show mini-tour in Russia and a presentation show in Madrid, Spain is being organized around January. This will be the very first time NECRONOMICON will play there.

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