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The Seedbed Of Evil: Nadimac (Serbia)

Fast, Corrosive, Aggressive... Nadimac is a kick ass Crossover/Thrash Metal band from Serbia, they remind me the old glory days of Tankard, D.R.I., Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies or Excel. Their album "Drzavni Neprijatelj Broj Kec" with Area Death Productions it´s a good piece of xtreem music, they talk about Sects, Corporations, Political Incorrectness. In question of composition is really good, the songs structures sometimes are like a tornado, they play fast but suddenly goes faster! Riffs are good, with a great sense and secuence between riff and riff;the solos are good maybe a little short... but still good!! And the bass is amazing, not only for the rithym base, the bass support the guitar playing the same riffs in an excellent way!
Drums are played in the classic way of Crossover/Thrash Metal fast, loud, hard and of course a really good technique to mix all of this capacities to create a good drum tracks. The voice for me is a really strong part of the band, i like this type of voice, without try to sing guttural or really harsh, Danilo makes a strong and furious voice in allt he songs, i like the espontaneous final screams in some parts of the songs, that is the key to bring some peaced part to a violent and aggressive part!!
The best songs of the album for me are "Bog Cuva Bekriju", this song is like a hymn to mayhem, fuckin chaotic you just wanna break your neck with the headbanging!
Of course "Metal Je Rat", the intro is kind of the outro of Metallica´s "Metal Militia" some boots walking overthere, the first double bass part with the riff are great is just the beggining of the massacre!
"Usro Si Motku" this is my favorite, the first riff is Killer... Pure Thrash Metal! This song have a lot changes of rithym, really great song!
"Zmajeva Jajca" hellyeah the begginign of this song reminds me some Tankard stuff and the legendary "Open All Night" VHS... Fuck!!! The first riff is insane!! Fast and technique style! (Horns Up to Stefan) This is maybe the most violent song of the album, i love the vocal work in this song.. fast as hell!! And this song have a middle part just to take a chill for later Keep It Up with the Insane!!
The production is good, maybe the drums could be better, more powerfull!!!

Evilness 8.5/10

Nadimac are:

Danilo "Dača" Trbojević - Vocals
Stefan "Ćora" Ćorović - Guitar
Marko "Zec" Pavlović - Bass
Dragan "Draganče" Ristić - Drums


Vukodlak Metal Demo 2007
DaggerSpawn / Nadimac Split 2008
Metal Je Rat EP 2009
Drzavni Neprijatelj Broj Kec Full-length 2009
Authorization : Legal Offense Split 2009

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Interview: Nadimac (Serbia)

Interview with this crazy, blasting Thrashers from Serbia... Nadimac!!!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us yiur names and possitions and how do you formed the band?

- NadimaC was founded back in 2003, two hairy metalheads dragan and zec wanted to play fast music , like german speed/thrash metal bands did. Few months later they found vocal and guitar player and first line up was complete. Band played on a lot of metal gigs,fests,and drunken metal nights,always playing as energic as they could and always hanging after gig with thrashers crew.By now NadimaC is known in region as pretty original and in a way unique band wich tryes to play thrash metal ,but combines metal influences and also gives its own mark.Lyricks were always special part of bands music,sarcastic,funny,weird and everything but ordinary. Band made lot of fast oldschool songs and recorded "vukodlak metal" demo in 2007. In early 2008 band got new line up. In that line up have played couple of good shows and recorded promo album called "Metal is war"-"metal je rat". Same (curent)recorded album for aread death productions (China) and it is out worldvide. In years to come you can expect everything but slower songs and changing of band style ,NadimaC is pure THRASH metal band and its the only way its ever ganna be...

2.- What bands inspired you to create Nadimac?

- Nadimac was created not to be one more metallica/megadeth/pantera clon band..
Everything elce will be more clear in years to come..

3.- How many recording do you have at the moment?

- Discography: Demo 2005Vukodlak metal(2007)Nadimac/daggerspawn split cassete (2008)Metal je rat EP (2009)Nadimac/crucifier split cd (2009)Nadimac/beshtoven split cd (2009)Nadimac/benefactor decease (2009)Nadimac/ five way split korea (2009)Nadimac/pervertum obscurum Split tape (2009) DRZAVNI NEPRIJATELJ BROJ KEC - ALBUM (2009) ADP.

4.- How is the Metal scene in Serbia?
- State of our scene today is not strange or weird to me, I'm 24 years old but have seen or participated on many concerts, fanzines, bands, and stuff like that, I'm not expirienced as some of my older friends from scene, but I know what I know. All I can say about our scene is that it is a standard model for a „after cold war“ and „post war“ scene, meaning that in 90`s you were lucky to see any band, and at the begining of 2000`s situation got better, domestic bands festival in Dom omladine, Motorhead and Paul Di Anno had almost sold out concerts, Metallica was success too etc.But in one point in last few years we found ourselves in between a couple of expensive concerts in couple of days, and you have money or entysiasm to go only on one concert, meaning that we have today couple concert organizations that organize concerts, but the relationship between them is neither healthy nor profesional.Also there is a lot of concerts booked and cancelled briefly after, people buy expensive tickets only to be later dissapointed by cancellations. Even underground and domestic gigs have some weird logic, some domestic bands with potencial have much less crowd than shitty tribute bands, much much less. Which is crap, when you combine all problems with concerts, and add to that Internet/download/mp3 listening culture you have a problem, beacuse people will download some live dvd of band they „love“ and not go to the concert of the same band in their own town! What's up with that!? Get a life! Get a real metal/music experience, be part of the scene or fuck off! You can`t compare 20000000 mp3 albums at home with one LIVE show experience, one beer in your neighbourhood with your friends, or one mosh pit! That's the point of scene and of music we all like. Thrash on rise..yeah it is, that's just one of indicators how people are fed up with system and life in our country and in the world. Thrash is by ideology more protest than just music and it's about denying authority, creating social messages, sharing UG spirit of friendship, hanging out and stuff so its cool. I'm glad to see we have couple of cool young bands, and we also have some fantastic older bands.Yeah thrash is on the rise. About Bosko`s death... sad, sad day for us all, for many people personally and for the whole scene, which he was BIG part of, and the scene was part of him so I dare say that part of scene died with him. He always had real underground spirit that I always shared and appreciate. He was friend, he was one of us...111
Hmmm... fans, very energic and agressive therefore..very good metal fans.
But our scene has at the moment something i would call „Post cold war, post war syndrom“. That meens that in the 90` during the wars we didnt had a lot of shows in Serbia and every band that came (napalm death, propain, and later UK Subs,Paul di anno, Motorhead) had big crowds and on concerts vent metal, hc, rock, punk people together. Now There is a lot of big concerts and they are expensive for most of fans :P Plus fans are now devided, not just on punks, hc punks, anarcho, metal heads etc, in metal subculture we are devided on black metalheads, thrashers, dm heads etc...that sucks ! :P

5.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- Hmm we all participate in making of songs, it’s cool thing because we start to play some tunes and rhythms on rehearsal and somebody says “hey put this part here or there” or “you can try and play this like that” so the final song is product of our united ideas. It was like that before I came to band so the author of the songs is NadimaC

6.- What is your main inspiration to write the lyrics songs (your songs are in Serbian), could you explain a little bit more about this?
- Hmm we all participate in making of songs, it’s cool thing because we start to play some tunes and rhythms on rehearsal and somebody says “hey put this part here or there” or “you can try and play this like that” so the final song is product of our united ideas. It was like that before I came to band so the author of the songs is NadimaC
Lyrics were always important for NadimaC, I try to combine sarcastic/dark humour approach, and what's more important - every song has two messages, one obvious and other hidden, interesting thing is how people understand our song lyrics very differently. I like to combine social themes, alternative religion concepts, corporations,war invades/invalides of war, secret societies, indoctrination, and off course I always try not to be politically correct. I'm not using other bands' song lyrics as inspiration, I find inspiration without thinking about it, just looking around and singing about what I see.

7.- How was the contact for work with Crucifier, Besthoven, Benefactor Disease and Pervertum Obscurum? You worked a lot this year!
- HEheh its harded to find label to release splits than bands. We wanted to release split with Greek bands because Serbs and Greeks are two brother nations.
Beshtoven is great crust band and we were honered to do a plsit with that and we was introducet for that split by Suffering jesus productions.
We like to support other bands by releasing splits with tham, and we think its tr00 underground way…

8.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- Although we like the metal music from the 80’s we are not one of these bands who is obssessed by 80’s life style and looks, the biggest influences on Nadimac are bands like German thrash metal school and old school crossover/hc punk bands. The main influence on our style has to be the life and the life experiences we share. Sure, we love all these old metal bands but we also love some of new wave of thrash / crossover metal, and we try not to follow any rules or boundaries in our music. NadimaC triies to be one of New Wave thrash forces in region,
Hmm ..we are totaly Uncool band.
We dont try to have same sound as Sodom, or Sadus 20 years ago, but we try to combine that tradition with some other styles or iideas.
But we wont ever play some comercial crap, or folow the flow.

