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Interview: Vehementer (Serbia)

This is the interview with R. G. Adversor vocals and guitars from this crazy blasphemous bastards of Vehementer!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us yiur names and possitions and how do you formed the band?

- Hails man!!! We are VEHEMENTER from Serbia, play evil old school metal, drink all kinds of alcohol, collect vinyls and await the apocalypse!!! The positions - Im R. G. Adversor founder of the band and only original member, i play guitars and do vocals ! S. T. Zealot plays bass and Z. D. Zombie is on drums!!! All three of us also play in Serbian death/thrash metal band Infest!!! We also have 4th member in VEHEMENTER! Kozeljnik of the cult Serbian bands The Stone and May Result will be playing second guitar for the live shows!!! The band exists from 2003 only it was called ORDEAl at the time and in 2004 I changed it to VEHEMENTER!!!

2.- What bands inspired you to create Vehementer with this great Metal style?
- Basically all true evil metal from it..s beginnig to these days!!! Personaly my musical taste is rooted in end of the 60ies and all the way to the beginning of the 90ies where it all died!!! And to name some of the fave bands - MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN ,JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD,CELTIC FROST, BOMBARDER, DIAMOND HEAD ,ANGEL WITCH, SATAN, PENTAGRAM ( both, US and CHILE )POSSESSED, AUTOPSY,BULLDOZER, SHUB NIGGURATH, SARCOFAGO .VULCANO.MAYHEM( old of course),MORBID ANGEL, TREBLINKA,ROOT, MASTERS HAMMER, BLASPHEMY,ANGELCORPSE, AND MANY OF THE TRUE SPEED/THRASH BANDS OF THE 80ies ( to many to mention) also i listen to old rock & roll a lot!!!

3.- Do you have demos or some recordings before this coming EP?
- We have only one song called IMPROPER BURIAL recorded before the ep! It was recorded in 2005 and because of the many problems that i had with lineups of this band it was never released!!! IT will be released soon as bonus on the tape version of the EP!!!

4.- How is the Metal scene in Serbia?
- The scene over here sucks!!! There is wery small amount of quality bands and the rest is a bunch of kids tryng to sound like arch enemy and other simmilar shit!!! Just to name few with balls - BOMBARDER probably the first speed metal band on this part of the world still doing shows, releasing stuff and still are the best!!! KUGA -great speed metal band soon to release debut album, of course THE STONE ,MAY RESULT, the most sucesfful Serbian bands led by the same people!!! There are also few more bands with potential- ZAKLAN, POSMRTNA LITURGIA, TOXIC TRACE, POLLUTION, NADIMAC, VERGEL, BESOMAR, SAMRT,and legendary beer metal band M.A.D. GOYA!!!

5.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- In this band im the only autor and i think it will stay that way!!! I belive that is for the best because i have a right vision of how everithing should look like and the guys are here to help me make do that right!!!

6.- Where does the lyric theme come from? Why having this topics in lyrics?
- Lyrics of VEHEMENTER deal with the DEVIL and APOCALYPSE and that is all i have to say!!! lyrics are not going to be printed in the booklets of our releases and i know that the true ones shall feel their purpose!!!

7.- How much time did you took to have ready the EP songs and recording?
- The songs from the ep were ready for about four years befere the recording!!! We recorded the ep in DRAFT studios BELGRADE and we al already had some experience with that studio cause we recorded our other band INFEST there!!!

8.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- Trends are unavoidable and always were!!! Those who know the old spirit right and have sensed it right are imune to this disease!!!

9.- What can we expect from your EP, you worked with some label or independent?
- Yeah there are some great releasing plans but right now everithing is in a proces of preparation so i can´t really speak about it!!!!

10.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?
- Well ZOMBIE have some werehouse job and ZEALOT is still in coledge Im a tattoo artist by profesion and i study graphic design also i do allot of coverart,logos e.t.c and all are other activities include our music!!!

11.- Could you define in 5 words the music of Vehementer?
- It´s raw, wicked, archaic, bestial, and it is written in the devils glory!!!

