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Death Angel Quits Bassist The Band

More than 25 years after co-founding Death Angel with his brother Gus Pepa (guitar) and cousins Mark Osegueda (vocals), Rob Cavestany and drummer Andy Galeon, bassist Dennis Pepa has left the band.

“I’ve been with Death Angel since its inception in the ’80s and believe it is time for me to move on,” he said in a statement to Blabbermouth.net. “Throughout my career with the band, I’ve brought a punk-influenced edge to the Death Angel sound, and as an open-minded musician in need of change, I’d like to diversify and explore other opportunities within and beyond the genre of metal.”

Pepa insists he harbors no ill feelings towards his band members. “The Death Angel guys are my family, both literally and figuratively speaking, and I wish them luck on their future endeavors. Many thanks to the fans, who have extended their support and friendship. I look forward to being involved in new music projects and continuing to connect with all of you.”

Vomitory Announces Studio Recording To Begin For New Untitled Album

On January 5th, 2009 Swedish Death Metal band VOMITORY will enter Leon Music Studios in Karlstad/Sweden to begin recordings for their seventh (yet untitled) album. Studio owner Rikard Löfgren will once again engineer, partially produce, mix and master the new album like he did with its predecessor "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize," the band's last album.

The new album is scheduled for a May 2009 release through Metal Blade Records in Europe. The release date for the US and the rest of the world is not set yet.

Azarath Signs To Deathgasm Records

Polish death metal band Azarath has signed to Deathgasm for the North American release of their upcoming fourth album, "Praise The Beast." Expect a Spring 2009 release date. Distribution in European territories will be handled by Agonia Records.

Death Angel And Armored Saint To Tour Australia

Old school metal fans in Australia will be in for a treat in March as Death Angel and Armored Saint will be teaming up for a tour. No word yet if any more bands will be on the bill.

The tour dates are as follows:

March 10th - Brisbane - The Tivoli Theatre
March 11th - Melbourne - Billboard The Venue
March 12th - Sydney - The Forum
March 13th - Adelaide - HQ
March 15th - Perth - The Capitol

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Pestilence New Site

This is the official Pestilence site.

And Patrick wrote this on the site:

Dear Readers,

After composing for a year or so, mostly at night, using Cubase, now finally all 11 songs have been done. Meaning, ready to be recorded starting October 17th in Denmark with the mighty Jacob Hansen at the Hansen Studio’s. Honestly, I can’t wait to get these songs in the store, as they mean a lot to me. Over the timespan of 15 years people kept asking me about Pestilence. Well, here we are again!!! Sorry it took so long!!! Let me take the opportunity to welcome once more Patrick U. and Tony C. to the Pest-line up! A very warm welcome goes out to Peter W. for his incredible input. This line up will CRUSH!!!

So, 11 sick songs have been composed and I must say that they are way more brutal, heavier and faster than any old Pestilence song. So is it still Pestilence then? Yes! For sure. But this time, I’ve gone back to the core of Pestilence. The reason we started this shit back in '86!!! Of course there's still the best fusion-drumming in there, but now just brutal Death Metal, the way it is supposed to be executed. But if you know me a little bit, I will never look back to the past, copying the older songs/style. Don't expect "Consuming pt. 2" or "Testimony pt. 2"!!! So these new Pestilence songs will not be too old-school but rather a moderm mixture of old and new.

I’ve incorporated also blast beats into the Pestilence style because it was something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time with Pestilence, but Marco (Foddis) never really felt comfortable doing them. We tried it a couple of times (on some obscure rehearsaltape there’s evidence of this), but we couldn’t persuade him to incorporate this in his drumstyle. Death-grunting again will be a blast. The typical a-tonal Pestilence riffs of course will be all over the place. Also I feel that my leads have improved so much, exploring new and insane 4 octave scales and will make this new product complete.

The songs are lyrically more in the vein of "Consuming Impulse". Meaning, they’re more “reality-style” than religious or philosophical. Some songtitles are: "HangMan (Into the mind of an executioner)", "Synthetic Grotesque (Trying to create through cloning)", "Fiend (Drugaddiction)", "Resurrection Macabre (The return of the Pestilence)", "Hate Suicide (Last hours of a suicide-bomber)" just to name a few.

Please stay tuned and visit this official Pestilence site whenever you can and you will be able to get your eyes and ears to feast on some almost real-time recorded inside stuff from the studio!!!!

Patrick Mameli.

Slayer Studio Clip

New stuff from Slayer!

Tankard Reveals New Album Details

German thrashers Tankard have issued the following update:

"You can order 'The Morining After' t-shirts and hoodies, underwear, Tankwart-t-shirts, patches, stickers etc. from now on in our Tankard-webshop. Please have a look. Our new CD, Thirst, will be out on December 19th on AFM Records in a couple of different versions (regular jewel case version, double digibook with a 40 minutes documentary from the Bang Your Head festival plus our latest videoclip 'Stay Thirsty!' on a bonus DVD and on vinyl)."

"The new album will be promoted by four concerts at the end of the year (see below). We also contributed the song 'Forza SGE' plus a video version of the track for the latest compilation of our beloved football club Eintracht Frankfurt called 12 - Vol. 2, which was released as a double CD a couple of weeks ago on Soccer Records and is also available in our shop."

Metal Church To Go On A Six Month Break

Metal Church posted this message online:

"We regretfully announce that Metal Church has been forced to take a hiatus from touring activities for six months or so. Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar) has been suffering from serious bulging discs in his lower back and will have to be in regular spinal rehabilitation to correct the problem."

Kurdt released this statement earlier today:
"I have been living with severe pain almost constantly for the past four years and I have to do whatever possible to get healthy again. This condition is literally stealing my life from me, and making all the things I enjoy doing almost impossible. I want to be able to walk when I'm fifty and I can't live in pain anymore. But the good news is, with regular treatment and a rehab program I can get this fixed and get back to performing live and travelling again. This comes at a very bad time with the release of our new album, but it's unavoidable. I will be working in the studio on some new Metal Church projects, as well as completing Ronny Munroe's new solo album."

The band add: "The members of Metal Church will be pursuing other projects during this time and will get back to the stage as soon as Kurdt is healthy again. We thank all the folks that have been so supportive of Metal Church over the years and we appreciate your understanding in this situation. We will keep you updated as things progress."

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The Seedbed of Evil: Patecabra

Hellish Thrash Metal from Chile with a little Black Metal touches, this is a one man band... Lujuria Morbida Patecabraltica.
The music is morbid, obscure and aggressive, a perfect combination for crazy Metalheads, in some songs they remind me to brazilian´s Vulcano "Bloody Vengeance" album, the voice is great raw!!
The guitar sound is really dirty and noisy, but sounds simply GREAT!! So if you like Vulcano, Morbid, Mayhem (Deathcrush era) or Obscurity, this is for you!!

Patecabra EP (2005)
El Horror Full Lenght (2007)

You can check this guy on:


Peter Wildoer completes drum tracks for the new Pestilence "Resurrection Macabre" @ Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.

Tankard Tour

Rock Hard, Heavy, Streetclip. tv, Powermetal. de, Hooligan Streetwear & EMP präsentieren:

25.12.08 Frankfurt (D), Batschkapp
26.12.09 Essen (D), Turock
27.12.09 Leuven (B), Lido
28.12.09 Pirmasens (D), Quasimodo
10.01.09 Braunschweig (D), B58

Special Guests: Abandoned (except Leuven & Braunschweig)
Ticketprices: 10 - 14 ¤

www. tankard. info
www. myspace. com/tankardfrankfurt

Krisiun "Combustion Inferno"

This is the new video of Brazilian Deathmetallers Krisiun, heavy as fuck, enjoy!!!

Funebrarum Sign with Cyclone Empire

U.S. underground death metal band Funebrarum has signed to Cyclone Empire to release their first full length of new material since their hiatus four years ago. The band was formed by guitarist Nick Orlando (EVOKEN) and vocalist Daryl Kahan (Abazagorath) in April of 1999, with the intention of creating dark, nihilistic, crushing, morbid death metal. With fellow Abazagorath and Evoken member Dario Derna filling in on drums, the band recorded their debut demo "Triumphant Ascent" later that same year. Though the sound quality of the rushed recording was extremely crude, the material was well received by the underground metal hordes. The core line-up was solidified with the addition of Abazagorath bassist David Wagner providing the destructive low end. The first complete line-up was finalized with the addition of drummer Brian Jimenez.

In October 2000, the four-piece would begin recording their second demo "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness", after which Jimenez would part ways with the band. In July 2002, long time friend Roy Fox would release a remixed, remastered version of the demo under the title "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" on his label, Necroharmonic Productions. The release would receive international praise, with Unrestrained Magazine hailing Funebrarum as the "cure old-school death metal fans have been anticipating." (link)

From the end of the "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness" sessions, the lack of a drummer kept the band inactive, and they nearly disbanded. In 2003, with the help of session drummer Justin DeTorre, they re-recorded material for their next official release, the 7" EP "Dormant Hallucination," for Midnight 666 Records. Again Funebrarum received glowing praise. Metal Side Zine called the band the "masters of old school death metal." (link) The following year "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" would be reissued by Necroharmonic Records.

Enter 2005 and a new era for Funebrarum. The band returned from the lingering realms of death with the addition of drummer Shaun Eldritch. Finally able to move forward, the band began creating their first new material in 4 years. The line-up was completed when Matt Medeiros (Kalopsia) joined the band on lead guitar. Now more powerful than ever, the latest incarnation of Funebrarum is forging an even more potent, devastating version of their trademark pestilential, necrotic, old-school death metal.

