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The Seedbed Of Evil: Salute

Salute is a band from Bristol UK, they play an excellent mixture between Hellhamer and Motorhead... Noisy guitar riffs, down tempos, killer bass lines, blasting drum and a slaying voice. They are Salute and you can check this guys on:


DÉTENTE Line-up Change: Michael Carlino (Fear Of God) Joins Reunion!

We are pleased to announce that Michael Carlino (DÉTENTE, FEAR OF GOD) has joined forces with Ann Boleyn (Hellion) and original DÉTENTE members Dennis Butler, Caleb Quinn, and Steve Hochheiser.

Due to scheduling conflicts Juan Garcia (Agent Steel) was unable to play. The bands continue to be mutual friends and supporters with possible Agent Steel/Détente shows in the future.

Deep Purple: "Around The World Live" DVD

This is the content of the Boxset.

DVD1 – Bombay Calling, India 1995
1. Fireball
2. Maybe I’m A Leo
3. Black Night
4. The Battle Rages On
5. Woman From Tokyo
6. Perpendicular Waltz
7. When A Blind Man Cries
8. Perfect Strangers
9. Pictures Of Home
10. Child In Time
11. Anya
12. Space Truckin’
13. Guitar Solo
14. Lazy
15. Speed King
16. Highway Star
17. Smoke On The Water
Bonus Features - Live In Seoul, South Korea, 1995:
18. Black Night
19. Woman From Tokyo
20. When A Blind Man Cries
21. Perfect Strangers
22. Child In Time
23. Speed King
24. Highway Star
25. Smoke On The Water

DVD2 – Total Abandon, Australia 1999
1. Ted The Mechanic
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Bloodsucker
4. Pictures Of Home
5. Almost Human
6. Woman From Tokyo
7. Watching The Sky
8. Fireball
9. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
10. Guitar Solo
11. Smoke On The Water
12. Lazy
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Speed King
15. Black Night
16. Highway Star
Bonus Feature:
17. A Band Down Under – Documentary 1999

DVD3 – Live At The NEC, England 2002
1. Fireball
2. Woman From Tokyo
3. Mary Long
4. Ted The Mechanic
5. Lazy
6. The Well Dressed Guitar
7. When A Blind Man Cries
8. Space Truckin’
9. Keyboard Solo
10. Perfect Strangers
11. Speed King
12. Guitar Solo
13. Smoke On The Water
14. Hush
15. Black Night
16. Highway Star
Bonus Feature:
17. Ian Gillan & Roger Glover interview 2002

DVD4 – Access All Areas

Tiamat New Album

This is the New Tiamat album "Amanethes" cover and the tracklist!

01. The Temple Of The Crescent Moon
02. Equinox Of The Gods
03. Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again
04. Will They Come?
05. Lucienne
06. Summertime Is Gone
07. Katarraktis Apo Aima
08. Raining Dead Angels
09. Misantropolis
10. Amanitis
11. Meliae
12. Via Dolorosa
13. Circles
14. Amanes

Out on April 17 by Nuclear Blast Records.

Extreme Noise Terror West Coast Distortion Tour April 2008 Update

For the first time in our 23 year history, Extreme Noise Terror are finally touring the West Coast of the USA!

Main tour support will be the devastating Trap Them & along the way we are joined by a whole host of noise mongers including the Californian grind masters Phobia for 4 shows!

10 April - Karma - Victorville, CA - w/ Phobia, Strong Intention
11 April - One Place - Phoenix, AZ - w/ Phobia, Strong Intention
12 April - Bar Aloha - Tijuana, Mexico - w/ Phobia, Strong Intention, Biocrisis, Coaccion, Bumbklaatt

13 April - Info Shop - Fresno, CA - w/ Phobia, Attitude Adjustment,
Strong Intention
14 April - Silk Bar - Sacramento, CA - w/ Strong Intention
15 April - tba - Eugene, OR - w/ Strong Intention + others!
16 April - Studio 7 - Seattle, WA - w/ Sanctum, Strong Intention + others!
17 April - Satyricon - Portland, OR - w/ Sanctum, Hellshock, Strong Intention
18 April - 924 Gilman Street - Berkeley, CA - w/ Stormcrow, Strong Intention
19 April - Annie's Social Club - San Francisco, CA - w/ Strong Intention +
20 April - Knitting Factory - Los Angeles, CA - LA Murder Fest - w/ Converge,
Repulsion, Today Is The Day + others!

There will also be a split 7" with Trap Them released on Deathwish Records (1 track from each band & design by Jacob Bannon) to be sold only on the tour or from the Deathwish online store & will be limited to 1000 copies only.

We will also be selling an exclusive ENT tour t-shirt designed by Mid (Bait, Deviated Instinct).

Get ready for the distortion & if it's possible, hope to see you at one of the shows!!!!

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Title of the new Pestilence album "Resurrection Macabre"

Resurrected PESTILENCE: New Album Title Revealed - Feb. 25, 2008

According to Pro-Rock magazine, Dutch guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli has set "Resurrection Macabre" as the title of the new album from the resurrected late '80s/early '90s death metal outfit PESTILENCE, tentatively due in early 2009 via Holland's Mascot Records. Joining Mameli in the group's new lineup are Tony Choy (ATHEIST, CYNIC) on bass and Peter Wildoer (DARKANE, NON-HUMAN LEVEL) on drums. Patrick is currently working on new material which he has described as a modern fusion of "Testimony of the Ancients" (1991) and "Spheres" (1993), but even more technical and brutal. The group's new album will tentatively be recorded this fall by Danish producer Jacob Hansen (RAUNCHY, INVOCATOR) and produced by Patrick himself.

Speaking to BLABBERMOUTH.NET regarding his decision to bring PESTILENCE back from the dead, Mameli stated last month, "It's not a reunion, because I will not be playing with any of the old lineup guys, except Tony Choy [who played on 'Testimony'], of course so...

"I always stated there WILL NEVER BE a reunion, and there won't be, since I never look back at the past and I refuse now to play with people that are not on the same musical level as I am.

"I sang on 'Testimony' and 'Spheres' (two albums later from 'Consuming Impulse' [1989]!!), so no need for [original PESTILENCE frontman] Martin [Van Drunen]. This because of the above statement I just made. Furthermore, Martin is doing other things. Good for him.

"So now you have two members that were in PESTILENCE before and one new guy.

"The reason why I bring PESTILENCE back to life is that people/fans keep asking me for this. The time is right now and Mascot is giving me the opportunity to do so.

Warbringer CD is OUT NOW in EUROPE and AUSTRALIA!!!

Our album, War Without End, has finally been issued this week all over Europe, the UK and Australia on Century Media Records. Now there is no excuse for our foreign friends to not get their hands on a copy of our CD.

See you on tour in Europe in May/June with Napalm Death and Suffocation.

Krisiun Confirmed at METAL GDL and at Hellfest Open Air.

