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Interview: Offal (Brazil)

After some time, we comeback with a killer Interview with Andre Luiz (Vocals) and Tersis (Guitar), this guys are the incarnation of the best Gore Pervertions... Offal!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us your names and possitions and how do you formed the band?

- André: Ohhh what's up? It's okay here, we're fine, thankxxx! Offal today is: André Luiz – Vocals, Eduardo Tobe – Drums, João Carlos Ongaro – Bass and Tersis Zonato – Guitars and vocals. Well, we started our activities late 2003 as a trio just playing some Autopsy's covers and the band originally called Orgy in Excrements (Autopsy's Acts of the Unspeakable song). Some time later we started to compose our own songs and when we got some good ones we decided to record that stuff! So, we did and I sent it just to some local friends, we really didn't have any plans to put that stuff as an official release or something else! Some months later my friend Renzo of the band I Shit on Your Face started a label (The Hole Productions) and I sent the whole stuff for him, so he said that would like to put it out as his number one release! It was really awesome, so we started to produce the whole cover / layout and some months later our first full-length was finally out: Offal – S/t full-length CD – The Hole Productions 2006. Fortunately we've got several good responses about the CD and nowadays it's totally sold-out! Later we had a few line-up changes and recently we have released our latest stuff, a split MCD with the Aussie freaks of Bowel Fetus also via The Hole Productions, check it out!

2.- With 7 years into the Underground, for you what is the best thing, that Offal gives to you like a band?
- André: Ohhh all these years where very special for us! We got the chance to record and release some cool stuff, we met several people, we've played with some great bands and we especially did several friendships worldwide!

3.- What bands inspired you to create Offal with this Metal style?
- André: We got several influences to create Offal, most names of the late 80's and early 90's Death Metal cult bands but absolutely the greatest name was for sure and will always be AUTOPSY! ALL HAIL MASTERS!
- Tersis: I think I'm more into traditional old-school Death Metal with some classic and also some underground bands. I like North American and Swedish metal scene from the old days: they we're great and are the pillars to what Death Metal is known today. I also have some other extreme metal influences that can be recognized sometimes in our song structures.

4.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- Tersis: Usually, each member creates a rough song or record some riffs and ideas. So we put it together on rehearsals. André fill it with vocals and we start to refine the song, rearranging the structure and finding out the best feeling, also thinking about the message we want to spread.

5.- How was the contact to participate int he compilations "100 Ways Splatter Fetish" and "In Gore We Grind Volume III"?
- André: We weren't in touch with the labels when they asked for a track to enclose on the compilations! They just got in touch with us and asked for it, so… Honestly, I'm not totally into compilation stuff, especially when it features different genres and bands! But on these cases, both are great compilations and both feats tons of sick bands, was great to appear on these ones! We didn't get any copy of the "In Gore We Grind Volume III" compilation, I got in touch with the label's guys asking for our copies but we didn't received yet.

6.- Where does the lyric theme came from? Why having this topics in lyrics?
- André: Well, the lyrics are totally into that disgusting, twisted and vile blood-splattering Old-skull Death Metal addicted to the splatter platters of the 70's, 80's and 90's B-cinema following all that cult late 80's / early 90's Death Metal founders! There are lots of bands doing it nowadays and others that already did it but we're always trying to do something different with our own characteristics and this whole old-school universe has all that we need to do something really great!

7.- How much time did you took to have ready the first Offal album songs and recording?
- André: Ohhh sorry, I can't precise! As I said before we started the activities just playing some cover songs and only some time later we started to do some compositions! We also re-compose some early songs from the Orgy In Excrements era... I can't precise, but one or two years, I think!

8.- Do you choose to work with Bowel Fetus in the split, how was possible this split?
- André: The whole contact for this split was made by Renzo of The Hole Productions! We just start to keep in touch with Glen of Bowel Fetus lately!

9.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?
- André: Well, I'm currently running to finish the university of Zootechny, I pretend to work with full animal production. Tersis Zonato and João Ongaro are graphic designers and are currently working with graphic and web design. Eduardo Tobe works with photography and cinegraphy for a worldwide skateboard magazine.

10.- What can you say about this song "Cadaver Breath"?
- Tersis: I like this song. It starts with mid-tempo drumming beats and a great riff. After that, it changes to a zombie-like slow creepy passage. I can say that the ending is very cool, when the same riff goes slowly, the intense screaming and the blood spilling out of the speakers.

11.- Talking about Brazilian scene, how is in this days? The Metalheads still being a crazy supportive motherfuckers?
- Tersis: I can surely say that there are some bands here. We also had the opportunity to play with many great bands and met a lot of people. Unfortunately, there's A LOT of losers playing white metal and these kind of shit, but they always hide their ideals, because that way they think they will "fit" on the scene... only after some time, you discover what they talk about in their music. So, there's a huge problem with gig producers here. Not so long ago, I went to a gig with some Death and Thrash Metal bands. Later, I discovered that there's was two white metal bands playing. It is so fucking contraditory... How can a white metal band play with other bands that has the opposite ideology? I DON'T SUPPORT all of these white metal shit, and also, I DON'T SUPPORT these kind of gigs. Death metal is not allowed to speak about these religious shit. Death metal is hate and sickness! All hail old-school gore lyrics!

12.- How is gig of Offal?
- Tersis: People always support us on our live sets, and that's GREAT! The mosh-pit circle is always intense... some freaks are always following us, travelling together, pounding and banging all over the place!

13.- Plans for the near future?
- Tersis: We're currently recording our new full-length CD/LP on AvantGarde Studio (Curitiba/PR - Brazil). We're also planning a split 7" EP. It has been really great to have some old songs that use to be on our live setlist, finally recorded. I can't wait to see things done.

14.- Anything you want to add or ask?
- Tersis: Thanks a lot for your support. As I said before, we're currently working on new material. So I invite you all to follow our recording sessions on our official website: ( Keep checking for updates...and prepare yourself for the Horror-Obsessed Death Metal Carnage!

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