miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009


Reunited New Jersey Thrash legends WHIPLASH have released 5 brand new tracks entitled 'Feeding Frenzy', 'Pitbulls In The Playground', 'Fight Or Flight', 'Float Face Down' and 'Firewater' respectively, and are now available for preview listening for the first time on the WHIPLASH E-Card at the Pulverised Records Official Myspace page. The WHIPLASH E-Card will be available for 2 weeks from 29th July 2009 till 11th August 2009.

domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Do You Remember This?

Fuck yeah!!!! A real masterpiece of this amazing swedish band HYPNOSIA FOREVER!!!

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

The Seedbed Of Evil: Deus Otiosus (Denmark)

Great five piece Death Metal from Denmark, this guys have the Ancient Glory in their music, good riffs in the vein of Possessed, Death (Scream Bloody Gore era) and some touches of the gold years from the Scandinavian Death Metal, the voice is completly Death Metal! Raw, deep and strong, classic drumming for this music... fast and powerful. Henrik Engkjær Church Bizarre, Victimizer, Cerekloth) plays guitar in this band; i think is a good choice if you want to break some skulls and create a terror atmosphere, so chek this guys!!

Deus Otiosus are:
Anders - Vocals
Henrik - Guitar
Peter - Guitar
Nepper - Bass
Soren - Drums

Death Lives Again Demo (2007)

You can check this guys on:


INCANTATION is preparing for a series of upcoming dates in the fall of 2009 and the spring 2010, which will include longtime drummer Kyle Severn (from such records as "Diabolical Conquest", "Blasphemy", "Decimate Christendom" and "Primordial Domination"). The initial dates will take place over Labor Day weekend in the Midwest and then see the band traveling to Central America in late October / early November 2009. Kyle comments: "Yes I’m excited to play some blasphemous Death Metal again with my INCANTATION family. Do you want some fuckin' Metal? Well you had better be ready!! We have been practicing material from all of our records, expanding the band’s almost 20-year career. I’ve been in this band for many years and have traveled to a lot of places, but this will be the first time we travel to Honduras and Costa Rica. What an honor it’s going to be to play for the sick Metal heads there."
INCANTATION is also confirmed to play the main stage at Maryland Death Fest in 2010.

Downtuned & Morbid Fanzine

DOWNTUNED & MORBID is the name of another oldschool Death Metal fanzine to be released within the next month. The editor says on his myspace page www.myspace.com/downtunedandmorbid "Rather than simply extolling the virtues of the early nineties, I aim to give deserved exposure to the many great bands which are out there today, in 2009, still addicted to the unholy stench of morbid Death Metal...". You can expect interviews with such names as AXIS POWERS, DENIAL, IMPOSER, GODLESS, CEREMONIAL EXECUTION, HATESPAWN, NECROCCULTUS, BOMBS OF HADES, AFFLICTION GATE, PUTERAEON, NECROVOROURS, MAIM, BLOODY SIGN, CRUCIAMENTUM, DARKTHRONE, BLASPHERIAN and many many more. The release date is scheduled for August 2009.

Do You Remember This?

Craft... Amazing Black Metal!!!

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Impetuous Rage

Brazil's IMPETUOUS RAGE have changed their name into POISONOUS. Drummer Alex Rocha commented this as follows: "It's another band, the sound is different. Now we are more obscure... We continue to play Metal of Death, but more impure, profane and evil!" According to their official press release the band is musically now a lot more influenced by classic albums such as "Hell Awaits", "Seven Churches", "Mental Funeral" and "Dawn Of Possession". Next to Alex the POISONOUS line-up consists of Michael Hellriff (guitar & vocals), E.Evil (bass) and Fabio Ramos (guitar). A new demo, featuring three songs, will be released shortly. For more info check out www.myspace.com/poisonousdeathmetal


"Mortal Repulsion", the long-awaited full-length debut from Death Metal's pioneers GOREAPHOBIA, will finally be released on August 18 via Ibex Moon Records. To coincide with the release the band has struck out on a North American tour with MASTER and labelmates DREAMING DEAD. Guitarist Alex Bouks offers these words in regards to what promises to be the summer of brutality: "We are excited to unleash our Dark Metal magick across the U.S. after all these years.The tour will coincide with the release our new record "Mortal Repulsion". We will be showcasing our brand of dark, blackened Heavy Metal . Jim, Chris and myself are looking forward to see all you Metal tyrants on the road."


Italy's NECRODEATH are currently organizing a small European club tour with a Nightliner for March 2010. If you have some good addresses of clubs or promoters please contact them through their website www.necrodeath.net.

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