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The Seedbed of Evil: Hellstorm (Italy)

Formed in 1995, Hellstorm is a really good Thrash Metal band, aggressive and obscure music. I can hear some influences of bands like Venom and Bathory, totally Old School way. In my personal taste the speed is perfect, the vocals are really good... Harsh, the lyrics touch occult themes basically, this band is for all the fans of more aggressive Bathory era, or early Destruction (demo era).

Shadows of Unknown (Demo) 1997
The Legion of Storm (Full Lenght) 2003


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Interview: Ceremonial Execution

This is the Interview with Mattias Frisk guitar of Ceremonial Execution.

1.- Could you please introduce Ceremonial Execution to our readers, and explain your unusual name?

-Hi David, Mattias guitarist from Ceremonial Execution here, thanks for the interview. Ceremonial Execution is a death metal band which has been around since 2001. We play some kind of old school death metal with some black metal influences. The name Ceremonial Execution was taken simply because there is a lack of good band names these days, I don't think it's a unusual name for this type of music. Current lineup Robert -Vocals, Mattias - Guitars, Björn - Bass, Jimmy - Guitars.

2.- You are from Sweden, one of the best Death Metal scenes in history, what is your opinion about the actual scene in Sweden?
-We are actually from a small town in Sweden called Mjölby, there is no scene here now but it was in the early - mid 90´s with bands like Traumatic, Dawn, Retaliation, Thy Primordial and so on, in fact there are a lot of people interested in playing music but no audience. I think that the death metal scene in Sweden is centered round Stockholm and Gothenburg, Ceremonial Execution is not really connected to those scenes.

3.- How were the reactions to the Demo in 2003? How many copies were made/sold?
-I don't really know, we had some people telling us that they liked it but nothing more, we did maybe 100 copies I think.

4.- How was the contact to make the Split with Borigor?
-Me and Robert (Vocals)were/is (I´m not really sure about the status of this band) in a chaotic punk/doom/death/grind band called "The Jam Session" and were on tour in Europe with "the Apoplexy Twist Orchestra" from Germany in 2002. Some of the members also played in Borigor and we decided to a split with them which Fab, who played in Borigor, wanted to release on his label erode records.

5.- Your Full Lenght "Death Shall Set Us Free" is a self released album, why do you choose this option?
-It was actually going to be released on a "real" label but nothing happened and we decided to set it free for download instead since we had new songs around and felt not so happy with the Death Shall Set Us Free recording so we focused on the new material instead of searching for a new label.

6.- "Death Shall Set Us Free" open the gates to sign with Blood Harvest?
-Yes, Rodrigo contacted us after hearing it and wanted to do a 7" and we were heading for the studio to record 3 songs at that time so the timing was perfect.

7.- Blood Harvest have a lot of great bands. How is the relation with Blood Harvest?
-We don't have any contact with Blood Harvest for the moment I really don't know why, I just by records from them?

8.- Do you have side projects besides Ceremonial Execution? If you have tell us a little about.
-Ceremonial Execution lost our drummer David this summer, he have some kind of nerve damage in his leg and was quite unhappy with the whole metal thing and wanted to focus on buying a house and build a family, so while searching for a drummer able to play in the vein of David Ceremonial Execution has been resting since then so me and Jimmy(guitar) put together a dirtier and punk/old school Autopsy influenced band called Vanhelgd with the drummer from the Jam Session Björn who also plays guitar in the doom band Ocean Chief. So the focus has been on Vanhelgd for the last year. Our debut album "Cult of Lazarus" is out now on Crematorium Records. www.myspace.com/vanhelgd.

9.- What is the main inspiration for your lyrics, could you talk about "Black God Rising"?
-Hm, I would say that the lyrics is about the failures and flaws of mankind, the stupidity of religion, and the nothingness of death. Black God Rising is some kind of metaphor for the last days of mankind, self destruction and war.

10.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
-I think that the underground scene is very interesting, at the same time as it is very open it is also very conservative. I am too very selective about bands, music has to be real for me, it´s not about fame, how good you are at you instrument or having a cool image. What I mean is that I think that the sensitive listener will see through trends and stuff like that and get to the core of the expression. The American abstract painter Mark Rothko said that a painting only could communicate if the observer happened "to be in tune with it and the artist" and I am convinced that this is also valid for music. The underground will take care of itself, it´s a kind of monster that you can't kill with trends, the only thing that trends do is dragging it out in the light for a while.