In 2006 Funebrarum released a split cd with the Swedish Interment on Conqueror of Thorns Records.

With the new material for the second full-length, "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams," they suddenly got the attention of Cyclone Empire where the band finally signed a contract that sealed the return of death metalers.

"The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams" is scheduled for a release early 2009.

Dies Irae Release Details About New DVD And Announce Release Date

As previously announced Metal Mind Productions will release a new title by Dies Irae. "The Art of an Endless Creation" is comprised of a DVD featuring a gig the band played in 2005 at the Metalmania Festival in Katowice, Poland as also of the band's last and, at the same time, most successful album "Sculpture of Stone" from 2004. The DVD also includes: bonus video clips "Lion of Knowledge" and "The Art of an Endless Creation", a bootleg from a gig the band played as part of Empire Invasion Tour 2004 (at which they joined forces with Vitek (RIP): the drummer of another first league death metal act Decapitated), bonus audio (featuring, among others, Dies Irae's complete demo "Fear of God" from 1996), Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and more!
"The Art of an Endless Creation" has to be treated as a tribute release to Krzysztof "DOC" Raczkowski – former member of Vader.

Metal Mind Productions set the European release date of "The Art of an Endless Creation" DVD+CD for 24th November 2008. The US release date, 9th December 2008, hasn't changed.

1. Intro / Beyond All Dimensions
2. The Hunger
3. Comrade of Death
4. Incarnation of Evil
5. The Art of an Endless Creation
6. Zohak
7. Infinity
8. The Truth

Bonus video:
Lion of Knowledge (video clip)
The Art of an Endless Creation (video clip)
Live bootleg (Empire Invasion Tour 2004)

Bonus audio:
I. Die of Satan
II. Fear of God (demo 1996)
1. Intro - Evil
2. Unheavenly Salvation
3. Fear of God
4. Dies Irae - part I
5. Blasphemous Words
6. Dies Irae - part II
III. Internal Sin War

CD - "Sculpture of Stone":
1. Beyond All Dimensions
2. The Hunger
3. Unrevealed by Words
4. The Art of an Endless Creation
5. Trapped in the Emptiness
6. The Plague
7. The Oceans of Filth
8. The Beginning of Sin
9. Sculpture of Stone

Also includes:
Photo gallery
Desktop images
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound

Mayhem Joins Forces With Guitarist Morfeus For Upcoming Tour

AYHEM have joined forces with guitarist Morfeus (DIMENSION F3H, LIMBONIC ART) for their upcoming South America Fucking Armageddon tour (see dates below).

Morfeus states: "I'm very happy to head over to South America with MAYHEM. Their music is awesome, and I'm looking forward to kick some ass.Expect a set heavy as fuck!"

Evile Issues Report from Canadian Tour with 3 Inches Of Blood

UK thrashers EVILE, who are currently wrapping up a West coast tour of Canada with Canadian metallers 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, have posted a tour report from the last leg of the tour.

EVILE lead guitarist OL DRAKE reports from the road:

"So we're pretty far into the 3 Inches of Blood tour, and it's been awesome so far. On top of 3IoB being great guys and a great band, the scenery on this tour is mind blowing. We definitely have to come back to Canada. The Canadian fans are mental (in a good way), everyone's going crazy. The first show had one guy's face being bust open, there was blood everywhere (I wonder how many inches of it there were)."

"Some guy came up to us at the merch stand and said 'I downloaded your album, so here's 10 dollars,' which was awesome, after we kicked his head in (joking). We played at a venue called the Royal Albert Hotel in Winnipeg. Got to say the Winnipeg crowd were metal as hell. But even better than that was Room 309. Apparently some guy chopped some guy's head and limbs off and disemboweled him. They never found the entrails. Also something about him stealing Susan Sarrandon's jewellery. I dunno. Google it. I have a picture of me in the bath tub where he gutted him. I'm metal/cursed."

"Thank you to all our Canadian fans who came to check us out, and all the new fans we've made. We'll definitely be back!"

EVILE’s last two Canadian shows with 3 INCHES OF BLOOD are as follows:

10/26 - Calgary, AB - Warehouse
10/27 - Fernie, BC - Rockin' R Bar, Royal Hotel

Check out EVILE's first ever music video for the song "Thrasher" at this location

EVILE will be on a European tour with SATYRICON and GRAVE throughout November and December. The tour dates are as follows:

11/12 - Stavanger, Norway - Folken
11/13 - Bergen, Norway - Hulen
11/14 - Oslo, Norway - Sentrum
11/15 - Trondheim, Norway - Samfundet
11/19 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Waterfront
11/20 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
11/21 - Nancy, France - Chez Paulette
11/22 - Rennes, France - Antipode
11/23 - Paris, France - Loco
11/24 - Birmingham, UK - Barfly
11/25 - Leeds, UK - Rios
11/26 - London, UK - ULU
11/27 - Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
11/29 - Lyon, France - Epicerie Moderne
11/30 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Romandie
12/01 - Winterthur, Switzerland - Salzhaus
12/02 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
12/03 - Rome, Italy - Alpheus
12/04 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Media Park
12/05 - Zagreb, Croatia - Boogaloo
12/06 - Wien, Austria - Gasometer
12/07 - Prague, Czech Republic - Futurm
12/08 - Wroclaw, Poland - WZ
12/09 - Warzaw, Poland - Progresja
12/10 - Berlin, Germany - Columbia Club
12/12 - Cottbus, Germany - Gladhouse
12/13 - Lengerich, Germany - Satan's Convention
12/14 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
12/15 - Lindau, Germany - Vaudeville
12/16 - Stuttgart, Germany - Rohre
12/17 - Saarbrucken, Germany - Garage
12/18 - Munich, Germany - Metropolis
12/19 - Halle, Germany - Easy Schorre
12/20 - Hamburg, Germany - Knust

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Nunslaughter - Sathanas European Tour

To all who may have read the bulletin I sent earlier, Demonical IS NOT on the tour, sorry for any confusion. The correct details are listed below.

We are proud to announce the "European Excommunication Tour 2009" featuring the cult US-hordes Nunslaughter (headline) and Sathanas (direct support).

NUNSLAUGHTER + SATHANAS – European Excommunication Tour 2009

11.03 Denmark – Frederica – Ungdomens Hus
12.03 Germany – Berlin – K17
13.03 Poland – Poznan – U Bazyla
14.03 Czech Republic – Praha – Exit Chmelnice
15.03 Slovakia – Ziar Nad Hronom – City Culture Centre
16.03 Serbia – Belgrade – SKC
17.03 Slovenia – Ljubljana – Channel Zero
18.03 Italy – Padova – Country Star
19.03 France – Montpellier – Secret Place
20.03 France – Toulouse – Le Petit Cléo
21.03 France – Paris – La Miroiterie
22.03 England – London – Electrowerkz
23.03 England – Birmingham – Bristol Pear
24.03 France – Lille – La Rumeur
25.03 Germany – Wermelskirchen – AJZ Bahndamm
26.03 Germany – Nürnberg – Kunstverein
27.03 Germany – Jena – Rosenkeller
28.03 Germany – Annaberg-Buchholz – Asgard
29.03 The Netherlands – Harderwijk – De Mac

Local supports at every ritual. The tour is powered by.Hardrocker Magazine .

Midian News Announcement

New Jersey thrash metal band MIDIAN has found a new second guitarist!!! He is 18 year old Joe Whitaker. We welcome Joe to the fold!!! His audition was simply incredible!!!! Joe is an amazing talent, and we look forward to working on the past stuff and write new material with him. Plus he knows his thrash...which is a big plus!!!!
Look for his profile "Thrashattaxe" on the Midian Myspace site.

Thanks...Chris Hawkins (MIDIAN)

www. myspace. com/midianthrashnj

Municipal Waste Adds October And November Dates To Current Tour With Lamb of God

MUNICIPAL WASTE have added a number of dates to their short October/ November U.S. run. In addition to the big dates with labelmates ORDER OF ENNEAD and fellow Virginians, LAMB OF GOD, the band is looking to play at the shows listed below.

30 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, Georgia

1 The Fest! Gainsville, Florida
3 The Brass Mug Tampa, Florida (w/ORDER OF ENNEAD)
5 The Conservatory Oklahoma City
6 Lola's Ft. Worth, Texas
8 TBA Austin, Texas
9 FUN FUN FEST! Austin, Texas
23 Rock and Roll Holtel Washington D.C., Washington DC
24 The National Richmond, Virginia (w/LAMB OF GOD)

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Krisiun Southern Storm Canadian Tour & Hammer Batallion Europe

with Talamyus

23.10.08 Quebec city @ L’agité
26.10.08 Mont-joli,QC @ musik box
28.10.08 Moncton ,NB @ The Manhattan Tavern
29.10.08 Halifax ,NS
30.10.08 Joliette,QC @ Calimarose ***
31.10.08 St-jean. QC @ Bar Octane
01.11.08 Jonquiere ,QC @ Place Nikitoutagan ***
02.11.08 Dolbeau,QC @ Ordre loyal des mooses
03.11.08 Ottawa ,ON @ rainbow ***
04.11.08 Montreal ,QC @ Foufounes Electriques***
05.11.08 Toronto,ON @ WreckRoom ***
06.11.08 Sherbrooke,QC @ Le magog ***
07.11.08 Rouyn Noranda ,QC @ Petit theatre ***
08.11.08 Trois-Rivières,QC @ Batisse industrielle *** (trois-rivieres metalfest)
(more 2 dates to confirm )
*** with Leng tch’e