12.- How is a gig of Vehementer?
- Our shows in the past were pretty brutal ! yeah and im very proud of that haha !!!! lot of drunk people in the club and 3 guys on the stage more drunk then all off them hahahahaha!!!

13.- What can you say about this song "Greatest of Circles (Ritual Fire)"?
- It was the one of the first song ever written by me heavily influenced by CELTIC FROST! most of the my people that heard the ep like that one the most !!! my personal fave is CHRUSH THE OATHBREAKER!!

14.- Plans for this year, touring, splits...
- As i sad there are some major plans about releasing some splits and other shit but I realy must keep my promise and be quiet till we arrange it all !!! than we can do another interview haha !!! what i can say is that VEHEMENTER and our other band INFEST will be playing together in CZEH REPUBLIC on 19. and 20 of june but we dont know all the details yet !!!

15.- Anything you wanna add?
- What to say?? I enjoyed the questions and really appreciate your support! HAIL FOR THE REVIEW AND THE INTERVIEW!!!! DONT EVER GIVE UP THE OLD SPIRIT!!!!

You can check this guys on:

GOAT DESTROYER tribute shirt to help Family!



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Mayhem Cancels Mexico Tour

From Mayhem myspace blog:

Mayhem are sorry to inform you that the shows we had scheduled for 1-3 of May in Mexico are unfortunately canceled.
Due to the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico the shows had to be postponed. Rest assured, we are already working on finding new dates so that we can get over there and spread OUR plague!!

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Infernal Conjuration

Mexican INFERNAL CONJURATION just finished the recording of 3 new songs for their upcoming 7"EP through Blood Harvest Records. One song is uploaded on www.myspace.com/infernalconjuration.

Metallic Noise Festival

This year the 8th METALLIC NOISE FESTIVAL will take place on June 19 and June 20 in Korb, Schützenhaus (near Stuttgart, between Waiblingen and Winnenden). The following bands have been confirmed so far: ACCION MUTANTE, AGRYPNIE, A.O.D., APOPHIS, BIG BALLS (AC/DC cover band), BLACK ABYSS, BOWTOME, COCKROACH, CORPORATE PAIN, CRACK FAMILY, DARKNESS ABLAZE, JIGSORE, KARKADAN, MAY THE SILENCE FAIL, MORTAL PASSION, NUCLEAR WARFARE, OUT OF ORDER and PARSIFALL. For all further info check out www.metallic-noise.de

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Interview: Pervertum Obscurum (Australia)

This is the Interview with Chirs the master mind of Pervertum Obscurum.

1.- Tell us a little bit about your name Pervertum Obscurum and why did you decided to change the name of Death Power to Pervertum Obscurum?

- I decided on the name Pervertum Obscurum as I thought it suited the musical direction that I was heading for. For me the music is perverse sounding with an obscure underground touch so joining the two names together fitted in well. I have had a few names like Necropath, Funereality, Crimson Ecstacy and of course Death Power, but I wanted a more serious name (as well as there being a Death Power in France) before I released anything to the underground masses. Nothing was ever released properly under any of these former names other than Pervertum Obscurum.

2.- How do you deicide be a one man band and how hard is do all the work by yourself?
- I decided to go on the solitary path due to many reasons, but the main one was to have total control and to do things in my own time without having to adjust to anyone else’s schedule. I only work on new music when the time is right so any idea is not forced as well as being not much stress (or none at all) having to deal with a full band line-up with regular rehearsals, gigs, band politics ect. It is quite easy doing all the work my self as I have a home studio set-up so I can work on music anytime that I wish as well as recording too. It can get tiring with having to track all the instruments on my own as well as mixing and mastering, but no stress from a full band line-up clearly compensates this matter.