11.- For you what is Death Metal?
-Death Metal is facing your fears and yourself, a channel for aggression, hate, frustration and an expression and communication of that. It is a communication with the primitive in you, basic emotions. Religion does not solve anything, just blind you for the world and the lack of meaning, death metal should be a weapon against religion and help us to connect with what we truly are.

12.- Plans for this 2009?
-As I said before, we are looking for a drummer and is not able to do anything until we find one, We had plans to release an album on Nuclear Winter Records but when David left we could not do that so for the moment I don't know more than that.

13.- Anything you to add or ask?
-If you like ceremonial execution you should check out Vanhelgd and a lot of other unknown Swedish old school death metal bands. Thanks for the interview and the interest in Ceremonial Execution.

You can check Ceremonial Execution on:

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MASSA​CRE - seeki​ng "new membe​rs"​ for ALL NEW ALBUM​ in 2010!​

While​ vocal​ist KAM LEE will be busy with his all new Death​ Metal​ band BONE GNAWE​R this year - prepa​iring​ for their​ debut​ album​ "​FEAST​ OF FLESH​"​ to be relea​sed thru PULVE​RISED​ RECOR​DS,​ and also getti​ng ready​ to take the band on tour in suppo​rt of that album​ in the summe​rtime​ of this year.​ Now he has annou​nced plans​ to start​ audit​ionin​g new membe​rs for an all new refor​matio​n of the band MASSA​CRE.​
Plans​ are set to do an all new MASSA​CRE album​ for the year 2010.​
Altho​ugh.​.​.​ Kam has state​d in the past that he was never​ sure if doing​ a new MASSA​CRE album​ could​ ever be possi​ble,​ the deman​d from the fans world​wide for an all new MASSA​CRE album​ can no longe​r be ignor​ed.​
Kam also has state​d that he will retur​n MASSA​CRE to it's roots​.​.​.​ retur​ning to both the lyric​al conte​nt and the music​al style​ as set forth​ on the album​ "​FROM BEYON​D"​.​
Sever​al well known​ and respe​cted music​ians (who also happe​n to be longt​ime MASSA​CRE fan'​s thems​elves​)​ have been appro​uched​ to take part in this histo​rical​ event​.​ And onced​ confi​rmed - they shall​ be revea​led in time.​
For now - 2 new track​s that are being​ worke​d on for the album​ will be title​d:​ "​Back From Beyon​d"​ and "​Retur​n of The Corps​e Grind​er"​.​
More news to come.​.​.​

Overkill / Exodus Europ​ean Tour Dates​

Killf​est Tour 2009
speci​al guest​s:​ Tortu​re Squad​ & Gama Bomb

20.​02.​2009 Londo​n,​ Carli​ng Acade​my Islin​gton UK
21.​02.​2009 Uden,​ De Pul NETHE​RLAND​S
22.​02.​2009 Ensch​ede,​ Atak NETHE​RLAND​S
23.​02.​2009 Ascha​ffenb​urg,​ Colos​ Saal GERMA​NY
24.​02.​2009 Hambu​rg,​ Markt​halle​ GERMA​NY
25.​02.​2009 Bochu​m,​ Zeche​ GERMA​NY
27.​02.​2009 Barce​lona,​ Bikin​i SPAIN​
28.​02.​2009 Madri​d,​ Sala Live SPAIN​
01.​03.​2009 Alica​nte,​ Nave 8 SPAIN​
03.​03.​2009 Pratt​eln,​ Z7 SWITZ​ERLAN​D
04.​03.​2009 Milan​o,​ Rolli​ng Stone​ ITALY​
05.​03.​2009 Augsb​urg,​ Spect​rum GERMA​NY
06.​03.​2009 Zlin,​ Metal​mania​ Festi​val CZECH​ REPUB​LIC
07.​03.​2009 Warsa​w,​ Metal​mania​ Festi​val * POLAN​D

