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Former Slayer/ Testament Drummer Offering Lessons

Former SLAYER/TESTAMENT drummer Jon Dette (PUSHED) has issued the following update:
"Starting next month (April) until July, I will be available for drum lessons to students of all ages and levels.
I am looking at a couple locations in the North San Diego County coastal area to teach and should have that locked down by next week. In some cases, I will make myself available for lessons at a students home or rehearsal studio.
If enough people are interested in the Orange County area, I'll look into setting up a day to travel up there for lessons as well.
If you're interested, please contact me here on MySpace or email me at: .
Lesson days will be:
Monday - Friday: 1 - 8 PM Saturday: 2 - 6 PM Sunday: TBA


Evile w/ Exodus + Gama Bomb in the UK

Evile w/ Exodus + Gama Bomb in the UK

08.04.08 UK London - The Underworld
09.04.08 UK Leeds - Rio's10.04.08 UK Ireland - Voodoo Lounge
11.04.08 UK Glasgow - Cathouse
12.04.08 UK Sheffield - Corporation
13.04.08 Netherlands Groningen - Versa
14.04.08 Netherlands Eindhoven - Dynamo Club
15.04.08 Belgium Vosselaar - Biebob
16.04.08 Germany Hannover - Musikzentrum
18.04.08 Germany Essen - Turock
19.04.08 Germany Saarbrucken - Roxy
20.04.08 Germany Munchen - Backstage
20-22nd June HELLFEST - Clisson France
15.08.08 Bloodstock Open Air Festival - Catton Hall, Derby


Carcass Gigs

June 6th - Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 20th - Hellfest Summer Open Air, Clisson, France
June 27th - Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, Helsinki, Finland
June 28th - Gods Of Metal Festival, Bologna, Italy
July 9th - Rockwave, Malakasa, Greece
August 2nd - Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
August 16th - Brutal Assault, Jaromer, Czech Republic
August 29th - Hole In The Sky Festival, Bergen, Norway

Blood Red Throne


12.04.08 Heavy Metal Festival V - Zurich Switzerland
03.05.08 Ankara Turkey – IF Performance Hall
04.05.08 Istanbul Turkey – Studio Live
30.05.08 Neurotic Death Metal festival, Holland 14th August Summer Breeze Festival Dinkelsbuhl Germany
13.09.08 Caos Emergente Festival - Lisboa Portugal

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Grind Minded - Domestic Violence

Grind Minded - Domestic Violence
Out now on Open Grave Records
The debut release on Open Grave Records of this brutal old school death metal band from Holland. Guaranteed to have you cowering in the corner, whimpering, while awaiting the next blow. For fans of Entombed, Grave, Gorefest.

Track Listing :
1.Domestic Violence
2.Killing Spree
3.Chemical Peeling
4.Morbid Fascination
5.Sweet Sweat
6.Impaled With A Grin
8.Payback Time
10.Trigger Happy

We are looking for some shows in the EU to promote our new album "Domestic Violence", any bookers interested can contact us


INCANTATION and FUNERUS will embark on a string of dates in Mexico this May, including appearances at the "Guadalajara Mortal Fest" on May 4 and the "Gore and Sickness Death Fest IV" in Mexico City on May 2. These shows will NOT be a part of the "Forsaken Throne of Golgotha" tour and WILL include songs from INCANTATION’s full discography.
INCANTATION/FUNERUS guitarist John McEntee comments: "It will be great to return to Mexico and play for our die hard supporters. We are really looking forward to kicking some ass with this killer lineup. We are ready to make this tour our most crushing and aggressive visit to Mexico ever."

The "Death Metal Domination" Mexican tour 2008 dates are.
May 01 - La Ciricua Bar - Puebla w/ Sarcoma
May 02 - Gore and Sickness Death Fest IV - Subterranea Bar - Mexico City w/ Sarcoma
May 03 - [to be announced] - Queretaro w/ Sarcoma
May 04 - Guadalajara Mortal Fest - Guadalajara w/ Morbosidadother

INCANTATION North American "Death Metal Domination" tour dates 2008
May 17 - Mayhem in May 3 festival, - Uncle Pleasant’s - Louisville, Kentucky
July 12 - Michigan Extreme Metal Fest 2 - Kalamazoo, Michigan

INCANTATION "Death Metal Domination" tour 2008 lineup:
John McEntee (FUNERUS, GOREAPHOBIA) - Guitar / Vocals
Alex Bouks (GOREAPHOBIA) - Guitar
Roberto Lizarraga (INFINITUM OBSCURE) - Bass (Mexico Only)
Chuck Sherwood - (BLOOD STORM) - Bass (all other North American dates)

Jill McEntee, bassist/vocalist for FUNERUS, comments: "We are looking forward to returning to Mexico for the shows in May. We have played in Mexico many times, but this is the first time we have played in any of these cities. We can’t wait for the crazy Mexican crowds that we has seen before! Also we are excited to be playing our first shows with our new lineup. This is with our new drummer, Sam Inzerra (MORPHEUS DESCENDS, DEADSPEAK, MORTICIAN).
We have been working with Sam for a while on new material and we look forward to debuting some new music at the upcoming shows!"

FUNERUS lineup:
Jill McEntee - Bass / Vocals
John McEntee - Guitar
FUNERUS has also been confirmed for the Central Illinois Metalfest, set to take place July 18-20 at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois.

Obituary Cancels US Tour in May

We regret to inform you for reasons beyond our control we must cancel this May tour. We wanna thank everyone for their hard work and dedication for this tour and we WILL reschedule this for September 2008...look for updates

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Interview with Denial Fiend

This is the Interview with Sam Williams guitarist of Denial Fiend.

1.- Evil regards guys how are you? You are four really talented and experimented dudes into the Metal, how was the contact to create Denial Fiend?

-Sam: I'm good! Thanks for asking. As you mentioned, most of the band members have been in great metal bands throughout the years. I just thought it would be swell to call them up and see what we could come up with. Luckily it turned out pretty keen.