KRISIUN, Unleashed, One Man Army and The Undead Quartet + guests

14.11.08 (GER) Jena @ F-Haus
15.11.08 (GER) Essen @ Turock
16.11.08 (GER) Darmstadt @ Steinbruch Theater
17.11.08 (HOL) Haarlem @ Patronaat
18.11.08 (BEL) Vosselaar @ Biebob
19.11.08 (HOL) Eindhoven @ Effenaar
20.11.08 (HOL) Zwolle @ Hedon
22.11.08 (SP) Barcelona @ Mephisto
23.11.08 (SP) Madrid @ Caracol
25.11.08 (CH) Geneve @ L'Usine
26.11.08 (GER) Stuttgart @ LKA-Longhorn
27.11.08 (A) Worgl @ Komma
28.11.08 (GER) Trier @ Exhaus
29.11.08 (CH) Erstfeld @ Transilvania Live
30.11.08 (FR) Colmar @ Grillen
01.12.08 (ITA) Piacenza @ For Sale
02.12.08 (SLO) Ljubljana @ Media Park
03.12.08 (A) Traun @ Spinnerei
04.12.08 (A) Vienna @ Szene
05.12.08 (GER) Hannover @ Musikzentrum
06.12.08 (GER) Berlin @ K17
07.12.08 (POL) Warsaw @ Progresja


10.12 Kiev (Ukraine) @ Bingo
11.12 Minsk (Belarus) @ Night Star
12.12 Moscow (Russia) @ Relax
13.12 Lipetsk (Russia) @ Kamin
14.12 Voronezh (Russia) @ 100 ruchjev
15.12 Rostov-on-Don (Russia) @ Podzemka
17.12 Toljatti (Russia) @ Generator
18.12 Ufa (Russia) @ Agava

Splattercraft Album Art Revealed

Marduk Malice Striker 2008

Entombed French Tour

06.12 Paris - Nouveau Casino + Cryptopsy
07.12 Nantes - Ferrailleur
08.12 Belfort - Poudrière
09.12 Grenoble - ADAEP
10.12 Luynes/Marseille - Korigan
11.12 Toulouse - Havana Café + Cryptopsy
12.12 Andorra la Vella (Andorra)
13.12 Limoges - CC John Lennon

Metal Church Cancels European Tour With Overkill

German based Pirate Smile Promotions has posted the following message online:

"We have to inform you that METAL CHURCH cannot do the planned tour with OVERKILL in spring 2009.

"Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitars) was suffering with his back problems for a long time. After several treatments this summer all looked good so far, but last weekend it got so bad again that his doctor warned him about doing a bigger tour before the problem is solved.

"We are very sorry, but better to cancel the tour now, before we are deep in pre-sales and we have to cancel then. We all are very sorry about this, but the health of Kurdt is too important than taking the risk!

"We all hope that the doctors are right in giving the hope that after a few months medical treatments it will be ok again without an operation."

Exodus Announces Kreator Tour Off-Dates

Exodus will do a series of headlining shows next year while on tour as the support for German thrash legends Kreator.

The bands tour schedule is as follows:

28 - Tonic Lounge - Reno NV (Exodus headlining show)
31 - Riot Room - Kansas City MO (Exodus headlining show)

1 - Spicoli's Grill - Waterloo IA (Exodus headlining show)
2 - Pop's - Sauget IL (Exodus headlining show)
4 - Rex Theater - Pittsburg PA (Exodus headlining show)
5 - The Chance - Poughkeepsie NY (Exodus headlining show)
6 - Plan B - Danville VA (Exodus headlining show)
7 - Sonar – Baltimore, MD
8 - Nokia Theater – New York, NY
9 - The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
10 - The Palladium – Worcester, MA
11 - Le Medley – Montreal, QC – CANADA
12 - Mavericks – Ottawa, ON (Exodus headlining show)
13 - Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC
14 - The Opera House – Toronto, ON
15 - Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
16 - The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
18 - The Rock – Maplewood, MN
19 - Garrick Centre – Winnipeg, MB
20 - The Distrikt – Regina, SK
21 - Warehouse – Calgary, AB
22 - Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB
23 - Roll-A-Dome – Prince George, BC (Exodus headlining show)
24 - Plaza Club – Vancouver, BC
25 - Sugar – Victoria, BC
26 - El Corazon – Seattle, WA
27 - Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
28 - Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
30 - House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV

1 - House of Blues – San Diego, CA
2 - House of Blues – Hollywood, CA
4 - Gator’s – Farmington, NM
5 - Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
6 - Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
7 - Ridglea Theater – Ft. Worth, TX
8 - Scout Bar – San Antonio, TX
9 - Scout Bar – Houston, TX
11 - The Garage – St. Petersburg, FL
12 - Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
13 - The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
14 - Headliner’s Music Hall – Louisville, KY
15 - Orange Peel – Asheville, NC
16 - Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
17 - Jaxx – West Springfield, VA
18 - Steppin’ Out - Virginia Beach, VA (Exodus headlining show)
19 - Amos Southend - Charlotte, NC (Exodus headlining show)
20 - Music Farm - Charleston, SC (Exodus headlining show)
21 - Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville, FL (Exodus headlining show)*
23 - Scout Bar - Beaumont, TX (Exodus headlining show)
24 - Tequila Jungle - Lubbock, TX (Exodus headlining show)

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

At War signs with Heavy Artillery Records

Reunited Virginia Thrash Metal legends AT WAR have signed with New York's Heavy Artillery Records for the release of "Infidel", their first studio album in 20 years. Tentatively set for a March 2009 release, the CD will feature nine tracks of pure War Metal the likes of which can only be delivered by AT WAR. AT WAR frontman Paul Arnold had this to say about the band's return and the forthcoming album: "AT WAR is back!!! Harder, heavier, and meaner than ever. "Infidel" will solidify what people expect from AT WAR...War Metal in its most ballistic form!"

Hate Eternal Announces Florida Show

Tampa, Florida based death metallers Hate Eternal has posted the following message online:

"We are playing a headlining show at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday, November 8th. Opening bands will be announced soon. It will be our only headlining show in the area for the rest of the year before we go out with JFAC so hope to see you all out there to hear a lot of old tunes and new songs off of Fury And Flames. Support death metal!!"

Defiled Announce Asian Tour Dates

Long-running Japanese death metallers DEFILED have just kicked off their first Asian trek on a long European tour that has endured that last few months .


07 Oct 08 Beijing (CN) Mao
09 Oct 08 Ho Chi Minh (VN) Trung Tam Ca Nhac Nhe sai Gon
10 Oct 08 Macau (CN) DC9
11 Oct 08 Hongkong (CN) Warehouse
12 Oct 08 Tokyo (JP) Suizokukan

The band's upcoming album is expected early 2009.

Anthrax Reveals New Album Title And Details

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has posted the following message online via the Anthrax Myspace :

"Metal, Metal Everywhere!

"I am here for an update -
Here is what I know-

"We have 13 brand new Anthrax Songs, we have 4 (maybe 5) B-Sides.
The B Sides will Be- Brain of J – Pearl Jam Big Eyes - Cheap Trick New Noise – The Refused Running Down a Dream – Tom Petty And maybe an Anvil Cover - Jackhammer?? Or maybe an Alice cover - We Die Young?

"The new Tunes are very strong. We have some old school thrash and some stuff that is like W.C.F.Y.A. meets S.O.W.N. This record is not forced - it is a very organic and honest representation of where we are as a band and as writers.

"I hear many things nowadays that sound forced, I ain't digging that. There is a 6-minute tune called "Down Goes The Sun", I believe it is one of my favorite songs. The Music itself is epic, it sends chills up my spine. "Face with No Name", "The Devil You Know", "Earth On Hell" - all killer. “Worship Music” should be out in May.

"We enter the studio on Nov 4th, the day that change comes, hahahahahahahahaha


"Take this Country back from these thieves that put us in this situation.

"Anyone selling a black hybrid Escalade? I want one!

"Love to all,


viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Tygers Of Pan Tang Announces U.K. Tour Dates

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal veterans Tygers Of Pan Tang has lined up a series of shows in the United Kingdom.

The tour dates are as follows:

26 - JBs - Dudley, UK
30 - Yardbirds - Grimsby, UK
31 - Riffs - Blackpool, UK

2 - Moses Gate - Bolton, UK
6 - Trillians - Newcastle, UK
7 - Intake - Mansfield, UK
8 - Milkwood Jam Swansea - South Wales, UK

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German Death Metallers Obscura have set "Cosmogenesis" as the title of their upcoming album. The group recently signed with Relapse Records and has completed the recordings for their second full-length album, to be released in early 2009. "Cosmogenesis" features guest appearances from Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK, BLOTTED SCIENCE) and Tymon Kruidenier (CYNIC, EXIVIOUS). "The new album sounds very intense and brutal", the band says in a statement. OBSCURA will headline the Munich Deathfest on November 8 and is preparing for more touring in the New Year. OBSCURA was founded in 2002 by guitarist / vocalist Steffen Kummerer. After several line-up changes mastermind Kummerer got backed up by a new team of virtuoso musicians. Late 2007 OBSCURA announced drummer Hannes Grossmann (ex-NECROPHAGIST) and fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (ex-PESTILENCE) as new permanent members. Early 2008 the new line-up was completed by Christian Muenzner (ex-NECROPHAGIST) as permanent guitarist.