* only Overk​ill & Exodu​s

Acheron delay​s going​ to Europ​e

ACHER​ON+​PANDE​MIA - Lucif​erion​ Europ​e Tour 2009
Due to some thing​s beyon​d the band’​s contr​ol,​ ACHER​ON has had to take thems​elves​ off the “LUCI​FERIA​N EUROP​E TOUR 2009”​.​ The band regre​ts havin​g to do so, but promi​ses their​ fans to make up for it at a later​ time,​ after​ the new album​ is final​ly relea​sed.​ ACHER​ON also wants​ to thank​ PANDE​MIA for worki​ng to make this tour happe​n and wishe​s them the best of luck!​ At anoth​er time,​ Europ​e will indee​d be invad​ed by the great​ beast​ ACHER​ON!​

Lord Belial Calls It Quits

Black metal band Lord Belial has issued the following statement on their website:

"LORD BELIAL 1992 - 2009

"Lord Belial has quit all their activities. All future gigs are canceled. We would like to thank all fans, bands we have played with, labels, organizers and everyone involved in the band for the past 17 years!

"The main reason for this is the hearing problem (tinnitus) that has grown into a quite big problem for Micke the last years… The other members in the band were not forced to put an end to the band but instead they mutually agreed that finding another drummer was not a solution for the future.

"Anyhow, if Micke’s hearing will be at least a little bit recovered after a break from music and especially live appearances for some time, we really hope that we can continue where we ended.

"We will not comment or discuss this in emails etc."

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Bloody Sign

French dark Death Metallers BLOODY SIGN will begin the pre-production for their third album "Chaos Echoes" this week at Le Bonhome Studio. The album will contain 9 tracks, 3 instrumental interludes and a MORTEM (Peru) cover (also to appear on a tribute album). Recording the album will occur in spring 2009. Await "antic dark Death Metal melt with chaos psychedelism and experiments, linked by a concept about music and death, music and mysticism, elemental forces, Orphism, Metal, alcohol." www.myspace.com/bloodysign


The second studio album of Belgian TARANIS is out on Iron Pegasus. It is a mix of traditional, very old style Black Metal and Thrash in the vein of DESTROYER 666, PAGAN RITES and BATHORY, but with TARANIS' very own character. You can check out the song 'Metal Legacy' on the Iron Pegasus' myspace page: www.myspace.com/ironpegasusrecords

Sadistic Intent

SADISTIC INTENT's "Resurrection Of The Ancient Black Earth" CD will finally be out at the end of January. It features the studio tracks of the ultra rare LP plus the "Morbid Faith" 7"EP as bonus. This re-release comes with a 16 pages booklet, that contains lyrics, cool photos, etc. Available at: www.iron-pegasus.com


Polish melodic Thrashers CHAINSAW will release a brand new album entitled "Evilution" through Metal Mind Productions on February 23 in Europe and April 7 in the US (via MVD). It is a concept album written by a native Scotsman consisting of 10 rather dark and gruesome tales. Celtic legends telling stories of half-human and half-animal creatures, paranormal activities, supernatural powers and the evolution of evil and magic that took place in Scotland throughout the centuries. The first recording session took place in mid 2008 at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland with the following guests: Tytus (vocals), best known from Acid Drinkers and Mauser (guitar), an ex-member of Vader, currently involved in his project UnSun.


Denmark's VICTIMIZER are currently in the studio recording a new mini album entitled "Resurrected Abominations". It will be released on CD and vinyl through Hells Headbangers in April 2009 and contains the following tracks 'Worthy Of Hell', 'Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind' (re-recorded), 'E-37101', 'Lucifers Domain' (HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH cover) and 'Resurrected Abominations'.

Infinitum Obscure

The long awaited "Obscuridad Eterna" 7"EP, by Mexico's INFINITUM OBSCURE, will finally be out after a two year delay. Originally planned to be released on a different label, Blood Harvest is proud to take on this record. The EP is currently at the pressing plant and announceed for an early / mid February release. Blood Harvest will also be releasing the vinyl editions of the band's previous works, as well as the vinyl edition of the upcoming album. Here's what Roberto Lizárraga, the band's frontman, has to say: "We feel honored to be working with Blood Harvest Records and we are extremly excited to finally see the "Obscuridad Eterna" EP released. It's the band's first release since 2006. It is also very comforting to have the support of an honest label that is loyal to the band, it will be very nice to see "Internal Dark Force" and "Ipsus Universum" on vinyl format, as well as our upcoming second full length album "Infra Ater Caela."