3.- Who are your main influences about music and lyrics?
- I would say it would be the many years listening to metal since about 88-89 and seeing the bands that this great country has spawned over the years have been a huge influence to on me too. Its hard to single out one specific genre or band as I have quite a diverse taste in music, but for Pervertum Obscurum it will always be the bands from the darker side of the metal spectrum that influences the music and lyrics. I classify the sound as Death Metal with elements of thrash and black metal, even some death/doom at times. Here is a list that I compiled to show some of my favourite bands so you can see where the music is coming from. Excarnated (of course HA HA!!!), Deicide, Dismember, Mortician, Samael, Hypocrisy, Death, Obituary, Kreator, Sepultura, Autopsy, Possessed, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Destruction, Dark Throne, Voi Vod, Napalm Death, Repulsion, Morbid Angel, Therion, Disembowelment, Necrotomy, Abremalin/Acheron, Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, Entasis, Armoured Angel, Persecution (Melb), Cadaver, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Candlemass, Metallica, Slayer, Sacofago, Incantation, Blasphemy, Krisiun, Beherit, Asphyx, Sodom, Venom, Sadistik Exekution, Mortal Sin, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Onslaught, Exodus, Nocturnus, Morgoth, Cannibal Corpse, and many more.... Note that I meant some of these bands early material before they changed their style and I take my influences from all of the metal genres. By all means this is just a short list of bands that are my favourites.

4.- How is the Metal scene in Melbourne?
- The Metal Scene has its ups and downs here, but overall it is strong for the small amount of people who listen to this music. Some of our bands have had some international recognition from labels and touring so that is a positive thing for us. There are gigs from time to time and now promoters seem to be bringing out more international bands lately so there are more international bands playing here than local bands at times. It can drain the finances, but it’s good to be able to see bands without having to travel half way around the world. I tend to promote Pervertum Obscurum through the international underground scene rather than locally though. It’s a far bigger market and since I don’t play live no one really knows about it other than friends and people who keep an ear to the underground through mail and tape trading.

5.- You was in some bands like The Nihilistic Front, Sanguineous, Hacktician, Death Power, Manifescium and Excarnated, so how many years you have into Heavy Metal?
- I started to play guitar on and off from 1991 onwards and singing later on. Some of the material from Pervertum Obscurum goes back as far as 1990 with a couple of riffs and lyrical ideas so it gives you an idea about where I come from musically. Like I stated before I discovered the more heavy stuff in 88/89 and I always had a soft spot for hard rock like AC/DC beforehand so it was natural for me to get into the heavier bands later on once I set upon my angry teenage years. The first band I was involved with was Manifescium and that was about 94 where we released 3 demo’s locally before calling it a day in about 95. In 1996 I was on the first Antichrist demo and then formed Excarnated in 1997 under the name of Hacktician, then splitting up in 2006. I did not really do much under the Death Power moniker, besides recording 4 songs on my 4 track machine and coming up with riffs in the meantime while Excarnated was having downtime between line-ups or breaks. The name changed permanently to the current Pervertum Obscurum in about 2005, but the music is more advanced than the aforementioned Death Power hence the name change. Once Excarnated split up I was asked to sing for Sanguineous and The Nihilistic front who both feature ex members of Excarnated. Sanguineous features Tony and the music can be described as extreme dark death metal and The Nihilistic Front features Gary and the music is downtempo death/doom with some experimental elements. As you can see I have been quite busy over the years. I am lucky I have a very loving and understanding wife. That wasn’t the case with some girlfriends before who did not like my metal obsession. Metal is a cult and not a trend. Metal to death !!!

6.- How many time the recording of your demo "Mass Murder Mutilation" in 2007?
- The demo was recorded in 2 sessions in 2005 and 2007 so there is a slight difference in sound and songs from side 1 to side 2. It is about 30 minutes of primitive death metal and the response has been great so far. I got some studio equipment in 2004 and learned how to use it to benefit what I wanted to record so I won’t be going into a proper studio for a long time if ever. I like ugly and raw productions anyway. Fuck the crystal clear productions from the modern “death” metal bands. Each recording seems to get better and with a bit of experimentation with gear I can get the job done easily.

