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A Lesson In Metal... Steve Asheim

Crazy Motherfucker!!!

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Interview: Lust (Mexico)

Today we have this interview with Mauricio "El Chamaco" bassist and vocal of Mexican Thrashers Lust!!!

1.- How was born the idea to create Lust?

- Was born with a group of friends from the high school and the need of expres in a musical way. In the beggining we couldn´t say that we had a style, and this idea gradually became in what is now Lust, through 13 years of life.

2.- Do you remember how was the scene in Mexico in these days?
- The scene was more hermetic, the globalization had not affected the world in those days, we had a real band - fan relationship that we don´t have now.Back in the days, we went to saw our favorite band although this was national. Now all looks like a competence about who have more discs, a better guitar, or more patches in their jacket.

3.- Your first demo was recorded in 1999, how was the experience of record?
- The recordings of Lust always has been done by us, in our home or in a studio. The experience was calm, we do not hurry, because we do not pay for time and stuff like that. When we record Lust, normally we already have the idea of what will be; is not like in other bands where they going to the studio to compose or get some inspiration.

4.- Between your EP in 2001 and your next demo, passed a long time, 5 years... What happened with Lust in that time?
- In that time, we recorded 3 songs for a Split with the maximus Raped God, to this date has not been edited. The time goes fast, and we work on material for "Eternal Disgrace" demo and the "Possessed" Lp.

5.- How long it took to be ready with the songs and record "Possessed"?
- A lot; was 2 years of composition and a lot of gigs... Before, Lust was a much more a live band, i think that was the reason for the long time to compose and record.

6.- "Possessed" opened the gates for the European Tour?
- I don´t think the Lp was the reason. I think what made us visit the old continent were the impetus for Lust to find new listeners, that people could know the band live and then decide if a disc is worth it.

7.- What was the most memorable moment of that tour?
- See how music can unite continents, how the metalic brothers of other countries feel the same energy with the music, with the power of Metal. And of course hehehehehe the beer, so many! I don´t know what to do.

8.- You had some line up changes, now do you have a strong line up?
- Lust have 13 years of life, and we had a lot of members at this time, guitarrists, bassists, drummers, and singers. The line up of Lust is not based on me or somebody else, is based in the need to go against of the stablished, even into the Metal, this is what Lust needs to have a line up.

9.- Do you have near plans for Lust?
- The only plan that Lust have, is non stop. We don´t need play live, or every year put a new album for been a active band. All this, is a global tendency... Lust goes against that.

10.- Talking about the Mexican scene, how can we stay away from the trends that kill Metal?
- Stop watch the TV, don´t buying records in the monopoly stores. Send all the globalization to the shit, is not a retroces. Is simply make the decision to non accept this, stop think about the american dream of the yanquis (americans). And like fans, respect and support what it´s worth.

11.- Could you recommend some Mexican bands to our readers?
- That would be a little purpose. Is that people discover the band that nobody else knows. That stop say to us what is good, is better do it for yourself. Internet? Is valid, the gigs are valid too, the thing is go and watch, that not be told! I recommend that you listen a lot of bands, for sure 5 or more bands worth much!

12.- What is the most important thing that music gives to you?
- The reason to know what i want for my life and the chance to expres what i feel.

13.- Could you describe the sound of Lust in 5 words?
- 5 words? That´s hard hehehe... Mmmmm dirty, fast, irreverent, metal, Mexico. Ok that´s 5 hehehe.

14.- What is Thrash Metal for you?
- Thrash Metal is a way, the most fast form to expres your feelings, that they realize how you lives.

15.- New material of Lust?
- Almost almost. We gonna try to record the new Lust assault in the middle of the year, we hope it´s done for the second half of the year.

16.- For last something to add?
- Sure, thanks for the support to Lust all this time. Metal Til Die!