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Memorial: Terje “Valfar” Bakken

Vocalist and founder of Windir.


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A new vinyl 10" from Japan's ANATOMIA will be released through Nuclear War Now Productions soon. It contains 4 tracks of the band's demo from 2004 as well as a REPULSION cover.

For more info on the band check out www.myspace.com/anatomia

Havok Signs To Candlelight Records

Candlelight Records confirms the signing of Denver-based thrashers Havok. The band are currently completing their debut album titled "Burn" which is expected for release early spring. The album, produced by vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez at Dirty D Studios and mixed by Bart McCrorey at Motaland Studios, contains twelve songs from the youthful band featuring guitarist Shawn Chavez, drummer Ryan Bloom and bassist Jesse de Los Santos with Sanchez.

Since their formation in 2004, they have released two independent recordings, "PWN 'Em All" and "Murder By Metal." Sanchez says of the band’s signing, "This is the break we’ve been working toward and now that it’s finally here we’re more than ready to make the most of it. We are both psyched and humbled to be a part of the Candlelight roster." Chavez adds, "this is the beginning of great things to come. We know that the work is really just beginning and that the pressure is on but pressure as you know makes diamonds."

With the final details of "Burn" being finalized the band look to tour shortly after album release date. A tentative track listing is as follows:

1. Wreckquiem
2. The Root of Evil
3. Path to Nowhere
4. Morbid Symmetry
5. Identity Theft
6. The Disease
7. Scabs of Trust
8. Ivory Tower
9. To Hell
10. Category of the Dead
11. Melting the Mountain
12. Afterburner

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Municipal Waste To Play At European Festivals

Virginian thrashers Municipal Waste are set to return to Europe this summer to play a string of festivals. Guitarist Ryan Waste states: "The Waste will be coming over to Europe again this Summer for quite a few festivals. We're pumped to play to some larger crowds, but we are still going to play some smaller club gigs to keep the intensity flowing. Get ready for pure mayhem at any show you choose to attend!"

The band has so far been confirmed to play at the following festivals:

Metaltown Festival
Gothenburg, Sweden
June 26 - 27, 2009

Obscene Festival
Trutnov, Czech Republic
July 16 - 18, 2009

Lorca Rock Festival
Lorca, Spain
July 24 - 25, 2009

Municipal Waste are currently working on a new studio album, due for release later this year on Earache Records.

Mithras Announces New Vocalist/bassist, Sam Bean

UK metallers, Mithras, have announced the addition of their new vocalist/bassist, Sam Bean (The Senseless/ex-The Berzerker), to their line up.

Founder/guitarist Leon Macey issues the following comments, "Since joining Sam in his band The Senseless back in 2007 (as drummer) we've been working together closely on the new The Senseless record 'The Floating World', so I know we gel extremely well musically and have a similar attitude and vision. This combined with the huge amount of band/live/industry experience he has from all the work he's done with The Berzerker makes him the perfect guy to take the role and help lift Mithras to the next level. We're going to get gig ready asap then simultaneously start slaying audiences while working some more on the new Mithras record."

Sam Bean comments, "I'm a long-time Mithras fan, so this is pretty sweet. I've always seen Mithras as being one of the top UK death metal bands and have listened to them often, wondering how amazing the material would sound live. Looks like I get to find out now! Rayner's shoes are big ones to fill - figuratively, literally, - and I hope to do justice to his great work. It's also good to be working with Leon and Ben, two powerhouse dudes who share the same taste in brutal, freaky, evil music. I want to get out onto stage, throw down, and bring in a new era for the band and death metal in general. This year, we're going to rock you." Sam continued "The audition was great, third song in I blew up the bass cab. I take this as an auspicious sign."