2.- All of you are played in pioneers bands of the Death Metal sound from Tampa, now how is the Metal scene in Tampa?
-The Tampa metal scene is odd. Tampa is a place with a lot of great bands of all genres, but not many fans that go to local (or even touring, sometimes) shows. And that's how it is in the metal scene as well. Of course there are the really big, great bands like Morbid Angel and Obituary playing here and people go see them. But even then, the show is much smaller than it would probably be outside of Florida.
Tampa may not be the center of the death metal world now. But the originating bands still play. And there are some great new bands coming up as well.

3.- What is the most important inspiration for write your lyrics?
-Kam writes all of the lyrics. He is a big Misfits/Sam Hain fan (as are most of us). So our lyrics range from campy to creepy to gory as hell. But they all revolve around horror movies, one way or another.

4.- How was the contact with Ibex Moon Records, John McEntee talk directly with you?
-We spoke to John as soon as our first rehearsal demo was recorded. It sounded really bad, but John is old school enough to see the potential in such things. Plus, he's a die hard metaller from way back. So he was very excited to work with members of Massacre, Death and Nasty Savage right off the bat.

5.- Until now, how was the relation with Ibex Moon?
-Ibex Moon is a hell of a label and everyone should support it. John is a very honest label owner with lots of integrity and a deep love for all things metal. It's something you probably don't see on a lot of labels these days. If anyone deserves success and respect, it's Ibex Moon and John Mcentee.

6.- "They Rise" is a great album, how do you decided record "Legions of Doom" from "Mantas"?
-Yes. We know that a big part of our band is the history of the members, and we're not running from that. We thought it would be a pleasant surprise for the fans, as some of the tunes from the historical Mantas demos were never properly recorded. Since we have the guy that sung those songs in our band, we went ahead and put it on there. Needless to say it's one of our most successful live songs. Both because of it's historical significance and because it's a great song.

7.- Could you talk us a little about this song "Cover in Blood"?
-One of the first songs we wrote that never changed. A big influence for the main riff was the old crust punk band, Amebix. And then the middle section was kind of a tribute to Venom. At least that's how I saw it. Curt came up with a really amazing drum beat for the main riff as well. Because of it, for a long time the song was referred to as “the funky song” before we had lyrics and a title. Kam's lyrics are pretty self explanatory.

8.- How is the raction of the crowd when they see Kam, Terry, Curtis and you Sam? because you are a fuckin masters in the worldwide Metal Scene.
-Kam gets a huge reaction because he's a great frontman and his voice is really legendary in the death metal scene, and everyone is really glad and excited to seem him back in action. It's a similar situation with Terry and there are always tons of Six Feet Under fans in the crowd. The really hardcore motherfuckers that know about the history of metal are always happy to see someone from Nasty Savage on stage. And Curt blows people away with is old school style double bass playing. No one seems to know much about me, which is to be expected. My band, Down By Law, was from such a vastly different scene (melodic punk) that I don't think there are a lot of crossover fans. Once in awhile I'll meet someone that asks about DBL and is astounded that I'm in a band like Denial Fiend now.

9.- For you what is better, moshpit, stage diving or the crowd acting like a fuckin nekro?
-As long as the audience is enjoying our music and having fun, I don't care how they express it as long as they show us a little bit that they like us and don't fight each other.

10.- What is the most funny or crazy thing, do you see in a gig?
-So many years of touring, I can't even begin to think of the craziest thing. Maybe hanging out with Jason Priestly from the tv show 90210 at a Down By Law show once?

11.- .Plans for this 2008? by the way, do you come to Mexico with Massacre?
-I believe 2008 will be very busy for us. We have several festival appearances booked, including the Central Illinois Metalfest and the LA Murderfest. We hope to have some sort of US tour before the end of the year as well. We'll begin recording our next release at some point.
There has been some talk of us coming to Mexico with both Denial Fiend and Massacre and we hope it will happen.

12.- For last, anything to say?
-Thanks very much for the interview and thanks to Randall Amplifiers.

For check this guys:

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The Seedbed of Evil: Hetzer

Blackened Death Metal band from Poland, they play a old school style, very brutal, the energy is amazing, aggressive voice, violent atmosphere... pure fucking Death Metal!!
For fans of Pessimist, Morbid Angel and Sadistic Intent, enjoy!!!

You can check this guys on:


Hate Eternal Fury and Flames US Tour APRIL 2008


April 10 San Antonio, TX White Rabbit (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. detourtickets. com/haet4. html

April 11 Dallas, TX The Door (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. crucibleartists. com/cgi-bin/cart. pl?name=HATE+ETERNAL+at+The+Door+in+Dallas+Fri,+April+11th,+2008,+7pm.&custom1=Concert+tickets&price=$14. 00&return=http://www. thedoordallas. com/ticketr. html

April 12 Houston, TX Warehouse Live (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0C004064839B391F?artistid=806828&major

April 13 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketweb. com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=254697

April 15 Nashville, TN Exit / In (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = https://www. ticketbiscuit. com/exitin/BuyTickets. aspx?EID=18323

April 16 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0E00405385C84284?artistid=852694&major

April 17 Memphis, TN Hi Tone Café (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. hitone. musictoday. com/HiTone/calendar. aspx

April 18 Louisville, KY Uncle Peasants (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketweb. com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=247531

April 19 Detroit, MI I-Rock (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://irocknightclub. com/calendar. htm

April 21 Minneapolis, MN Station 4 (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0600405ABC78CBD2?artistid=852694&major

April 22 Milwaukee, WI The Rave Bar (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0700406A959370E1?artistid=852694&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60

April 23 Chicago, IL House of Blues (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/04004063E2564A8F?artistid=852694&major

April 24 Cleveland, OH Peabody’s (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0500406190D14C70?artistid=852694&major

April 25 Buffalo, NY Showplace (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0000405AC764CC33?artistid=852694&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60

April 26 Worcester, MA The Palladium (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://purchase. tickets. com/buy/TicketPurchase?organ_val=2295

April 27 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/02004064853E470A?artistid=852694&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60

April 28 New York, NY B.B. King’s (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/0000404DA19E779D?artistid=852694&major

April 29 Springfield, VA Jaxx (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. ticketmaster. com/event/15004053E10CD477?artistid=852694&major

April 30 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall (Buy tickets HERE).
Here = http://www. etix. com/ticket/servlet/onlineSale?action=selectPerformance&performance_id=738074

Grave Plan US Tour with Monstrosity and Abysmal Dawn

Legendary Swedish death metallers GRAVE will embark on a 20th-anniversary U.S. tour in May. Support on the trek will come from MONSTROSITY, ABYSMAL DAWN and STRONG INTENTION.

