domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

The Seedbed Of Evil: Grimness (Italy)

O´right dudes, today we have this Italian band called "Grimness", they play a really good Black Metal, this guy Valerio have a great vocal style, violent, raw with a epic touch. Talking about the music i think they play a classic Black Metal style, with some elements of Thrash Metal, and some blastbeats (for me that is the best way), the drums are insane (no technical shit), chaotic!!! I realy like that sound in a record, because you can feel the essence of the band i think... No painted faces, i like that attitude, just get your instrument and play!! So, if you like bands like Tsjuder or the legendary Mortuary Drape, this guys are a good option for you, go listen this guys and cut some heads!!


Grimness are:
Valerio - Vocals/Guitar
Andrea - Guitars
Giulio - Bass
Jonah - Drums

You can check this guys on:

Do You Remember This?

R.I.P. Jon.


VILE have just finished recording the vocals for their new album. The band still has to figure out the label situation, but they are hoping to have the album released at least in a limited way in fall with a full world-wide release soon afterwards. A European tour is planned for the spring of 2010 with a U.S. tour to follow. More info and updates at

Suffering Life Festival

Here's an official press release from the organizers of Germany's SUFFERING LIFE FESTIVAL: "From June 25th to 28th Germany's Metalheads are heading to Wachenroth / Bavaria to join the Suffering Life Festival. This is Bavaria's cosyest Festival from fans for fans. For just 27 Euro you'll get a lot of great bands from allover the world. Delicious beer, good food and a Metal market complete the party. So don't hesitate and be part of this nice spectacle. CU there, Andy." The complete billing reads as follows: VADER, DESTRUCTION, ENDSTILLE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, PETER PAN SPEEDROCK, VOMITORY, HATESPHERE, ROMPEPROP, LENG TCH'E, THE NEW BLACK, AOK, BULLET MONKS, HACKNEYED, CRIPPER, HERETIC SOUL, DEFLORATION, RUNAMOK, PATHOLOGY STENCH, SILENT DECAY, ABSORB, PLANET BITCH and ONE BULLET LEFT. For more information check out


HELLWITCH have posted the following news at their official myspace site "It is with great dismay that we announce the departure of long time drummer Joe "Witch" Schnessel from HELLWITCH. Joe Witch will be missed by the band and by thousands of maniacal fans across the globe. We wish him the best of luck on his journey. To any who would like to contact Joe Witch he has a personal myspace as well."

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