9.- What can we expect from your debut Album "DRZAVNI NEPRIJATELJ BROJ KEC", you worked with some label or independent?
- The band is generally satisfied with the album sound in general, as far as sound quality goes we are pretty happy with the work the producer done. There is one saying in Serbia “as much money, as much music”, which means that we did great job having in mind how much money we had. The recordings and production was done by Archsound productions, and it was recorded in studio MIIR.
Album is fast, sarcastic, politicly incorect, and diferent.
For fans of ultra agresive, and fast thrash with exotic vocals and song structures... try it! 111

10.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?

- Hmm,,..i (Danilo) have finished university and now im on master studies .. I do metal art… and stuff like that, I cant get a job and I mostly do nothing ..
Bass player(Zec) Is on final year on some computer university… Dragan (Drummer) also draws and he have some job …Stefan(Guitar) started on Soud and video injenering university…he doesent do anything elce haha.

11.- Could you define in 5 words the music of Nadimac?

- Agression, Energy, Attitude, Sarcasm, Desaster.

12.- How is a clasic gig of Nadimac?

- Hmm a loto of beer in us and on crowd, crazy fans(really crazy moshpits) constant screaming jumping, fast beats, moshpits, crowd riding etc.. we are underground band so when we come in some other country or city its cool to see people we don’t know jumping or singing our songs…

13.- What can you say about this song "SAD SI SAM"?
- Its song about thoughts of war invalide, its song of his anger and hate…that is his messadge to country...
Since we were born our country was in wars with more that 17 countries theres a lot inspiration here...

14.- Plans for the next year, touring, splits...
- We already played with municipal waste, i think it would be cool to tour with Tankard, Violator, Fastkill, Sodom, kreator or Sabbat(Eng).
We will recorde new EP next yrar, and release more splits, play more gigs and try to make diference..

15.- Anything you wanna add?
- Hmm... People, metalheads, punks, hc dudes, don’t be just “fans”, be part of the scene..
On gig don’t be voyeur, MOSH!
At hoem don’t be forum/internet metal voyeur, LIVE LIFE! For real, drink, have a good time, when you are angry with authorities –say it loud!
Make a diference or…fuck off!
Thrashers…thrash on!
Metal is war!
Its your choice!

You can cheack this guys on:

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Do You Remeber This?

Atomic Aggressor!! Cult Chilean Band!!!


Mexican Dybbuk Records, who recently released the AXIS POWERS compilation "Born For War", have several new items in the queue: concerning merchandise they already sell the official t-shirts from KILL with the "No Catharsis" cover and in the next week TRIBULATION t-shirts will be available (in size S, M, L & XL) and strictly limited to 70 pieces. Regarding official recordings they are going to release the demo from Swedish Death Metal band LAMENTATION along with the upcoming CD from RAWHIDE (Swedish Rock'n'Roll like a mix between MOTÖRHEAD, GG ALLIN, RAMONES and TURNONEGRO with BESTIAL MOCKERY members) and the pro-tape in a limited version of 300 copies of KILL's "No Catharsis" demo all in early 2010. Check out for additional information and ordering details.

The next 6 bands confirmed for Neurotic Deathfest are: ABORTED, CEREBRAL BORE, DEW-SCENTED, GOROD, ROTTEN SOUND and THE RED CHORD. With these confirmations the organisation is near completion of the festival. There are 3 acts left to announce, which will be done in about a week time. Apart from that the organisation will announce several other surprises in the forthcoming weeks.

Swedish oldschool Death Metallers FATALIST have begun filming a video for the track 'Frozen Epitaph'. Frontman Neil Burkdoll issued the following statement about the video shoot: "We filmed about 4 hours of footage for our 'Frozen Epitaph' video this past weekend. We have a lot of editing to do and maybe a few more things to film, but overall it's coming along nicely. We are happy with the footage that we captured, but now the real work begins with making it something anyone would want to watch. We are trying to get it finished for the European release date of "The Depths Of Inhumanity" in late January 2010. Wish us luck!!!" Stills from the Frozen Epitaph' video shoot can be seen on the band's myspace page

Underground journalist Ryan Bartek has unleashed his book THE BIG SHINY PRISON as a free PDF download here (MS Word Document or RTF File upon request from It covers all forms of extreme Metal, Punk, Industrial, Experimental, Rock, Electronic, Psychedelia, etc. and features interviews with a.o. Brutal Truth, Millions of Dead Cops, Impaled, DWARVES, Repulsion, Cephalic Carnage, A.C., Pig Destroyer, Kylesa, STALAGGH, Genghis Tron and Abysmal Dawn. Even USA president Barack Obama makes the most bizarre appearance of his entire career. The following statement comes directly from the author: "My name is Ryan Bartek. For the past 3 years I've sacrificed everything for the successful completion of this project. I spent a year on the road, another year completing and shopping it, and another year of total rejection. It is only karmically fitting that both the demise of magazine and book publishing come in one fell swoop. I was never in it for the money, nor the aspect of celebrity. I have spent an upwards of $10,000 on it, which I remark only to underline my absolute sincerity. No one would deny its quality - but the raw nature of the work, as well as its excessive length, made it impossible to pigeon hole or successfully shop. Nothing quite like it has ever surfaced, at least not in the format I've undertaken. After this seemingly endless struggle, I have decided to offer it to the public domain. While I retain the copyright / trademark, I both encourage and support file sharing. It is my only wish that this manuscript be circulated and appreciated. Perhaps when all is said and done, someone might offer a physical print run." More info you may find at

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Interview: Offal (Brazil)

After some time, we comeback with a killer Interview with Andre Luiz (Vocals) and Tersis (Guitar), this guys are the incarnation of the best Gore Pervertions... Offal!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us your names and possitions and how do you formed the band?

- André: Ohhh what's up? It's okay here, we're fine, thankxxx! Offal today is: André Luiz – Vocals, Eduardo Tobe – Drums, João Carlos Ongaro – Bass and Tersis Zonato – Guitars and vocals. Well, we started our activities late 2003 as a trio just playing some Autopsy's covers and the band originally called Orgy in Excrements (Autopsy's Acts of the Unspeakable song). Some time later we started to compose our own songs and when we got some good ones we decided to record that stuff! So, we did and I sent it just to some local friends, we really didn't have any plans to put that stuff as an official release or something else! Some months later my friend Renzo of the band I Shit on Your Face started a label (The Hole Productions) and I sent the whole stuff for him, so he said that would like to put it out as his number one release! It was really awesome, so we started to produce the whole cover / layout and some months later our first full-length was finally out: Offal – S/t full-length CD – The Hole Productions 2006. Fortunately we've got several good responses about the CD and nowadays it's totally sold-out! Later we had a few line-up changes and recently we have released our latest stuff, a split MCD with the Aussie freaks of Bowel Fetus also via The Hole Productions, check it out!

2.- With 7 years into the Underground, for you what is the best thing, that Offal gives to you like a band?
- André: Ohhh all these years where very special for us! We got the chance to record and release some cool stuff, we met several people, we've played with some great bands and we especially did several friendships worldwide!

3.- What bands inspired you to create Offal with this Metal style?
- André: We got several influences to create Offal, most names of the late 80's and early 90's Death Metal cult bands but absolutely the greatest name was for sure and will always be AUTOPSY! ALL HAIL MASTERS!
- Tersis: I think I'm more into traditional old-school Death Metal with some classic and also some underground bands. I like North American and Swedish metal scene from the old days: they we're great and are the pillars to what Death Metal is known today. I also have some other extreme metal influences that can be recognized sometimes in our song structures.

4.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- Tersis: Usually, each member creates a rough song or record some riffs and ideas. So we put it together on rehearsals. André fill it with vocals and we start to refine the song, rearranging the structure and finding out the best feeling, also thinking about the message we want to spread.

5.- How was the contact to participate int he compilations "100 Ways Splatter Fetish" and "In Gore We Grind Volume III"?
- André: We weren't in touch with the labels when they asked for a track to enclose on the compilations! They just got in touch with us and asked for it, so… Honestly, I'm not totally into compilation stuff, especially when it features different genres and bands! But on these cases, both are great compilations and both feats tons of sick bands, was great to appear on these ones! We didn't get any copy of the "In Gore We Grind Volume III" compilation, I got in touch with the label's guys asking for our copies but we didn't received yet.

6.- Where does the lyric theme came from? Why having this topics in lyrics?
- André: Well, the lyrics are totally into that disgusting, twisted and vile blood-splattering Old-skull Death Metal addicted to the splatter platters of the 70's, 80's and 90's B-cinema following all that cult late 80's / early 90's Death Metal founders! There are lots of bands doing it nowadays and others that already did it but we're always trying to do something different with our own characteristics and this whole old-school universe has all that we need to do something really great!

7.- How much time did you took to have ready the first Offal album songs and recording?
- André: Ohhh sorry, I can't precise! As I said before we started the activities just playing some cover songs and only some time later we started to do some compositions! We also re-compose some early songs from the Orgy In Excrements era... I can't precise, but one or two years, I think!

8.- Do you choose to work with Bowel Fetus in the split, how was possible this split?
- André: The whole contact for this split was made by Renzo of The Hole Productions! We just start to keep in touch with Glen of Bowel Fetus lately!

9.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?
- André: Well, I'm currently running to finish the university of Zootechny, I pretend to work with full animal production. Tersis Zonato and João Ongaro are graphic designers and are currently working with graphic and web design. Eduardo Tobe works with photography and cinegraphy for a worldwide skateboard magazine.