All further information you can find at

The Cold Existence

Sweden's The Cold Existence have been signed by Kolony Records. The band's new album "Somber Gates", set for an early 2009 release, will feature a sound reminiscent of such extreme Metal heavyweights as Behemoth, Nile, Dissection, At the Gates and Hypocrisy. For further details check out



The follow up to Evocation's highly acclaimed debut-classic "Tales From The Tomb" is entitled "Dead Calm Chaos" and will be released on Halloween 2008 on CD and LP. The album was recorded by the band in their own studio under the supervising eyes of guitar player Vesa who previously has also been working with SUICIDAL WINDS. The tracklist reads like thiss: 'In The Reign Of Chaos', 'Silence Sleep', 'Angel Of Torment' (featuring Anders Björler of At the Gates / The Haunted), 'Boundead', 'Dead Calm Chaos', 'Truth Will Come Clear', 'Dust', 'Protected By What Gods', 'Antidote' (featuring Dan Swanö of Bloodbath / Edge of Sanity), 'Tomorrow Has No Sunrise', 'Astray Masquerade' and 'Razored To The Bone' (featuring Anders Björler of At the Gates / The Haunted).


With the new material for the second longplayer "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams" US underground Death Metallers Funebrarum suddenly got the attention of Cyclone Empire where the band finally signed a contract. "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams" is scheduled for a release in early 2009.


Swedens Paganizer will release their new MCD "Scandinavian Warmachine" on Cyclone Empire in early 2009. Also their long-time recorded last album "Carnage Junkie" will finally be released on Vic Records this November. "Scandinavian Warmachine" will feature the following tracks: 'Forever Scorn', 'Scandinavian Warmachine', 'The Flesh', 'Colder', 'Thule In Flames', 'Distracting The Gods To Enable The Slaughter Of Millions', 'An Icon For The Damned' and 'Crusader'.


DEMONICAL will fully concentrate on their second, as of yet, untitled full-length album which will be recorded during November and December at Necromorbus Studios for a release in April 2009.

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Some Designs for Funebrarum Interview

Interview with Funebrarum

Funebrarum is the meaning of Death, Darkness, Horror, Brutyality...
One of the most greatestunderground Death Metal acts, they keep alive the ancient way of Death Metal, this an interview with Dave Wagner bassist of this obscure and brutal band.

1.- You play a really obscure Death Metal, what is your inspiration to create your music?

Yes, FUNEBRARUM is all about creating and performing what we consider to be “real” Death Metal, so creating a feeling of obscurity, darkness and brutality is the core fundamental for our existence. We draw inspiration from the greats that came before us, as well as the twisted psychoses of our minds and souls!!

2.- Before Funebrarum Daryl and Dave have been in Abazagorath, from who comes the idea to form Funebrarum?
Amongst other things, when we first met in 1995 to form the Black Metal band ABAZAGORATH, Daryl and I always shared a love for the early international Death Metal scene from the 80s and early 90s. So I suppose that it was inevitable that a Death Metal project would be birthed from that common interest. The idea fully germinated upon meeting and befriending Nick Orlando of New Jersey’s Doom Gods EVOKEN. We met Nick through the other original ABAZAGORATH guitarist Cythrall, and we got to hang out with and get to know Nick through the shows our bands played together in 1996 and 1997. It did not take long before we discovered Nick’s appreciation of “real” Death Metal and eventually things evolved to lead to the formation of FUNEBRARUM in the following years.

3.- Who are your main influences about music and lyrics?
There are a lot of killer bands that inspire us… NIHILIST / ENTOMBED, AUTOPSY, DEATH, CREMATORY (Sweden), RIPPIKOULU, DISGRACE, DEMILICH, DEMIGOD, ROTTREVORE, FUNEBRE, CARBONIZED, AFFLICTED CONVULSION, GROTESQUE, GRAVE, ABHORRENCE (Finland), CARNAGE, BOLT THROWER and frankly, I could keep going and going here… We also are influenced by dark literature, horror films, the fucked up things we see in the world around us and whatever our sick imaginations can come up with…

4.- After two demos, you came with "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" is an amazing album really ancient, obscure and aggressive sound, with who worked for this album?
“Amazing??” Wow! Thank you!! Well, it certainly does sound ancient and obscure as the recording came out pretty rough. It definitely has a really ugly, nasty, barbaric sound… No clean wimpy shit here, folks!! HAHA!! I can’t really say we planned for it to sound “that” raw, but the sound works well with what we are trying to do. It’s actually the same recording we did in 2000 for the “Tombs of Sleeping Darkness” promo. Originally, we did not spread that promo too widely, and we received enough positive feedback on FUNEBRARUM that it was eventually decided to re-master it and release it as “Beneath the Columns…” in 2002 through Necroharmonic Records. The man responsible for capturing this horrific racket on tape is Ed Kleyner, recording engineer at Offstage Studios in lovely West Paterson, New Jersey. The studio has a bunch of rehearsal rooms, and we had been practicing there for a while when we learned of the recording studio they had on the premises. Prior to working with us, Ed had an interest in experimental dissonant noise stuff, so he was used to hearing some crazy shit, but to my knowledge, we were the first Death Metal band he had worked with. Since then, Ed & Offstage Studios have played a big role not only for FUNEBRARUM but for ABAZAGORATH and even more recently EVOKEN, as we have done numerous recordings, re-mixings & re-mastering there!!

5.- Could you talk us about this song "Miasma of Pestilence"?
“Miasma…” is kind of an epic for us… 9 minutes is pretty long for a Death Metal tune!!! It has some parts that groove, parts that grind and some slower Doomy parts. In other words, it has it all!! Lyrically, it’s about the sweet whiff of decay and the terrible reek of dying plague victims!!! Niiiiceee!!!

6.- How was the contact for work with Interment (fucking swedish legends) in a split?
Long before anybody had ever written a book about Swedish Death Metal, our singer Daryl was an utter die hard freak as far as digging up the demos of obscure but great Swedes such as MACRODEX, FULMINATION, OBSCURE INFINITY, NIRVANA 2002 and so on… INTERMENT just happens to be one of these gems. A few years back he got in touch with Johan about trying to re-issue the INTERMENT demos on CD, and I guess the renewed interest led to those guys reforming. Daryl was also in touch with Howard from Conqueror of Thorns Records, and that’s how the idea for the split CD came about. We are very happy to be on the split with INTERMENT, and if you haven’t heard them yet and you are a fan of old ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER or CARNAGE, you need to check them out!! They just signed with Pulverised Records for a new full length, so look the fuck out for that!!

7.- Can you explain the source of your name Funebrarum and why you choose this?
FUNEBRARUM is Latin and means “Of a Funeral.” Sounds right for us, doesn’t it?

8.- Can you explain the method of songwriting employed by Funebrarum? Is the writing process generally collective or does one member often craft the song on his own?
Typically, Nick, Matt or Daryl might come up with some riffs on their own time, and we would take these riffs and arrange them into songs at “house jams” in the living room trying to get everything perfect before taking them to the studio or Shawn’s house for the full band rehearsals. It usually does end up as a collective effort being that everybody’s opinion is taken into consideration when it comes to deciding whether a song is good enough or if changes need to be made.

9.- For you what is most important, the music of the lyrics?
Both are equally important as far as conveying the essence & atmosphere of FUNEBRARUM!! The music and lyrics should work together to create the morbid images of the old tombs and cemeteries in your mind and to make you feel the cold touch of the Grave Reaper on your naked skin…

10.- What do you think about Brutal Death Metal style, you like?
If by Brutal Death Metal, you are referring to bands that play a Darker, “Old School” style, then “Fuck Yes!!” I totally support bands like NECROS CHRISTOS, DROWNED, IGNIVIMOUS, CEMETERY URN, COFFINS, FATHER BEFOULED, GOREAPHOBIA, INCANTATION, DEAD CONGREGATION, ASPHYX, HAIL OF BULLETS, INVIDIOUS, KAAMOS, REPUGNANT, etc. I also like Fast and Evil Death Metal like old MORBID ANGEL, old DEICIDE, ANGELCORPSE, DAMNATION, LIERS IN WAIT, NUN SLAUGHTER and KRISIUN. If you are referring to bands that have a lot of overly technical parts, hardcore parts, dumb lyrics, super low or pig squeal vocals to make everybody think they are “oh so extreme,” then I am not interested at all…

11.- Do you have plans for record a new album soon, or tours?
We actually have a new album all recorded and ready to go. It is called “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams” and Germany’s Cyclone Empire Records will be releasing it in (hopefully) February or March of 2009. It contains 7 tracks of our best stuff yet, so we are really eager for this album to get out there! We recorded it over a year ago, so there has been a bit of a wait for this one. We sent promos to a bunch of labels at the beginning of the year, and even though Cyclone was very interested early on, it took quite a bit of time and going through “red tape” to finalize the deal. We are really happy to be with them as they are extremely professional and I think they have the power to promote the Hell out of us! Also, Nuclear War Now just released a really amazing LP version of “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods.” It also contains the “Dormant Hallucination” 7” recordings. .It comes with a cool lyrics sheet / photo collage insert and the “Die Hard” edition comes with a poster, sticker, logo patch and a second LP with the 1999 demo and 2 old rehearsal tracks from 2000. As with all of their releases, NWN did a killer job on this one!! We have not been too active on the live front, since 2000, which was the year we played our most gigs, we have only gigged twice. Once was in 2006 with DEMILICH (Gods!!) and MUCUPURULENT, and we did a gig last year with DEAD INFECTION. We were also trying to put together a European tour with INTERMENT for August of last year, but that unfortunately fell through. Right now it is tough to say what the future holds for upcoming recordings, gigs and tours, but if it were up to me, I would want to do more of all of those things with FUNEBRARUM!

