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Interview: Soul Eater (Mexico)

Hails! Today we have this interview with this crazy teenagers from Irapuato Mexico, furious and classic Death Metal... Soul Eater!

1.- For all those unfamiliar with the band, could you tell us a little bit about the band?

- Thanks for the space dude, it´s good to know is there support from some people. Soul Eater starts two years ago with Damian Silva, Hector Sobreira and me (Joel Silva), later Normand Venegas joined the band. All this with the faithful objective of fun and express our feelings about religion and the new waves of music, mainly the "Core" trendy stuff, trying to respect the basic concepts from the Old School for showing to our generation.

2.- How do you choose the name for Soul Eater?
- There´s not a specific inspiration of the name... We choose the name because sound good for us, Haha!

3.- I can hear a lot of the Golden Era of Metal in your music, who are your main influence to create music?
- Actually a little bit from all, we have our particular preferences. For name a few, we hear since Thrash Metal bands like Destruction, Sodom, Kreator... Death Metal bands like Death, Possessed, Obituary... Even Punk with bands like Black Flag, Misfits and Ramones are influence to us.

4.- Talking about "Satanic Discharge", do ou have some demo before this Full Lenght?
- Technically yes, their name was A. C. S. (Anti Core Squad) and are the songs in our Split Tape with our brothers Ominous Crucifix.

5.- How was the process of composition and recording for "Satanic Discharge"?
- That was fast and intense, because we never stop writing, we are searching new sounds all the time for include in our songs, maybe this is because we like strive and rehearsal a lot, The recording was completed in a week, we try to avoid the overproduction... maybe sound wrong but trying to be the most honest and natural as we can.

6.- What can you say about this song "Angel Rapist"?
- This is a composition of our bassist Hector Sobreira, the lyrics reflect the lust of the human being... this can´t stop and can finished being a pain in the ass (if you understand what i´m saying), for anyone who opposes hahaha.

7.- How was the contact for work with Impious Desecration Records?
- Through our friends Ominous Crucifix, the offer for the Split Tape was with them, so they offer to do the split with them, we thank them for that.

8.- So was easy for you do the Split?
- Honestly, yes. We are really lucky with the support and the oportunities... You can be the best band in the world, but if you don´t have support, you will never grow up.

9.- How is a gig of Soul Eater, do you remember your first gig?
- We remember perfectly, we could barely play well, a couple of own songs, a couple of covers and a lot of shames hahaha. Fortunately we going better and better, now a gig of Soul Eater for me is a recomendation for allt he fans of the intense Metal in the vein of the old days.

10.- How is at the moment the scene in Guanajuato?
- Really well, good gigs and good bands, maybe with a little more support and difusion in the area, the good bands that are starting can go out more faster, but this is the Underground hehe. I like to recommend our friends "Warfare" a really good band from Celaya.

11.- Plans in the near future?
- Promote our album and maybe record some new songs, any gig that you want to invite us, we go gladly.

12.- Something to add or comment?
- Thanks from the heart to our brothers who support the Underground, and thanks to the kids who follow the Old School, after all it´s our turn to take the flame fo the True Metal. For last an honest and nothing sarcastic "God Bless you" hahahaha.

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Warrior_Vladito dijo...

Que buen pinche disco es "Satanic Discgarge".. ay me los saludas, al dia hoy sigo esperando que me contesten la entrevista jjaja....


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