10.- What can you say about this song "Cadaver Breath"?
- Tersis: I like this song. It starts with mid-tempo drumming beats and a great riff. After that, it changes to a zombie-like slow creepy passage. I can say that the ending is very cool, when the same riff goes slowly, the intense screaming and the blood spilling out of the speakers.

11.- Talking about Brazilian scene, how is in this days? The Metalheads still being a crazy supportive motherfuckers?
- Tersis: I can surely say that there are some bands here. We also had the opportunity to play with many great bands and met a lot of people. Unfortunately, there's A LOT of losers playing white metal and these kind of shit, but they always hide their ideals, because that way they think they will "fit" on the scene... only after some time, you discover what they talk about in their music. So, there's a huge problem with gig producers here. Not so long ago, I went to a gig with some Death and Thrash Metal bands. Later, I discovered that there's was two white metal bands playing. It is so fucking contraditory... How can a white metal band play with other bands that has the opposite ideology? I DON'T SUPPORT all of these white metal shit, and also, I DON'T SUPPORT these kind of gigs. Death metal is not allowed to speak about these religious shit. Death metal is hate and sickness! All hail old-school gore lyrics!

12.- How is gig of Offal?
- Tersis: People always support us on our live sets, and that's GREAT! The mosh-pit circle is always intense... some freaks are always following us, travelling together, pounding and banging all over the place!

13.- Plans for the near future?
- Tersis: We're currently recording our new full-length CD/LP on AvantGarde Studio (Curitiba/PR - Brazil). We're also planning a split 7" EP. It has been really great to have some old songs that use to be on our live setlist, finally recorded. I can't wait to see things done.

14.- Anything you want to add or ask?
- Tersis: Thanks a lot for your support. As I said before, we're currently working on new material. So I invite you all to follow our recording sessions on our official website: ( Keep checking for updates...and prepare yourself for the Horror-Obsessed Death Metal Carnage!

You can check this guys on:

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Some News!

One of Sweden’s newest, scruffiest and back-to-the-roots Punk bands IRON LAMB, consisting of some of extreme Metal’s most prominent figures in the scene, is now officially a part of the Pulverised Records family. Fronted by ex-Repugnant singer Graga Lindström, this all-star line-up also consists of Johan Wallin of General Surgery on guitars, Thomas Daun of Dismember on drums and “Swedish Death Metal Book” author Daniel Ekeroth, also of Tyrant and ex-Insision fame on bass. IRON LAMB is slated to record their debut untitled full-length and should see the light of day in the first quarter of 2010. Comments Pulverised Records A&R Manager Calvin: “IRON LAMB is probably one of the most unlikely kind of band to be on our roster, but their infectious brand of ‘filthrock’ (as what they call it!) and the straight-up MotÖrhead-esque riffs is absolutely something that we missed and loved from the old days. So naturally, there was definitely no question about it when the band approached us to work with them on the debut full-length album!” In the press statement by IRON LAMB axe-man Johan Wallin: "Iron Lamb are stoked on doing our first full-length on Pulverised Records! We are currently working on the songs, and will be ready to record during the first few months of 2010. Expect a whole lot of dubious preaching scumbag rock ‘n roll!" For all further info check out the band's official myspace site

Greek's VARATHRON is finally back with a new album "Stygian Forces Of Scorn" via Death To Mankind Records. The CD includes 3 bonus tracks and a full color 16 pages booklet, while the LP edition comes with a gatefold cover on clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Also out on the same label is "Crippled Messiah", the second full length by American WITCH TOMB. The band is being described as "bestial unholy Black / Death Metal in the impure tradition of Profanatica, Blasphemy, Necrovore, Possessed and similar ones." The LP edition comes in a gatefold cover on transparent red vinyl, limited to 500 copies. You can check out sound samples at

After five years of silence, Poland's WITCHMASTER is back with a new studio album entitled "Trücizna" (Polish for “poison”). It will be released worldwide on CD as well as LP by Agonia Records and in the US by Ibex Moon Records under exclusive license from Agonia on November 10th. The tracklist reads like this: 'Trücizna', 'Self-Inflicted Divinity', 'Total Annihilation', 'Road To Treblinka', 'Two-Point Suicide', 'Back To The Bunker', 'Bred In Captivity', 'Black Scum' and 'Trücizna' (demo version). WITCHMASTER has parted ways with drummer Inferno due to his growing commitments to his mother band BEHEMOTH. His replacement is Bastek, who is also a member of SPINAL CORD and has played with HELL-BORN and DEVILYN. Furthermore, Reyash, the original WITCHMASTER bassist, has rejoined the band. He also plays with INCANTATION and VADER. For more info check out,

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MORTIIS recently completed work on 2 new videos to coincide with the release of the forthcoming album (working title "The Great Deceiver"). Here´s what frontman MORTIIS had to say: "We filmed the process and uploaded some of the footage to our YouTube channel, for the kids to check out. It´s pretty grisly stuff, but we´re incredibly excited about these videos. It was awesome to be able to just get into the process and being creative without the restrictive input from labels that we struggled with in the past. These videos, like the new music, totally blows everything we´ve ever done in the past, right out of the water, and we can´t wait to go public with all this stuff. We´ve just got so much new stuff going on, and it´s been way too long since we were able to release anything new, we feel like we´re about ready to explode." The "behind the scenes" footage has been uploaded in 3 parts to the official MORTIIS YouTube channel:

UTUMNO's long out of print 1993 "Across The Horizon" 4 track EP will be available on vinyl for the very first time together with the band's "The Light Of Day" EP on October 11, 2009. It comes on 180 gram heavy vinyl LP, strictly limited to a one-time only pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies - 250 will be black vinyl and 250 will be purple vinyl. Packaged in a 350 gram, reverse board printed jacket featuring a newly supplied art gallery scan of the classic original cover illustration from Kristian Wåhlin. To retain the classic, oldschool feel of the original 1993 release, the LP layout is fashioned after the original CD with attention to detail, even down to the typeface, as well as exclusive liner notes by Jonas Stålhammar. Included in all 500 copies is a luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the Kristian Wåhlin cover artwork, a 2-sided insert featuring the Paw Nielsen's illustration for "The Light Of Day" EP, a 1.5" round full color button, logo sticker and silk-screened logo patch. Last but not least, there will be t-shirts as an add-on option with sizes small, medium, large and x-large available. Heavy gauge, 6.1 oz Gildan 100% cotton, black t-shirt with the "The Light Of Day" EP cover artwork, limited to 100. You will be able to order a shirt directly from the LP order page. More info and pre-orders at:

ROOT's 1992 "The Temple In The Underworld" album will also be available again on vinyl format. This time spread over two 180 gram LPs for the best audio fidelity possible, mastered from the original 1992 recording to maintain the original dynamics. The track 'My Deep Mystery', that was omitted from the mega-rare 1992 LP version because of limited space, will be included here again. Strictly limited to a one-time only pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies - 250 of which will be black vinyl and 250 of which will be on gray vinyl, housed in a 350 gram, reverse board printed gatefold jacket featuring the original Jiri Sujan painting supplied by the band, designed after the original release taking elements from the original CD and LP layouts with attention to detail, even down to the typeface, as well as six bonus tracks, handwritten lyrics in both English and Czech and exclusive 2009 liner notes by Jiri "Big Boss" Valter. Included in all 500 copies is a huge, luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the Jiri Sujan artwork and classic band photos, a 1.5" round full color button, logo sticker and logo patch. Due to the limited quantities being printed, and the high cost for the license, this LP set will be slightly more expensive than normal. As with the UTUMNO release there will also be t-shirts as an add-on option with sizes small, medium, large and x-large available here. Heavy gauge, 6.1 oz Gildan 100% cotton, black t-shirt with red logo and the cult "DEMA" NWN LP box set artwork from Chris Moyen, limited to 100. You will also be able to order a shirt directly from the LP order page. Check out for more details and pre-orders.

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The Seedbed Of Evil: Infinited Hate

Today i have for you this amazing Death Metal band from Netherlands. Furious, raw, crushing, fast and violent Death Metal! Fucking riff massacre, a lot of killer riffs in the 3 albums, the drums work is just perfect, precision and rawness of this guy, great bass lines just perfect, in the vocal theme they have great vokills, in the beggining was Rachel Heyzer, later Aad Kloosterwaard anyway both of them are great!
They played pure Death Metal in the vein of old Sinister, Monastery (Hol), some elements of the Dutch Gods Pestilence (mainly in the riffs), just listen this guys and make your opinions. By the way they change their name to Weapons To Hunt.

Infinited Hate was:
Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals
Bas Brussaard - Guitar
Ron van de Polder - Guitar
Paul Beltman - Drums

Primitive Butchery Demo, 2003
Revel In Bloodshed Full-length, 2004
Heaven Termination Full-length, 2005
Orchestra of Sickness Full-length, 2007

You can check this guys on:

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

A lot fo News!

STENCH OF DECAY's "Where Death And Decay Reign" demo, that got released on tape by Detest Records and that now is sold out will be available again on 12" in September through Detest Records. Detest Records will release the band's first 7" EP in April - June 2010 as well.