7.- Could you talk us about this song "Miasma of Pestilence"?
- Actually the song is called “Nuclear Pestilence” and is about a zombie apocalypse after Gods downfall by nuclear warfare, cleansing all life from earth by the undead plagues that radiation has spawned. A very simple structured death metal song from start to finish to open the demo with.

8.- Could you talk us about this song "Funeral Storms"?
- “Funeral Storms” is the first song that I wrote under the Pervertum Obscurum moniker and has some Celtic Frost, Asphyx and Dark Throne elements to the songwriting. This is the song that I first said to myself “yes this is the birth of Pervertum Obscurum” and it gave me a basic idea on what I wanted the band to sound like. Its probably the most primitive song that I have ever written, but still one of my favourites from the Mass Murder Mutilation demo.

9.- For you what is most important, the music of the lyrics?
- Both go hand in hand to me, but I think the music is what most people will listen to as there is no point having good lyrics to bad music. I spend most of my time for Pervertum Obscurum writing riffs and structuring the songs where the lyrics come last after all the music is structured how I want it to be. The lyrics for Pervertum Obscurum are rather primitive, but I wanted it that way as it suits the music better. Without sounding like a college scholar I tend to write more in depth lyrics with The Nihilistic Front and Sanguineous.

10.- How was the contact with Evil Speaks Records?
- I was in contact with Luke who runs the label as he used to go and see my former band Excarnated when we played gigs here. He was interested in releasing something like the Excarnated demo’s on CD after we split up, but I told him about my project Pervertum Obscurum instead. I gave him a copy on what I was doing and he really got into it. He done a great job for me pressing up 500 pro tapes and sending them out worldwide. I don’t know if he is doing much with the label these days, but he done a pretty impressive job getting the demo’s out into the underground.

11.- Besides Pervertum Obscurum, do you have other occupation?
- I work for a lab collecting samples of our drinking water to make sure it is safe so that keeps me busy as I am out on the road all day. It gives me time to listen to music so I don’t complain about that aspect of the job. It would be impossible to survive on the money from being such a small band so there are no limo rides, copious amounts of drugs, money, booze or groupies to satisfy backstage HA HA!!!. I live quite a humble life where I am married with a mortgage so I consider my music a serious hobby than a career move.

12.- This question is important to me, when you play a live gig, do you have some friends to play the other instruments?
- Pervertum Obscurum is a studio only band so I don’t play live. It would be boring with just me onstage singing with music going on from a CD. I would have to recruit a full band too and that can have its problems. I enjoyed playing live most of the time with my former band Excarnated, but there can be some really stressful situations at times. I decided from the start that Pervertum Obscurum would be more of a studio thing than a full time band.

13.- Could you describe in 5 words the sound of Pervertum Obscurum?
- Dark, aggressive, barbaric, primitive, and of course METAL !!!!

14.- Plans for this year maybe a debut album tours...
- I have recorded my debut CD “Within the maelstrom of fire” and this is a step up from the demo in many ways while still retaining the barbaric feel from the demo. I am looking for a label to release this so get in touch if this appeals to you. The album was recorded and mastered between February and July last year (2008) with a cover being done by Gary from The Nihilistic Front this year. It is all ready to go when a label is interested so labels contact me.

15.- Sadistik Exekution or Slaughter Lord?
- While I have much respect for Slaughter Lord for being one of our first death/thrash bands and the “Die by power” demo kills, I have to say Sadistik Exekution for overall insanity and madness. Each release gets crazier and sicker and you never know what Rok and the boys might spawn upon the feeble masses, but the legacy will always live on. “Get a dog up ya, ya fukin poofta mongrels”. Great aussie saying he he!!!

16.- In all you long career as musician, what has been the most rewarding aspect of metal music?
- I think it is getting the positive feedback from the music I have created and the friends I have made through mutual love for this type of music. It is more of a way of life and a religion to me. Trends, girlfriends, and fads come and go, but the music has never left me and it never will. Some people are still surprised that I still like this music, but why give up being a fan of it because it is not the trend of the month. Who cares about these posers anyway? The music itself has been so uplifting for me even in my darkest times so that is a reward in itself.