So far the following dates have been announced:

May 08 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
May 09 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero (w/ OBITUARY, DYING FETUS, ORIGIN)
May 26 - Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11 Tavern
May 28 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx


Merciless Death Announce New Album, "Realm Of Terror," Release Date

MERCILESS DEATH annihilated the unsuspecting masses in early 2007 with their scorching debut "Evil in the Night". Eager to keep fans banging their heads, thrash metal purveyors MERCILESS DEATH have set a release date for their highly anticipated sophomore effort entitled "Realm of Terror", which will be unleashed on May 20. Gracing the cover of "Realm of Terror" will be artwork be legendary metal artist Andreas Marschall, whose talents have been displayed on classic albums by such bands as SODOM, KING DIAMOND, DESTRUCTION and OBITUARY. And once again Heavy Artillery Records will be pulling out all the stops with limited edition vinyl featuring a full color gatefold jacket, inner sleeve, deluxe 24” x 24” poster and limited colored vinyl.

MERCILESS DEATH will land on European soil for the first time with an exclusive appearance at the upcoming Keep It True X festival on April 4. This historic event marks the tenth installment of the legendary festival and is celebrated with exclusive early material sets by JAG PANZER, MANILLA ROAD, HELSTAR, OMEN, TITAN FORCE, and ATTACKER, amongst others.


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Open Grave Records: Fre޲e Cd Dow޲nlo޲ad!޲ SOU޲NDS޲ FRO޲M THE޲ GRA޲VE VOL޲. IV


Ope޲n Gra޲ve Rec޲ord޲s has޲ ann޲oun޲ced޲ the޲ rel޲eas޲e of the޲ for޲th of its޲ pop޲ula޲r fre޲e dow޲nlo޲ada޲ble޲ sam޲ple޲r alb޲ums޲, ent޲itl޲ed "So޲und޲s fro޲m the޲ Gra޲ve Vol޲. 4".޲

"So޲und޲s fro޲m the޲ Gra޲ve Vol޲. 4" fea޲tur޲es 9 art޲ist޲s fro޲m the޲ Ope޲n Gra޲ve Rec޲ord޲s ros޲ter޲, and޲ inc޲lud޲es tra޲cks޲ fro޲m TRI޲TON޲ ENI޲GMA޲ (me޲mbe޲rs of GRA޲VE & DEC޲ADE޲NCE޲) and޲ the޲ Net޲her޲lan޲ds'޲ GRI޲ND MIN޲DED޲. The޲ sam޲ple޲r fea޲tur޲es a yet޲-to޲-be޲-re޲lea޲sed޲ tra޲ck fro޲m KEK޲AL off޲ the޲ir yet޲ unt޲itl޲ed 200޲8 rel޲eas޲e, and޲ the޲ tra޲ck "In޲ the޲ Nam޲e of Our޲ God޲s" off޲ Ita޲lia޲n Pag޲an bla޲ck met޲al ban޲d WOL޲VES޲GUA޲RD'޲s deb޲ut alb޲um,޲ "Pa޲gan޲ Her޲ita޲ge"޲ (du޲e Feb޲rua޲ry 200޲8).޲ As wel޲l, the޲ com޲pil޲ati޲on fea޲tur޲es tra޲cks޲ fro޲m SHA޲MAR޲, FEA޲ST ETE޲RNA޲L, ELG޲IBB޲OR,޲ SHU޲DDE޲RSO޲ME and޲ DEM޲ON DOG޲ SPE޲RM.޲

1.Tri޲ton޲ Eni޲gma޲ - Hys޲ter޲ia

2.Gri޲nd Min޲ded޲ - Dom޲est޲ic Vio޲len޲ce

3.Wol޲ves޲gua޲rd - In the޲ Nam޲e of Our޲ God޲s (Su޲lle޲n Rec޲ord޲s)

4.Elg޲ibb޲or - Bet޲h (Su޲lle޲n Rec޲ord޲s)

5.Fea޲st Ete޲rna޲l - Cas޲tig޲ati޲ng the޲ Glu޲tto޲n

6.Sha޲mar޲ - The޲ Utt޲er Des޲tru޲cti޲on (Su޲lle޲n Rec޲ord޲s)

7.Kek޲al - The޲ Vam޲pir޲e Son޲g

8.Dem޲on Dog޲ Spe޲rm - Don޲'t Ask޲

9.Shu޲dde޲rso޲me - The޲ War޲rio޲rs (De޲mo Tra޲ck)޲


Obituary, Dying Fetus, Origin and Thy Will Be Done

Obituary, Dying Fetus, Origin and Thy Will Be Done wil޲޲l tea޲޲m up for޲޲ a U.S޲޲. tou޲޲r in May޲޲. Con޲޲fi޲r޲m޲ed޲޲ dat޲޲es޲ are޲޲ as fol޲޲lo޲w޲s޲:

May޲ 09 - Spa޲rta޲nbu޲rg,޲ SC @ Gro޲und޲ Zer޲o
May޲ 10 - Ral޲eig޲h, NC @ Vol޲ume޲ 11
May޲ 11 - Vir޲gin޲ia Bea޲ch,޲ VA @ Ste޲ppi޲n Out޲
May޲ 12 - New޲ Yor޲k, NY @ BB Kin޲gs
May޲ 13 - Cle޲vel޲and޲, OH @ Pea޲bod޲y’s޲
May޲ 14 - Mok޲ena޲, IL @ The޲ Pea޲rl Roo޲m
May޲ 16 - Spr޲ing޲fie޲ld,޲ VA @ Jax޲x
May޲ 17 - Roc޲hes޲ter޲, NY @ Pen޲ny Arc޲ade޲
May޲ 18 - Str޲oud޲sbu޲rg,޲ PA @ Pen޲n Mon޲ste޲r Fac޲tor޲y
May޲ 19 - Hun޲tin޲gto޲n, WV @ Mon޲key޲ Bar޲
May޲ 20 - Nas޲hvi޲lle޲, TN @ The޲ Mus޲e
May޲ 21 - Atl޲ant޲a, GA @ The޲ Mas޲que޲rad޲e
May޲ 22 - Orl޲and޲o, FL @ The޲ Hav޲en
May 23 - Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum

Deicide Announce "Make A Viral Video" Competition

Leg޲޲en޲d޲a޲ry޲޲ Flo޲޲ri޲d޲a޲ Dea޲޲th޲ Met޲޲al޲l޲e޲rs޲޲ Dei޲޲ci޲d޲e޲ hav޲޲e ann޲޲ou޲n޲c޲ed޲޲ a uni޲޲qu޲e޲ and޲޲ exc޲޲it޲i޲n޲g com޲޲pe޲t޲i޲ti޲޲on for޲޲ fan޲޲s to cre޲޲at޲e޲ and޲޲ upl޲޲oa޲d޲ the޲޲ir޲ own޲޲ vid޲޲eo޲ cli޲޲p for޲޲ a new޲޲ Dei޲޲ci޲d޲e޲ tra޲޲ck޲ cal޲޲le޲d޲ In The޲޲ Eye޲޲s Of God޲޲ tak޲޲en޲ fro޲޲m the޲޲ir޲ upc޲޲om޲i޲n޲g alb޲޲um޲ Til޲޲l Dea޲޲th޲ Do Us Par޲޲t

Usi޲ng the޲ tra޲ck In The޲ Eye޲s Of God޲, fan޲s are޲ inv޲ite޲d to mak޲e the޲ir own޲
vid޲eo for޲ the޲ son޲g, usi޲ng wha޲tev޲er mea޲ns at the޲ir dis޲pos޲al.޲ The޲ cli޲p can޲ be
fil޲med޲, ani޲mat޲ed,޲ dra޲wn or com޲pil޲ed fro޲m alr޲ead޲y exi޲sti޲ng ima޲ges޲ or foo޲tag޲e. Any޲thi޲ng goe޲s so get޲ as cre޲ati޲ve as you޲ lik޲e.

The޲ win޲ner޲ wil޲l be jud޲ged޲ the޲ cli޲p wit޲h the޲ mos޲t vie޲ws on You޲Tub޲e by the޲ clo޲sin޲g dat޲e of Apr޲il 28t޲h 200޲8 and޲ wil޲l win޲ the޲ Gra޲nd Pri޲ze - An Iba޲nez޲ bas޲s gui޲tar޲ ful޲ly sig޲ned޲ by the޲ ban޲d.

Fan޲s can޲ dow޲nlo޲ad 'In޲ the޲ Eye޲s of God޲' and޲ get޲ ful޲l det޲ail޲s on how޲ to ent޲er
the޲ com޲pet޲iti޲on at ear޲ach޲e. com޲/de޲ici޲dev޲ide޲o ..

All޲ sub޲mis޲sio޲ns mus޲t fea޲tur޲e the޲ son޲g in its޲ ent޲ire޲ty,޲ and޲ mus޲t be upl޲oad޲ed
via޲ You޲Tub޲e sta޲tin޲g 'DE޲ICI޲DE IN THE޲ EYE޲S OF GOD޲ COM޲PET޲ITI޲ON'޲ in the޲
tit޲le and޲ des޲cri޲pti޲on.޲

Ple޲ase޲ sub޲mit޲ the޲ You޲Tub޲e vid޲eo URL޲ lin޲k of you޲r ent޲ry to dei޲cid޲evi޲deo޲@ea޲rac޲he.޲com޲

Sub޲mis޲sio޲ns are޲ wel޲com޲ed imm޲edi޲ate޲ly ? GOO޲D LUC޲K!

Dei޲cid޲e rel޲eas޲e 'Ti޲ll Dea޲th Do Us Par޲t' on Apr޲il 28 in Eur޲ope޲ and޲ May޲ 13 in
the޲ US.޲

For޲ Dei޲cid޲e inf޲orm޲ati޲on vis޲it:޲ www޲. mys޲pac޲e. com޲/th޲est޲enc޲hof޲red޲emp޲tio޲n

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Hails from HeXeN to the world of Heavy Metal! We would just like you to know we have accomplished signing to an awesome label; Old School Metal Records. We will be hitting the studio in mid-April to record the most knock-down-and-drag-out 12-track album possible, made available through several sources here in the states and the rest of the world. Our debut; entitled “State of Insurgency”, will contain all your favorites throughout the years as well as a brand new track. Merchandise and show dates will be announced a few short months thereafter, so set your watch to it. We couldn’t have done it without all our friends, families, fans, and beyond. This one is to you.

HeXeN is finally official, and ready for insurrection.

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

The Seedbed Of Evil: Catarrhal

Amazing Death Metal band from Belgium, the voice is simply bestial, blasting drums and killer riffs, if you like Malevolent Creation or Incantation this is for you!

You can check this guys on:

Slayer Announce More European Tour Dates

According to, California thrash metal veterans SLAYER have scheduled a date in Moscow, Russia on June 25. This will be SLAYER's second time ever playing in Russia after performing there back in 1998. SLAYER is also scheduled to perform in Tallinn, Estonia on July 1 as well as take part in this year's Monsters of Rock festival in Zaragoza, Spain later that same month.

Upcoming SLAYER shows:

June 25 - Club B1 Maximum - Moscow, Russia
June 27 - Topfest - Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia
June 28 - Gods of Metal - Bologna, Italy
June 29 - Tuska Festival - Helsinki, Finland
July 01 – [to be announced] - Tallinn, Estonia
July 03 - Arvikafestivalen - Arvika, Sweden
July 04 - Roskilde Festival - Roskilde, Denmark
July 05 - Waldrock - Bergum, Netherlands
July 09 - Lisboa, Portugal - Super Bock Super Rock
July 11 - Via De La Plata Festival - Mérida, Spain
July 12 - Monsters of Rock - Zaragoza, Spain