A limited tape version of ASCENDED's new "Temple Of Dark Offerings" EP will be released by Detest Records in September. CD and 12" versions shall be available from Enucleation Records.

ABHORROT and PUTRID second demos will both be released on tapes by Detest Records, respectively in October and December.

MIASMAL's first 7" EP will be released by Detest Records in early 2010. At this occasion, a limited re-release of the band's first demo on tape shall be available, the first tape issue and the 12" reissue being both sold out.

KRYPTS has recently joint the Detest Records roster. The band plays a very heavy form of Metal of Death. The band's first 7" EP shall be released in April - June 2010. More info on Detest Records' future plans are to be found on

The following sad news was just posted by Ian Jones, original guitarist for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) legends BLITZKRIEG, passed away on August 10 after a long illness.
Jones was in BLITZKRIEG in 1980-1981 and played rhythm guitar on BLITZKRIEG's 1981 7" EP "Buried Alive", which was released by Neat Records. He also co-wrote the classic track 'Blitzkrieg' (made famous by METALLICA on their "Creeping Death" EP), which was on the B-side. Ian's funeral will be held in Leicester, England on August 19. For more information, visit Rest in peace Ian!

NECROWRETCH's first demo "Rising From Purulence" will be re-released as a tape version limited to 200 copies by Skeleton Plague Records. For more info contact

MASTER have announced their upcoming tenth full-length album as “The Human Machine”. The band has also tapped in Israeli artist Eliran Kantor to work on the visual aspects of “The Human Machine”, whom was also recently responsible for TESTAMENT’s “Formation Of Damnation” album cover. MASTER are scheduled to start working on the new album after completing a series of upcoming Mexican and South American tours and the band will be expected to enter the studio in December 2009.

INCANTATION will be headlining Manizales Grita Rock ‘09 in Manizales, Columbia on August 16. Guitarist / vocalist John McEntee had this to say about it: “A few days ago I got a call from my long time friend Andres Castro (Hateworks Records). He told me that one of the headliners for the Manizales Grita Rock '09 canceled. So Andres offered INCANTATION the slot. So now we are headlining the Manizales Grita Rock '09! Like always it’s a great honor to return to Colombia. Andres was the promoter that brought us to Colombia back in 1996 as the first major international Death Metal band to ever play the country. We look forward to a killer fest and a great time seeing our long time friends and supporters. We want to thank everyone at Hateworks, the Manizales Grita Rock fest and everyone that helped make this happen.” For more information on the festival visit

From October 16 to October 18 this year's NEW JERSEY DEATH FEST will take place in North Arlington and Clifton, New Jersey - featuring more than 30 bands, such as MORTICIAN, GOREAPHOBIA, PHLEGM, INCANTATION, EVOKEN, DISMA, ACHERON and MALIGNANCY. For the complete billing check out our tourdates section or go to or

Memorial: Jon Nödtveidt (Dissection)

The Mastermind! One of the greatest musicians ever. We hope you found what you were looking for...

viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Blood Harvest News and Some Others

Due to the complex production of "Privilegivm", the new SECRETS OF THE MOON album release needs to be postponed for one week. "Privilegivm" will be released in Germany and Austria on September 18, in other European countries in w/c September 21. A release date for North America will be announced soon. Pre-orders are still possible at

Mexico's INFERNAL CONJURATION has recorded a 7"EP for Blood Harvest entitled "Avto De Fe". No release date has been confirmed yet.

BASTARD PRIEST are currently mixing the upcoming album which will be released on CD and vinyl, later this year, on Blood Harvest.

Robert of COFFIN TEXTS confirmed that the re-recording of the upcoming album, "Tomb Of Infinite Ritual", will be completed soon. Just some vocal tracks that need to be done and then mixing. Hopefully this long awaited sophomore album will be out by the end of the year.

Blood Harvest will also bring you some new morbid and putrid tunes from Greek Death act, NECROVOROUS. First out is the 7"EP, "Crypt Of Unembalmed Cadavers", before the band enters the studio to record their debute full length.

The vinyl edition of the debut full length, titled "Kratos", by Brazilian Black / Death mongers, CATACUMBA, will be released under the banner of Blood Harvest. Be sure to check out their upcoming split EP with GRAVE DESECRATOR as well.

Blood Harvest will also be releasing the vinyl edition of KRATHERION's"Necrouroboros XXXIII" album. Primitive and raw Death / Black from this Chilean horde, incuding members from AMMIT and SENDEROS DEL MAL.

VASAELETH are finalizing the layout for the "Demo MMIX" 7" EP. The EP will go under the title "Adorned & Iridescent". Besides the two songs from the demo, the EP will include an additional track, 'Unmanifest'. Work has already begun for the upcoming album, to be released on Blood Harvest later on.

Wilmington's warriors of death, UNHOLY LUST, have finished recording and are now mixing the material for their upcoming full-length debut "Taste The Sin, Through The Fire". CD and vinyl to be released on Blood Harvest later this year.

"Sub Atris Caelis", the new album by INFINITUM OBSCURE has been recorded and is being mixed right now by none other than veteran producer/engineer Bill Metoyer. Mastering will be done in Sweden with Tore Stjerna at the infamous Necromorbus Studios. The release is scheduled for October.

Blood Harvest we will be releasing BLOODY SIGN's third full-length album, "Chaos Echoes". The CD edition is planned for mid-September, in time for their Euro-tour with Peruvian maniacs, ANAL VOMIT. The vinyl will be released as soon as possible after that.

Next off to the Blood Harvest pressing plant will be the DENIAL "Catacombs Of The Grotesque" LP and GODDEFIED "Remnants Of The Art" EP.

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009

Memorial: Oystein Aarseth "Euronymous"

Well i think this guy is one the most important parts of True Black Metal in all time.

Anal Vomit/Bloody Sign Tour!!!

This tour is amazing for all of you crazy batsrads!!!

Peru's bestial Death / Black Metallers ANAL VOMIT will tour Europe for the first time in early October along with French Death Metal horde BLOODY SIGN. More dates are needed, so people interested and dedicated can get in touch through For all further information go to or

martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

Memorial: Conscicide Dominus Arcula

Conscicide Dominus Arcula guitarrist of the mighty Bestial Summoning!!


Metal extremists HOD will perform at upcoming shows with ABSU (Sept. 5 in Fort Worth) and Destroyer 666 (Sept. 27 in Houston). Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder comments: "HOD will be part of two killer shows in Texas in the month of September. We will be playing with the mighty ABSU on September 5 in Fort Worth, Texas, and on September 27 the wolves return to Houston, Texas with Destroyer 666! These shows promise to be ferocious. The Fort Worth show with ABSU will be at the The Ridglea Theatre. Also on the bill will be Doom Metal masters Solitude Aeturnus, Black Metal assassins Averse Sefira, and others. Should be a killer show of Texas Metal! The Destroyer 666 show in Houston will be at the White Swan. Anyone who has seen Destroyer 666 can tell you they put on a monstrous live show. Don't miss it!"


Cyclone Empire have signed Swedish DEMIURG. The band consista of PAGANIZER-mainman Rogga Johansson (vocals and guitars), Dan Swanö (lead-guitars, keyboards, vocals), Johan Berglund (bass), Pär Johansson (clean vocals) and Ed Warby (drums). The band already made themselves a really good name in the scene with their two already released albums “Breath Of The Demiurg” (2007) and “The Hate Chamber” (2008), both on Mascot Records. The band is currently working on the material for their third, yet untitled album, scheduled to be released in early 2010. Here's an official statement from the band: “Hey there, this is Rogga of DEMIURG. We in DEMIURG are very excited to be signed to Cyclone Empire, as we think it's one of the best labels releasing Metal these days. To be a part of their roster is something we surely will enjoy the coming years, and hopefully they´ll enjoy having us as well. After the summer I will begin to work on material for our third album, but already there are both smaller and bigger fragments written. From the sound of it this far the third albums will be the most diverse so far and really bring out the best performances of everyone in the band. As usual Dan Swanö will take care of the production and mixing of the album and this time we have some really massive names on the list of guests that will appear. More on that will follow as work progresses on the album. Cheers and be sure to check in at the Myspace for updates during the fall and winter of this year.” For more info check out


FUNERUS have announced that work continues on its sophomore effort, the follow-up to "Festering Earth". The new album is projected to be released in 2010 on Ibex Moon Records. Bassist Jill McEntee has this message for anxious fans: “Hello to our friends out there. I know it seems like we've fallen off the face of the earth, but we haven’t. We've been extremely busy working on this new album. It finally will see the light of day in early 2010. Sam (Inzerra), John (McEntee) and I have kept this album in the same vein that FUNERUS has always been! Also in 2010 we will be doing a US tour in the earlier part of the year. Dates and other bands will be added later. Finally, we have made new shirts with a new design from the "Festering Earth" album. They are “In The Trees” shirts and the design is killer! Check the merchandise section at for a picture of it.”

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

Memorial: Chris Williams (Mutilage)

Chris Williams guitarrist and vocals of Mutilage.