Krisiun confirmed at METAL GDL on June 27th to 28th. And at Hellfest Open Air on June 20th to 22th. The Hellfest Open Air will also feature the bands: Motorhead, Iced Earth, Cavalera Conspiracy, Dimmu Borgir, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Death Angel, Marduk and many more.


Hellfest Open Air

Interview with Violator

This is the Interview with Poney, vocalist and bassist of this crazy Brazilian Thrashers... Violator!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us, how do you formed the band?

-Hey mexican maniax! First, let me say thanx to you guys from Obliteracion Zine. Muchas Gracias, locos! We formed up Violator back in 2002. A bad time for thrash. But we were four kids that loved Metallica, Slayer, Kreator and really enjoy to hang up together so we started playin' in Juan (he's mexican too) basement. We did have any pretensions beyond playng thrash and having fun. Wait, nothing has really changed! (laughs)

2.- What can you tell us about the metallic masterpiece “CHEMICAL ASSAULT“?

-Wow, thanx for this “metallic masterpiece” adjective. I would just say that is a material which shows our passion for thrash. How we breath and live thrash. It's more mature than “Violent Mosh” EP, has more variations and more speed than the EP. It's faster, it's thrasher. We really wanted to do some special. The album has an history, a begginning and an end. Everything about it was really thought. It's our attempt to make a non-generic old school thrash metal in 2006. We really believe that's its possible to sound original without loosing the old school addiction. We don't wanna be no copy, thats what we tried to do in Chemical Assault. It was an album completely DIY (do-it-yourself) made. The art, the songs, the production. We really believe in DIY and underground as a form to live beyond the mediocraty of our daily lifes (jobs, family, school) and thats what Violator is about for me, that's what Chemical Assault means.

3.- How is composing a song, do you have any special ways to achieve killer riffs?
-Our guitars, Capaça and Cambito, are killing riffs machine! It's all their fault! (laughs) I, actually, don't even know how to tune a bass! (more laughs).

4.- At the beggining, what was your first musical approach?
-When I had 5 years old I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson. (laughs) But then i was introduced to Iron Maiden and my life was never normal again. I started with Iron Maiden, Ramones, Black Sabbath. Then someday, at 12 years old, i got in my hands the “Kill'em All” album. “Speed! Speed! That's what we want!”. So me and Capaça, two nerds with nothing to do besides listening to Metal starting digging up to discover more bands like that. Then came Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden, Annihillator. At that time I was already lost! (more laughs)

5.- Is there a Distrito Federal over there? cause we have one too, by the way, when are you going to come to thrash it all out?(jeje, that..s two questions in one)
-Yeah! We live in Distrito Federal, the same as Mexico DC. It would be great to do some thrash in Mexico. You just have to invite, insane friends!

6.- Do you like mexican thrash metal bands?
-I am really crazy about Strike Master. I really love this band! Recently bought their CD “Up for the Massacre” and it sounds real killer thrash! It would be great to play with them, do some stage divings at “Thrashing the blind school”!

7.- How was the experience traveling to city Portel and play in the middle of the Amazonian Jungle at the Moshing With Violence Tour 2005?
-The most incredible experiences of our lives. Twenty hours in a boat, travelling through the middle of nowhere to make a concert, meet some thrashers and mosh it up! Great! Portel is a really small town in the heart of the amazon forest, and there are a lot of crazy bangers there. It seems like they were in the 80's, tape trading and a real passion for metal. No trendies and no money involved. Hope we can come back there someday.

8.- For you who are the most representative metal bands from Brazil nowadays?
-There a lot of great bands and a lot of great friends. Friendship is for us the most important thing in the underground. Here is a list of bands and friends, if you dont know them run for it! Bywar, Farscape, Blasthrash, Flagelador, Imminent Attack, Bandanos, Serial Killer, Overcast, Hate Your Fate, Low Life, Slaver, Pesticide, DFC, Funeratus, Executer, Massacre Bestial, Comando Nuclear, Eternal Devastation, Devil on Earth, Speed Metal Hell and lots of more!

9.- Sepultura or Sarcofago? why?
-Schizophrenia for me its the best brazilian album ever. So, I would choose Sepultura. Probably Sarcofago has a more historical importance to the development of Metal, INRI is an album totally pioneer. An brutality with no comparisson. But for the killer riffs, murderin' mosh parts, assassin speed, the approach with punk/hardcore and everything else I pick Sepultura from the times Schizophrenia/Beneath The Remains.

10.- Man, how was playing with great master of metal Destruction and Malevolent Creation?
-Really great! But I enjoy more playng with our friends like Bywar or Blasthrash in underground holes. It's more fun. And playing with international bands are nice, but its nothing that changes your life. Have to keep our feet in the underground. The concert with Destruction, by the way, it was really nice, cause Mike got behind the stage bangin his head and allowed us playing one more song. I'll never forget that wonderful scene.

11.- Do you have any plans (a new CD, single, DVD, a split maybe) in the near future?
-Yes, we are working in new songs for new stuff for this year! Hope this horrible world let us live intill there! Cheers and thrashin' thanx to you all! See ya! UFT!

You can check this guys on:

By Hashis Warrior.

Immortal Announce Australia And New Zealand Store Signings

IMMORTAL will hold a number of in-store sessions over the course of their upcoming tour of Austral and New Zealand. Details are as follows:

11 - Melbourne, Australia - Metal Mayhem (5/371 Flinders Street) -- 4:30pm - 6:00pm
17 - Sydney, Australia - Utopia Records (233 Broadway) -- 4:00pm - 5:30pm
19 - Auckland, New Zealand - Real Groovy (438 Queen Street) -- 5:00pm - 6:15pm

Immortal's Australia / New Zealand tour schedule is as follows:

10 - Melbourne, Australia - Billboard
13 - Perth, Australia - The Capitol Theatre
14 - Adelaide, Australia - Fowler's Live
15 - Sydney, Australia - The Metro Theatre
20 - Auckland, New Zealand - Transmission Room
21 - Wellington, New Zealand - SFBH

Source: Metalunderground

Joey Belladonna Announces More Tour Dates

More dates have surfaced for former ANTHRAX vocalist Joey Belladonna's Never Look Back 2008 tour. His schedule is now as follows:

2 - Jack Rabbit Slims - Albany, NY
3 - Underworld Concert Club - Columbus, OH
4 - The Lighthouse - Imperial, PA
5 - Montage Music Hall - Rochester, NY
6 - The Blue Note - Cincinnati, OH
9 - Kings Tavern - Denver, CO
11 - Roadhouse - Apple Valley, CA
12 - Tremors - Riverside, CA
13 - The Museum Club - Flagstaff, AZ
14 - Club Congress - Tucson, AZ
16 - Fat Cat - Modesto, CA
18 - Studio Seven - Seattle, WA
20 - The Cobalt - Vancouver, BC (NEW DATE)
22 - Club Vegas - Salt Lake City, UT (NEW DATE)
23 - Big City Night Club - Farmington, NM
25 - Acadia Bar - Houston, TX
26 - Rosedale - San Antonio, TX
29 - The Otherside Event Center - Tulsa, OK
30 - The Muse - Nashville, TN

1 - Jaxx Springfield, VA
3 - Championship Sports Bar And Grill - Trenton, NJ
7 - Doug’s Place - Aurora, IL (NEW DATE)
8 - Vnuks - Milwaukee, WI
9 - Reggie’s Rock Club - Chicago, IL
10 - Jigsaw Saloon - Parma, OH (NEW DATE)
11 - Cardo's - Chillicothe, OH (NEW DATE)
17 - The Haunt - Yonkers, NY
18 - The Big Bop Concert Hall - Toronto, ON

5 - Hard Rock Live - Mexico City, Mexico

Source: Metalunderground

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This is the Interview with Miikka vocalist and guitarrist of Nerlich.

