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Interview: Affliction Gate (France)

Today we have this Interview with this Obscure Deathmetallers from France... Affliction Gate!

1.- Hails guys! First of all, could you tell us your names and positions and how did you form the band?

- AG was born by the gathering of JP (drums), Herostratos (vocals) and me, Grief, (guitar) in Spring 2006. We are 3 long times friends and Metalheads so, we just thought it was finally time to start a band together with the aim to play traditional Death Metal as it used to be in its glorious era back in late 80’s and early 90’s. A couple of friends complete the line up as session members for lead guitar and bass duties.

2.- What bands inspired you to create Affliction Gate with this amazing and real Death Metal style?
- I can mention names as BENEDICTION, MASSACRE, GRAVE, UNLEASHED, ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH, MANTAS / DEATH etc... Those are the most obvious influences. To pay homage to the early cult stuffs of those bands is what we are all about. We don’t care if we are not original : anyway, we all know that all the essential riffs and releases of the genre have been already done between 1987 and 1993. We just want to contribute to keep the ancient flame alive !

3.- How much time did you take to have ready the first Affliction Gate EP songs and recording? Do you have other recordings before this EP?
- Well, in spite of the fact that the band was formed in 2006 we could only record our first EP in August 2008. Due to other personal priorities, AFFLICTION GATE was quite dormant for 2 years. Anyway, that’s old story and our band is 100% active now. We recorded “severance...” during various sessions in August. It was home made recording with limited equipment but I think the result is really decent. The songs which appear on this EP were already composed and structured since 2006. Same for those on the album except “the worst is yet to come” which was composed in 2009. “Severance...” is the very first recording and release of AG, actually.

4.- The past year released your debut album "Aeon of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)" with who worked for this album, and how was the contact with Vincent Crowley from the mighty "Acheron"?
- Actually, I was already yet briefly in touch with Vincent back in the early 2000’s. Then, when the EP was out I got in touch with him again through Myspace and we traded some stuffs. When working on the intro of this song in rehearsal, we thought about adding a guest for the narration part. So, the name of Vincent came to our minds as we knew his voice could fit fucking well ! I wrote him to propose this idea and he answered that he was ok to do it. Some weeks later we received the Wave files through Internet Then, we thought it would be great if he could do more vocals and backing vocals on some parts of the song which he agreed again. It was very easy and great to deal with him and we are extremely honoured to have his voice on the album.

5.- What can you say about this song "Cattle Burner"?
- Lyrics deal with a battle against conformity put in an apocalyptical warfare’s context and including some philosophical hints refering to Nietzsche’s work.

6.- You played with "Arghoslent" right? How are these guys? They are seriously criticized about their radical ideas... so, i´m just curious.
- Yes, we shared the bill with ARGHOSLENT and they are cool guys. As far as we are concerned, we have no interest at all in political issues, be it from the left winged or right winged side. So, radical opinions or not, we don’t care about this matter, anyway. On another hand, for our very first gig, we shared the bill with the French band IBOGAINE who stands for the complete ideological opposite since they are a part of the “Metalheads against Racism” campaign. As you can figure out by yourself, we believe that freedom of speech is primordial especially in Art where no limit should be imposed as we consider that bands have the right to express what they want.

7.- How was the contact to sign with Metal Inquisition Records and how is your relation with them?
- While looking for a deal for the debut album, I got in touch with several labels and METAL INQUISITION is the one who made us the most honorable and concrete offer. A more oriented Death Metal label is what we needed so, to sign with this label suit us well. We have excellent relations with Steffen / MI and he is doing some really cool job for us at the moment.

8.- Talking about French scene, how is it in these days? In the past you had many great bands like Massacra, Crusher, Agressor, Loudblast, Mercyless, Supuration, Mutilated, Dagon, ADX... Now i don´t really know a good number of great bands from France, almost all the bands plays Brutal Ultra Technical stuff, what dou you think about this?
- Traditional Death Metal as we play is truly a minority here. Good old school sounding bands that need to be mentioned are BLOODY SIGN, NECROWRETCH, ZOLDIER NOIZ (thrash / death), BRUTAL REBIRTH, THE SEVEN GATES, NECROS, RITUALIZATION, RESISTANCE (heavy / thrash). To keep it short : Death Metal needs atmosphere, soul / feeling and hooks, not all this empty constant blast beating & musical masturbation ! All these kinds of stuffs are really annoying and uninteresting, if you ask me.

9.- How is a gig of Affliction Gate?
- We only played 3 gigs so far. The last one with ARGHOSLENT being almost one year ago now but new gigs will happen on May. We rather chose to concentrate on the album recording and release last year, actually. To get back to your question, we simply try to offer a pure Death Metal ceremony & a travel back into time to the crowd !

10.- For you what is the meaning of Affliction Gate, why did you choose this name for the band?
- This is a quite conceptual and philosophical name. AFFLICTION GATE means a path of no return & of severance to reach strength and freedom through despair and death. It’s Herostratos who came up with this name being the perfect symbol of our dark perspectives.