Affliction Gate

AFFLICTION GATE will enter the studio for the recordings of their debut album "Aeon Of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)" next thursday. The band will record all instrumental and vocal parts during one full week, with a couple of additonal days for the mix and mastering. The final result will be out in November on Metal Inquisition Records. More info at

miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009


Reunited New Jersey Thrash legends WHIPLASH have released 5 brand new tracks entitled 'Feeding Frenzy', 'Pitbulls In The Playground', 'Fight Or Flight', 'Float Face Down' and 'Firewater' respectively, and are now available for preview listening for the first time on the WHIPLASH E-Card at the Pulverised Records Official Myspace page. The WHIPLASH E-Card will be available for 2 weeks from 29th July 2009 till 11th August 2009.

domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Do You Remember This?

Fuck yeah!!!! A real masterpiece of this amazing swedish band HYPNOSIA FOREVER!!!

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

The Seedbed Of Evil: Deus Otiosus (Denmark)

Great five piece Death Metal from Denmark, this guys have the Ancient Glory in their music, good riffs in the vein of Possessed, Death (Scream Bloody Gore era) and some touches of the gold years from the Scandinavian Death Metal, the voice is completly Death Metal! Raw, deep and strong, classic drumming for this music... fast and powerful. Henrik Engkjær Church Bizarre, Victimizer, Cerekloth) plays guitar in this band; i think is a good choice if you want to break some skulls and create a terror atmosphere, so chek this guys!!

Deus Otiosus are:
Anders - Vocals
Henrik - Guitar
Peter - Guitar
Nepper - Bass
Soren - Drums

Death Lives Again Demo (2007)

You can check this guys on:


INCANTATION is preparing for a series of upcoming dates in the fall of 2009 and the spring 2010, which will include longtime drummer Kyle Severn (from such records as "Diabolical Conquest", "Blasphemy", "Decimate Christendom" and "Primordial Domination"). The initial dates will take place over Labor Day weekend in the Midwest and then see the band traveling to Central America in late October / early November 2009. Kyle comments: "Yes I’m excited to play some blasphemous Death Metal again with my INCANTATION family. Do you want some fuckin' Metal? Well you had better be ready!! We have been practicing material from all of our records, expanding the band’s almost 20-year career. I’ve been in this band for many years and have traveled to a lot of places, but this will be the first time we travel to Honduras and Costa Rica. What an honor it’s going to be to play for the sick Metal heads there."
INCANTATION is also confirmed to play the main stage at Maryland Death Fest in 2010.

Downtuned & Morbid Fanzine

DOWNTUNED & MORBID is the name of another oldschool Death Metal fanzine to be released within the next month. The editor says on his myspace page "Rather than simply extolling the virtues of the early nineties, I aim to give deserved exposure to the many great bands which are out there today, in 2009, still addicted to the unholy stench of morbid Death Metal...". You can expect interviews with such names as AXIS POWERS, DENIAL, IMPOSER, GODLESS, CEREMONIAL EXECUTION, HATESPAWN, NECROCCULTUS, BOMBS OF HADES, AFFLICTION GATE, PUTERAEON, NECROVOROURS, MAIM, BLOODY SIGN, CRUCIAMENTUM, DARKTHRONE, BLASPHERIAN and many many more. The release date is scheduled for August 2009.

Do You Remember This?

Craft... Amazing Black Metal!!!

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Impetuous Rage

Brazil's IMPETUOUS RAGE have changed their name into POISONOUS. Drummer Alex Rocha commented this as follows: "It's another band, the sound is different. Now we are more obscure... We continue to play Metal of Death, but more impure, profane and evil!" According to their official press release the band is musically now a lot more influenced by classic albums such as "Hell Awaits", "Seven Churches", "Mental Funeral" and "Dawn Of Possession". Next to Alex the POISONOUS line-up consists of Michael Hellriff (guitar & vocals), E.Evil (bass) and Fabio Ramos (guitar). A new demo, featuring three songs, will be released shortly. For more info check out


"Mortal Repulsion", the long-awaited full-length debut from Death Metal's pioneers GOREAPHOBIA, will finally be released on August 18 via Ibex Moon Records. To coincide with the release the band has struck out on a North American tour with MASTER and labelmates DREAMING DEAD. Guitarist Alex Bouks offers these words in regards to what promises to be the summer of brutality: "We are excited to unleash our Dark Metal magick across the U.S. after all these years.The tour will coincide with the release our new record "Mortal Repulsion". We will be showcasing our brand of dark, blackened Heavy Metal . Jim, Chris and myself are looking forward to see all you Metal tyrants on the road."


Italy's NECRODEATH are currently organizing a small European club tour with a Nightliner for March 2010. If you have some good addresses of clubs or promoters please contact them through their website

domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

The Seedbed Of Evil: Grimness (Italy)

O´right dudes, today we have this Italian band called "Grimness", they play a really good Black Metal, this guy Valerio have a great vocal style, violent, raw with a epic touch. Talking about the music i think they play a classic Black Metal style, with some elements of Thrash Metal, and some blastbeats (for me that is the best way), the drums are insane (no technical shit), chaotic!!! I realy like that sound in a record, because you can feel the essence of the band i think... No painted faces, i like that attitude, just get your instrument and play!! So, if you like bands like Tsjuder or the legendary Mortuary Drape, this guys are a good option for you, go listen this guys and cut some heads!!


Grimness are:
Valerio - Vocals/Guitar
Andrea - Guitars
Giulio - Bass
Jonah - Drums

You can check this guys on:

Do You Remember This?

R.I.P. Jon.


VILE have just finished recording the vocals for their new album. The band still has to figure out the label situation, but they are hoping to have the album released at least in a limited way in fall with a full world-wide release soon afterwards. A European tour is planned for the spring of 2010 with a U.S. tour to follow. More info and updates at

Suffering Life Festival

Here's an official press release from the organizers of Germany's SUFFERING LIFE FESTIVAL: "From June 25th to 28th Germany's Metalheads are heading to Wachenroth / Bavaria to join the Suffering Life Festival. This is Bavaria's cosyest Festival from fans for fans. For just 27 Euro you'll get a lot of great bands from allover the world. Delicious beer, good food and a Metal market complete the party. So don't hesitate and be part of this nice spectacle. CU there, Andy." The complete billing reads as follows: VADER, DESTRUCTION, ENDSTILLE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, VOMITORY, HATESPHERE, ROMPEPROP, LENG TCH'E, THE NEW BLACK, AOK, BULLET MONKS, HACKNEYED, CRIPPER, HERETIC SOUL, DEFLORATION, RUNAMOK, PATHOLOGY STENCH, SILENT DECAY, ABSORB, PLANET BITCH and ONE BULLET LEFT. For more information check out


HELLWITCH have posted the following news at their official myspace site "It is with great dismay that we announce the departure of long time drummer Joe "Witch" Schnessel from HELLWITCH. Joe Witch will be missed by the band and by thousands of maniacal fans across the globe. We wish him the best of luck on his journey. To any who would like to contact Joe Witch he has a personal myspace as well."

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

The Seedbed of Evil: Shredding Consequences (Mexico)

Great 4 piece Death Metal band, this guys have the European Style, great riffs work, the bass lines are perfect, and the drummer have an excellent precision!
The voice is really cool, angry, corrosive and strong, i already hear the three songs of their Myspace profile and i have to say they surprise me with this song "Worlderness", the begin sounds like Carcass in the "Heartwork" era, and the solo are amazing excellent technique, they have some melodic elements in some parts of their songs, i think they are one of the best bands from Mexico. If you like Carcass in the Heartwork era, this is perfect for you!!

Shredding Consequences are:
Rene - Guitar
C.A. - Guitar/Vocals
Boludo - Drums
Prix - Bass

You can check this guys on:

Pestilence Denied Entry Into The United States

Pestilence will not headline today, May 24th, at the Maryland DeathFest due to their detainment at the US border. Band leader Patrick Mameli and guitarist Patrick Uterwyck were kept in custody for several hours and sent back to the Netherlands late yesterday.

Upon entering the US and stopping at customs they discovered their paper work, which was sent to them, for their travels was not properly completed for the required working visas. Originally they were told all was in order and to proceed on the trip to the US. They spent a total of 44 hours in flights and detainment.

“We are extremely sad and disappointed not being able to perform on the MDF. Not having received the proper information on our visa application, we were under the impression that what we received from the securing visas and working permits office was the actual working permits,” explains band leader Patrick Mameli. “We were kept under custody by the border security police for 4 hours trying to do everything in our power to let us pass, but all our efforts failed. They sent us home on the next plane. Hopefully we will be given another chance to perform for you, our fans!”

Marduk Disappears From Mayhem Tour

lack metal group Marduk missed out on the scheduled Blackendfest show in Orlando, Florida yesterday but no explanation has been given why. A message from headlining act Mayhem reads: "There has been a lot of confusion around the MARDUK situation. They are not playing tonight at the show in Orlando, Florida. What will happen for the future of this tour is currently unknown. We want to stress that Mayhem has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. We didn't have any information about what is going on at all, there were many different rumors flying around, and unfortunately the only thing we know is that the band is not here. Why? We don't know! Thank you for your patience!"

Glorior Belli Drops Off Tour With Absu

French black metallers Glorior Belli have issued the following announcement about dropping off their upcoming tour with Absu:

"Glorior Belli are forced to cancel their participation to the North-American tour with Absu.