1.- Brutal Regards guys how are you? What was the inspiration to create “Nerlich”?

-Hi, we're fine, thanks for asking. Nerlich was formed because we wanted to play the same kind of music as our favorite bands. Slayer was one of the first that caused the urge to do something like this, and some others that were important in the beginning were Death and Sadus. I think you can hear the influenses from all of those, although Death was the only one which played something similar as Nerlich. I think the speed and hectic atmosphere on our debut album is partly coming from the early influenses of Sadus.
When the things developed further we decided that we wanted to play death metal in the vein on Death, Pestilence, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation etc. Most of the bands played death metal with vocals similiar to Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, or they played extreme brutal death in the vein of Devourment. We didn't want to play like those, we wanted to have mid range vocals like Obituary, Pestilence or Death had, and also crushing riffs. That's the stuff we wanted to hear and rare bands played like that anymore. Ofcourse there's still several good bands that play stuff like us, but not so many, and we wanted to do our own music.

2.- What is the meaning of “Nerlich”?
-It can mean many several things, but I think it's better to let everyone decide it by themselves. It can mean ”old school death metal band from Finland” or ”my all time favorite band” or whatever you want.

3.- You have some changes in your line-up, in this moment who are in the official line-up of Nerlich?
-Viktor plays drums, he joined us after the ”Defabricated Process” album was recorded. I (Miikka) play guitar and do the vocals. We don't have any other members, and don't want to have.

4.- It was difficult record with this line-up changes?
-Line-up problems are always very frustrating. Sometimes people aren't motivated enough, they are assholes or the things that just don't work and then somebody has to be replaced. It's really frustrating and annoying to search for new members, then teach them the old songs, then write and learn new songs and then again someone leaves. But that's just the reality, it's not so common that same guys will always play together, especially in younger age. That's why there's now only me and Viktor. It's alot easier that way, to have only two members. I just have to teach the songs to one guy and then we're ready to record.

5.- How was the contact to record “Embalmed Madness” split with Gorgasm and Decoherence?
-Gab from Nihilistic Holocaust contacted us and asked if we wanted to be part of the split, and it sounded good so we accepted the request. He did great job in spreading it around the world. He spread about 3000 copies of it which is quite good from DIY label and really good promotion for us and the other two bands. Thanks for that Gab.

6.- Now you are already signed by OSM Records, do you have a good promotion and distribution with them?
-We did also a demo compilation with Conqueror of Thorns records in 2006 before signing to OSM Records. I don't know much about what kind of promotion and distribution they have. I have seen alot of reviews in Germany, but that's basically all that I know. Maybe it could be better in Europe. The release of ”Embalmed Madness” was good promotion and I think that several people that liked us on the split haven't heard the album for some reasons. I don't have a clue what's the situation in US, propably better, because the label is from US.

7.- “Defabricated Process” is a really good Death Metal piece, how was the process of composition?

-Thanks. It was quite long process. The songs were written during spring 2004-fall 2005 period, about 1,5 years. We mostly wrote 2-3 songs in 6 months, but in the last three months we were quite fast and got three songs composed. I mostly do the songs by myself, writing riffs at home and arranging them in my head. Then I show those to the Teemu (our drummer back then) and we re-arrange some things a bit. Some songs on the album also contains riffs from some other band members and several parts that Teemu and I have improvised together at rehearsals. But the songs were done mostly by myself. The song ”Mask for the faceless” is and exception, it's done by me and Teemu jamming at our rehearsal place. I came up with the intro and first two riffs when I was at home laying on my bed and playing guitar. Then I showed the riffs to Teemu and we just started to jam, getting new ideas and riffs and composed the song further. We jammed it for 1-2 months and all the time it kept developing, inventing new riffs etc. During that time I also did some re-arranging by myself. The lyrics were written always when the songs were already composed, but the vocals patterns were created at the same time as composing the songs.

8.- For you what is the most important difference between the Old School Death Metal, and the new sound of Death Metal?
-Atmosphere. The new sound of death metal is too consentrated on how tight you play those and how good (=clear) production you get. New bands also tryes to be as brutal and heavy as possible by playing really fast. The problem is the result. With these new death metal bands the production is often too plastic and the atmosphere suffers alot and eventually they lose alot of the brutality they are trying to get. And the fastness doesn't always make you brutal or heavy, it comes from riffs and atmosphere.
You propably know that Speed metal is mixture of heavy metal and punk. Death metal is basically mixture of speed metal and punk. So does that mean that death metal is 99% punk? The modern death metal bands don't seem to realize that and so they consentrate on wrong things and end up lacking the right atmosphere and having a dull modern production. Death Metal should sound war and brutal.

9.- Talk to us a little about your expirience like a Metal band in Finland, it..s hard to live for the music?
-Metal has become quite popular in Finland and you can see goths, bats, penguins, wannabe vampires and all kind of strange people everywhere. They are giving metal heads a bad name and they also spawn alot of crap bands. Otherwise it's not so bad. People don't get convicted to jail (like in Morocco) or beaten up in the streets because what kind of music they like.

10.- With who you like share the stage?

-It would be cool to play with Asphyx.

11.- Pestilence or Slayer?
-Tough one. Maybe I should say Pestilence, because that's one of the bands (amongst Death and others) that inspired us to play this kind of "old school" death metal. But Slayer is always Slayer, it's a great band and it has also been a significant reason why Nerlich excist. So my anwer is: Megadeth!

12.- Do you have plans for touring soon?
-No, because we are a two piece band now, so it's not so tempting to play with one guitar and drums. Well, we will see, maybe some day we will get some session/official members to the line-up. But not now, I like it more this way, it's more simple to do everything with only two members.

13.- For last, anything to say?
-We have a 4-track Ep coming really soon. Check out our homepage (or myspace page) for more info about it. It's the best Nerlich release so far, so it's worth of buying.

You can check this guys on:

Slayer Wins Second Metal Grammy Award, For "Final Six"

Slayer took home the award for Best Metal Performance for their song "Final Six" at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night in Los Angeles. The song off their latest album, Christ Illusion beat out tunes from Shadow's Fall, Machine Head, King Diamond and As I Lay Dying. Some of the metal award finalists actually walked the red carpet normally reserved for more mainstream celebrities.