12.- Besides Funebrarum, do you have other occupations?
Unfortunately, FUNEBRARUM can’t pay the bills for us (…yet anyway! Let’s hope that changes!!), so we have to work to support ourselves. I work as a Broadcast Operations Technician for World Wrestling Entertainment, so in doing that I help get our wrestling TV programs on the air in the US and around the world. Do you like Lucha Libre?? Daryl works as a graphics designer and web developer for a small advertising agency. On the side, he does freelance layouts and art work for Metal bands, labels and promoters. Check out his sick logo and art for the cover of CEMETERY URN’s “Urn of Blood” CD amongst many others (…including most FUNEBRARUM / ABAZAGORATH releases). Nick is out of work right now as he is just about to move down south to North Carolina. He has been busy preparing for that lately, and unfortunately with him moving away, we are not sure what the future holds for his involvement in the band. Shawn works at a record store, and Matt is a computer programmer. What little extra time there is, is sometimes devoted to other bands such as ABAZAGORATH for Daryl and myself, EVOKEN for Nick and myself, DISMA for Daryl, THE CIEM SHOW for Shawn and KALOPSIA, HIV PLUS and FIRE FROM THE ALTAR for Matt, so we all stay pretty involved in Metal!!

13.- In your gigs, you like the circle pits, stage diving, headbanging or the people act like a fucking necro?
We like circle pits, stage diving, headbanging and “acting necro” if you are talking about people fornicating with corpses!!! The nerds who stand around in the back like a bunch of trendy wimps will hopefully get their asses kicked by the moshing maniacs!!

14.- Could you describes Death Metal?
Death Metal is brutality and darkness put into musical form… It is simply the most powerful musical art form there is…

15.- You like some mexican band, and maybe you can visit us soon?
Yeah, there are some great Mexican bands! I was just listening to SHUB NIGGURATH’s “Evilness and Darkness Prevails” CD yesterday morning, and I also like NECROCCULTUS, SARGATANAS, and CENOTAPH. I have heard a lot about DENIAL but I haven’t listened to them yet. I think I need to check them out!! Daryl was actually in touch with the guys from HACAVITZ & DENIAL about trying to go down there for some gigs last year, but nothing came out of that… Who knows, maybe we will do it some day. I’ve heard that the Mexican fans are really die hard and dedicated, so I do hope we can come down for some gigs, tequila drinking and Aztec blood rites!!

16.- Thank you so much for the interview, for last anything to say guys?
You are very welcome! Thank you, in fact, for showing interest and support and giving me the chance to spill my guts here!! Anyone interesting in contacting us can e-mail me at abazagorath69@hotmail.com. As I mentioned before, the new album should be out early next year, and we have merchandise like the “Beneath..” LPs, the split CD with INTERMENT, shirts, patches and stickers available for order directly from us!! All readers: Stay Sick & Brutal & worship Death Metal til the Grave…

Answered by Dave Wagner (bass guitar) on behalf of FUNEBRARUM

Behemoth New Video

New Song "Inner Sanctum"
The band will be releasing a seven track EP named, "Ezkaton" on November 11th which will feature a new song entitled, "Qadosh" along with live cuts and covers.

Texas Metal Alliance Signs With Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records

Texas Metal Alliance, the new project of Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt, Gammacide guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby, Gammacide/Devilfist bassist Alan Bovee, and Demonseed drummer Joe Gonzalez, has signed onto Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records. The band intends to release a full-length album on Housecore in 2009.


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Here is all the info and set times for the show.

6:00-6:25 Cryonics
6:30-6:55 Armored Assassin
7:00-7:30 ToRmenTeR
7:40-8:10 HeXeN
8:20-8:50 Exmortus
9:00-9:30 Bonded By Blood
9:40-10;10 Fueled By Fire
10:20-10:50 Merciless Death
11:00-11:45 Warbringer

ACHERON 20th Anniversary Show New York City, Nov 1st, 2008

Come on out and celebrate Black/Death Metal Legends, ACHERON, 20th anniversary! Saturday, November 1st, 2008, Halloween Weekend is perfect for this gathering of Dark Souls! Show your support and be at the show! Don’t Miss It!
Wear your Most Demonic and Witchy Attire!


(Between Kent and Wythe Ave)
Williamsburg Brooklyn NY 11211

Gospel Of The Horns Calls It A Day

Australian death thrashers Gospel Of The Horns has announced their breakup. Guitarist Mark Howitzer has posted the following message online:

"After 16 years of beer, sweat and hell, I have decided to bring Gospel Of The Horns to an end. We would like to thank the many friends we have made around the world during our journey... and hail to Darragh from Invictus for his unending support. He has given Gospel every opportunity to drive our thrashing mayhem out to all. The time is right to move on to new horizons and we are content in knowing that we have given everything we had in our arsenal. Our final show will be on the 7th of December with Grave in our hometown of Melbourne. This show will be one hell of a mighty occasion!"

Testament Cancels New Zealand Show, Posts Latest Tour Dates

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Testament gig set for November 9th in New Zealand has been cancelled.

Here are the latest Testament tour dates (more to be added; all dates subject to change):

Testament in Mexico:
10/27/08 – Arena Monterrey - Monterrey, Mexico
10/29/08 – VFG Arena - Guadalajara, Mexico
10/30/08 – Auditorium Siglo XXI - Puebla, Mexico
10/31/08 – Sportspalace - Mexico City, Mexico

"Priest Feast Tour 2009" featuring Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament
02/13/09 Sheffield Arena - UK
02/14/09 Birmingham LG Arena - UK
02/16/09 Glasgow SECC Hall 4 - UK
02/17/09 Manchester Arena - UK
02/18/09 Nottingham Arena - UK
02/20/09 Cardiff Arena - UK
02/21/09 Wembley Arena - UK

03/10/09 Palasharp - Milan, Italy

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Sadistic Intent

Sadistic Intent's rare "Resurrection Of The Ancient Black Earth" LP (originally released anno 2000 via Iron Pegasus Records) will be available on CD soon. It will include the "Resurrection" and "Ancient Black Earth" mini albums plus the track 'Morbid Faith' from the equally hard to find 7".

God Dethroned Finishes Writing New Album, Announces Album Title As "Passiondale"

Dutch death metal band GOD DETHRONED has finished the songwriting for their upcoming new album.

“We're ready! We finished 8 songs for our new album 'Passiondale.' Those of you who are fans of our 'Bloody Blasphemy' and 'The Lair of the White Worm' albums can take a deep breath now and wait out the time until the album comes out. Cause this motherfucker brings back all the good things you liked so much. Bringing back Roel to the band after all these years was a good idea. His drumming gave us the right vibe to come up with the stuff we needed for so long. We're really happy about the results and we can't wait to start tracking down those songs. We start recording on October 13th in the Soundlodge Studios in Germany.

"The album is a concept album about World War I and the song titles are: ‘Under A Darkening Sky’, ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, ‘Drowning in Mud’, ‘No-Man's Land’, ‘Passiondale’, ‘Poison Fog’, ‘Fallen Empires’ and ‘Artifacts of the Great War’. Stay tuned for more news 'cause we have some more interesting stuff in the works..."

"Passiondale" is to be expected for release in April/May 2009.

Dark Funeral Posts DVD Trailer Online

Swedish black metal act Dark Funeral has uploaded a trailer for their new DVD, "Attera Orbis Terrarum- Part II" online. You can check it out below.

The DVD focuses on the bands South American tours with concert footage from Brazil, Argentina and Gautemala along with bootleg/fan footage.

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Slayer To Film New Live DVD And Perform "Reign In Blood" in London

Thrash metal gods Slayer has made two important announcements regarding the bands shows in London soon. The first is that on the first night in London, the band will perform their classic 1986 album, "Reign In Blood" from start to finish. On the second night in London, the band will be filming the concert for a brand new live DVD. The band will also be performing the whole "Reign In Blood" album at both Swedish shows. This is part of the Unholy Alliance tour with Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth which is currently trekking across Europe. More details will follow soon.

Sacrifice To Begin Tracking New Album In December

Sacrifice vocalist/guitarist Rob Urbinati has posted the following message online:

"It has been a while since we've updated the blog!

"We are extremely excited to say we have booked studio time in December, to begin tracking our new album which we have titled The Ones I Condemn. Until then, we will be getting the songs as tight as possible, because we will be miking the drums without samples and without click tracks to sound human, and really feel the fury of the new tracks. We may post some demo stuff here soon.

"Our DVD artwork is being finalized and hopefully before 2008 is over you will see Live ReAnimation available on our website.

"This is the complete reunion show shot in Toronto, 2006, with some bonus material."

Enthroned Guitarist Gets Back Surgery Following Brazilian Tour Dates

After their tour in Brazil with SADUS and SEVERE TORTURE, ENTHRONED guitarist and vocalist Nornagest had to be taken to the hospital two days after his return for a back injury. "The surgery went fine and he should be up in the next week. This won't affect any concerts in the future," the band comments.

Here are the upcoming ENTHRONED shows:
Nov. 01 - Volkshaus, Germany - Weimar
Nov. 08 - JC Togenblik, Belgium - Beveren Waas

Devastation Mexico and Centroamerica Tour

Fuck yeah!!
The return of this crazy Thrashers!!!

Interview with Unconsecrated

This is the interview with Dave Devour guitarrist of Deathmetallers UNCONSECRATED.

1.- ¿When did you started unconcecrated and can you tell us something about the begining of the band?