Source: Metalunderground

Napalm Death Tour Dates

USA winter 2008: Bound by the Road


27.02. Modesto, CA – Fat Cat (USA)
28.02. Orangevale, CA – The Boardwalk (USA)
29.02. Los Angeles, CA – House Of Blues (USA)
01.03. Victorville, CA – Karma (USA)
02.03. Tucson, AZ – The Rock (USA)
04.03. Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theatre (USA)
06.03. Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom (USA)
07.03. Ft. Worth, TX – Ridglea Theatre (USA)
08.03. Houston, TX – Meridian (USA)
09.03. Corpus Christi, TX – House Of Rock (USA)
10.03. Pharr, TX – Graham Central (USA) NEW
11.03. San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit (USA)
14.03. Seminole, FL - Boomerz (USA)
15.03. Port St. Lucie, FL – Mojo Room (USA)
17.03. Atlanta, GA – Masquerade (USA)
18.03. Fayetteville, NC – Jester’s (USA)
19.03. Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero (USA)
20.03. Myrtle Beach, SC – House Of Blues (USA)
21.03. Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans (USA)
22.03. West Springfield, VA – Jaxx (USA)
24.03. New York, NY – BB King Blues Club (USA)
25.03. Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock (USA)
26.03. Hartford, CT – Webster Theatre (USA)
27.03. Worcester, MA – Paladium (USA)
28.03. Bedford – Mark’s Showplace (USA)
29.03. Clifton Park, NY – Northern Lights (USA)
31.03. Millvale, PA – Mr. Smalls (USA)
01.04. Louisville, KY – Headliners Music Hall (USA)
02.04. Cleveland, OH – Peabody’s (USA)
03.04. Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection (USA)
04.04. Detroit, MI – Harpo’s Concert Theatre (USA)
05.04. Flint, MI – The Machine Shop (USA)
06.04. Mokena, IL – Pearl Room (USA)
08.04. Milwaukee, WI – The Rave (USA)
09.04. Maplewood, MN – The Rock (USA)
10.04. Bloomington, IL – The New Lafayette Club (USA)
11.04. Sauget, IL – Pop’s (USA)
12.04. Kansas City, MO – The Beaumont Club (USA)
13.04. Salina, KS – The Blue Goat (USA)
15.04. Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre (USA)
16.04. Colorado Springs, CO – Black Sheep (USA)
17.04. Farmington, NM – Gator’s Bar (USA)
18.04. Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater (USA)

(updated 2008-02-05)
European Spring tour 2008


08.05. Dordrecht – Bibelot (Netherlands)
09.05. Zaandam – Kade (Netherlands)
10.05. Berlin – SO36 (Germany)
11.05. Gelsenkirchen – Rock Hard Festival (Germany) // WITHOUT SUFFOCATION + WARBRINGER
12.05. Hasselt – Music O Drom (Belgium)
13.05. Paris – Locomotive (France)
14.05. Rennes – Antipode (France)
15.05. Biarritz – Atabal (France)
16.05. Durango – Plateruena Kafe Antzoky (Spain)
17.05. Corroios – Cine Teatro de Corroios GCC (Portugal)
18.05. Madrid – Sala Caracol (Spain)
19.05. Barcelona – Sala Mephisto (Spain)
20.05. Six Fours Les Plages – Espace Anre Malraux (France)
21.05. Bulle – Ebullition (France)
22.05. Roma – Circolo Degli Artisti (Italy)
23.05. Roncade (Treviso) – Age (Italy)
24.05. Pinarella Di Cervia – Rockplanet Club (Italy)
25.05. Luzern – Schüür (Switzerland)
26.05. Lindau – Club Vauderville (Germany)
27.05. Saarbrücken – Roxy/Garage (Germany)
28.05. Nürnberg – Hirsch (Germany)
29.05. Stuttgart – t.b.a. (Germany)
30.05. Tilburg – Neurotic Death Fest (Netherlands)
31.05. Magdeburg – Froximum Arena (Germany)
01.06. Warsaw – Club Progresja (Poland)
02.06. Wroclaw – Club WZ (Poland)
03.06. Hannover – Musikzentrum Hannover (Germany)
04.06. Leipzig – Conne Island (Germany)
05.06. Copenhagen – Rock (Denmark)
06.06. Aalborg – Studenterhuset (Denmark)
07.06. Hamburg – t.b.a. (Germany)


Shadows of the Emissaries’ Curse European Tour 2008

The March 13 show in Belgrade has been cancelled due to the unstable political situation. The March 30th show in Stockholm has also been cancelled due to lack of interest from local promoters. Apologies to everyone making plans to attend these shows.

Mar 14 2008-Piano Trencin, SK
Mar 15 2008-Metropolis Munich, GER
Mar 16 2008-Conrad Sohm Dornbirn, A
Mar 17 2008-Spinnerei Traun, A
Mar 18 2008-Planet Music Wien, A
Mar 19 2008-Exhaus Trier, GER
Mar 20 2008-Molodoi Strasbourg, FR
Mar 21 2008-Transilvania Live Erstfeld, CH
Mar 22 2008-Chaulnes Metal Fest-OMCSL Chaulnes, FR
Mar 23 2008-Turock Essen, GER
Mar 24 2008-013 Tilburg, HOL
Mar 25 2008-Waerdse Heerhugowaard, HOL
Mar 26 2008-Bastard Osnabruck, GER
Mar 27 2008-Bolwerk Sneek, HOL
Mar 28 2008-Belsepub Goteborg, SWE
Mar 29 2008-South Of Heaven Oslo, NOR
Apr 1 2008-Klubi Turku, FIN
Apr 2 2008-Lutakko Jyvaskyla, FIN
Apr 3 2008-Nosturi Helsinki, FIN
Apr 4 2008-Melna Piektdiena Riga, LAT
Apr 5 2008-Mulen Ruzas Vilnius, LIT
Apr 6 2008-Progresja Warsaw, POL

Fatalist: We are selling Murderfest Tickets...Please help us out!!!

We have Murderfest tickets for sale. They are $33 for One day and $60 for a Two day pass. You will save money by getting them through us rather than buying them at the show. Please contact us or use Paypal to buy the tickets. You can send payment to using Paypal. Please leave your info on the page. Support Fatalist!!!

We are playing this years LA MURDERFEST, 4-19-08. Fatalist goes on at 3:05 on the Front stage.

