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Interview: Infected (Brazil)

Hails! Today we have this great Thrash Metallers from Brazil... Infected!

1.- Hails! First of all, could you tell us, how do you formed the band?

- Rodrigo Costa: Hails friends !!! first of all thanx for the suport and opportunity!! for us is a great pleasure to participate in an ediction of fucking zine !! the band was formed by me (Rodrigo Costa –guitars and vocals ) in the beginning of 2002, with the influences like, Megadeth, Metallica, Exodus, Bywar, Sepultura, Assassin and a lot of Thrash Metal bands . did a few things and think about recording a demo with the old training, but it did not work so took a break in 2005. back with a new lineup in 2006 and since then have not stopped it, until we write some songs and then get the long awaited dream debut album

2.- At the beggining, what was your first musical approach?
- Rodrigo Costa: The beginning we were inexperienced and we played very badly, wanted to sound like sodom, destruction and kreator, influences of our former drummer, I wanted to be like metallica and megadeth so I think with that sounded very original crossover rsrsrs

3.- How was the recording process of "Who Is Not?"...
- Rodrigo Costa: Was really fun and funny because we'd never recorded anything. for us was a great experience, to record our time was short, so we did everything very fast without thinking too much detail. the songs were already written and we did not change in the studio. Like the end result for a band inexperienced we did well, of course, today we see many things we'd like to change, but overall we got a good result I think rsrsrsrs.

4.- How was the contact with Mutilation Records?
- Henrique Perestrelo: We have noticed that Mutilation was made a Thrash Metal bands "Team", them we go talk to Sergio Tullula(Mutilation Headmaster) and ask him if he was interested in our material... after he heard the Who Is Not he accepted to sing with us... that's it

5.- How is composing a song, do you have any special ways to achieve killer riffs, and lyrically what are your main influence to write?
- Rodrigo Costa: Thank you for the words! I worry about writing good riffs, and I have no secrets for composing, I picked up my guitar and play to get something nice, sometimes I can have good ideas, and leave something nice. 'm working on music to get a good result and that's just put a letter and start training. the part of the lyrics talk about the current world we live in, the shit we see on tv, on the greed of man or the church that uses faith to make money and enslave people, do not say anything new or anything revolutionary know a lot of bands spoke and still speak about these issues, but that is what we feel and it is this message that we want to convey to people. open your eyes and not be puppets without brain!

6.- What can you say about this song "The Damned Land"?
- Rodrigo Costa: I think that's a good song with good guitar riffs and a strong chorus, the lyrics talk about a doomed land where death reigns, and it is our fault, blame for letting be manipulated, enslaved and in the end suffer the consequences. it's kind of an apocalyptic vision. I think it came a time when everything is going to be difficult and we spend all this I say in the letter, and the worst is that it is our fault and we do nothing to change the situation.

7.- At the time what was the most important experience like a band?
- Rodrigo Costa: Able to record our debut and see our record in stores, know that many people had any reaction to our music no matter what it was, the headbangers around the world by writing opinions and giving us strength, the friends we made over the years, people like you on the other fighting and communicating the same idea as ours and helping us to show a little of what we are and what we mean by our music, the shows that we already see the audience singing and headbanging to us, these are all experiences and feelings very important to us. one thing that always remember me proud and was one person who told me that we played thrash metal because it was in fashion again and that would not survive over the years, we know that almost 10 years and continue doing what we like without to care about what others think is also a source of pride too big!

8.- I know a lot of great active Brazilian Metal bands (I think is one of the most importants scenes in the world), how is the Brazilian scene in this days?
- Rodrigo Costa: I think the scene here intense, never had so many good bands and a crowd that supports the underground bands, I'm glad to know that we are part of all this, we have great bands like the violator, the great Bywar that to me is the best thrash band metal activity, has some death metal bands also quite good as the infamous glory, pesticide, we have some festivals undergrounds , like the night of living thrashers who last year was attended by the band dr. living dead of sweden.

9.- Could you describe the sound of Infected in five words?
Rodrigo Costa: Aggressive, Intense, Fast, Groove and Feeling!!

10.- For you what is the mening of Infected as a band?
- Henrique Perestrelo: Infected is our Life !!! a way to escape the life's problems!!!! And a way to try to say to other people what we think that we all could do to change this world

11.- Could you please answer spontaneously to these words...
- Henrique Perestrelo:
Brasil: a beautiful country but with great social and educational problems
Sepultura: Heroes in Brazil , idols in the world
Violence: consequence of ignorance
Death: consequence of life
Thrash Metal: the thing that changed my life forever!!

12.- How is a gig of Infected? Do you remember your first gig?
- Rodrigo Costa: Our show is full of energy and aggression, with an exchange of feelings with the audience, I love being on stage no matter if we play for 1 or 100 people! I think the first show what you do is like the first kiss in your first girlfriend rsrsrs you never forget rsrsrs, remember that I was very nervous, my legs were shaking and I thought I was not able to play rsrsrs but then I thought, since we I'm here to play, if I get off the stage afraid the crowd will be worse rsrsrsr and so I have overcome the fear and could do the show without any problems

13.- Plans for the near future?
- Rodrigo Costa: Record a new release, play, play and play rsrsrs drink some beers, see the friends, having fun and much more!!

14.- It´s time to end this interview, anything to add or ask?
- Rodrigo Costa : I wish the space given to all the readers of Obliteration Zine, to all persons involved with work, hope you can hear our album and read this interview and with that may know a little more of our band! to a great hello David, thanks for the space given, for us it is very important to participate in the zine and be able to disclose a little more about our work and who we are! cheers friend!

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