11.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- The best is to ignore all these trends. At a time where you can find eveyrthing on Internet (even the most Underground stuffs), I think to be Underground is much more a state of mind which rather means integrity, dedication, passion and sincerity above all. As long as you do no compromise, stay true to yourselves and to what you stand for, that’s the only thing that matters. All the fucking silly trends of the world will never reach us, anyway. I am a Metal fan since the late 80’s so I saw lots of trends come and go but I will always stick to traditional stuffs, be it in Hard, Heavy, Speed / Thrash, Death or Black Metal genres. Some can call me a regressive and nostalgic guy but I take it as a compliment for sure ! (laughs)

12.- Could you describe in 5 words the sound of Affliction Gate?
- Total old school DM worship & tribute!

13.- Could you recommend us some great French Metal Bands?
- I guess you mainly mentionned them in your question 8. Just add NO RETURN “contamination rises” as well as CATACOMB demos and you have all the essential stuffs that France can propose in Death Metal.

14.- Plans for this 2010?
- To prepare the upcoming gigs in late May, including a participation to the Festung Open Air in Bitterfeld, Germany. Of course, we are also working on new material and we will probably record a DEATH / MASSACRE cover “corpsegrinder” as bonus track for the limited LP version of “aeon of nox...” to be out this year. Recently, we also thought about filming a video clip for the song “knights of scorn” maybe.

15.- For last anything to add or ask?
- Thank you very much for the support and long live to OBLITERACION ! Cheers to all Mexican and South American old school Death Metal maniacs!!!

You can check this guys on:

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bex Moon Recording artists HOD will be part of a mini tour of Texas with GRAVEHILL starting at the end of the month. The band has issued the following statement on the Lone Star State assault: "San Antonio, Houston and Austin prepare for a crushing Metal onslaught. Coming from California will be Death Metal lunatics GRAVEHILL. This will be their first Texas shows ever, so everyone needs to come out and represent Texas Metal Pride. Also on the tour will be new Deathgasm Records recording artists BLASPHERIAN! Anyone who has seen this band live knows what a totally heavy Death Metal performance they will bring. Death Metal done the old true way! And from San Mucas, I mean San Marcus, Texas will be DISFIGURED on the tour as well. You can always expect a solid grinding Death Metal assault from these guys. We look forward to sharing the stage with these bands! We look forward to drinking all your beer. We look forward to raising some Hell!" For more info, check out HOD's official myspace site: www.myspace.com/hodtheband

Brazil's Black / Death / Thrash Metal pioneers VULCANO are looking for booking agencies and bands who are interested to participate in the band's first time ever European tour 2010. The plan is to hit Europe in October / November. For more details you can contact them at one of these addresses: viertel_velloso@ig.com.br, mrzoooom@hotmail.com, www.myspace.com/vulcanobrazil

ACHERON have officially added two new guitarists to the band: lead guitarist Art Taylor, who has been working with the band for close to a year now, and guitarist Eric Stewart. Taylor came to ACHERON from WEHRWOLFE and Stewart was in MANGLED FAITH and INFERNAL FAITH. Years ago the two played in a KING DIAMOND / MERCYFUL FATE tribute band called THEM. Founder and frontman Vincent Crowley said: “This band has gone through an evolutionary process since day one. It just gets better and better as time moves on. We were very pleased with the last album "The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God" and knew we really needed two killer guitarists who lived in our general area to work on the next ACHERON releases. Art who had already been working with us, introduced me to Eric. Those two together are a force to be reckoned with! We can’t wait to unleash some new studio recordings to the fans.” Former guitarist Maximus Otworth couldn’t continue in the band, due to him living too far away. He is presently playing in the band THE EDDINGTON LIMIT. Vincent Crowley also commented: “Max did a great job while working with us and we only wish him the best of luck. He’s a talented young guitarist that he has a lot to offer the Metal world.” All further info at www.myspace.com/acheron

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Interview: Undead Creep (Italy)

We are back! This is the Interview with this great Deathmetallers from Italy... Undead Creep!

1.- Firstable could you tell us your names and positions in the band?

- Hi there. Well, the line-up consists of David (drums), Sandro (vocals), Maso (bass and backing screams) and myself (Giorgio) on guitar and backing growls.

2.- Some of you are part of Haemophagus (Kick Ass Band!), how do you decide to create Undead Creep?
- Thank you for the nice words about Haemophagus, amigo! Actually there were many reasons for us to create such a band. David had thought about it for quite a long time, and when he asked me to join the project I just said "sure, I'm on it!". We’ve always shared a huge passion for that old-school swedish vibe, the early "sunlight studios" era dödsmetall bands and all that stuff: the first cover we’ve ever recorded as Haemophagus was Hypocrisy’s “Osculum Obscenum” on our “Into the Mortuary” demo, so, in a way, Undead Creep can be seen as the natural consequence of this passion. Moreover, we all wanted to focus on certain aspects of death metal that we couldn't fully develop with our other bands and projects. Our only aim here is to play obscure, straight-ahead death metal the way it was meant to be. It's a simple yet very clear basis.