Tom Araya took his place at the podium and thanked long-time producer Rick Rubin and the academy.

"It's...most of all (I'd like to thank) Rick Rubin, who has been with us, been there for us, for the past twenty-three years, twenty-four years, so thank you. My wife, my two kids, Sandra, Errol and Tommy. They're here with me. Of course our manager who has been with us for a good twenty years now. Well, thank you very much. Thank the academy. Thank you."

Araya also talked backstage that perhaps with two Grammys they could be considered unearthed from the underground.

"This is awesome. I guess we're part of the industry now, above ground. None of those tunnel diggings anymore. No, this is our second win actually. It's kind of exciting. We've been fortunate to have been around this long with no radio play. We've gotten support from satellite radio recently, MTV gave us minimal support, but it's all on word of mouth and people liking what we do and passing it on to their friends. We owe a lot of our success to our fans. The industry is great, but the fans are the ones that take the time to look you up to see what you're doing, wait for the record to come out and buy it so..."

Slayer won for "Eyes Of The Insane" last year (2007), and have two other nominations to their credit.

Decapitated Vocalist Nearly Fully Recovered From Accident Injuries

DECAPITATED drummer Witold "Vitek" Kieltyka sadly passed away at the age of 23 on November 2, 2007 after succumbing to head injuries sustained in a bad van accident in Russia. The band have posted this message on their MySpace page:

"For the people who are sending messages and friend requests:

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to each and every person due to the overwhelming response followed by the tragic events of last October. The friends and families of Covan (vocals) and Vitek will do their best in keeping you up to date with news on DECAPITATED and everything pertaining to the Vitek and Covan Charity Fund. The auction and tribute shirts have been temporarily delayed - but they are still in the works and should be up and running in the near future.

We are also waiting on a statement from Covan's family about his current condition. As far as we know, he is stable and on his way to a full recovery. We have high hopes for the future.

Thanks again to everyone for your amazing show of support. It really means the world to us. Please check back for updates."

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The Seedbed Of Evil: Death Mechanism

Amazing band formed in 2003, this Italian Maniac Thrashers, this year they put in the stores their first album "Human Error - Global Terror", excellent riffs, good solos but really aggressive, for fans of bands like Hypnosia, Kreator and Slayer, this is for you!!

You can check this guys on:


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Mayhem, Satyricon, Overkill confirmed for Jalometalli

Jalometalli celebrates the heavy tunes of metal again
The 7th Jalometalli at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland, August 15 – 16, 2008

The first 13 bands announced

The 7th annual Jalometalli in Oulu, Finland, will once again be held in the premises of Club Teatria on August 15 -16, 2008. The steadily increasing festival is proud to announce its largest number of foreign performers so far this year. Among the first confirmed bands are Overkill, the legendary American thrash band, the British Blitzkrieg and the Norwegian Satyricon and Mayhem. Among the representatives of the Finnish metal elite at this year’s Jalometalli are Turisas and Kalmah. Festival tickets will be available in March.

The 6th annual Jalometalli in 2007 surpassed all possible expectations, with Testament (USA) and Kreator (Germany) as its main acts.

The year 2008 will mark a remarkable cultural event as one of the main acts of Jalometalli, the legendary American thrash band Overkill throws its first gig ever in Finland. Founded already back in 1980, the New Yorker band has released an impressive number of 15 studio albums and maintained a very active tour calendar throughout their career. The Thrash Metal feast at Jalometalli 2008 does not end with Overkill, though, for the first Australian thrash metal band, Mortal Sin, will also throw their first gig in Finland at this year’s festival.
The black metal programme for Jalometalli will also take a major step forward with the inclusion of the Norwegian Satyricon and Mayhem in this year’s line up. In addition to the two big names from the cradle of black metal, Norway, the black metal acts at this year’s Jalometalli will also include the thrash-influenced Desaster from Germany. Evocation is the first confirmed band in this year’s programme that will treat the Jalometalli fans to high quality Swedish death metal while Blitzkrieg, the veteran band hailing from Britain, will throw a thundering set of traditional heavy metal.
Perhaps the biggest Finnish name on this year’s programme is Turisas, the battle metal band from Hämeenlinna. Even though they have only released two albums, the unique line up that finds its inspiration from war and Viking themes has been immensely successful in Great Britain, among others, despite the fact that few Finnish metal bands have ever made a breakthrough in Britain. The Slavic-spirited battles of Turisas are accompanied with tunes of the violin and the accordion.
Prestige from Tampere is among the more legendary Finnish bands at this year’s Jalometalli. The band was one of the strongest Finnish speed/thrash bands in the late 1980s. The Prestige line up at Jalometalli is the one and only original line up, and the gig is the band’s first since 1992.
Sotajumala from Jyväskylä will guarantee a gig of high quality death metal on this year’s programme while Catamenia and Kalmah will offer a good representation of the local bands’ reputation at this year’s festival. Adastra from Helsinki will treat its northern fans to a gig of traditional heavy metal.
The last ten bands of this year’s Jalometalli will be announced in March.
Ticket sales to the festival will begin in March.
There is no age limit to the festival, but there is a separate serving area for people of age.

Source: www.jalometalli.net

Testament Reveal Album Cover And Tracklisting

Testament has revealed the cover artwork and track listing of their forthcoming album, "The Formation of Damnation", due in North America on April 29 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The band recorded the effort in part with producer Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, EXODUS, ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE) at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California.

"The Formation of Damnation" track listing:

01. For The Glory Of
02. More Than Meets The Eye
03. The Evil Has Landed
04. Formation Of Damnation
05. Dangers of The Faithless
06. The Persecuted Won't Forget
07. Henchman
08. Killing Season
09. Afterlife
10. F.E.A.R.
11. Leave Me Forever

"The album is very traditional-sounding," guitarist Eric Peterson recently told Decibel magazine. "The ideology of what we're doing is like 'The Legacy' [1987]. But the musicianship's a lot better, so it's like 'The Gathering' [1999]. As most bands record their first, second and third albums, they're developing, developing, developing… until they've got their sound. Then they get worse. As a rule, you get good when you're starving and start slipping as soon as you're eating well. We never really made it to the big time. But, then again, we didn't fail. Because we've always been on that borderline, we've never had to make the kinds of compromises that end up killing so many bands. As we see it, we're better off doing what we do best, especially since things seem to have turned full circle. Kids even have long hair again."

TESTAMENT recently recruited Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN, SYSTEMATIC) to play the drums on new CD. The group was previously rehearsing and writing new material with British drummer Nick Barker (CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR), but Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and international work visa issues have prevented Barker from continuing to be involved in the project.

Bostaph, who was a member of TESTAMENT for a brief period starting around February 2004, had previously played several live dates with the group in 1992 and appeared on the band's 1993 live EP, "Return to the Apocalyptic City". He also toured with TESTAMENT in 2006.

Cannibal Corpse Seeking DVD Contributions

Veteran death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE have issued the following update:

"Want to be a part of an upcoming CANNIBAL CORPSE DVD? We're documenting the history of the band and are looking for any pictures or videos you may have of the band past or present onstage or offstage. Do you know of any good footage that exists? Let us know.