17.- For last anything you wanna add or comment?
- Thank you David for taking the time and interest in my music and the best of luck to your zine. For the readers feel free to check out my music and contact me if you are interested in merchandise or anything related to the band. HAILS!!!!

You can check this guys on:

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The purpose of this bulletin is to send my utmost respects to the family and mutual friends of an honorable komrade, brother, & inspiration (Saul "Goat Destroyer") of the mighty Raped God (Mex). On April 18th, 2009 our brother has now crossed over to the other side where as many know.....Death is just the begining.

May 2009 I shall travel to Mexico to pay my repects and visit my brothers final resting ground. With this visit I wish to sit with organizers, promoters, & friends of Saul to arrange a "​tribute/​benefit"​ concert for Saulsfamily. With this gathering ALL the proceeds shall go directly to the family for any necessary expenses and mostly for Sauls child & wife.

Bands that are intersted being a part of this please contact me thru here or Infernalhorde@​hotmail.​com.​ At this point I wish to work first with the tribute in Mexico but then have one also in Texas (USA).

Tomas of Morbosidad & I have also spoken to release some type of material with the proceeds going as well directly to the family of Saul.

I ask that ALL of you assist me in this great time of grief and tragedy. Still with Strength & Honor for our brother Goat Destroyer.

You shall never be forgotten & still we RAPE the GODS of false white lighthood in your honor my brother. We shall meet again across the river styx......

of The
Infernal Legions

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Memorial: Saul Martinez "Goat Destroyer" (Raped God)

I can´t find the right words to express my feeling about this terrible news. All our best wishes for the family, friends and all the near people to Saul, a real Metal Warrior goes to the eternity with all the legends for enjoy a new life!

Nuestros mejores desesos para la familia de Saul, sus amigos y todas las personas cercanas a el, lamentamos terriblemente su perdida, un verdadero Guerrero de la musica, ojala y este en un lugar mejor, en una nueva etapa de su ser.

Descanse en Paz.

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The Seedbed Of Evil: Vehementer (Serbia)

Today we have this amazing Serbian Metal band, they have a great style remmind me the old Sudamerican and Australian extreme acts like Vulcano, Sadistik Exekution, Mortem, early Sepultura, Slaughter Lord and some others... For me this kind of Metal is the best combination of the most extreme styles (Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal), in this days almost every band in the world try to play Brutal Technical Cyber Porno Gore Grind Death Metalcore, and all of this bands forget the true spirit of Heavy Metal. So if you like the bands before mentioned try to listen this guys. Pure evil, obscure, fast and crushing Metal. The riffs are great, mixing some simplicity, technique and a lot of power, infernal vocals style between Black and Death metal, the drum work is perfect, this drummer has the antique style of Hellhammer (Mayhem) in the Deathcrush, Live In Leipzig era, i can´t say more just listen and give a chance!

Vehementer are:
R. G. Adversor - Guitar and Vocals
S. T. Zealot - Bass
Z. D. Zombie - Drums

Black Spectrumfest EP (Soon)

You can check this guys on:

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Do You Remeber This?

Mortuary form Mexico!!

Inhumate New Album

Hi grindfreaks,
Our 5th full length album "The Fifth Season" is finally available!

8 + 1 tracks of intense grind / death with no fucking concessions ! 2 ("Dig" and "Ecotone II : The Ocean") are already listenable on our profile.
Fore more information, just click HERE or check our blog.