Drummer Ben states, "so after a relaxed but blasting audition with Sam it seems that he is bursting with enthusiasm to fuel the fire! I reckon working with Sam will be great and that Mithras can now progress even further into the torrent of atmospheric blasting! So Mithras troops, prepare yourselves! Cap'n Mithras and co are brewing up a shit storm of big gigs and a new record that will blow your socks off!"

Sam Bean rounds out the Mithras lineup, which is currently Leon Macey (guitars), Ben White (drums) and Sam Bean (vocals/bass). Mithras' third album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' was released worldwide by Candlelight Records in April 2007.

Pestilence: New song of "Resurrection Macabre"

Really killer song. For listen the new song go to:

www.myspace.com/pestilence official

Pestilence is currently finishing up their first record in 15 years. Expect more brutal, heavier and faster songs than any old Pestilence album. The album, entitled Resurrection Macabre, features eleven new tracks and the limited edition first print will include three re-recordings chosen by fans. Out Of The Body, Chemo Therapy and Lost Souls were voted most.

The songs are lyrically more in the vein of "Consuming Impulse". Meaning, they’re more “reality-style” than religious or philosophical. Some songtitles are: "HangMan (Into the mind of an executioner)", "Synthetic Grotesque (Trying to create through cloning)", "Fiend (Drugaddiction)", "Resurrection Macabre (The return of the Pestilence)", "Hate Suicide (Last hours of a suicide-bomber)" just to name a few.
Expect a new track to be added to the band’s myspace www.myspace.com/pestilenceofficial before the end of this year. The albumcover can already be viewed here: http://www.mascotrecords.com/index.php?cid=3&pid=280
Resurrection Macabre will be released March 16 2009!

In order to promote Resurrection Macabre Pestilence will embark on a European tour.
(More dates and countries will be added soon)

09-04 Inferno Festival – Oslo, NO
10-04 Atak - Enschede, NL
13-04 Underground – Cologne, DE
17-04 Transilvania - Erstfeld, CH
18-04 Rock Planet – Pinarella, IT
19-04 Sonar Club - Colle Val d’Elsa, IT
20-04 Backstage - Munich, DE
22-04 Steinbruch Theater – Darmstadt, DE
23-04 Easy Schorre – Halle, DE
24-04 Schutzenhaus – Oelnitz, DE

The recording has been finished for "Resurrection Macabre", only a few details on the artwork and we are done for the release on March 13 in Europe and April 14 in the US.

To give a taste of the brutal new material you can listen to one of the new tracks exclusively on www.myspace.com/pestilenceofficial.

The song "Horror Detox", is the first of three songs that will be uploaded to our myspace page before the releasedate. Hope you all like it!!

There will be more tourdates announced soon.

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Interview: Denouncement Pyre

This is the Interview with Decaylust vocal and guitar of Denouncement Pyre.

1.- Let´s start, could you describe the meaning of Denouncement Pyre and tell us a little bit about your history?

-We chose DENOUNCEMENT PYRE to represent the band because it is both a unique name and also relevant to the philosophy we engender. It aligns with ideals of the left-hand path, destruction and eradication of all that we are against and desecration of all poisoned white light dogma that has long threatened the blood of the strong and tainted the blood of the weak.
Our roots go back to a little earlier than 2003 when Eradicator & I began rehearsing under a different name. To cut a long story short we became Denouncement Pyre in late 2003 once recruiting some more heathens to the line up. From there we recorded The Storm to End All Wars (demo 2004), Barbaric Vengeance (live tape 2005), Under the Aegis of Damnation (7” 2006), Hells Infantry (mCD 2006), later these tracks were released on vinyl as Chaos Rising (split LP 2008), and lastly Circle of the Black Flame (7” 2008). There has been several line-up changes throughput this time but we venture on, for the cycle is not yet complete.

2.- How would you describe Denouncement Pyre´s sound?
-For me it is determined by our own interpretation of what real Black & Death Metal is. We have labeled our music Heathen Hell Metal which I think speaks for itself. I don’t really ponder this kind of thing too much. More importantly the atmosphere that one is able to experience through the music determines its worth, not whatever label is attached to it. So you can call it whatever you like, for me BLACK DEATH is suitable enough.