Vital Remains US Tour with Monstrosity

3/26....New York, NY @ Knitting Factory
3/27 ....Boston, MA @ The Middle East
3/28....Buffalo,NY @ Michalina's
3/29....Glversville,NY @ Upper Deck (No Monstrosity)
3/30....Baltimore,MD @ Ottobar (No Monstrosity)
3/31.....Cleveland,OH @ Jigsaw (Monstrosity Only)
4/01.....Bowling Green, OH @ Howards Club H
4/02....Lansing, MI @ Macs
4/03....Milwaukee, WI @ Vnuks
4/04....Mokena, IL @ Pearl Room
4/05....South Bend, IN @ Elvas
4/06....Indianapolis, IN @ Zanies
4/07.....Nashville,TN @ The Muse
4/08....Cedar Rapids, IA @ The Picador
4/09....Tulsa, OK @ Otherside
4/10.....Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
4/11.....Denver, CO @ Majestic
4/12.....Ogden, UT @ Kamikazes
4/13.....Portland, OR @ Rock n Roll Pizza
4/14.....Seattle, WA @ Studio 7
4/15.....Oakland, CA @ Metro Opera House
4/16.....Reno, NV @ Island Oasis
4/17.....Modesto,CA @ 209 Arena (*new update*)
4/18.....Fresno, CA @ Exit
4/19.....Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory (LA Murderfest)
4/20....Mesa,AZ @ The Cell Block (*new update*)
4/21.....ALbq,NM @ The Compound
4/22....El paso,TX @ Chics
4/23....Austin,TX @ Red 7
4/24....Carbondale,IL @ Mugsys (Monstrosity only )
4/25....Rochester,NY @ Montage Music Hall
4/26....Worcester,MA @ Palladium (New England Metal and HC Fest)
4/27.....Yonkers,NY @ The Haunt

martes, 11 de marzo de 2008

Interview with Unleashed

This is the interview with Anders Schultz drummer of Unleashed!

By Irving.

1. - Cheer's and beer's, we would like to thank you guy's for this interview, we really appreciate it. Let's start. How and when the band started?

-Thanks for havin us! unleashed started back in 1989. after nihilist disbanded johhny went lookin for members to create a true death metal band...and the rest is history!

2. - Which band's influenced on unleashed?
-Hard to say nowadays...but back in the start it was bands like venom, motörhed, bathory, death, autopsy etc

3. - Does the name "unleashed" means anything special for you?
-When the name was chosen and to this day the name just clearly represents what the band stands for!

4. - What you think about the death metal scene on Sweden?
-The scene now is thriving and has reverted back to past glory i would say! most of the old classic bands are still going strong and new ones have came along the way.

5. - What's coming for the band on this year?
-A lot! we are planning the release of the new album "hammer battalion" in late may with extensive touring to prepared!!

6. - You guy's have any plans about touring Latin America?

-Nothing is sceduled as of yet but we definately hope to asap!

7. - What you think about the scene in México? There's a lot of fans here.
-Mexico has always been good for us and we have played some of our most memorable shows ever there! we look forward to coming back!

8. - Have you ever heard any Mexican bands?
-Of course, infinitum obscure and serpens aeon are two faves!

9. - Tell us about your latest album "Midvinterblot"
-Not latest for long haha! but we were very pleased with it and the reaction to it was amazing everywhere!

10. - And how's the "hammer battalion" recording going?
-It's now completed! it went extremely well and we couldnt be happier with the result...cant wait for it to come out and see the reactions!

11. - Is there any way to get your demos?
-Afraid the only place would be e-bay or the likes..

12. - What inspires the band to write the lyrics?
-A lot of different things inspire the topics of lyrics. as well as old nordic traditions we are also quite inspired by the world today.

13. - And what comes first, music or lyrics?
-Usually music comes first and lyrics will follow.

14. - When the band started, did you guy's ever thought that the band would be one of the most representatives band's in the Nordic Metal scene?
-I dont think anyone in the early bands realized what was to come. but for us at least it's an honor to be considered as such and we try hard to not disappoint that legacy!

15. - If you could get a chance to bring back to life a band, which would it be?
-Hard to say...alot of bands are nowadays reforming, like latest unanimated for instance. but obviously autopsy would be awesome to at least see live again!

16. - Is there anything else you would like to say to the Mexican and worldwide scene? Or something you want to add to this interview?
-Thanks to all for the long time support! look forward to seeing all on tour! cheers!

You can check this guys on:

Sathanas Sign To Pagan Records

U.S black death metallers SATHANAS have signed a two-album deal with PAGAN RECORDS. The band is writing material now for their first full-length on PAGAN.

SATHANAS' latest CD, "Crowned Infernal," was released last September by PULVERISED RECORDS. You can check out some samples at the band's official MySpace page:

SATHANAS are looking to tour Europe. Booking agents are encouraged to contact the band at

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2008

Interview with Benighted

This is the interview with Julien Truchan vocalist of Benighted!

1.- Brutal regards guys, how are you? Could you tell us a little about the origins of Benighted?

-Hey!! I’m fine; we’re close to tour again for the promotion of our new album “Icon” which is out on Osmose Productions since the end of last year, so I’m very impatient! At the beginning, in 1998, Benighted was just a side-project between members of several extreme bands from our country, and it was so natural and fantastic to play together that we have made this band our top priority very quickly and it’s at this day our single band for every member. And after 10 years, 5 albums and lots of concerts, we are there!

2.- In this moment how is the Extreme Metal scene in France, back in the days i remember extreme bands like Massacra, Agressor, Loudblast, Scarve…Now is a bigger and better scene?
-The French extreme scene is bigger than ever now; we’ve got great bands like Kronos, Destinity, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Gojira, Dagoba, Hacride, Blockheads… I can’t tell them all. Bands propose now a more serious work and the most important thing is that they have a more personal music, with a credible way to play and give French metal its own identity! And we’re only at the beginning!

3.- In the period f 1998 to 2000 you had a Self – Produced album, this album open the doors to play more gigs around France?
-Yes! Even if our music was a bit different from what we play today, its was more black metal influenced than now, it makes us sign on Adipocere Records immediately and offer to the band the possibility to play lots of gigs and make a name on the underground extreme metal scene. This album was recorded in only 4 days, and I think it was a very good material at this period. We made a long travel since this time!