"Do you have a CANNIBAL tattoo? We want to include you. Do you have any artwork inspired by their songs? Send it in. Whatever you may have that you think would help tell the CANNIBAL story... send it snail mail or email hi-red Jpegs or uncompressed Quicktimes or Mini DV tapes. The deadline is March 1, 2008. Thanks for your help!

"Send materials snail mail to:

Metal Blade Records Inc.
2828 Cochran St. Ste 302
Simi Valley, CA 93065

"Send materials via the website to: dvd[at]cannibalcorpse.net.

"Make sure to include the following statement (print and include in your snailmail or copy/paste and include in your mail.


"By submitting materials by you, and by accepting these terms and conditions, please be advised that your submission of materials which may or may not be included in the CANNIBAL CORPSE video and DVD shall be deemed transferred by you to Metal Blade Records Inc. and is deemed a Work Made For Hire. Thereafter Metal Blade Records Inc. shall own the copyright in and to the materials submitted and can use for commercial or promotional exploitation for no compensation.



Venom - New Album Details

UK Metallers Venom have announced their album "Hell" is set for release in May 2008 through Universal.

Packed with 13 brand new malevolent tracks from the masters of Black Metal, Venom are now preparing to unleash this thunderous sequel to their 2006 "Metal Black" album. With song titles such as "Armageddon", "Straight To Hell", "Hand Of God", "USA For Satan", "The Power & The Glory", "Evil Perfection", "Kill The Music", and the title track "Hell".
The new album truly shows the power and intensity that is Venom, the trio of Cronos, Antton and Rage deliver the metal album of 2008.

Cavalera Conspiracy - Two Songs Available For Download

The following was written in a promotional publication by Roadrunner Records:

"The wait is over. The time is now. Many said it would never happen, that Max and Iggor Cavalera, the Brazilian brothers and visionaries that formed the groundbreaking Sepultura would reunite to make music together again. Despite having spent 12 years apart, the inescapable fact remains: Max and Iggor share blood and an unparalleled sonic kinesis. Hence, the Cavalera Conspiracy was born. While the Cavalera Conspiracy and their debut "Inflikted" may seem like the closest we'll get to a Sepultura reunion, make no mistake. The Cavalera Conspiracy is its own maniacal, untameable beast with its own set of rules.
Two tracks from the album, the title track "Inflikted" and first single "Sanctuary" are now up and doing the rounds at roadrunnerrecords.com.au website. Just go to the news section, follow the link and decide for yourself...in time it will become obvious that its only the music, not the rumours, that speaks the loudest."

Both songs are also available for download at the band's MySpace page.

"Inflikted" will be released internationally on March 24th and in the U.S.A. on March 25th.

01. Inflikted
02. Sanctuary
03. Terrorize
04. Black Ark
05. Ultra-Violent
06. Hex
07. The Doom Of All Fires
08. Bloodbrawl
09. Nevertrust
10. Hearts Of Darkness
11. Must Kill


Line up:
Max Cavalera - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Iggor Cavalera - Drums and Percussion
Marc Ruzzo - Lead and Rhythm Guitar (Soulfly)
Joe Duplantier - Bass (Gojira)

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

The Seedbed Of Evil: Ex Dementia

Death Metal!!!!
This band have the sound of the Old School, themes like gore and death are the principal, the sound is extremely rotten, in the vein of Impetigo, Repulsion and Macabre, if you like that bands, this is for you, Ex Dementia. You can check this guys on:


Forgotten Tomb Interview

All The Answers By Herr Morbid.

1. - Brutal regards guys, how are you? To begin, could you tell us what was the main inspiration in this album "Negative Megalomania? For moments this album reminds me bands like Danzig.

HM: Hi, apparently we're still alive. The inspiration for "Negative Megalomania" has been the usual: Negativity, and all the consequences of it. Musically speaking, the album has a very Rock-oriented approach, and of course it includes some influences from stuff like Black Sabbath, Danzig, Alice In Chains and Acid Bath, just to name ta few. These are influences we never put within our music before, but we felt this time we were ready to try new things and add a new dimension to our usual depressive Dark Metal stuff. This is a new beginning for the band.

2. - Since 1999 to this time, how was your evolution musically?
HM: The band started out as a Occult Black Metal band, in the vein of MayheM's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" with a touch of Burzum. This was the main style on the first Demo/MCD "Obscura Arcana Mortis". Shortly after the band moved to a more depressive and dark style, with many Doom Metal influences, and the album "Songs To Leave" was spawned. It instantly became a classic and helped creating a new subgenre in Black Metal, which has been called "Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal" nowadays. The following "Springtime Depression" defined the style of the band even better, and was hailed by many as a cult-album. The style was always slow and oppressive, with extremely dark and vicious atmospheres. "Love's Burial Ground" was a mix between the first 2 albums, with a better songwriting and a totally negative and sick mood, and it definitely confirmed FT as a leading band in this genre. "Negative Megalomania" opened up a new season for the band, and it showed how FT is able to mutate and evolve its sound while keeping its distinctive mark.

3. - Your first album "Songs To Leave" and the second "Springtime Depression" are a really really depressive albums, in some songs do you reflect aspects of your life?
HM: Yeah of course I was particularly depressed when I wrote the music and lyrics for those albums, though they were only a picture of that moment in my life. They remain very good albums musically speaking, but they don't mean anything to me personally nowadays.

4. - How do you get this harmony between Black and Doom Metal?
HM: Who knows? It simply came natural to me. It works out good, that's what I like.

5. - Can you describe your last album "Negative Megalomania"?
HM: I already did it in the answer to your first question. What could I add? It's an extremely dark album, but it includes also Rock influences and it's very varied. There are both scream and clean vocals in it, and this creates different moods and emotions within the songs. You can hear references to our past albums, but there's also a whole new dimension within the songs. It's just unique, there's nothing like that around nowadays.

6. - For you what is Black Metal?
HM: To be honest, nowadays Black Metal for me is nothing but a genre of music. I don't like most of the people involved in it, and most of the current B. M. bands suck big time. Black Metal used to mean a lot to me years ago, but now it's just a very small part of my existence. FT doesn't play Black Metal, and probably never did it except for the "Obscura Arcana Mortis" MCD. We play Dark Metal.

7. - How big is the Italian Xtreem music?
HM: There are some good bands and a lot of bad ones. I have some friends playing in good bands and at times I take part to their releases as a guest-musician, but everything is still quite underground.

8. - Could you describe me the best gig in your career?
HM: I don't know, we mostly played good gigs all over these years, I have some good remembrances of certain gigs more than others, but I wouldn't know what to choose. Probably Festung Open Air 2007, because it was the first time we played in front of 1000 people. It felt good. There have been also some other cool shows in small and packed clubs though.

9. - Avantgarde Music is your label now, you have a good relation with them?
HM: They worked pretty good on our latest album. They're cool guys. We'll see if the next one will be released through them again or not, we're still undecided.