You can chekc this guys on:

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Vincent Crowley, frontman for Ibex Moon Records ACHERON, has issued the following statement regarding the band's future: "After 22 years of existence, Black / Death / Thrash Metal band ACHERON are calling it quits! The band has released 5 original full length CDs, 3 mini- CDs, 1 cover-tribute CD and a number of other underground releases. ACHERON will end on a familiar note by doing one last run of “Rites Of The Black Mass” shows until January 1st, 2011. After that ACHERON will be done for good (no more shows or albums)! So keep an eye out for selected shows that they will be appearing at this year, because it will be the last time you get to see them live! The line-up for the final shows will be Vincent Crowley (vocals / bass), Art Taylor (guitar), Eric Stewart (guitar) and Scott Pletcher (drums). Promoters interested in booking ACHERON for their "The Last Rites" farewell shows 2010, contact us on myspace or at vincentcrowley@hotmail.com."

Stockholm's CRUCIFYRE have recently been signed by Pulverised Records. The band has already completed their debut full-length album, the follow-up to 2006's "Thessalonian Death Cult" demo. More details about the new album will be revealed soon. Here's the official press statement from CRUCIFYRE's drummer Y. Hillborg: "Working with Pulverised Records feels great. It's like we've come home and have been given the chance to do what we do best, to deliver auditory terror in the most evil and aggressive way". CRUCIFYRE's line-up features members from legendary Swedish acts MORBID, CREMATORY, AFFLICTED, NASUM and GENERAL SURGERY. More info at www.myspace.com/crucifyre

Canadian BEGRIME EXEMIOUS first CD "Impending Funeral Of Man" was recently released through Dark Descent Records. The CD includes 9 tracks in a playing time around 45 minutes packed in a eight-page booklet with artwork from various artists. The vinyl version will be released at a later date. Check out www.darkdescent.net for ordering details or write to darkdescentrecords@gmail.com for more info.

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Megadeth In Mexico!

Playing all the fucking RUST IN PEACE!!!

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Do You Remeber This?



Tampa, Florida's DIABOLIC have been added to several dates of CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Evisceration Plague Tour" that is scheduled to kick off today (April 20) in Orlando, Florida. Check out our tourdates section for the confirmed dates. According to a statement from DIABOLIC: “We are excited to announce that we have been added to these shows of the CANNIBAL CORPSE “Evisceration Plague” tour! This is our first US tour since 2002 when we were out with DIMMU BORGIR, CRYPTOPSY and KRISIUN, and we look forward to seeing our fans again, and to playing new songs from our upcoming CD, "Excisions Of Exorcisms", upon the Metal masses live for the first time ever!” DIABOLIC's latest, once again featuring the production services of Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (NILE, MORBID ANGEL) and the classic artwork of Joe Pentagno (MOTÖRHEAD, KRISIUN), will be released by Deathgasm Records on June 8th. For more information: www.diabolic-deathmetal.com, www.myspace.com/diabolic666

MASTER's upcoming new album "The Human Machine" will be released in an alternate slipcase cover edition, which will be made available in only 2000 copies worldwide. It was once again designed and painted by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sigh, Anacrusis, GWAR, etc), who also did the actual album cover for "The Human Machine". States Eliran Kantor: "The basic idea is to have a continuation of the story told in the real front cover, after the two policemen picked up the criminal from the floor. It's a lot simpler, it's a brand new image that will add value to this limited edition, and at the same time it reacts naturally with the real cover and the overall theme carried throughout the album, as this album has a specific subject matter and the 'arrest' scene is based on Paul's original idea." "The Human Machine" will be out on April 26 in Europe and May 25 in North America. www.myspace.com/masterspeckmann

Guitarist Zyklon-A has decided to leave GRAVEHILL due to personal reasons, so the band is currently looking for a replacement. Here's a list of what they don’t want: "Posers – if you don’t know (or even marginally know) what kind of music we play, don’t waste our time! Wimps – if you are a “part-time” musician, who would rather sit at home instead of tour or allow your chick to dictate your lifestyle, don’t waste our time! Rock (cock) stars – if your ego bruises easily, with little to no sense of humor or you spend hours on your guitar solos instead of on quality riffs, don’t waste our time!" GRAVEHILL requires a guitarist who is able to write, record, and tour nationally and internationally. If you feel you meet their standards / conditions and would like to audition please contact them at: www.myspace.com/gravehill666