-Hi David, well the idea of forming an Old school Death metal band was in my head for many years.
But all i did around the 90´s, was singing on a death metal band called BURIAL GROUND I was with them like 8 months and I singed 2 gigs,
Alter i leaved the band cause health problems, I keep listening to death metal but I never bought a guitar.
So 16 years later i meted to Robert ex-guitarist of Unconsecrated and we talked about it, he bought a guitar and immediately i did the same , and that´s how the idea of forming a band came out after many years , it was the first time that Robert and me played a guitar, that´s why im so happy with the results of the cd ,but you know everything gets better with the time.

2.- ¿How you chosed the name Unconsecrated?
-I started thinking names for the band and one day, listening to the Mcd record of the Swedish Crematory, I saw that track was called Unconsecrated Ground and I chosed the band name and that´s how it came.

3.- ¿How big is the Death Metal on Spain, there is a good relation between the bands?
-Man, i really dont know many bands, i know that there’s many new bands, but old school death metal bands there is only 4, but with awesome quality, I hope, in time, young people could make good death metal. About the relationship of the bands I can’t tell you much cause personally I don’t have much relation with the bands from this country, nothing personal.

4.- ¿How could you explain the sound of Unconsecrated, who’s your mainly influences?
-Obscure death metal that´s how. Our influences are Unleashed,Entombed,Carnage,Crematory,Goddefied,Dismember…. Those are our mainly influences. But any band that plays old school death metal is an inspiration for us.

5.- ¿Which are the goals for Unconsecrated?
-Personally i wanna keep playing and get better on guitar, and the day that i could give a concert release a second Cd and keep composing more material for future editions.

6.- ¿Are you satisfied with your album "Unconsecrated Cemetery/Dark Awakening”?
-Man you can always get better and better. The truth is that the CD is not an album concretely, but the 2 band demos and of course there´s many errors due the inexperience on the instruments and more, but if i tell you the truth im more than happy with the result, I never imagine that we could release an official with the demos of Unconsecrated, but at the end it came true.
About the CD, the presentation it cost us a lot , i went with my girlfriend to Madrid to Danny’s house, owner of our label Dans Crypt Records and we started doing the composition of the booklet, i can say that we spend more than 14 continues hours, of course on the making of the booklet, im more than happy with the final result, the only problem was that when the cd came out the back cover came out more less dark that it should be, but there’s no problem at all.

7.- ¿How did you get Kent contact for signing on the band?
-Well one day i was talking with a friend of mine from england, he asked me if i ever listened to an Norwegian band called Unspoken, when i told him that i never heard them before he gave me their myspace and when i heard Kent´s voice i was paralyzed , that was the kina of voice that i wanted for the band, so i decided to write him an email and make him a proposal , i told him that i liked his voice and that it could be possible to sing on our demos, after a couple of weeks Kent answered me telling me that he was interested, I couldn’t believe it, a couple months later I send him the songs from the first demo and in a few weeks he recorded the voice and the result was awesome, after we finished the second demo we played the same roll, I sent him the whole demo and he went to a studio on Norway and recorded the voice.

8.- ¿Do you guys do anything else instead Unconsecrated?
-yeah, i work on a car crystal workshop , hehehe, overlord is working on we desing company, and Jacobo our new drummer works on informatics too, c’mon I don’t think that Unconsecrated could feed us someday (HAHAHAH)

9.- ¿On your own words, can you tell us what is Death Metal?
-Death metal is darkness, death and destruction is everything that can feed you of strong and hate.

10.- ¿Do you have any plans of touring soon?
-No we dont, because like i told you, i need to practice more and get a place for practice several days but in time, I don’t discard anything, why not?
But like i said is not a priority or a goal for me, if someday that comes, no doubt that we will give our best on the stage..

11.- ¿Which bands Would you like to alternate with?
-Ufffff very hard but i could say ASPHYX,SLUGATHOR,NECROVATION,BURIED, GODDEFIED,SWALLOWED,MAIM,MIASMAL and thousand more mostly new bands, the old 90´s glories doesn’t do what they used to, or they doesn’t exist anymore..

12.- ¿What’s your opinion about the new Death Metal scene?
-Incredible, fuck the new bands that just came out are hallucinated, the truth is that everytime I update myself about old school bands, and all of them are pretty good with some exceptions like, MIASMAL,KARYBDIS,SWALLOWED,BURIED,MAIM....

13.- ¿How many time it took for the release of this, your first album?
-It taked a year or less, the composition and recording, Robert was very busy with his job so we took the weekends for record everything, it was long, but at the end the result wasn’t that bad and the truth im receiving many good critics about the CD and im so glad for that, cause I compose what I like and I don’t think if that would like to the people or not, but if they do it’s great don’t you think?

14.- ¿Swedish or American death metal?
-Swedish, no doubt is the fucking better style that I ever heard, but I recognize that bands like ROTTREVORE,IMPRECATION, NECROLATRY,DECREPIT,INCANTATION,IMMOLATION,DEATH,OBITUARY,MORBID ANGEL turn my motors on.

15.- Thanks for your time Dave, ¿you want add anything else to this interview?
-Only thank you for this fantastic interview and tell to the people that the cd still available for 10 euros plus shipping and I include an sticker with the band logo.
Cheers from la crista de la muerte.

You can check this guys on:

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God Dethroned

God Dethroned have finished the songwriting for their upcoming new album. Here's an official comment from the band: “We're ready! We finished 8 songs for our new album "Passiondale". Those of you who are fans of our "Bloody Blasphemy" and "The Lair Of The White Worm" albums can take a deep breath now and wait out the time until the album comes out. Cause this motherfucker brings back all the good things you liked so much. Bringing back Roel to the band after all these years was a good idea. His drumming gave us the right vibe to come up with the stuff we needed for so long. We're really happy about the results and we can't wait to start tracking down those songs. We start recording on October 13th in the Soundlodge Studios in Germany." The album is a concept album about World War I and the song titles are ‘Under A Darkening Sky’, ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, ‘Drowning In Mud’, ‘No-Man's Land’, ‘Passiondale’, ‘Poison Fog’, ‘Fallen Empires’ and ‘Artifacts Of The Great War’. It is to be expected for release in April / May 2009.

Glorior Belli Preparing To Record New Album

Paris, France-based black metallers GLORIOR BELLI are preparing to enter the studio to begin recording their new album, entitled "Meet Us At The Southern Sign". 11 tracks have been composed for the effort, which is expected next year via Candlelight Records.

According to a press release: "Despite their exquisitely filthy and brutal nature, [GLORIOR BELLI's] 2005 album 'Ô Lavdate Dominvs' emits a mesmerizing otherworldly resonance that cannot be denied. An ominous rumble and surge. Always moving forward to various points of tension and terror. Raging guitars, violent drums, blood and blasphemies... There are obviously some bestial qualities in their art. The whole thing though has a strangely melodic bent that helps it to stand out from other black metal records, an almost indie-rock quality to the melodies, somehow super catchy while at the same time being suffocatingly black and grim. The band have already performed some live rituals, including the Blood Soaked Torment tour with CORPUS CHRISTII in October 2005 playing alongside bands like INQUISITION, MERRIMACK, WATAIN, HELL MILITIA, PARAGON IMPURE."

Carcass' Michael Ammott Offers North American Tour Wrap-Up

Reformed melo-death/gore-grind legends CARCASS recently completed their first North American tour since first reanimating early this year. Guitarist Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY) commented on what their recent touring experience was like:

"What a tour! So many sold-out shows and fantastic, bordering on fanatical response from the fans everywhere we went! I’d like to thank the fans in the US/CANADA/MEXICO for waiting patiently and remaining fans all these years – and for coming out in such big numbers on the tour.

"For me personally it’s been quite emotional playing THOSE songs with THOSE guys again – really cool and almost too much fun. Playing the festivals in Europe over the summer was amazing, but I have to admit that I prefer being on tour playing every night in clubs – that’s when you get tight as a band and become a solid unit.

"Highlights? Without lying I’d have say that every night was special, it was just that kind of tour for me – but the NYC show at the sold-out Nokia Theatre was exceptionally killer, and Ken Owen (ex-CARCASS drummer) flew out for that one so the vibe was just incredible! That was the kind of night when you wish that the cameras were rolling."

Regarding the other bands on the tour and the people behind the scenes who made it all happen the guitarist continued:

"The other bands on the bill were all excellent - SUFFOCATION, 1349, ABORTED and ROTTEN SOUND – they all killed it, I’m very happy that they could be a part of the ‘Exhumed To Consume’ tour!

"Special thanks to all the cool people that made the tour happen the way it did; Ash at TKO booking, Gerardo and his awesome Nuclear Blast team, and Albert Mudrian at DECIBEL magazine. Thanks for making the tour a special one!

"I’d also like to thank my endorsers Dean Guitars, Randall Amps and Digitech effects for their friendship and supplying the ‘tools of the trade’ that I need to get the job done!

"Now we are en route to Australia/New Zealand and Japan, KEEP ON ROTTING!”

In February of 1999, CARCASS drummer Ken Owen suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage, leaving him in a coma for over 10 months. As a result, he is not taking part in CARCASS' current reunion run (ARCH ENEMY skinsman Daniel Erlandsson is filling in), but will reportedly be traveling with the band whenever possible and making brief appearances at select shows.