10. - Mayhem or Darkthrone?
HM: Burzum?

11. - Plans for this 2008?
HM: Release a new album and try to make a living.

12. - For last anything to say?
HM: See you on the road sometimes, thanx for reading and buy our fucking albums.

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This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the largest and most successful metal festival in the United States.

This year's show, presented by ESP, Randall, EMG, and exclusive magazine presenter Metal Maniacs magazine, will take place the weekend of April 25-27 at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass., its home since its inception. Sumerian Records will sponsor the "Summer Slaughter Tour" second stage.

The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will present Gigantour featuring MEGADETH, IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM, JOB FOR A COWBOY and HIGH ON FIRE on Friday night. Saturday will be headlined by DIMMU BORGIR, SHADOWS FALL and BEHEMOTH. MINISTRY, MESHUGGAH and NEVERMORE will close out the festival on Sunday night.

New England Metal and Hardcore Festival lineup so far:


The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival is also sponsored by Metal Edge magazine, Monster Energy, All In Merchandise, 518 Prints, The Syndicate, Mazur PR, Heavy Hitter, Scott Lee Clothing, and many more to be announced.

Tickets go on sale Friday, February 15 at 10 a.m. EST. The cost is $47.50 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, $45 for Sunday, or $129 for a three-day pass. Tickets available at all Strawberries / FYE stores, by calling (800) 477-6849 or online at Tickets.com.

For more information, visit www.metalandhardcorefestival.com

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Napalm Death


Happy new year Everyone,Hope all you out there had a good time on new years Eve.So far its been a a mellow start to the new year for us but next week we get ready to head out to the Czech Republic for a few shows so thats going to be a lot of fun,Got to start grinding those X - mas calories away.

Speaking of which we have a massive amount of shows coming up over the next few months as our Smear campaign world tour continues ever onwards.Firstly we are heading out on tour witth Devil Driver and walls of Jericho in the states and then later on in may we resurrect The Campaign for Musical Destruction tour as we co headline Europe with Suffocation which I am definately looking forward to as they are old friends of ours and I think its going to be a killer tour.

Also we have been talking about bringing out a few different songs from the past and present for the US and Europe to spice up our set lists so thats going to be a challenge for us as we want to play some old soNgs that the band has never ever played live before..

Anyway enough new year waffle from me,upcoming dates are below and we hope to see you all soon




February 27 - Modesto, CA @ The Fat Cat
February 28 - Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
February 29 - West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
March 2 - Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
March 4 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
March 6 - Tulsa, OK @ Cain's Ballroom
March 7 - Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theater
March 8 - San Antonio, TX @ Scout Bar
March 9 - Corpus Christi, TX @ House of Rock
March 14 - Seminole, FL @ Boomerz
March 15 - Port St. Lucie, FL @ Mojo Room
March 17 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
March 18 - Fayetteville, NC @ Jesters
March 19 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
March 20 - North Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues
March 21 - Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans
March 22 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
March 24 - New York, NY @ B.B. King Blues Club
March 25 - Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock
March 26 - Hartford, CT @ Webster Theater
March 27 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
March 28 - Bedford, NH @ Mark's Showplace
March 29 - Clifton, NY @ Northern Lights
March 31 - Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls
April 1 - Louisville, KY @ Headliner's
April 2 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
April 3 - Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
April 4 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
April 5 - Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
April 6 - Mokena, IL @ Pearl Room
April 8 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
April 9 - Maplewood, MN @ The Rock
April 11 - Sauget, IL @ Pop's
April 12 - Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont
April 13 - Salina, KS @ The Blue Goat
April 16 - Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
April 17 - Famington, NM @ Gator's
April 18 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theater


May 08 - Dordrecht, Holland @ Bibelot
May 09 - Zaandam, Holland @ De Kade
May 10 - Berlin, Germany @ SO36
May 11 - Gelsenkirchen, Germany @ Gelsenkirchen Amphitheatre (Rock Hard Festival)
May 12 - Hasselt, Belgium @ Muziek-O-Droom
May 13 - Paris, France @ La Locomotive
May 14 - Rennes, France @ Antipode
May 15 - Biarritz, France @ Atabel
May 16 - Durango, Spain @ Plateruena
May 17 - Corroios, Spain @ Cine Teatro de Corroios
May 18 - Madrid, Spain @ Caracol
May 19 - Barcelona, Spain @ Mephisto
May 20 - Six Fours Les Plages, France @ Espace Anre Malraux
May 21 - Bulle, France @ Ebullition
May 22 - Rome, Italy @ Circolo Degli Artisti
May 23 - Roncade/Treviso, Italy @ New Age
May 24 - Pinarella Di Cervia, Italy @ Rockplanet
May 25 - Luzern, Switzerland @ Schüür
May 26 - Lindau, Switzerland @ Club Vauderville
May 27 - Saarbrücken, Germany @ Roxy/Garage
May 28 - Tilburg, Holland @ 013 (Neurotic Death Fest)
Jun. 04 - Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
Jun. 05 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ The Rock
Jun. 06 - Aalborg, Denmark @ Studentehuset

Immolation Lucifer Over America Tour 2008

Feb 12 2008-I-Rock Detroit, Michigan
Feb 13 2008-Uncle Pleasants Louisville, Kentucky
Feb 14 2008-The Muse Nashville, Tennessee
Feb 15 2008-Logan Square Auditorium Chicago, Illinois
Feb 16 2008-7th Street Entry Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 19 2008-El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Feb 20 2008-Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Feb 21 2008-Oakland Metro Oakland, California
Feb 22 2008-Galaxy Theatre Santa Ana, California
Feb 23 2008-Jumping Turtle San Marcos, California
Feb 24 2008-House Of Blues Hollywood, California
Feb 25 2008-El Jardin Del Silencio Mexicali, Baja California
Feb 26 2008-Orpheum Theater Flagstaff, Arizona
Feb 27 2008-The Sets Tempe, Arizona
Feb 28 2008-Launch Pad Albuquerque, New Mexico
Feb 29 2008-Rock Bottom Bar San Antonio, Texas
Mar 1 2008-Cine El Rey McAllen, Texas
Mar 2 2008-Meridian Houston, Texas

Warmaster Signs With Dutch Metal Records

DUTCH METAL RECORDS has inked a deal with Dutch Metalheads WARMASTER! WARMASTER is set to release their long awaited debut-cd 'FIRST WAR' On March 24th.

'First War' is recorded and mixed at A.M. Studio, which has worked for bands such as Infinited Hate, Funeral Winds, Dark Remains and many others. Robbe K is responsible for mastering 'First War'.
WARMASTER will go on tour to support the release of 'First War', dates will be announced soon!
WARMASTER has created an album which takes Death metal back to basics, yet agressive music and is determined to conquer the metal scene!