Next confirmed dates :

24/04/09 (Nancy / France)
30/05/09 Clandestine Fest (St-Just en Chaussée / France)
19/06/09 (Sursee / Switzerland)
27/06/09 Grind the Nazi Scum (Torgau / Germany)
11/07/09 Rectalzwembad Fest (Naaldwijk / Holland)
24/10/09 USF # 2 (Selestat / France)
31/10/09 PETROGRAD FEST (St Petersburg / Russia)


"Blasphemous Cremation", INCANTATION's extreme rare 1991 unreleased rough mix of the "Onward To Golgotha" album, is finally available on limited edition vinyl (666 copies) through New Jersey's Necroharmonic Productions as well now. It contains the original 6 song recording of the album that later got erased and re-recorded. For more info and ordering details check out www.necroharmonic.com

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The Seedbed Of Evil: Shackles (Australia)

Great Band!!!!! Obscure and Horrid Metal, i think this guys are one of the best acts from Australia, a 4 piece band with some Blacky voice, the guitar work is amazing creating a unique atmosphere. They was formed in the 2000 so, 9 years in the Heavy Metal scene is a long time for create this unique sound, now theay are with Hells Headbangers Records (great label), this is for fans of Nocturnal, Old, Gospel of the Horns or Aura Noir, Hails to Shackles!!

Schakles are:
Ian Belshaw - Bass/Vocals
Dario Lastro - Guitar
Matt Alfieri - Guitar
Joss Separovic - Drums

Orgy of corpses - Rehearsal
Coup de Grace Demo 2006
Inquisitor's Curse Single 2007
Traitors' Gate Full-length 2009

You can check this guys on:

Coup de Grace Demo 2006
Inquisitor's Curse Single 2007
Traitors' Gate Full-length 2009

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Do You Remeber This?

Death Metal!!!

Carpatian Forest

Poland's Metal Mind Productions will release a special edition DVD of CARPATHIAN FOREST's “We’re Going To Hollywood For This - Live Perversions” on April 27 (July 14 in the US). This special edition, which will be limited to 2000 copies, also includes a bonus CD with audio versions of tracks recorded at the band's show in Krakow 2004, while the DVD is furthermore accompanied by a massive collection of unique bonus tracks, both audio and video. The bonus video material includes: 'Carpathian Forest' (videoclip), footage from the studio, six rare live bootlegs (incl. MAYHEM's 'Ghoul') and eight tracks recorded at Wacken Open Air 2003. The bonus audio material includes: demo versions of e.g. 'Black Shining Leather' or 'Mask Of The Slave', one live audio track ('He's Turning Blue'), six pre-production tracks from "Defending The Throne Of Evil", one track by WORLD DESTROYER (feat. Nattefrost, Vrangsinn and Kulde) and a unique GRIMM demo (feat. Nattefrost and Nordavind). The DVD also includes: biography, interview with bandleader Nattefrost, dolby digital 5.1 surround sound, discography, photo gallery with rare and exclusive pictures, art gallery and much more.

Party San 2009

In alphabetical order:


Bathym Returns!!!

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PESSIMIST European Tour Dates April 2009

PESSIMIST have announced the following European Tour Dates for April 2009:

Luciferion Europe Tour 2009

4/17 Antwerp, Belgium (Pandemonium)
4/18 Eindhoven, Holland (Dynamo)
4/19 Rotterdam, Holland (Baroeg) + LIVIDITY
4/20 TBA, France
4/21 Dresden, Germany (Chemiefabrik)
4/22 Berlin, Germany (Amnesia)
4/23 Prague, Czech Republic (Chmelnice)
4/24 Annaberg-​Bucholz,​ Germany (Gleis 3)
4/25 Bitterfeld, Germany (Festung) + BLOOD

This tour will feature the re-united original PESSIMIST lineup, including guitarist/​founder Kelly McLauchlin (DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST, ANGELCORPSE), vocalist Rob Kline (PSYCHOTOGEN, FLESHTIZED), drummer Chris Pernia (PSYCHOTOGEN, BEYOND THE SCAR), plus the addition of bassist Kelly Conlon (MONSTROSITY, DEATH, FIRES OF BABYLON).

PESSIMIST are scheduled to appear at HOSTILE CITY DEATH FEST, set to take place July 4-5, 2009 at The Arena in Philadelphia, PA. For complete info check out www.​myspace.​com/​hostilecitydeat​hfest.