3.- You have the classic old Swedish Death Metal sound, they are your most important influence?
- The old swedish sound and Ekeroth's mind-opening book have both played a major role in our decision to set up Undead Creep. Anyway, our main influences are Carnage, Nihilist, Grotesque, Nirvana 2002, Evocation, early Therion and Unleashed, but the list goes on and on. Primordial black/thrash gods like Bathory, Slaughter Lord, Merciless and non-swedish bands like the almighty AUTOPSY obviously have also had a strong influence on our music, as you can hear on certain downtempo breaks.

4.- Was the band already named Undead Creep at the time? Did you come up with the name? What inspired the band's name?
- I came up with that name and that's the only one we ever had. I thought we needed something conceptually horrific and easy to remember at the same time. It had to reflect the band’s purpose so we just needed something quite minimal and primitive, max. two words. Usually, long band names are so fucking lame…

5.- The two songs in your myspace from your demo "Undead Creep" sounds killer, with who worked in the recording of this demo?
- The recording process was handled by our common friend and producer Spadino, who recorded all the songs in our filthy rehearsal room. I think the demo has a really “live” feel, although we’ve recorded all the tracks separately. Apart from a few guitar solos there haven’t been extra overdubs. We’ll never record something we can’t actually play live.

6.- How many time did you take to wrote and make the music? And in the lyrics what is your main influence?
- It didn’t take long for us to write the songs and the lyrics. The whole writing process was completed within three, maybe four months, and once we had all the material together we just rehearsed as much as we could until we felt the songs were ready to be recorded. As regards the lyrics, they deal with the most classic death metal topics such as apocalyptic visions, occult and the living dead etc. with an ubiquitous gloomy twist. Gore as we know it is not my main goal when writing the lyrics to a Creep song.

7.- Talking about foreign bands, with who do you like share stage or record some split?
- There would be a million, and most of them aren’t existing anymore, but if possible I’d love to share the stage or a 7” split with Kaamos, Death Breath, Dead Congregation, Tribulation, Necros Christos or Bombs of Hades. In my opinion they’re all killer bands and they have a quite personal approach to old school death metal, especially Necros Christos.

8.- How is the Italian scene at the moment?
- I can’t really say our scene is alive and well. We only have a few great death/black metal acts, bands like Horrid, Eroded, Voids of Vomit and Blasphemophagher, but it seems like death metal (the way I mean it) will forever dwell in the dark corners of the Italian underground.

9.- I understand you already sign with Dark Descent Records and Dark Blasphemies Records, how was the contact for work with this guys?
- It all started when David got in touch with Dave of Dark Blasphemies recs. for an Haemophagus-related trade. David told Dave/Dark Blasphemies about this new project coming out and he was immediately interested in it. We sent him our demo as soon as it was finished and a few days later he offered us a non-written deal for a full-length album, co-produced by the American Dark Descent recs. Both labels seem to be really good at what they do, so I hope it’ll be a smooth collaboration.

10.- Could you describe in your own words Death Metal?
- To quote an excerpt from “Into the Grave” ‘s liner notes: “If aliens came down from space and asked me what death metal is, I would put on this record and say this is it, GRAVE.”

11.- Now are you working in new stuff? Maybe a Full Lenght album?
- Yes, we’re currently writing some new shit for our first full-length album. We already have four songs, so it is realistic to say that the album will be recorded by the end of the spring so it can be eventually released in the middle of 2010.

12.- Plans for this 2010?
- Our first demo will be soon re-printed on tape by an Italian label called Unholy Domain records. I’d also like to play some gigs here and there when possible, but it’s getting harder and harder to arrange a good death metal concert down here as we may also have to tour or play live with our other bands.

13.- Anything to add or ask?
- Again, thanks a lot for the kind words and for the opportunity you gave us, your Zine kicks ass! ONLY DEATH IS REAL…

You can check this guys on:

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Detest Records are still keeping themselves quite busy. Here's a little update on their latest activities. A very limited picture disc version of MIASMAL's self-titled demo 2008 is now available, the band's first 7" will be released within 1,5 months by the label as well. KRYPTS' "Open The Crypt" demo will be released on 12" by Detest Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records within 3 weeks. The GRAVEHAMMER 7" is about to go to press and will be released in 1,5 months. PUTRID's second demo tape will be released within 3 weeks. Detest Records will also reprint the recently released and sold old Death Metal zine Downtuned & Morbid within 2 weeks. ENTRAPMENT from the Netherlands signed with Detest Records. Their first demo tape will be released in April. More info about Detest Records and the aforementioned bands are to be found on www.detestrecords.com

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One of the Best News of the Year!!!

From Morbid Saint (www.morbidsaint.com) official page:

Relapse Records to reissue “Spectrum Of Death" along with 2 new songs!

According to guitarist Jim Fergades: "We are in the process of recording the new songs right now. We feel they will relate more to Spectrum as far as style but we are looking for something slightly different as far as the overall sound goes. There will also be two live videos on the cd from a show we played with Wrath back in 1991, the videos are for 'Destructions System' and 'Halls Of Terror'."

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