"Candlelight was not qualified enough to get everything arranged legally for the coming of the band and couldn’t acquire the appropriate papers. Therefore we have no other choice but to pull out.

"They had all the time necessary and this mess is INEXCUSABLE. We strongly condemn this organization and are extremely disappointed by this kind of attitude coming from our label."

God Dethroned Announces Balkan Tour Dates

GOD DETHRONED will be promoting their album "Passiondale" (based on World War I) with a whole tour of the Balkans, which will begin a massive World tour.

GOD DETHRONED's "Storming the Balkans Tour 2009" tour dates with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Sacramental Blood is as follows:

June 25 - Inmusic Festival - Zagreb - Croatia
June 26 - Channel Zero - Lubljana - Slovenia
June 27 - SKC - Belgrade - Serbia
June 28 - Kino Bosna - Sarajevo - Bosnia Herzegovina
June 29 - Blue Box - Sofia - Bulgaria
June 30 - 8 Ball Club - Thessaloniki - Greece
July 1 - Havana - Skopje - Macedonia
July 3 - Fabrica Club - Bucharest - Romania
July 4 - Uj Vigado - Debrecen - Hungary
July 5 - Blue Monday Club - Oradea - Romania

Pentagram Chile!!!

The legendary Chilean Death / Thrash Metal band PENTAGRAM will reunite one last time in 2009 for a Chilean tour and several shows in Europe (for the exact dates, check out our tourdates section). The line-up will consist of the three original members Anton Reisenegger (guitar / vocals, also in CRIMINAL), Juan Pablo Uribe (guitar) and Eduardo Topelberg (drums). Replacing original bassist Alfredo Peña, who committed suicide in 1990, will be Juan Francisco Cueto (ex-CRIMINAL) for the Chilean dates and Daniel Biggin (CRIMINAL) for the European trek. The band is still accepting booking enquiries through its official MySpace page

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Do You Remember This?



Metal Mind Productions will be re-releasing SINISTER's "Cross The Styx" (+ 3 bonus tracks), "Diabolical Summoning" (+ 2 bonus tracks), "Hate" and the "Bastard Saints" EP (the latter two will be released on one CD, including 4 bonus tracks). All of the bonus tracks were recorded live at the Stodola Club in Warsaw, on August 24, 2006. The CDs will all be available in a new digipack edition, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc. Each title is limited to 1000 copies. The release date is set up for July 6 in Europe and August 11 in the US (via MVD). For more information check out


EXUMER have posted a tour-picture diary on their homepage and myspace sites, documenting their recent "5 Nights Of Fire" tour which took through 4 countries on 2 continents in April / May 2009. The band also revealed plans on how and when they will release their first new song in 22 years to the public. Lead vocalist Mem V. Stein comments on the band's plans: "We felt very fortunate to have been able to perform at this year's KIT 12 and it was a fantastic opportunity for the band to present ourselves in such a forum. The energy level from the fans was tremendous that day and luckily we filmed the show with our own 3 cameras. We will exclusively use footage from KIT 12 to release our new track 'Waking The Fire', as a video clip to the public in June." To view EXUMER's picture diary and more information go to: and For the latest EXUMER interview with details of their tour and the up-coming album, please visit:

martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Do You Remember This?

One of the first Death/Black Metal bands and i think they are very underrated, with a great and unique style, they was brutal, blasphemous and heretic bastards, so enjoy this legends!

lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009


Konqueror Records has signed Italy's old school Death Metallers ERODED. The band is said to be inspired by NIHILIST, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE and the DEMIGOD debut full length. A re-release of both their demos "Banner Of The Unrest Exile" and "Test The Grace Infliction" CD will be unleashed very soon. The coverart will be done by Adam Zaars (TRIBULATION). A release date will be announced shortly. For more info, check out and

Negura Bunget

Here's an official statement from NEGURA BUNGET: "This has to be one of the most difficult messages to be written. We are sorry to announce that Hupogrammos and Sol Faur have ended their journey along NEGURA BUNGET. Our paths are now apart. We wish them all the best on their new endeavors (their new project will be announced at a later time). Meanwhile, a new NEGURA BUNGET line-up is assembled, which will continue the path started almost 15 years ago. Rest assure, we are keen to prove there is more to be said by this band, and we will work to fulfill our spiritual endeavor relentlessly. All NEGURA BUNGET scheduled plans (concerts, festivals, contracts with Aural Music / Code666 Records and Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge) will be completed in the new formula. New website and myspace page are developed and will soon be online." - Negru, of behalf of NEGURA BUNGET. The new official NEGURA BUNGET line-up is: Corb - guitars / vocals, Spin - guitars, Gadinet - bass, Inia Dinia - keyboards, Ageru Pamanatului - vocals / pipes / percussions / xylophone and Negru - drums / percussions. A word from Hupogrammos and Sol Faur: "We would like to thank everybody who supported and believed in NEGURA BUNGET and invite you to follow our further musical activities."


After the stunning success of their reunion shows in 2007 and a quickly sold-out 7” EP release in 2008, premier Dutch Death Metal act ASPHYX renewed its partnership with its long-time label Century Media Records and on June 22, 2009 the highly anticipated new studio album “Death…The Brutal Way” will be released in Europe. In the line-up consisting of Martin van Drunen (vocals), Wannes Gubbels (bass / vocals), Paul Baayens (guitar) and Bob Bagchus (drums), these oldschool Metal icons recorded “Death…The Brutal Way” at Sonic Assault Studio with Frank Klein Douwel. Afterwards, the album was mixed and mastered by the none less legendary Dan Swanö (BLOODBATH, EDGE OF SANITY etc.), who previously successfully worked on mixing the debut album by HAIL OF BULLETS, the band featuring ASPHYX vocalist Martin van Drunen and guitarist Paul. Transferring the band’s classic trademarks of doomy, macabre Death Metal into the year 2009, “Death…The Brutal Way” is easily the heaviest ASPHYX album to date and the first to feature the titanic roar of Martin van Drunen since 1992’s classic “The Last One On Earth”. Drummer Bob Bagchus comments as follows: “We, ASPHYX, are proud to present that we just have refreshed the deal with our longtime label partner Century Media Records. We were one of their very first Death Metal signings in early 90s and we are very happy to see our new album, “Death...The Brutal Way”, being released by this very label. We, ASPHYX, are very excited about our new record since it’s exactly, again, what we want to do as a band. It’s dark, it’s very heavy, it’s extremely krushing and, most importantly, it comes from our souls. Songs like 'Asphyx II (They Died As They Marched)' or 'Bloodswamp' are probably amongst the heaviest Death Metal monsters ever. Also we are looking forward to the album release show in Essen. It will be great to play monsters like 'Black Hole Storm', 'Cape Horn' and 'Asphyx II (They Died As They Marched)' and many more live on stage.” Next to upcoming appearances at high-profile festivals like Deathfeast and With Full Force, ASPHYX have lined-up an exclusive album release club-show for “Death…The Brutal Way” on Saturday, July 4 at Turock in Essen, Germany. Support for this special event will come from fellow Metallers DESASTER and NECROS CHRISTOS. More details at A demo version of the track 'Death…The Brutal Way' (which appeared on last year’s sold-out 7” released via Iron Pegasus) can be heard at the band’s official and newly re-designed MySpace page: More details and online previews of the album will be available in the next days. Watch out!

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Interview: Anal Vomit (Peru)

This is the Interview with Noizer Guitarrist of the Blasphemous Horde Anal Vomit.

1.- Why do you choose Anal Vomit like name of the band?

- Greetings from Lima, Peru; Hell Terror and Chaos, the name was created by an ex – guitarist of the first line – up of the band. Influenced in some song of “Hate” album from Sarcofago and Carcass “Reek of Putrefaction”, because this sounds dirty and morbid.

2.- With 19 years into the Underground, for you what is the best thing, that Anal Vomit gives to you like a band?
- Our records, the trips, visit a lot of cities, meet a lot of crazy people, have a good times, new experiences for our lifes, to know the Metal is infected in everywhere.

3.- Your first demo “Pregnancy Rotten Masturbator” recorded in 1993, do you remember how was the situation in the Peruvian scene, do you think in this times the scene is better or worst?
- I joined in 1997 recording the demo “Into the Eternal Agony”, the Peruvian escene is more bigger, with more events, came more important bands doing this works better, the underground is a double edge weapon, but I think now is better than the 90´s.

4.- Anal Vomit have the style of the old latinamerican bands, is raw, aggressive, corrosive, crushing ¿what bands are your main influence?
- Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Sepultura, Carcass, Napalm Death, Sacrifice, Agathocles, Slayer, etc etc.

5.- In some years you record 4 demos before the split “Sudamerica Brutal”, During this time of the demos, any label try to contact you for record a album?
- No, in that time was very hard, we don´t have the virtual promotion or better media to do a deal, now the internet answered all that problems, a lot of “True Metalheads” disagree with this, but in some important things this have adventages. Our demos are gonna be Re – edited in Cd, I hope all can be produced on Cd.

6.- In 2002 you recorded “From Peruvian Hell”, with who worked for this EP?
- We recorded this EP in the “Session” studio of John Aggressor (guitarist of Hadez), and was recorded only form a Vynil format for Legion of Death Records from France. The contact with them was via Hugues “Karnage” Vallot from “Eternal Fire Zine”, he visit Peru in that time and he like our music.