Here is CARCASS' reunion lineup:

Bill Steer (FIREBIRD) - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Walker (BRUJERIA) - Vocals, Bass
Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY) - Guitar
Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY) – Drums

Onslaught Confirms UK Tour Dates

UK metallers ONSLAUGHT have issued the following update from guitarist Nige Rockett:

"We would just like to inform everyone that we will be playing seven shows in the UK this November. Everything is kinda geared towards our appearance at Damnation Festival on November 22nd, with the rest of the shows acting as our warm ups. We will play the following:"

1 - Gloucester, UK - Brunswick (this will be a free entry show as a favour to a long time friend of ours, who has followed us through thick and thin, to hell and back)
14 - Birmingham, UK - Asylum
15 - Nuneaton, UK - Queens Hall
21 - Swansea, UK - Sin City
22 - Leeds, UK - Damnation Festival
28 - Kingston, UK - The Peel"

"These will be the final shows in support of the Killing Peace album before we hibernate write the remainder of the new album (which incidentally is sounding ;).. so we hope to see all you thrash metal maniacs real soon, for some more chaos, mayhem and Jagermeister."

Overkill Tourdates

October [10/]
[8] -OFF-

Shackles Gigs

22 Nov 2008 7:00 P
Shackles, Cunt Butcher, The Cunt Offensive, Hell Itself, Death Patrol The Harp Hotel, Tempe, Sydney

4 Dec 2008 8:00 P
Grave (swe), Terrorust, Shackles The Gaelic Club, Sydney

5 Dec 2008 8:00 P
Grave (swe), Vomitor, Terrorust, Shackles The Globe Theatre, Brisbane

20 Feb 2009 8:00 P

21 Feb 2009 8:00 P
VOMITOR, SHACKLES, KILL FOR SATAN Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Brujeria Announces Fall Tour Dates, Rumored To Be Working On New Album

Extreme metallers Brujeria, whose current touring lineup includes Carcass frontman Jeff Walker (a.k.a. El Cynico) on bass, ex-Cradle Of Filth drummer Adrian Erdlandsson (a.k.a. El Podrido), and Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury (a.k.a. Hongo) on guitar, will embark on the "No Acceptan Imitaciones Tour 2008" in December.

The confirmed Brujeria tour dates are as follows:

11/28 - 3 Kings - Denver, CO
11/29 - House Of Blues - Los Angeles, CA
12/02 - Sunshine Theater - Albuqerque, NM
12/03 - Club 101 - El Paso, TX
12/04 - El Rey - McAllen, TX
12/05 - Riverside Multiplex - Victoria, TX
12/06 - Red 7 - Austin, TX
12/07 - Ridglea Theater - Dallas, TX

Rumor has it that Brujeria has been working on a new record to be released next year. The band's most recent studio album, 2000's "Brujerizmo," was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2000 Latin Grammy Awards, but ended up being its last recorded with the two original members, Asesino and Hongo Jr., who both left in 2004.

"Death Before Dishonor" Cancelled

Malevolent Creation are very disappointed to announce the
Unfortunate Cancellation of the 'DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR TOUR' which was booked for November 2008 in Europe.

The situation was beyond the bands control as they never received the contracts or plane tickets they we're promised by Yohan and Jenny of 'X Factor Booking Agency.

Instead it was brought to the bands attention that the Agency was using the tour to Embezzle money from the venue deposits!

"Bands and promoters BEWARE! Do not trust this agency as they are likely to end up in Jail! "Serves them right for being such scumbags!" "Karma's a bitch!"

The band is moving forward and looking to reschedule the tour
through an agency with a better reputation with Vital Remains
for early next year following a Devastatingly brutal new CD from this MALEVOLENT CREATION!!

MALEVOLENT CREATION are focusing now on writing a very Angry, Fast and Furious Opus to conquer '2009' with...

Master/Estuary US Tour 2008

Extreme Noise Terror: No Go Mexico - The Truth & The Dispelling Of Rumours!

From Extreme Noise Terror Myspace:

Regardless of who the band is occassionally concerts or even whole tours get cancelled & mostly these things tend to happen at short notice & are usually out of the control of the bands.
More often than not, surrounding those cancellations are rumours as to why such cancellations have occured & our planned tour of Mexico seems to be one of those situations!

Approximatly 10 months ago a guy named Benjamin Quirarte from Estajanovismo Records, distro & diy collective (in Guadalajara - Zapopan Jalisco, Mexico) contacted us to see if we were interested in playing a tour of Mexico in October '08 which would consist of about 4 - 7 concerts. After we checked out the web pages for his record label & distro, where he uses such terms & slogans as 'diy culture', 'resistencia anarchopunk', 'contracultura', 'coordinadora libertaria' & one of the releases on his label is from the Varukers as well as many other hardcore punk bands, we had no other reason than to think this guy was a genuine person & would be the right kind of promoter/organiser we would be happy to work with so we 'verbally' agreed with him we would do the tour & all we would want from the tour is our flight tickets paid, transport in Mexico (a van or something for us to travel around in), food on the day of the concerts, drinks & somewhere to sleep, all of which he agreed. After several more emails it was also 'verbally' agreed for Benjamin to release a 'Best Of' cd (on Estajanovismo Records) in conjunction with our tour as he explained it was very difficult (or nearly impossible) for people to buy/obtain 'official' vinyl or cd releases of ENT in Mexico. Again we thought that was a great idea of his & finally people would have the chance to buy a cd of ENT material for a cheap price (Benjamin assured us he would sell the cd for a very low price). The deal for the cd was he would press 1000 copies to sell on the tour or via his distro & for that he would give us $1000 ($1 per cd), $500 he would pay before the tour & $500 he would give to us upon arrival in Mexico, that was the offer HE made to us. We 'verbally' agreed with him (no contracts) & sent him all the music & lyrics (to be translated for the cd booklet). A few months later we received the first payment of $500.

In April '08 we played a concert in Tijuana, Mexico (as part of the 'West Coast Distortion' tour) & at that concert we were told by a few people that they had heard that ENT & the promoter were asking for a lot of money for the tour & that some people in the scene were already quite pissed off about this. Upon our arrival back in the UK we wrote to Benjamin asking him about this & if the story was true & if it was we told him we didn't want to be involved in such a situation. He wrote back to us a long email explaining the situation & that those rumours were totally untrue & he wasn't asking for lots of money per concert, only enough to cover all the costs & that he would definitly not make any money from the tour. We believed him & decided to continue.

As time went by we heard less & less from Benjamin & after writing several emails to him, all we really heard from him was that the cd artwork was finished (we received a copy of the cover artwork which was done by Sean from Protest Zine in Ireland & looks excellent!) & that not all the dates were finalised but they would be confirmed 'soon'. The last piece of communication we received from Benjamin was on 22/08/08 saying that he would be booking our flights soon & that he was just finalising the last few details but everything was ok! Then....nothing! We wrote many emails to him at every known email address we have for him asking for information regarding the tour/flight tickets etc but still we received....nothing! We really needed to know what was happening with the tour & we also asked if he was personally ok but still....NOTHING! Very strange behaviour for someone who seemed so genuine & who has paid us some money towards a supposed cd release he was going to make for the band.

In the last few weeks we started to receive concerned emails from people in Mexico asking if we were still playing the concerts (as we had listed dates for the shows here on our myspace page & our official web page) & those people were saying that they had not seen any posters/flyers for the shows in the cities where we were ment to be playing! Again, some people were saying they had heard 'rumours' that the tour was not going to happen as we were asking too much money & nobody would book us! That concerned us & we have now had some contact with the people from one of the concerts (the Let's Grind The Border Fest crew) & we asked them if they could tell us anything about what was going on or if they had heard from Benjamin. They told us that originally Benjamin was asking each local promoter to pay him an advance sum of money of 25,000 pesos (approximately £1,170) & that they themselves had actually paid this to him in monthly instalments (and in good faith) & also a promoter in Mexico City has paid 15,000 pesos to Benjamin but no other promoter was willing to pay this money to him! Now, to the best of our knowledge Benjamin has not repaid that money to those people & has essentially ripped them off & stolen their money & if he actually releases the ENT cd, he has ripped us off as well as he still owes us $500! Some days before we wrote this blog i personally wrote to Benjamin one last time asking if he would explain himself & this whole crazy mess & if he was actually ok but again i have received no reply....NOTHING! I also explained that if he would not communicate with us i would have no choice other than to write these words.

So, we would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the people who were expecting to see us in Mexico & we hope that one day we will still be able to play some concerts there. It is not our fault that the tour did not happen & we will not be held responsible for this fucked up situation. If anybody wants to know more information about this, all of Benjamin's email address's are below so please write to him & ask him the questions....we hope you have more luck than we did!

Thanks for nothing Benjamin!

Also, to the few people from Mexico who have wrote to us calling us 'capatalist pigs' & 'scum' for 'supposidly' asking for loads of money (and to those people who would rather believe rumours than to seek the truth)....Please get your facts right before you start behaving in such a childish manner! Punk does not need immature idiots like you spreading bullshit....if you have nothing better to do then go fuck yourself's you sad fucks. You are no better than the system you say you despise! We NEVER asked for a $ for this tour.

Punk belongs to the punks NOT the businessmen & always beware of the wolves that dress in sheeps clothing!

For further questions & answers contact Benjamin Quirarte :-

www. estajanovismo. com
www. myspace. com/estajanovismo

Phil / ENT

martes, 7 de octubre de 2008


SLAUGHTER vocalist / guitarist Dave Hewson has just posted the following sad news: "I just wanted to let everyone know that longtime drummer for SLAUGHTER and STRAPPADO, Brian Lourie, has died of a heart attack at the young age of 39. Brian was one of the best people I have ever met and was a huge part of SLAUGHTER joining in 1987-88 'till we disbanded in 1992. His sense of humor and love for life made him such a wonderful person who will be greatly missed. I will try to release more info as it comes. Love you, bro." Rest in peace Brian!