Lupus Lounge have signed Norway's Nàttsòl and will release their debut “Stemning” (“mood, atmosphere”) shortly. According to the label, the six piece builds on Scandinavian nature mysticism as well as the archaic aggression of Norse Black Metal in the tradition of Ulver’s “Bergtatt”, but brings this musical lineage into the 21st century in a unique and impressive manner. Bandleader Erlend has this to say about the signing of the contract: "We are excited to have signed with Lupus Lounge and about the imminent release of our debut album. We are honoured to join the ranks of their already impressive lineup of bands and are looking forward to bringing you closer to the mystique of nature." All further info you may find at: www.myspace.com/nattsolnorway

THORNAFIRE have been invited to play the Czech Republic’s world renowned Obscene Extreme Festival (July 15–17, 2010). Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara had this to say about the honor. “We come from the Hell of South America, spreading our twisted and poisoned madness for several years and are very pleased to participate in this great festival. We will deliver the dark vibes of our latest CD "Vorex Deconstrucción" from the stage, as well as our past work. In this strange current era where expression is dispersing and vanishing, even underground music, the powerful presence of our music will not go unnoticed!” THORNAFIRE will also be adding show dates in other European countries during the month of July, so be on the lookout. www.myspace.com/thornafire

Todd Weaver, bassist for Apollo Ra and Museum Of Fear was killed in an automobile accident on April 9, 2010 in Essex MD. All of his former bandmates and friends are deeply shocked and saddened by this. Rest In Peace, Todd.

Within the next weeks, Detest Records will release the following items: MIASMAL first 7" EP (in collaboration with Me Saco Un Ojo Records), ENTRAPMENT first demo tape and GRAVEHAMMER - "Ensnared In Dismal Blasphemies" 7". More info is to be found on www.detestrecords.com

The new CEMETERY URN album "The Conquered Are Burned" will finally be be released on April 19 after several delays.

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Official Statement about Peter Steele

Fromn their Official website:

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Type O Negative front man, bassist, and our band mate, Peter Steele passed away last night of what appears to be heart failure.
Ironically Peter had been enjoying a long period of sobriety and improved health and was imminently due to begin writing and recording new music for our follow up to "Dead Again" released in 2007.
The official cause of death has yet to be determined pending autopsy results. The funeral services will be private and memorial services will be announced at a future date. We’d like to share our thoughts and those of Peter’s family below.
We are truly saddened to lose our friend and appreciate the tremendous outpouring today from around the world.

Josh, Kenny and Johnny

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A Lesson In Metal...

Today we have some new section... A Lesson In Metal is just about the most sickest, greatest and memorable shits of the Heavy Metal musicians.

Fuck yeah! Dave Navarro is shocked about the Spiderchord of Dave Mustaine!!!
This shit is hard to play...

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Interview: Soul Eater (Mexico)

Hails! Today we have this interview with this crazy teenagers from Irapuato Mexico, furious and classic Death Metal... Soul Eater!

1.- For all those unfamiliar with the band, could you tell us a little bit about the band?

- Thanks for the space dude, it´s good to know is there support from some people. Soul Eater starts two years ago with Damian Silva, Hector Sobreira and me (Joel Silva), later Normand Venegas joined the band. All this with the faithful objective of fun and express our feelings about religion and the new waves of music, mainly the "Core" trendy stuff, trying to respect the basic concepts from the Old School for showing to our generation.

2.- How do you choose the name for Soul Eater?
- There´s not a specific inspiration of the name... We choose the name because sound good for us, Haha!

3.- I can hear a lot of the Golden Era of Metal in your music, who are your main influence to create music?
- Actually a little bit from all, we have our particular preferences. For name a few, we hear since Thrash Metal bands like Destruction, Sodom, Kreator... Death Metal bands like Death, Possessed, Obituary... Even Punk with bands like Black Flag, Misfits and Ramones are influence to us.