7.- How was the contact with Displeased Records for record your debut album “Demonic Flagellations”
- “Peruvian Hell” EP open the gates of hell to us, and Displeased was interested in record our debut album, having a great response form the Headbangers in all the putrid world, still now is rated very good.

8.- Why do you decided includes a couple of covers of Mortuorio and Sepultura in this album?
- Because personally I am fan of this bands and they are part of mi influence into the Black Metal.

9.- Anal Vomit try to represent something in their lyrics? And from where comes the inspiration?
- We don´t try to represent something, our lyrics are from the streets and very direct, we don´t have a message for the fans.

10.- Why sing in Spanish and English?
- Is something natural, comes with the composition, we don´t need force anything and this is good.

11.- Could you talk a little bit about this song “Ghedeom”?
- I create the music, and the lyrics was created by Destructor (Drums), talks about some killer that cut heads, and he reborn to continue the posers massacre.

12.- For you how was played with a band like Desaster?
- That was great, they are amazing persons, we drink some beers… and the show was Brutal and Underground for all the Metalheads arghhhh!!!

13.- Talking about foreign bands, with who do you like share stage or record some split?
- We don´t have some band in mind, but personally I like Krisiun because they are direct and brutal.

14.- Who is Anal Vomit in this moment?
- Basically the three bastards of the records:
Noizer – Guitar
Possessor – Bass/Vokills
Destructor – Drums
And other guitarist for some shows.

15.- A few months ago I have the opportunity to hear this band Bestial Possession (amazing band) Could you recommend us some new Peruvian bands with great music?
- Peru always have great bands, but the monetary situation and the poor support only a few bands are defunded in the underground. Here you can find some cruel hordes:
Saram, Necropsya, Inhumano, Goat Semen, RIP, Epilepsia, Belzec, Mortem, Hadez, Evil Damn, Black Fire, Nahual, Hell Drunk, etc.

16.- Dou you have plans for this year, maybe a new album, tours?
- Yeah, we are recording our new album “Gathering of the Putrid Demons”, and we have the invitation for play in Chile like in 2006, we stay in chile with the maniacs, all brutal!

17.- Maybe we can see you in Mexico soon?
- We wish to visit all the world, that depends of the promoters, if they interested and can pay our tickets.

18.- Anything to add?
- Hails to you, and keep the battle with Fuckin Bestial and Morbid Death Metal! From Southamerica Anal Vomit crew.

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Interview: Vehementer (Serbia)

This is the interview with R. G. Adversor vocals and guitars from this crazy blasphemous bastards of Vehementer!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us yiur names and possitions and how do you formed the band?

- Hails man!!! We are VEHEMENTER from Serbia, play evil old school metal, drink all kinds of alcohol, collect vinyls and await the apocalypse!!! The positions - Im R. G. Adversor founder of the band and only original member, i play guitars and do vocals ! S. T. Zealot plays bass and Z. D. Zombie is on drums!!! All three of us also play in Serbian death/thrash metal band Infest!!! We also have 4th member in VEHEMENTER! Kozeljnik of the cult Serbian bands The Stone and May Result will be playing second guitar for the live shows!!! The band exists from 2003 only it was called ORDEAl at the time and in 2004 I changed it to VEHEMENTER!!!

2.- What bands inspired you to create Vehementer with this great Metal style?
- Basically all true evil metal from it..s beginnig to these days!!! Personaly my musical taste is rooted in end of the 60ies and all the way to the beginning of the 90ies where it all died!!! And to name some of the fave bands - MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN ,JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD,CELTIC FROST, BOMBARDER, DIAMOND HEAD ,ANGEL WITCH, SATAN, PENTAGRAM ( both, US and CHILE )POSSESSED, AUTOPSY,BULLDOZER, SHUB NIGGURATH, SARCOFAGO .VULCANO.MAYHEM( old of course),MORBID ANGEL, TREBLINKA,ROOT, MASTERS HAMMER, BLASPHEMY,ANGELCORPSE, AND MANY OF THE TRUE SPEED/THRASH BANDS OF THE 80ies ( to many to mention) also i listen to old rock & roll a lot!!!

3.- Do you have demos or some recordings before this coming EP?
- We have only one song called IMPROPER BURIAL recorded before the ep! It was recorded in 2005 and because of the many problems that i had with lineups of this band it was never released!!! IT will be released soon as bonus on the tape version of the EP!!!

4.- How is the Metal scene in Serbia?
- The scene over here sucks!!! There is wery small amount of quality bands and the rest is a bunch of kids tryng to sound like arch enemy and other simmilar shit!!! Just to name few with balls - BOMBARDER probably the first speed metal band on this part of the world still doing shows, releasing stuff and still are the best!!! KUGA -great speed metal band soon to release debut album, of course THE STONE ,MAY RESULT, the most sucesfful Serbian bands led by the same people!!! There are also few more bands with potential- ZAKLAN, POSMRTNA LITURGIA, TOXIC TRACE, POLLUTION, NADIMAC, VERGEL, BESOMAR, SAMRT,and legendary beer metal band M.A.D. GOYA!!!

5.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- In this band im the only autor and i think it will stay that way!!! I belive that is for the best because i have a right vision of how everithing should look like and the guys are here to help me make do that right!!!

6.- Where does the lyric theme come from? Why having this topics in lyrics?
- Lyrics of VEHEMENTER deal with the DEVIL and APOCALYPSE and that is all i have to say!!! lyrics are not going to be printed in the booklets of our releases and i know that the true ones shall feel their purpose!!!

7.- How much time did you took to have ready the EP songs and recording?
- The songs from the ep were ready for about four years befere the recording!!! We recorded the ep in DRAFT studios BELGRADE and we al already had some experience with that studio cause we recorded our other band INFEST there!!!

8.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- Trends are unavoidable and always were!!! Those who know the old spirit right and have sensed it right are imune to this disease!!!

9.- What can we expect from your EP, you worked with some label or independent?
- Yeah there are some great releasing plans but right now everithing is in a proces of preparation so i can´t really speak about it!!!!

10.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?
- Well ZOMBIE have some werehouse job and ZEALOT is still in coledge Im a tattoo artist by profesion and i study graphic design also i do allot of coverart,logos e.t.c and all are other activities include our music!!!

11.- Could you define in 5 words the music of Vehementer?
- It´s raw, wicked, archaic, bestial, and it is written in the devils glory!!!

12.- How is a gig of Vehementer?
- Our shows in the past were pretty brutal ! yeah and im very proud of that haha !!!! lot of drunk people in the club and 3 guys on the stage more drunk then all off them hahahahaha!!!

13.- What can you say about this song "Greatest of Circles (Ritual Fire)"?
- It was the one of the first song ever written by me heavily influenced by CELTIC FROST! most of the my people that heard the ep like that one the most !!! my personal fave is CHRUSH THE OATHBREAKER!!

14.- Plans for this year, touring, splits...
- As i sad there are some major plans about releasing some splits and other shit but I realy must keep my promise and be quiet till we arrange it all !!! than we can do another interview haha !!! what i can say is that VEHEMENTER and our other band INFEST will be playing together in CZEH REPUBLIC on 19. and 20 of june but we dont know all the details yet !!!

15.- Anything you wanna add?
- What to say?? I enjoyed the questions and really appreciate your support! HAIL FOR THE REVIEW AND THE INTERVIEW!!!! DONT EVER GIVE UP THE OLD SPIRIT!!!!

You can check this guys on:

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martes, 28 de abril de 2009

Mayhem Cancels Mexico Tour

From Mayhem myspace blog:

Mayhem are sorry to inform you that the shows we had scheduled for 1-3 of May in Mexico are unfortunately canceled.
Due to the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico the shows had to be postponed. Rest assured, we are already working on finding new dates so that we can get over there and spread OUR plague!!

viernes, 24 de abril de 2009

Infernal Conjuration

Mexican INFERNAL CONJURATION just finished the recording of 3 new songs for their upcoming 7"EP through Blood Harvest Records. One song is uploaded on

Metallic Noise Festival

This year the 8th METALLIC NOISE FESTIVAL will take place on June 19 and June 20 in Korb, Schützenhaus (near Stuttgart, between Waiblingen and Winnenden). The following bands have been confirmed so far: ACCION MUTANTE, AGRYPNIE, A.O.D., APOPHIS, BIG BALLS (AC/DC cover band), BLACK ABYSS, BOWTOME, COCKROACH, CORPORATE PAIN, CRACK FAMILY, DARKNESS ABLAZE, JIGSORE, KARKADAN, MAY THE SILENCE FAIL, MORTAL PASSION, NUCLEAR WARFARE, OUT OF ORDER and PARSIFALL. For all further info check out

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Interview: Pervertum Obscurum (Australia)

This is the Interview with Chirs the master mind of Pervertum Obscurum.

1.- Tell us a little bit about your name Pervertum Obscurum and why did you decided to change the name of Death Power to Pervertum Obscurum?

