lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Pestilence New Site

This is the official Pestilence site.
And Patrick wrote this on the site:

Dear Readers,

After composing for a year or so, mostly at night, using Cubase, now finally all 11 songs have been done. Meaning, ready to be recorded starting October 17th in Denmark with the mighty Jacob Hansen at the Hansen Studio’s. Honestly, I can’t wait to get these songs in the store, as they mean a lot to me. Over the timespan of 15 years people kept asking me about Pestilence. Well, here we are again!!! Sorry it took so long!!! Let me take the opportunity to welcome once more Patrick U. and Tony C. to the Pest-line up! A very warm welcome goes out to Peter W. for his incredible input. This line up will CRUSH!!!

So, 11 sick songs have been composed and I must say that they are way more brutal, heavier and faster than any old Pestilence song. So is it still Pestilence then? Yes! For sure. But this time, I’ve gone back to the core of Pestilence. The reason we started this shit back in '86!!! Of course there's still the best fusion-drumming in there, but now just brutal Death Metal, the way it is supposed to be executed. But if you know me a little bit, I will never look back to the past, copying the older songs/style. Don't expect "Consuming pt. 2" or "Testimony pt. 2"!!! So these new Pestilence songs will not be too old-school but rather a moderm mixture of old and new.

I’ve incorporated also blast beats into the Pestilence style because it was something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time with Pestilence, but Marco (Foddis) never really felt comfortable doing them. We tried it a couple of times (on some obscure rehearsaltape there’s evidence of this), but we couldn’t persuade him to incorporate this in his drumstyle. Death-grunting again will be a blast. The typical a-tonal Pestilence riffs of course will be all over the place. Also I feel that my leads have improved so much, exploring new and insane 4 octave scales and will make this new product complete.

The songs are lyrically more in the vein of "Consuming Impulse". Meaning, they’re more “reality-style” than religious or philosophical. Some songtitles are: "HangMan (Into the mind of an executioner)", "Synthetic Grotesque (Trying to create through cloning)", "Fiend (Drugaddiction)", "Resurrection Macabre (The return of the Pestilence)", "Hate Suicide (Last hours of a suicide-bomber)" just to name a few.

Please stay tuned and visit this official Pestilence site whenever you can and you will be able to get your eyes and ears to feast on some almost real-time recorded inside stuff from the studio!!!!

Patrick Mameli.

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