4.- Talking about "Satanic Discharge", do ou have some demo before this Full Lenght?
- Technically yes, their name was A. C. S. (Anti Core Squad) and are the songs in our Split Tape with our brothers Ominous Crucifix.

5.- How was the process of composition and recording for "Satanic Discharge"?
- That was fast and intense, because we never stop writing, we are searching new sounds all the time for include in our songs, maybe this is because we like strive and rehearsal a lot, The recording was completed in a week, we try to avoid the overproduction... maybe sound wrong but trying to be the most honest and natural as we can.

6.- What can you say about this song "Angel Rapist"?
- This is a composition of our bassist Hector Sobreira, the lyrics reflect the lust of the human being... this can´t stop and can finished being a pain in the ass (if you understand what i´m saying), for anyone who opposes hahaha.

7.- How was the contact for work with Impious Desecration Records?
- Through our friends Ominous Crucifix, the offer for the Split Tape was with them, so they offer to do the split with them, we thank them for that.

8.- So was easy for you do the Split?
- Honestly, yes. We are really lucky with the support and the oportunities... You can be the best band in the world, but if you don´t have support, you will never grow up.

9.- How is a gig of Soul Eater, do you remember your first gig?
- We remember perfectly, we could barely play well, a couple of own songs, a couple of covers and a lot of shames hahaha. Fortunately we going better and better, now a gig of Soul Eater for me is a recomendation for allt he fans of the intense Metal in the vein of the old days.

10.- How is at the moment the scene in Guanajuato?
- Really well, good gigs and good bands, maybe with a little more support and difusion in the area, the good bands that are starting can go out more faster, but this is the Underground hehe. I like to recommend our friends "Warfare" a really good band from Celaya.

11.- Plans in the near future?
- Promote our album and maybe record some new songs, any gig that you want to invite us, we go gladly.

12.- Something to add or comment?
- Thanks from the heart to our brothers who support the Underground, and thanks to the kids who follow the Old School, after all it´s our turn to take the flame fo the True Metal. For last an honest and nothing sarcastic "God Bless you" hahahaha.

You can check this guys on:


Preview from the upcoming album of Morbid Carnage!!!

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Interview: Infected (Brazil)

Hails! Today we have this great Thrash Metallers from Brazil... Infected!

1.- Hails! First of all, could you tell us, how do you formed the band?

- Rodrigo Costa: Hails friends !!! first of all thanx for the suport and opportunity!! for us is a great pleasure to participate in an ediction of fucking zine !! the band was formed by me (Rodrigo Costa –guitars and vocals ) in the beginning of 2002, with the influences like, Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus, Bywar, Sepultura, Assassin and a lot of Thrash Metal bands . did a few things and think about recording a demo with the old training, but it did not work so took a break in 2005. back with a new lineup in 2006 and since then have not stopped it, until we write some songs and then get the long awaited dream debut album

2.- At the beggining, what was your first musical approach?
- Rodrigo Costa: The beginning we were inexperienced and we played very badly, wanted to sound like sodom, destruction and kreator, influences of our former drummer, I wanted to be like metallica and megadeth so I think with that sounded very original crossover rsrsrs

3.- How was the recording process of "Who Is Not?"...
- Rodrigo Costa: Was really fun and funny because we'd never recorded anything. for us was a great experience, to record our time was short, so we did everything very fast without thinking too much detail. the songs were already written and we did not change in the studio. Like the end result for a band inexperienced we did well, of course, today we see many things we'd like to change, but overall we got a good result I think rsrsrsrs.