- I decided on the name Pervertum Obscurum as I thought it suited the musical direction that I was heading for. For me the music is perverse sounding with an obscure underground touch so joining the two names together fitted in well. I have had a few names like Necropath, Funereality, Crimson Ecstacy and of course Death Power, but I wanted a more serious name (as well as there being a Death Power in France) before I released anything to the underground masses. Nothing was ever released properly under any of these former names other than Pervertum Obscurum.

2.- How do you deicide be a one man band and how hard is do all the work by yourself?
- I decided to go on the solitary path due to many reasons, but the main one was to have total control and to do things in my own time without having to adjust to anyone else’s schedule. I only work on new music when the time is right so any idea is not forced as well as being not much stress (or none at all) having to deal with a full band line-up with regular rehearsals, gigs, band politics ect. It is quite easy doing all the work my self as I have a home studio set-up so I can work on music anytime that I wish as well as recording too. It can get tiring with having to track all the instruments on my own as well as mixing and mastering, but no stress from a full band line-up clearly compensates this matter.

3.- Who are your main influences about music and lyrics?
- I would say it would be the many years listening to metal since about 88-89 and seeing the bands that this great country has spawned over the years have been a huge influence to on me too. Its hard to single out one specific genre or band as I have quite a diverse taste in music, but for Pervertum Obscurum it will always be the bands from the darker side of the metal spectrum that influences the music and lyrics. I classify the sound as Death Metal with elements of thrash and black metal, even some death/doom at times. Here is a list that I compiled to show some of my favourite bands so you can see where the music is coming from. Excarnated (of course HA HA!!!), Deicide, Dismember, Mortician, Samael, Hypocrisy, Death, Obituary, Kreator, Sepultura, Autopsy, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Destruction, Dark Throne, Voi Vod, Napalm Death, Repulsion, Morbid Angel, Therion, Disembowelment, Necrotomy, Abremalin/Acheron, Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, Entasis, Armoured Angel, Persecution (Melb), Cadaver, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Candlemass, Metallica, Slayer, Sacofago, Incantation, Blasphemy, Krisiun, Beherit, Asphyx, Sodom, Venom, Sadistik Exekution, Mortal Sin, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Onslaught, Exodus, Nocturnus, Morgoth, Cannibal Corpse, and many more.... Note that I meant some of these bands early material before they changed their style and I take my influences from all of the metal genres. By all means this is just a short list of bands that are my favourites.

4.- How is the Metal scene in Melbourne?
- The Metal Scene has its ups and downs here, but overall it is strong for the small amount of people who listen to this music. Some of our bands have had some international recognition from labels and touring so that is a positive thing for us. There are gigs from time to time and now promoters seem to be bringing out more international bands lately so there are more international bands playing here than local bands at times. It can drain the finances, but it’s good to be able to see bands without having to travel half way around the world. I tend to promote Pervertum Obscurum through the international underground scene rather than locally though. It’s a far bigger market and since I don’t play live no one really knows about it other than friends and people who keep an ear to the underground through mail and tape trading.

5.- You was in some bands like The Nihilistic Front, Sanguineous, Hacktician, Death Power, Manifescium and Excarnated, so how many years you have into Heavy Metal?
- I started to play guitar on and off from 1991 onwards and singing later on. Some of the material from Pervertum Obscurum goes back as far as 1990 with a couple of riffs and lyrical ideas so it gives you an idea about where I come from musically. Like I stated before I discovered the more heavy stuff in 88/89 and I always had a soft spot for hard rock like AC/DC beforehand so it was natural for me to get into the heavier bands later on once I set upon my angry teenage years. The first band I was involved with was Manifescium and that was about 94 where we released 3 demo’s locally before calling it a day in about 95. In 1996 I was on the first Antichrist demo and then formed Excarnated in 1997 under the name of Hacktician, then splitting up in 2006. I did not really do much under the Death Power moniker, besides recording 4 songs on my 4 track machine and coming up with riffs in the meantime while Excarnated was having downtime between line-ups or breaks. The name changed permanently to the current Pervertum Obscurum in about 2005, but the music is more advanced than the aforementioned Death Power hence the name change. Once Excarnated split up I was asked to sing for Sanguineous and The Nihilistic front who both feature ex members of Excarnated. Sanguineous features Tony and the music can be described as extreme dark death metal and The Nihilistic Front features Gary and the music is downtempo death/doom with some experimental elements. As you can see I have been quite busy over the years. I am lucky I have a very loving and understanding wife. That wasn’t the case with some girlfriends before who did not like my metal obsession. Metal is a cult and not a trend. Metal to death !!!

6.- How many time the recording of your demo "Mass Murder Mutilation" in 2007?
- The demo was recorded in 2 sessions in 2005 and 2007 so there is a slight difference in sound and songs from side 1 to side 2. It is about 30 minutes of primitive death metal and the response has been great so far. I got some studio equipment in 2004 and learned how to use it to benefit what I wanted to record so I won’t be going into a proper studio for a long time if ever. I like ugly and raw productions anyway. Fuck the crystal clear productions from the modern “death” metal bands. Each recording seems to get better and with a bit of experimentation with gear I can get the job done easily.

7.- Could you talk us about this song "Miasma of Pestilence"?
- Actually the song is called “Nuclear Pestilence” and is about a zombie apocalypse after Gods downfall by nuclear warfare, cleansing all life from earth by the undead plagues that radiation has spawned. A very simple structured death metal song from start to finish to open the demo with.

8.- Could you talk us about this song "Funeral Storms"?
- “Funeral Storms” is the first song that I wrote under the Pervertum Obscurum moniker and has some Celtic Frost, Asphyx and Dark Throne elements to the songwriting. This is the song that I first said to myself “yes this is the birth of Pervertum Obscurum” and it gave me a basic idea on what I wanted the band to sound like. Its probably the most primitive song that I have ever written, but still one of my favourites from the Mass Murder Mutilation demo.

9.- For you what is most important, the music of the lyrics?
- Both go hand in hand to me, but I think the music is what most people will listen to as there is no point having good lyrics to bad music. I spend most of my time for Pervertum Obscurum writing riffs and structuring the songs where the lyrics come last after all the music is structured how I want it to be. The lyrics for Pervertum Obscurum are rather primitive, but I wanted it that way as it suits the music better. Without sounding like a college scholar I tend to write more in depth lyrics with The Nihilistic Front and Sanguineous.

10.- How was the contact with Evil Speaks Records?
- I was in contact with Luke who runs the label as he used to go and see my former band Excarnated when we played gigs here. He was interested in releasing something like the Excarnated demo’s on CD after we split up, but I told him about my project Pervertum Obscurum instead. I gave him a copy on what I was doing and he really got into it. He done a great job for me pressing up 500 pro tapes and sending them out worldwide. I don’t know if he is doing much with the label these days, but he done a pretty impressive job getting the demo’s out into the underground.

11.- Besides Pervertum Obscurum, do you have other occupation?
- I work for a lab collecting samples of our drinking water to make sure it is safe so that keeps me busy as I am out on the road all day. It gives me time to listen to music so I don’t complain about that aspect of the job. It would be impossible to survive on the money from being such a small band so there are no limo rides, copious amounts of drugs, money, booze or groupies to satisfy backstage HA HA!!!. I live quite a humble life where I am married with a mortgage so I consider my music a serious hobby than a career move.

12.- This question is important to me, when you play a live gig, do you have some friends to play the other instruments?
- Pervertum Obscurum is a studio only band so I don’t play live. It would be boring with just me onstage singing with music going on from a CD. I would have to recruit a full band too and that can have its problems. I enjoyed playing live most of the time with my former band Excarnated, but there can be some really stressful situations at times. I decided from the start that Pervertum Obscurum would be more of a studio thing than a full time band.

13.- Could you describe in 5 words the sound of Pervertum Obscurum?
- Dark, aggressive, barbaric, primitive, and of course METAL !!!!

14.- Plans for this year maybe a debut album tours...
- I have recorded my debut CD “Within the maelstrom of fire” and this is a step up from the demo in many ways while still retaining the barbaric feel from the demo. I am looking for a label to release this so get in touch if this appeals to you. The album was recorded and mastered between February and July last year (2008) with a cover being done by Gary from The Nihilistic Front this year. It is all ready to go when a label is interested so labels contact me.

15.- Sadistik Exekution or Slaughter Lord?
- While I have much respect for Slaughter Lord for being one of our first death/thrash bands and the “Die by power” demo kills, I have to say Sadistik Exekution for overall insanity and madness. Each release gets crazier and sicker and you never know what Rok and the boys might spawn upon the feeble masses, but the legacy will always live on. “Get a dog up ya, ya fukin poofta mongrels”. Great aussie saying he he!!!

16.- In all you long career as musician, what has been the most rewarding aspect of metal music?
- I think it is getting the positive feedback from the music I have created and the friends I have made through mutual love for this type of music. It is more of a way of life and a religion to me. Trends, girlfriends, and fads come and go, but the music has never left me and it never will. Some people are still surprised that I still like this music, but why give up being a fan of it because it is not the trend of the month. Who cares about these posers anyway? The music itself has been so uplifting for me even in my darkest times so that is a reward in itself.

17.- For last anything you wanna add or comment?
- Thank you David for taking the time and interest in my music and the best of luck to your zine. For the readers feel free to check out my music and contact me if you are interested in merchandise or anything related to the band. HAILS!!!!

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