Corne Bijlemeer - vocals
Rik van Gageldonk - guitars
Merijn Schenkels - guitars
Alex Schluter - bass
Andre van der Ree - drums


jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

The Seedbed Of Evil: Maledictvm Avernalis

Maledictvm Avernalis, is an excellent new Black Metal band from Colombia, in the vein of Marduk or Dark Funeral. Their music is really agressive and obscure, they have one demo called "Satan Raw Cvlt", for all the Black Metallers this is a really good option, you can check this guys on:


miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2008

Interview with Death Breath

All the answers by Robert Pehrsson.

1.- What can you tell me about “stinking in the night“?

-It’s our debut album, any particular things you thought of?

2.- What are the things that inspire you to make you write these lyrics?

We write lyrics that we think suits our sound and style. Books and old horror movies and stuff like that are great inspiration.

3.- How..s the way of composing, does lyrics come first or the music come first?

-The music usually comes first. But sometimes if I think of some lyrics I try to make a habit of writing them down so I can use them later on. It can be a title or just a few words. But most of the time I will have a whole song done before I start writing the words for it. It’s just easier I think, because then I can arrange the words just the way I want them.

4.- Any important or remarcable influences that may cause the good sound of the band?
-Not really, me and Nicke like the same old stuff and our sound comes quite natural to us. We record in a completely analogue environment, I think that contributes greatly to our sound.

5.- I gotta tell you man your music its a bomb! when i first heard you i was all nuts man! Do you think you have defined your own sound as a band?
-Thanks! We try to write the stuff that we would like to listen to ourselves. We’ve not been very involved with the death metal scene for many, many years. So our sound is quite natural for us.

6.- Have you heard about any mexican death metal band that you really like?
-No, I really have been out of touch with the whole scene for a long time. I just listen to my old classic records.

7.- What is your interests at zombies? is this kind of important in the band concept?

-Well our mascot is a zombie, you know the face we print on most of our stuff. He’s name is “Sven”.

8.- We can se that in your last EP “LET IT STINK“ you play 3 cover songs from Bathory, G.B.H. and Discharge...are you into hardcore and punk too?
-Nicke and Scott are really into that. I’m not so much myself, I do dig a lot of the stuff, but it’s not something I grew up with. I wanted to record the Bathory song though.

9.- Your sound is very old school, what do you think about the band and all that you..ve done over the years?
-We’ll just continue to release records and tour when we can. That’s the way we want to keep things, really simple. We do this for the love of the music and not as a career.

10.- When are you coming to Mexico?

-As soon as possible!

11.- Anything you want to say for the mexican fans?

-Please enlighten me when it comes to Mexican death metal. Send us a link on our myspace page.
Cheers to all of you!

You can check Death Breath at www.myspace.com/deathbreathdeathmetal

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Lemmy Says He Wants To Die Like Tommy Cooper

According to James McCarthy from Wales On Sunday, MOTÖRHEAD legend Lemmy Kilmister has professed he hopes to die onstage ‘like Tommy Cooper (Welsh prop comedian and magician).’

But the 62-year-old Anglesey-born rocker, whose songs include 'Killed By Death', is sure however he goes, he’s going to hell.
The one-time Jimi Hendrix roadie said: “Hopefully I’ll die onstage like Tommy Cooper. I always thought he went out really well – to the sound of laughter. I want people clapping and laughing and shouting hooray.

“It would be awful to go off down the tunnel with ‘boo’ ringing in your ears. I am going to hell though. That is where all the pool tables are.”

The singer also revealed he is a big fan of THE BEATLES, ZZ TOP and ‘90s funk metallers LIVING COLOUR.

He hopes to one day make a record as good as Tres Hombres or Tejas by ZZ Top. He said: “I haven’t come close yet, but we’re working on it.”

Read the full article at Wales On Sunday.

Behemoth Frontman In Trouble Over Bible Tearing

Ryszard Nowak, who heads the All-Polish Committee for Defence against Sects, has reportedly registered an official complaint with the authorities in Poland regarding a BEHEMOTH concert that took place in the Polish city of Gdynia in September 2007 that included the destruction of a Bible by the band's leader, vocalist/guitarist Adam "Nergal" Darski. During a break in the show, Nergal apparently called the Catholic Church "the most murderous cult on the planet" before tearing up the Bible, stating, "they call it the Holy Book, I call this the book of lies. Fuck the shit, fuck the hypocrisy."

Fan-filmed video footage of the incident can be viewed below (the Bible-tearing takes place around the 45-second mark).

Nowak is no stranger to controversy, having previously compiled a list of artists who allegedly "promote Satanism" through their music and distributed it to various Polish officials in an attempt to get the artists banned from performing in Poland.

It is not presently clear if any action will be taken against Nergal, who previously stated about Nowak's efforts to get BEHEMOTH banned from performing in the group's home country, "I am shocked; this must be some kind of joke. We've been touring around the whole world — United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Russia — and we've not had any problems anywhere. I am surprised that we are being judged by our appearance and that no one even took the time to contact us and ask us what our music is all about. Other than that, come on — there are enough serious matters to be dealt with in Poland! The authorities would be better off spending their time on things that really need to be improved and taken care of."

Agent Steel Announce First Show Of 2008

California-based power metallers AGENT STEEL will be performing their first show of 2008 in Juarez, Mexico (just across the El Paso, Texas Santa Fe Bridge) on Saturday, February 16th at the New Rainbow Bar/Club along with HELSTAR and special guests HISTERIA, and INNOCENT EXILE.

Onslaught Announce New Guitarist

Onslaught have posted the following message on their Myspace page:

"Onslaught have replaced departed guitarist Al Jordan with awesome new shredder Andy Rosser-Davies..
Nige Rockett comments.'Unfortunately Al was unable to commit to any touring with the band as from late last year due to personal circumstances, live shows are what we are all about, so the situation was unworkable.
As many of our German fans will know Andy came in at very short notice to play on the tour with Ektomorf and did a fantastic job..He is phenemenol guitar player with a very aggressive style which suits Onslaught perfectly, we were stoked when he accepted our offer.
It was a pity Al had to go at such a positive time, but sometimes i guess these things happen and we will move on to bigger and better things.. we all wish him and his family all the best with his new career at Asda Walmart..."

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The Seedbed Of Evil: Nothingness

Today we have an amazing Mexican Death Metal band... NOTHINGNESS.
Pure brutality, agression and evil in this band, if you want bands like Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Incantation, etc; this guys are the answer, check this Metalheads in this site:


viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008

Bloodbath - Akerfeldt Back In The Band

The following message was posted on the official site of Swedish death metallers Bloodbath:

"So the time has come for Bloodbath to once again poison the scene with a contagious doze of über brutal death metal. An old acquaitance in this zombified bloodline has once again re-visited his old home. We can now announce that the vocalist on the new mini-cd is none other than Mikael Åkerfeldt courtesy of Opeth.

Second deathster to join the elite is Mr Per 'Sodomizer' Eriksson (ex-21 Lucifers, ex-Genocrush Ferox). Sodomizer's brutal death metal songwriting approach as well as guitar shredding is a highly welcomed element in the legacy of Bloodbath."