4.- How was the contact with Mutilation Records?
- Henrique Perestrelo: We have noticed that Mutilation was made a Thrash Metal bands "Team", them we go talk to Sergio Tullula(Mutilation Headmaster) and ask him if he was interested in our material... after he heard the Who Is Not he accepted to sing with us... that's it

5.- How is composing a song, do you have any special ways to achieve killer riffs, and lyrically what are your main influence to write?
- Rodrigo Costa: Thank you for the words! I worry about writing good riffs, and I have no secrets for composing, I picked up my guitar and play to get something nice, sometimes I can have good ideas, and leave something nice. 'm working on music to get a good result and that's just put a letter and start training. the part of the lyrics talk about the current world we live in, the shit we see on tv, on the greed of man or the church that uses faith to make money and enslave people, do not say anything new or anything revolutionary know a lot of bands spoke and still speak about these issues, but that is what we feel and it is this message that we want to convey to people. open your eyes and not be puppets without brain!

6.- What can you say about this song "The Damned Land"?
- Rodrigo Costa: I think that's a good song with good guitar riffs and a strong chorus, the lyrics talk about a doomed land where death reigns, and it is our fault, blame for letting be manipulated, enslaved and in the end suffer the consequences. it's kind of an apocalyptic vision. I think it came a time when everything is going to be difficult and we spend all this I say in the letter, and the worst is that it is our fault and we do nothing to change the situation.

7.- At the time what was the most important experience like a band?
- Rodrigo Costa: Able to record our debut and see our record in stores, know that many people had any reaction to our music no matter what it was, the headbangers around the world by writing opinions and giving us strength, the friends we made over the years, people like you on the other fighting and communicating the same idea as ours and helping us to show a little of what we are and what we mean by our music, the shows that we already see the audience singing and headbanging to us, these are all experiences and feelings very important to us. one thing that always remember me proud and was one person who told me that we played thrash metal because it was in fashion again and that would not survive over the years, we know that almost 10 years and continue doing what we like without to care about what others think is also a source of pride too big!

8.- I know a lot of great active Brazilian Metal bands (I think is one of the most importants scenes in the world), how is the Brazilian scene in this days?
- Rodrigo Costa: I think the scene here intense, never had so many good bands and a crowd that supports the underground bands, I'm glad to know that we are part of all this, we have great bands like the violator, the great Bywar that to me is the best thrash band metal activity, has some death metal bands also quite good as the infamous glory, pesticide, we have some festivals undergrounds , like the night of living thrashers who last year was attended by the band dr. living dead of sweden.

9.- Could you describe the sound of Infected in five words?
Rodrigo Costa: Aggressive, Intense, Fast, Groove and Feeling!!

10.- For you what is the mening of Infected as a band?
- Henrique Perestrelo: Infected is our Life !!! a way to escape the life's problems!!!! And a way to try to say to other people what we think that we all could do to change this world

11.- Could you please answer spontaneously to these words...
- Henrique Perestrelo:
Brasil: a beautiful country but with great social and educational problems
Sepultura: Heroes in Brazil , idols in the world
Violence: consequence of ignorance
Death: consequence of life
Thrash Metal: the thing that changed my life forever!!

12.- How is a gig of Infected? Do you remember your first gig?
- Rodrigo Costa: Our show is full of energy and aggression, with an exchange of feelings with the audience, I love being on stage no matter if we play for 1 or 100 people! I think the first show what you do is like the first kiss in your first girlfriend rsrsrs you never forget rsrsrs, remember that I was very nervous, my legs were shaking and I thought I was not able to play rsrsrs but then I thought, since we I'm here to play, if I get off the stage afraid the crowd will be worse rsrsrsr and so I have overcome the fear and could do the show without any problems

13.- Plans for the near future?
- Rodrigo Costa: Record a new release, play, play and play rsrsrs drink some beers, see the friends, having fun and much more!!

14.- It´s time to end this interview, anything to add or ask?
- Rodrigo Costa : I wish the space given to all the readers of Obliteration Zine, to all persons involved with work, hope you can hear our album and read this interview and with that may know a little more of our band! to a great hello David, thanks for the space given, for us it is very important to participate in the zine and be able to disclose a little more about our work and who we are! cheers friend!