4.- Men what is your secret for create that amazing riffs? You have a unique style!
-Thank you for the compliment! We always had the same way to compose, but I think the fact that each member listen to different styles of music makes our way to create songs rich and original, as everyone can tell his own ideas during the process of composition. We don’t keep a track if we’re not satisfied at 100% with it. Each song has to be easily recognizable and have its own identity with surprising parts, breaks on a very brutal and groovy line of extreme death metal.

5.- You had the opportunity for play with great bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, do you learned something about that experience?
-It’s always a pleasure to be on the same stage than this kind of bands! It stays a great experience as it leads you to spill your entrails on stage and give our entire energy to show what we’re capable of!

6.- At this time what is the most important fact in your career?
-I think it’s the signature on Osmose Productions, it represents a big step in the career of the band for an international development, and it’s a great retribution for our work, I find!

7.- For create music, do you listen a lot of Metal genres or just Death Metal?
-Everyone in the band listen to several different styles and not only in metal; some of us listen to punk, rap, jazz, classical music… and it’s great to use this influences and incorporate them in Benigthed’s entity!

8.- Who are your main influences?
-My biggest influences as singer in Benighted are Franck from Suffocation, Chris Barnes (first Cannibal Corpse period), and John from Dying Fetus. I really like Aborted, Devourment, and Cryptopsy too.

9.- Identisick and Icon are a masterpieces, with who worked for this albums?
-We’ve turned back to Kohlekeller Studio where we’ve even recorded our third album “Insane Cephalic Production”. The work of Kohle and Kai at the studio and their professional and human qualities make the recording very easy and friendly at the same time. They push us to cross our limits each time, and it asks lots of work before recording, but the result is always there at the end!

10.- For lyrics of “Identisick” what was your inspiration?
-As I work in a psychiatric hospital, all my inspiration comes from true cases of psychiatric pathologies. Each album brings its own concept, and as “Insane Cephalic Production” was talking about the mental diseases of children and women in pregnancy, “Identisick” was about the troubles of identity and personality in the psychotic crisis.

11.- Massacra or Suffocation?
-Suffocation!! I love their music and listen to them since I’m 14years old!

12.- How was the contact for play in a great Festival like “Inferno Fest” in Norway?
-Nothing to ask, they contacted us and we immediately accepted! It’s a great opportunity for the band to play at one of the most famous festivals in Europe! We’re impatient!

13.- Plans for this 2008?
-We’ve been planned to lots of festivals as the Houten Death Fest or the Neurotic Death Fest in Netherlands, the Chaulnes Metal Fest and the Hell Fest in France, the Rock Area Fest in Germany, and many others… so everything is cool! We have the intent to make a video clip in May with the son “Slut” from “Icon”, and we were supposed to make a European tour with Dying Fetus, but it was cancelled… a European tour will be made at th end of the year for sure!

14.- I hope see you sometime in Mexico, do you know some Latinamerican bands?
-I really hope we’ll come soon!! And for the band, I would say Disgorge!!!!!

15.- For last something to say dudes?
-A big “Stay Brutal” to all the Mexican metal fans who support us! Thank you bros!!!

You can check this guys on:

sábado, 8 de marzo de 2008

Original Pessimist Lineup Re - United

The original PESSIMIST lineup from the first two CDs, "Cult of the Initiated" and "Blood For the Gods", which includes founding members - guitarist Kelly McLauchlin (DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST, EQUINOX), vocalist Rob Kline (PSYCHOTOGEN, FLESHTIZED), and drummer Chris Pernia (PSYCHOTOGEN, BEYOND THE SCAR) has re-united!!

In addition, handling bass duties is none other than Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH, MONSTROSITY)!! The band is stoked to be working together again with the original lineup, and the addition of Kelly Conlon on bass! Plans are underway to begin writing new music for release sometime in the new year!

In the meantime, the band will release a new CD, "Evolution Unto Evil" which features rare and previously unreleased tracks, early demos and live studio versions of songs which have never been released on CD, plus cover songs from POSSESSED, KREATOR, and DEATH!! "Evolution Unto Evil" will feature artwork and layout from Morbid Subculture, and is set to hit the streets March/April 2008, a co-release on Grim Nocturnal Recs and Pathos Productions (

K. McLauchlin
Rob Kline
Chris Pernia
Kelly Conlon

In other related news, PESSIMIST is featured on a new CD tribute to MEGADETH entitled "This is the News" on Crimson Mask Records. Originally released on Dwell Recs in 1999, the CD features all new artwork and is available through hi-profile outlets such as Barns and Noble, Amazon, Circuit City, Target, iTunes, and

Additionally, a cutting-edge video game development company in Norway called Armusement is using "Let the Demons Rest", a track from PESSIMIST's "Cult of the Initiated" CD as part of a demo clip for their new 3D video game, "Zombie Attack". Click [here] to check it out!

Stay tuned to our web site, or for updates and more info!


The new album will be entitled "MISTAKEN FOR DEAD" and the tentative release date is May 4th, 2008 Worldwide. The track-list for the Disc is:

Buried Alive
A Thirst For Flesh
The Deciever
Perils of Burden
Ritual Slaughter
Death By Desire

02-06-08 Recording Updates
We begin tracking drums in south Florida next week and will track everything else here in Tampa with Murphy. The album should be on track and finished being mixed and mastered by the end of Febuary. We just finished shooting new photos for the album as well as promotional shots. Some of them are seen on this site in various places and there is a new gallery in the photo section. We still have a small bit of 2007 merch remaining, please visit our myspace page for more details and how to order.

DOA Open Air Festival- Germany

We have been confirmed for Germany's DOA festival set to take place June 12-14, 2008 in Hünxe, Germany. This Festival will either start or Cap a 2-3 week Euro tour that we will announce later. We will be playing on either the Friday or Saturday night of the festival. Hope to see you there.

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Interview with Inepsy

This is the Interview with this Punk/Metal band by Irving.

Hey, how you guy’s doing? Thanx for accepting this interview, we hope you like it. Well let’s start.

1.- When and how the band started?

-Hi and thanx for this interview... We started INEPSY in 1999 in Quebec city, well,at the time it wasnt really what INEPSY is today. We were just a bunch of friend sharing a reharsal space, so it was nothing really consistant. Sam(drums), Chany (lead guitar/vocal) and Rat(first bass player) decided to move to Montreal because the punk scene was bigger and more organized there. We giged around the punk venues and underground music pub for a while...and then one day, Yannick from Feral Ward(also guitar player for TRAJEDY) was in Montreal, saw us live and offered us to release our first 7inches. We got pretty lucky because there was not really many cool label in Montreal interested in our stuff so....