In addition, the band have announced the following US Dates:

7/2 Newark, DE
7/3 Baltimore, MD
7/4 Philadelphia, PA

Those of you attending the MD and DE shows are in for a special treat!! PESSIMIST will once again be joined by original bassist TONY PERNIA, making these the first shows in over ten years to feature the ALL-ORIGINAL LINEUP from the first two CDs, “Cult of the Initiated” and “Blood For the Gods”!!


jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Prostitute Desfigurement

After the split up of PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT back in 2008 and succesful European tours as openings act for bands such as CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE and MACABRE, guitarplayer Benny wanted to continue playing extreme music. He joined forces with guitarist Sebastiaan and vocalist Joost and together they unleash UNLOCKED in 2009. Session drums on the album are done by Michiel, who also used to be a member of PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT. The need of extreme music, combined with Thrash elements will result in a full length album, containing 7 songs. For all further info check out www.myspace.com/unlockedofficial

Do You Remeber This?


The Chasm!!!

he 8th, still untitled, THE CHASM album is reaching its final mixing stages. It will include 8 songs at a 60+ minutes running time. Mastering will be next and samples, artwork and titles will be unveiled right after. Lux Inframundis will be in charge of the release as agreed with Wicked World.

After some extensive / expansive recording sessions the completed mix of MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS' "Ad Honorem Defuncto" album has been sent to the mastering facility. Musically it has been described as an instrumental "meditative / funereal" solo effort by THE CHASM's Daniel Corchado. The release date will be announced shortly. Audio samples are available at www.luxinframundis.com

Roberto Valle's THY ONLY FORGOTTEN have finished the writing process of their upcoming as-yet-untitled EP (3 new tracks plus 2 reworked songs from the first demos). Former member Demonzu has rejoined the band as their 2nd guitar player. A late May recording session has been scheduled at Lux Inframundis. A preview of things that are to come as well as 2 old tracks from the first demos are available on the Audio samples page. www.luxinframundis.com

Ibex Moon Records

Chilean Death Metal warriors THORNAFIRE are in the midst of recording their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records, "Vorex Deconstrucción". Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara had this to say about the recording process: “We have finished the drums and guitars for our new album. All that is left is the bass, vocals, some arrangements with synths, and some obscure characterizations from an actress to work the concept of the new album. We are very anxious and we hope to get a great album of Death Metal. The songs that we composed are not in the current way of endless blast beat songs. We do it the old way - memorable music with variety, twisted riffs, and lot of madness!”

Ventura, CA Death Metallers FATALIST are in the studio recording "The Depths Of Inhumanity", their debut album for Ibex Moon Records. Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll (DIRTY DEAD, ex - STUMP) had this to say about it. “We have been recording four new songs that will be added to the seven songs that make up the "Loss" recording. These 11 songs will clock in around 45 minutes and will be released as the "The Depths Of Inhumanity" album for Ibex Moon Records. The four new songs have a little more variety to them and we feel they round out the album pretty well. Right now, all we have left is the guitar solos and the mixing and mastering to do on these new songs. The recording is being done by me with input from guitarist / vocalist Wes Caley (ex-EXHUMED, ex - UPHILL BATTLE) once again and I’ll be mixing and mastering as well. We know it has been a long time and we hope to get the album out in the near future.”


Metal Mind Productions will release BEHEMOTH's “Live Eschaton – The Art Of Rebellion” DVD on April 20 in Europe and May 05 in the USA (via MVD). It contains material taken from “Live Eschaton”, BEHEMOTH’s debut video and includes live footage from their concert in a TV studio in Krakow on April 27, 2000. Special features include 2 bonus video tracks plus 6 extra audio tracks ('Cursed Angel Of Doom', 'Dark Triumph', 'Forgotten Empire Of Dark Witchcraft', 'Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron', 'Dragon's Lair (Cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons)' and 'With Spell Of Inferno'), as well as an interview with BEHEMOTH's mastermind Nergal, a discography, photo gallery, desktop images and more.

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