You can check this guys on:


California's GRAVEHILL recently took a break from working on their highly anticipated Ibex Moon Records debut to head down south to Texas for a string of shows with label mates, HOD. Safely home from the carnage and mayhem that ensued, vocalist Mike Abominator offered this summary of the mini-tour: "The Texas shows couldn't have been better. HOD kicked total ass and made us stay on top of our game! One of the best live bands we have seen and some of the best guys around in metal....period! It was an honor sharing the stage with them and playing our Death Metal for all those Texas maniacs! We met so many killer and diehard people in Texas. And I have fond memories of all three shows, but the San Antonio show was unforgettable due to the response of the crowd, the fights, equipment falling and going out, beer and blood flying, the fights, the mayhem, the fights, arghhhhhh! What a show! Thank you to John / Ibex Moon and Beer Reebs / Hod for setting it all up! TEXAS! We will be back!" GRAVEHILL will also be among the many Ibex Moon acts contributing a song to the soundtrack to the upcoming indie horror flick, "Afterparty Massacre". While said track might not be what GRAVEHILL fans might expect from the band, Abominator guarantees brutality: "We entered Trench Studios for a weekend to do the exclusive track for the "Afterparty Massacre" movie soundtrack which Ibex Moon is putting out. We recorded the AC/DC song 'If You Want Blood (You Got It)' for the release. It was GRAVEHILL-ized so to speak, ha ha, but it came out great. We even brought in our friends Shane from PHOBIA and Nick from CREPITUS to scream and growl along with me on the infamous chorus! In the end, the song title, attitude of AC/DC and Bon Scott and even the overall performance of the song fit GRAVEHILL perfectly! Since we are the AC/DC of Death Metal! hahahaha" In regards to the forthcoming album, the front man issued this update from the band's own Hellheim Studios: "Now we enter our studio / dungeon Hellheim Studios to get the songs set for "Pravus Tyrannis" our 2nd album, and debut for Ibex Moon. Once we get the songs set, we will then enter Trench Studios with Engineer John Haddad (who has worked with Phobia, Hirax, Abysmal Dawn, Final Conflict, Deathevokation) to record the eight songs of devastating and relentless Death Metal that this album will unleash upon the earth!" More info and updates you may find on the band's myspace site www.myspace.com/gravehill666

Chilean Death Metal act and Ibex Moon recording artists THORNAFIRE will step in front of the camera this month to film the first video off of their latest album "Vorex Deconstruccion". The band has chosen the track 'Deconstruccion', a song which bassist / vocalist Alexis Munoz describes as a "futuristic song inspired by the religious and social decline experienced in the current era Eon oh Hourus", for the video. The video was filmed, produced and edited by Daniel Duarte in a professional TV studio Santiago, Chile. More THORNAFIRE info at www.myspace.com/thornafire

New Jerseys brutal Death Metallers DISMA will release their upcoming 7" EP "The Manifestation" on Necroharmonic Records within the next month or so. The EP will contain the 2 new songs 'Manifestation' and 'Purulent Quest'. The band plans to go back in the studio this year to record 3 new songs and promises to be even darker, morbid and heavier than anything they have done before. DISMA features Bill Venner (ex - Incantation 1990, Body of Christ) and Daryl Kahan (Funebrarum, Assuck) on guitars, Craig Pillard (ex - Incantation, DiSciples of Mockery, Womb, Methadrone) on vocals, Randi Stokes (Methadrone) on bass and Shawn Eldridge (Funebrarum) on drums. DISMA's first demo "The Vault Of Membros" is still available from the band directly. Two- sided t-shirts and sweatshirts are available now from www.necroharmonic.com. For more info you can reach the band through http://www.myspace.com/dismadeathmetal or via email: dismadeath@gmail.com.

"Pestrapture", the debut album of Russian Black Metallers INHEIN, was released on March 08 via Spanish Antichristian Front Records. It was mastered at Swedish Cutting Room studio (HYPOCRISY, BEHEMOTH, OPETH, KATATONIA etc.). You can check out the cover artwork here. For more info or sound samples go to www.myspace.com/inhein

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