3.- When did you start writing your own songs? Was it easy for you to come up with own stuff?
-We began writing the material that would become the first demo as soon as the band formed. We never played covers because even at the commencement of the band we had a very clear and determined idea of what we wanted to produce. I guess it was rather natural to write this style. Although I listen to many different genres of music, it has always been extreme metal that has held a deeper meaning for me. I cannot pin point exactly why that is but I’m sure others who understand the dark atmosphere and energy that this music can create within will know what I mean.

4.- After your first demo, you recorded a live album "Barbaric Vengeance", with who worked for the album and how was the contact?
-I wouldn’t call this an album but more a live demo. There was a lot of interest in the band after the first demo was released and whilst we were working on new material (for the 7”) we decided to spread another tape so those who were interested could hear some more material from the band. This was recorded at a live show we performed in Melbourne. The sound was rather chaotic and was a worthy representation of what a live DENOUNCEMENT PYRE show was like, so we decided to spread some tapes around. That was about the extent of that release as we quickly moved on from there.

5.- I have to say Hell´s Infantry is a really good EP, could you talk about "Ancient Remnants" lyrics?
-For a long time now I’ve had an interest in ancient history and how it ties in with some of the mysterious monuments and artifacts that exist on this planet. This interest is fueled by both historical and occult studies. This particular song explores that concept. It was inspired by a certain monument/monolith that is very well known (and rightly so) throughout the world. It’s more questioning the modern world’s concept of advancement when we cannot even explain the things that have outlived our stage of civilization yet are right under our noses. These could perhaps teach us more about ourselves than what we will ever know through technology or so called science. To move forward we must look back to a time when civilization was in many ways far advanced to what we know. Yet the geniuses of today remain dumbfounded by these ancient remnants. I am interested in the spiritual or ‘internal’ causes/explanations of such mysteries, for their creation points to the universe which is buried deep in the subconscious, but who holds the key to unlock such wisdom? Look back in order to move forward.

6.- Do you remember how was your first gig?
-The first show was in November 2004. There were some local black/death metal bands; the show was headlined by Dawn of Azazel (NZ). We received a good response, the demo had already been circulating for a few months so some maniacs already knew the songs. I think there were about 120 or so people there that night, which is fairly common for local gigs around here. Whilst we went on to perform far better than on this occasion, it went well for a first gig.

7.- When i talk about Australian Extreme Metal, i remeber bands like Slaughter Lord, Sadistik Exekution, Destroyer 666, Corpse Molestation, this bands influenced in your music? Or what bands are your influences?
-Whilst we worship all these old bands from our underground, I think they are about as much of an influence on us as they have been on any Black/Death Metal band. We do not set out to imitate these bands nor do we aim to be original for originality’s sake. We play the style which speaks truth to us regardless of what others are doing or have done.
I don’t have much to do with the scene here. For the last few years it has slowly died and the way outsiders tend to perceive it as being a very active or great scene is very inaccurate.
We listen to many of the classic Black Death Metal bands that most who play this style are familiar with. There is no need to list them all as they would come as no surprise and we have all heard the names a million times over. More importantly the real inspiration to perform this music does not come from the metal scene or metal culture but something entirely separate. A certain energy & lifeforce that when summoned is more powerful than any LP, band patch or scene attitude.

8.- How was the contact to do the Split with the crazy Metalheads Diocletian?
-We had been in contact since their demo. They came to Australia to perform a couple of shows, one of which we played at also. From there we asked if they were interested, they accepted and thus the concept for Chaos Rising came to life. Nothing really out of the ordinary, the end result speaks for itself and the response to it has been killer.

9.- Who produced and engineered "Circle of the Black Flame"?
-The songs were produced by us as has all material to date. We recorded it in an unknown local studio which whilst small was still professional enough to cater for our needs. The recording was engineered by a guy who built the studio. He had limited experience with extreme bands but we controlled the recording so it didn’t really have an impact. What you hear on this release however is not a correct representation of what we recorded and mastered. The pressing plant fucked up our master (what we sent over was 100% correct) but when it was pressed the sound came back very muddy and distorted. We will have these tracks re-released at some stage because we are not satisfied with the pressing. The original masters are a lot clearer and represent the release the way it was intended to be.