General Surgery Reveals New Album Details On Their 2nd Full-length Album

General Surgery has released the following statement:

“As of today (2nd of October), we have once again entered the filthy and repulsive confinements of Off Beat Studio to record our 2nd still untitled full length album. 20 songs will be recorded, and we'll pick the best material to surface on the release. Some new titles to be included are Plexus Necrosis, Exotoxic Septicity, Necronomics and Ichor. Due to scheduling conflicts, the new effort will be self-produced and will not utilize the services of Fred Estby as previously reported.

"We hope to finish the recording by mid November and the release is scheduled for Feb/March 2009. More news on the album and possible sound snippets as we progress."

Behemoth Announces Asian Tour Dates

Behemoth has just officially confirmed dates for their first ever tour of Asia starting later this month.

Behemoth's mainman Nergal gave us his thoughts on this exciting news, "It's historical and we're totally psyched! We've pushed for this tour to happen for years. In fact, it was pretty frustrating seeing all those bands playing in Japan, one of the most exotic markets on the metal globe. It's even more thrilling to see China, Taiwan and Thailand in this schedule too. Seems like after completing these shows we'll have THE WHOLE metal world covered and we can officially close the promotional cycle for "The Apostasy."

The tour dates are as follows:

29.10 - Tokyo (Japan) "Music Exchange"
31.10 - Beijing (China) "MAO Livehouse"
01.11 - Taipei city (Taiwan) "VU Live House"
05.11 - Bangkok (Thailand) "Studio 125"

12" MLP Graveyard "Into The Mausoleum" Out Soon

Julkarn and Bastard started fooling around with the whole GRAVEYARD thing a long time ago. They had always discussed about the possibility to develope a band / side-project in order to worship and show respect toward those bands they hailed since they were teenagers like Entombed, Asphyx, Dismember, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Edge Of Sanity, At The Gates, Venom, Carnage, Morbid Angel, Grave, or Unleashed. Both tried so many times to arrange something, but never seemed to be the right moment for it. In September 2007, Bastard and Julkarn got in contact with drummer Gusi from the band Undertaker (Now called Morbid Flesh). He is such a young guy compared to Julkarn and Bastard, but fortunately have the same musical taste concerning old school tradition and how Death Metal should be. GRAVEYARD entered a dirty garage up in the hills of Castelldefels and composed, arranged, rehearsed and recorded the songs included on "Into The Mausoleum". After 2 days of insanity, infamy and blasphemy, Bastard, Julkarn and Gusi unleashed 4 hymns of pure and unique Death Metal based on the late 80's and early 90's tradition, specially that one which used to come from Sweden. "Into The Mausoleum" was finished in October 2007 at Bastard's Moontower home Studio where growls, bass lines, fx and intros were recorded and mixed. We asked some friends to give us a helping hand so the famous Tattoo Master Roberto Giordano did an amazing album cover for us, our long time comrade Katu Marus created our mighty logo and finally, another good friend of the band, Oppi, did the cool retro myspace. A the end of 2007, SBE from the Black/Death Metal band Ered joined the band so GRAVEYARD completed the line-up. GRAVEYARD did their very first live appearance in Sabadell (Barcelona) on March 1st together with the mighty Obscure, Asfixia and the italian Thrashers Death Mechanism. Few days before, Black Seed Productions released “Into The Mausoleum” as an MCD (With Death’s “Zombie Ritual” as a bonus track) and 2 months after, Ars Funebris Records did the same on 100 hand numbered limited copies Tape with a free button. At the end of April, GRAVEYARD did some shows in Madrid (With serbian Black Metallers The Stone and Bloodoline), as well as destroyed Portugal’s infamous Barroselas Fest, where some other big acts like Nifelheim, Enslaved, Regurgitate, Brujeria and Fleshcrawl also played. Early on May 2008, GRAVEYARD played again in Barcelona (El Prat de Llobregat) together with the thrashers Fatal Injury. 2 weeks after, Antichristian Front Records released “Into The Mausoleum” on vinyl with a cool cover of Bolt Thrower’s immortal classic “Cenotaph” and a free poster. On July 3st, GRAVEYARD will open for the mighty thrashers FORBIDDEN in Barcelona. Later in October, we will headline one of the seasons at the Black Land Festival (Berlin – Germany) where some other bands like Protector, Minotaur, Manos or Morrigan also will play.
At the same time, there’s some releases schedule like our very first full lenght which is gonna be released through Black Seed Productions at the end of the year and 2 Splits with Deathevokation and Redimoni as well also this year 2008.

Vocalista de Anarchus Accidentado

Esto se dio a conocer en estos momentos en el boletin de Myspace.

Francisco Porcayo (Pancho) vocalista del grupo se vio envuelto en un accidente automovilístico el pasado domingo 5 de Oct. Su estado es grave pero lamentablemente no me han dicho mucho debido a que sigo reposando debido a una gripa no e tenido contacto con nadie, la noticia me llego por un mensaje de mi hermano que me habían dejado un recado sobre esto en casa de mis padres. El pasado sábado estuvimos presentándonos en Salamanca Gto. sin ningún problema como es común al día siguiente cada quien suele o regresar a la ciudad o ir a visitar a alguien de paso, los demás miembros nos fuimos por separado y Pancho iría a Qro a verse con unos amigos, ahí es donde les ocurrió el accidente no se que tan grave sea este asunto y espero poder hablar con su esposa el día de hoy martes. Por favor les pido que estén atentos para cualquier emergencia o urgencia que pueda presentarse si se necesita donadores de sangre etc.

Muchas gracias.
Miguel Thrasher

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2008

Kreator And Exodus To Tour North America

Kreator has announced that they will be hitting North American shores in April next year and are bringing a host of big names with them. Joining them on the tour will be thrash metal legends Exodus aswell as Belphegor, Warbringer and Epicurean.

The tour dates are as follows:

7 - Sonar - Baltimore MD
8 - Nokia Theatre - NYC NY
9 - Trocadero - Philadelphia PA
10 - Palladium - Worcester MA
11 - Medley - Montreal QUE
13 - Imperial - Quebec QUE
14 - Opera House - Toronto ONT
15 - Peabody's - Cleveland OH
16 - Rave - Millwaukee WI
17 - House Of Blues - Chicago IL
18 - The Rock - Maplewood MN
19 - Garrick Centre - Winnipeg MB
20 - The Distrikt - Regina SK
21 - Warehouse - Calgary AL
22 - Starlite Room - Edmonton AL
24 - Plaza Club - Vancouver BC
25 - Sugar - Victoria BC
26 - El Corazon - Seattle WA
27 - Hawthorne Theatre - Portland OR
28 - Slims - San Francisco CA
30 - House Of Blues - Las Vegas NV

1 - House Of Blues - San Diego, CA
2 - House Of Blues - West Hollywood CA
4 - Gator's - Farmington, NM
5 - Bluebird Theater - Denver CO
6 - Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City OK
7 - Ridglea Theater - Ft Worth TX
8 - Scout Bar - San Antonio TX
9 - Scout Bar - Houston TX
11 - The Garage - St. Petersburg FL
12 - Culture Room - Ft Lauderdale, FL
13 - Masquerade - Atlanta GA
14 - Headliner - Louisville KY
15 - Orange Peel - Ashville NC
16 - Volume 11 - Raleigh NC
17 - Jaxx - West Springfield VA

Vader and Grave Announce Scandinavian Tour Dates

VADER and GRAVE will embark on a Scandinavian tour later this month. Here are the tour dates:

17.10.08 - LIT Vilnius - Mulen Ruzas
18.10.08 - LAT Riga - Melna Piektdiena
19.10.08 - EST Tallin - Tapper
20.10.08 - FIN Turku - Klubi
21.10.08 - FIN Helsinki - Virgin Oil
22.10.08 - FIN Tampere - Hella
23.10.08 - FIN Oulu - Kuusisaari
24.10.08 - SWE Umea - Midnight
25.10.08 - SWE Vasteras - Sigurdsgatan 25
26.10.08 - NOR Oslo - John Dee
27.10.08 - SWE Goteborg - Musikens Hus
28.10.08 - SWE Stockholm - Klubben
29.10.08 - SWE Malmoe - KB
30.10.08 - DEN Copenhagen - The Rock
31.10.08 - DEN Odense - Kansas City
01.11.08 - DEN Aarhus – Train

Assaulter Reveals Tracklisting, Cover Art For "Salvation Like Destruction"

Australian metallers ASSAULTER, consisting of Simon Berserker (ex-Destroyer 666) and A.C, has revealed the cover art and tracklisting for their debut full-length entitled "Salvation Like Destruction." The album contains seven tracks, listed below:

1. Talon And Teeth
2. The Axiom Star
3. Glory Alone
4. Proselytiser
5. Awe Of Fire
6. Vengeance Whips
7. Between Gods And Men

The release date for the "Salvation Like Destruction" CD will be announced shortly. The 12" vinyl version will be released by Germany's High Roller Records and Iron Bonehead Productions.

Exodus To Perform Entire "Bonded By Blood" Album Live

Bay Area thrash metal legends Exodus will be performing a very special show in Seattle, Washington on November 12th at El Corazon, whereby they will perform their classic debut album, "Bonded By Blood" in it's entirety. No details have been given yet whether this will be a one off setlist or if the band plans on doing this on all forthcoming tour dates to promote the bands new offering, "Let There Be Blood" which is a re-recording of the classic "Bonded By Blood."

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