Interview with Merciless Death

This is the Interview with Merciless Death, all the answers by Cesar Torres.

1. How was the way you two (Andy and Cesar) get involved in heavy rock, to be more specific what was your first musical approach to this genres?
-Hey there, Cesar Torres, drummer for Merciless Death here. Thanks for the interview! Well, I’ve been introduced to music by various people, each affecting me differently. I still listen to bands such as Journey, Scorpions, the Cars and such because I grew up listening to those bands from my father. My eldest brother Victor grew up in the 90’s, so it wasn’t uncommon to listen to Metallica, Pantera, White Zombie, and Nirvana. But it was my brother Andy that influenced me musically into metal. He began to listen to bands such as Iron Maiden, Old Metallica, Megadeth, and Judas Priest. It was these first bands that really got me into the metal genre. I used to eat up Priest and Maiden by the gallon! The vocals – high pitch and wailing away! Maiden’s technical melodic sound and Priest heavy approach really appealed to me. After that, we both kept searching for heavier bands.

2. How did you meet Dan?
-I met him when Andy brought him over to our home. Andy invited him after becoming friends with Dan in High School. I was still in Junior High so high school was still foreign to me. Dan is an intimidating guy! At that time I was 13 or 14 years old and Dan is this huge 6 feet-something man-mountain, who wore black Venom and Slayer attire. Intimidating indeed, but he was actually a cool guy. Anyways – he was there in my living room with Andy practicing some new tunes Dan had written; he wanted Andy to try some vocals. Apparently they were starting a Thrash metal band. I thought it was cool, but decided not to interfere with them – I wasn’t in the band yet so my input on anything was meaningless.

3. Is there in Canyon Country more thrash bands that you really like?
-Actually it’s pretty lonely over here in Canyon Country. The only band I can think of that is a thrash band would be Incinerator. Malicious Assault was based here, but the band split-up; we all still hang out together though. Other than that, most bands here are emo, nu-metal, and punk bands. Canyon Country is an hour North of Los Angeles located in the valley, not many thrashers out here other than us.

4. Tell us about your experience at the Thrasho de Mayo

-Thrasho de Mayo 1 and 2 were both great! I’m not sure who exactly set up the show – I believe it was first conceived by Omar from Malicious Assault, but I am unsure. Thrash de Mayo 1 was in 2006 – early in today’s thrash metal scene. The bill was Malicious Assault, Warbringer, Devastator, Merciless Death, and Fueled by Fire. That was a very important night, because it showed there was an audience for this type f music alive in LA. People flocked to the Whisky a GO GO from all over LA, and the show was quickly sold out and packed full of die hard thrashers – as well as skeptics who needed to see what the underground buzz was about. That was also the night we self-released “Evil in the Night”.
Because of the success of the Thrasho de May show in 2006, Thrasho de Mayo 2 was set up for 2007 at the Knitting Factory. It was switched to the Knitting Factory because the Whisky a GO GO became dicks and denied us thrash bands a weekend booking. So the decision was made to book Thrasho 2 at the Knitting Factory, where they gave us the main stage. The bill consisted of Armored Assassin, Fueled by Fire, Malicious Assault, Witchaven, Merciless Death and Strike Master. The buzz was so high for this show – there was a line stretching around the block of people who couldn’t get in! Seems the Knitting Factory was packed to the teeth! Great show – however, we felt our set time was cut short due to Fueled by Fire (who played before us). The sound guy told them to play their last song – but FBF decided on their own to milk the stage and play three more “encores”. One would’ve been fine, but three? Because of that, our set was rushed and cut. It left a bad taste in our mouths.

5. What’s your opinion about Mexican thrash band Strike Master, do you like em?
-Strike Master is a great band – a bunch of cool guys! Whenever they pass up here we try our best to hang out with ‘em and party. To me – they seem to be keeping the scene alive south of the boarder along with Violator!

6. How is the metal scene at Canyon Country?
-Only us and Incinerator. Not much of a scene – more like a group of friends.

7. Looking back in time how’s been the way since your first demo “THE SHORES OF HELL“up to now?
-Geez, that’s a lot to reflect upon. The first thing I can come up with is that we sound a lot tighter and experienced from what we sounded like before. But that is obvious, I mean it’s been years since the “Sores of Hell” demo so it’s expected we sound better (Although there are bands that don’t progress at all). That demo wasn’t even a demo to begin with – it was recorded for ourselves to hear and memorize all our songs – for practice. No way was that demo intended for release. But, somehow it got online and people know about it. Its not a bad thing, it was weird going online and listening to samples from that recording, I was like, “How the heck did that get out?”. Last time I checked, we only made two “Shores of Hell” CD’s. Then with the release of Annihilate the Masses, we began to grow and people began to notice us. The recording for that demo was okay – it’s only a demo so don’t expect gold, but it was recorded well and it got our sound and message out. Sure we played slow compared to now. With Evil in the Night our sound was set and that album was enjoyed by many. Reviews saying it’s a great thrash album reminiscent to exodus and slayer from ‘85 – that’s a great compliment considering the fact that we were influenced by thrash in general!

8. What plans you have in the future, are you going to release another full length or some single soon?
-Yes! We have a new record coming out in ’08 - Realm of Terror! We are hoping Realm of Terror will surpass our first album and advance Merciless Death to the next level! We have already recorded the album and are awaiting the layout of the record from Heavy Artillery Records. Hopefully we can get this completed soon – there are a lot of people going crazy that there hasn’t been a new Merciless Death release! I assure you all though, it’s being done! So please, be patient until it’s complete!! It’s going to kill!

9. What has been the best show you’ve ever had up to now?

-I don’t have a best show, It’s impossible to rate all the shows we’ve done in a list from best to worst. There are things in every show that kick ass or suck but overall – all the shows we’ve ever played have been great for one reason or many. The New York show on our Evil Curse Tour was great because we met a lot of people who dug us – signed CD’s, crowd went crazy and enjoyed our music, we met and hung out with At War, and they gave us food for free! But all the other shows here in LA or out on the road – they are great cause the fans that are at the shows stage dive and circle pit like madmen! It’s great to see these guys go crazy at a show – It really brings the energy and boosts us up with energy! Then afterwards, we all usually party! It’s great!

10. Which bands would you like to share the stage with?

-Definitely Venom and Mercyful Fate/King Diamond!! That would be great! Venom played here in LA but I missed them (we had play Minneapolis Mayhem in Minnesota the same day – what a bummer!), but it would be awesome to share the stage with them – and imagine if It were the original line-up!? That would be insane! Same with Mercyful Fate and King Diamond – We are so grateful for what they have done – it would be an honor to open for them!

11. When are you coming to Mexico?

-Hopefully soon! We really want to start setting up multiple tours and get outta the US to spread our music around the world – but we aren’t rich and bookings are tough to negotiate. Someday we will play Mexico and all those killer thrashers from south of the boarder will rejoice! Probably destroy something too!

Thanks a bunch for the interview! It was fun!

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