10.- In a live situation, do you concentrate for the most part on the songs of your latest album or do you also play much old stuff?
-We have only performed live 7 times now. I have never considered DP to be a regular live band and cannot say at this point in time if we will ever play live again. We played mostly the material that was relevant at the time, mainly from the first 7” and mini-album. We haven’t really played live since then (only once) so the set list was mostly the same.

11.- Do you have plans for recording a Full Length album soon?
.The full length is titled World Cremation. I will begin rehearsing with a new drummer early 2009 for the album. There are 8 new songs, all of which are much darker than previous material. It will follow on from the Circle of the Black Flame 7”, however the material is a little more varied with some slower/mid-paced parts amongst the crushing/blasting sections. Some new tracks include Black Womb of Magdalene, The Flesh of thy Master, Purification, Engulfed Temples, plus more.

12.- Plans for this 2009?
-As per the previous question, it has always been the ultimate goal to record this full length. I am confident that this will be the strongest recording yet and will be the ultimate statement of what the band is about.

13.- Anything to say?
-Thanks for the interview, all heathens contact decaylust@hotmail for merch & more info. Also the mini-album, split LP and latest 7” are available through Forgotten Wisdom Productions (France).
Await the full-length LP/CD World Cremation… the final storm at the end of days…

You can check this guys on:


Konqueror Records have just re-issued the long out-of-print EPITAPH "Seeming Salvation" CD. This jewel was originally released back in 1992 by the highly respected and sought after French label Thrash Records. The CD will feature bonus tracks taken from the classic split with EXCRUCIATE. Labels / distributors and all ancient Death worshippers contact: info@konqueror-records.com, www.myspace.com/konquerorrecords


At the end of January / beginning of February 2009 a HIRAX / RESISTANCE split vinyl EP will be released in co-production between Emanes Metal Records (F), Metal Forces Festival (GER) and Under Siege Records (F). HIRAX will contribute live songs from the Metal Forces Festival in 2007, while French RESISTANCE deliver an exclusive new song called 'Metal Forces' and a live version of 'Resistance' from 2008. RESISTANCE have also found a new drummer in Marti Ilmar Uibo (BLOODY SIGN, TORMIS) now.

Fenriz Announces Trivia Contest

Darkthrone's very own Fenriz has just announced a trivia competition on MySpace that involves the history of Darkthrone. The prize is a copy of Fenriz' Metal Merchants DJ set. The trivia question is the following: what are the similarities between Darkthrone's earlier musical career (he said "carrier," but one can only assume he meant "career") and that of James Brown or Status Quo? To answer, go to Fenriz' blog post and post your answer. Fenriz will contact the first two people that answer the question correctly. He will also ask for your address in order to deliver the set.


domingo, 4 de enero de 2009


Reunited Death / Thrash legends Goreaphobia have just completed the recording of "Mortal Repulsion", the debut album for Ibex Moon Records, and have sent it for mastering. The band has also re-recorded some old classics for inclusion as bonus tracks. The new album features guitarist Alex Bouks, bassist / vocalist Chris Gamble, guitarist John McEntee (INCANTATION) and drummer Jim Roe (ex-INCANTATION). Says Bouks about the album, "A lot of people had been asking when the record will be done for a long time, but we needed to do things right and not rush the album. This is the first time I have ever worked with a group of musicians I respect and that have worked together as a band. Everyone has been involved with the writing process. The only way I can describe "Mortal Repulsion" is 'extremely dark, atmospheric, aggressive, and heavy.' I am very happy about what we have created together. This is the record we were always meant to make - pure Death Metal in its darkest form. We look forward to playing live for all the fans in the next coming months." Track listing for the album is as follows: 'Ordeal Of The Abyss', 'Amulet Of Damnation', 'Negative Screams', 'Grave Plagued Planet', 'Primal Nothingness', 'End', 'Despised And Ruined', 'Black Ash Eyes', 'A Grievous Curse', 'Ascending Into Vices', 'The Inevitable Punishment' and 'Mortal Repulsion'.

For more info, check out www.myspace.com/goreaphobia

viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

Happy New Year!!

Thanks to all of you for the support of this space, this year it´s gonna be amazing, the Zine will be avaliable for download in two weeks!!

The best for all the Headbangers in the wolrd!!!

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