2.- What bands influenced the band?


3.- What you think about the relation between punk and thrash?, I mean, some metalheads hate’s punk and some punk’s hate metalheads, since the 80’s. what you guy’s think about that?
-Well its kind of stupid because isnt ....TRASH.... means garbage wich is like pretty close to what PUNK means. Punk rocker uses rock n roll in a extreme way to express their anger against those society conventions. It doesnt have anything to do with music abilities... With metalhead there is a big part of them who wants to be succesfull and i guess its where the 2 styles cant get along pretty good. But what they seems to forget is most of the trash metal took their influence from fast punk hardcore band. Slayer, Metallica, Kreator, Sodom...they were all into Discharge.

4.- How’s the scene in Canada? Specially Montréal

-One of the best in North America...lots of good band, lots of punx, lots of venue to play.

5.- how hard was for you guy’s start playing gig’s and recording albums?

-It´s was really hard when were living Quebec city but after we moved to Montreal evertyhing was way easier.

6.- any of you guy’s use to play or currently play in another band?

-Sam did record with HELLBOUND on their split CD with waves, recorded and played gigs for a punk rock band called C.C.S.S. J-P (bass player) is currently filling up on bass a garage punk band called DEMONS CLAW , Chany (lead guit/vocal) is currently doing a G.B.H tribute band and Bobe(rythm guit) is also in a 80..s rock cover band called Colt 45.

7.- Have you ever been in mexico? Any of you guy’s?

8.- There’s a lot of punk and metal scene down here. Doe’s the band have any plans for touring mexico? (it would be awesome IMO)
-No we havent really plan to tour Mexico yet ...we are not really touring a lot because we are all poor and we can not save money. Right now we can not even afford a van and we heard its really hard for a DIY band to get through the border because if you dont bribe the police you can get rob by the border officer bacause they are all corrupt.

9.- Tell us about your latest album “no speed limit for destruction”, how much time did take for the release?
-We worked on writing new songs for about a year. Well not full time because we couldnt met up as much for reharsals...We were tired of doing the same style off the previous records so we wanted to do a full rocknroll album, unfortunatly we werent satisfied of certains songs of the new material so we only kept 8 for the recording and re-record one of our first song ever wrote TIME BOMB. Thats why there is only 9 songs on the new record. We took 4 days to record it but we felt it wasnt enough time. Chany finished the artwork after the recording and it came out a few months later.

10.- Does the album title have any special mean for the band?
-Of course...the title clearly mean what humanity is doing. All of use are use to live in a destructive way...we pollutes, we fight each other, we creates more an more destructive weapons and its seems its never gonna ends till this big machine will eventually crash.

11.- What is the problem in the u.s, ; why the band can’t cross the border?
-USA don´t like stranger, all their law are reenforcing the control on their border every year. So if you only have a little felony on your records its impossible to get there. And they also dont like the idea of bands from other country who get into USA to play gigs and get their money even if its really not a lot.

12.- What “inepsy” means foe the band?
-INEPSY is the fusion of two words... INEPT and PSYCHOLOGIC wich it mean that we are all mentally inept.

13.- Which Canadian band you think is the best?

-Well past or present? for the past band, GENETIC CONTROL, UNRULED, SLAUGHTER, VOIVOD were pretty solid. For present, bands like AFTER THE BOMBS(mettalic crust), BRUTAL KNIGHT(harcore ala gang green) GERM ATTACK(punk) really deliver what we missed hearing for the past 20 years.

14.- Any of you went on the exploited Montréal riot?

-Me and Chany did, yeah it was crazy.

15.- What inspires the band lyrics?
-War, humanity deprived, drug abuse, society.

16.- How you make the songs?
Chany(lead guit/vocal) usually show up in the reharsal room with interesting riffs for chorus and verse and we all built the whole song all together.

17.- What album you prefer show no mercy/slayer or endless pain/kreator?
-Endless Pain is a terrific raw and brutal record.

18.- Razor or Annihilator?
-Razor but we only know Evil Invaders.

19.- Favorite punk bands?
-Discharge, G.B.H , Varukers.

20.- Favorite metal bands?
-Motorhead, Girlschool, Tank ,Sodom, Sacrilege(uk), early Destruction, early Kreator, early Voivod.

21.- Municipal Waste or Toxic Holocaust?
-Toxic Holocaust is more the kind of metal we like but Municipal Waste fucking ripp too!

22.- Death sentence(Can) or Pantichrist?

-Death Sentence.

23.- Well this is our last question, and we would like to thank you guy’s for let us do this interview, we hope you enjoyed it and well thank you very fucking much again. Is anything you would like to say to the Mexican punk/metal scene?
-IF YOU START BAND...KEEP IT SIMPLE AND STUPID and keep playing till you can do a decent recording, this is the best way to do it. thanx to OBLITERACION Web Zine.

You can check this guys on:

LA MurderFest

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2008

Gorerotted has parted ways with drummer John Rushforth!

Commented the band in a statement: "It was a hard decision for us to make and it wasn't a personal issue at all. In the end, it came down to time commitments and professionalism. You will still be able to hear John's drumming skills through his other bands Infected Disarry, Hades Lab and Detrimentum. We wish him the best of luck with all his bands and Grindethic Records."
The group continued, "The new drummer is to be Nate Gould of UK weirdoes Screamin´ Daemon fame. Rehearsals and writing are already underway with Nate for GOREROTTED's fourth album, 'Get Dead Or Die Trying', to be released summer 2008. People will be blown away when they hear the new material we've been working on over the last few weeks! Nate is a great guy and an amazing drummer so it's really cool to have him on board."
Songtitles set to appear on GOREROTTED's forthcoming CD include "The Howling", "Angel Of Meth", "It's Like There's A Party In My Mouth And Everyone's Being Sick", "Coping With A Botched Strapadictomy", "Fear And Loathing In Ipswich Town Centre", "Kissing You With My Fists", "The Body Tree" and the title track.

Mountains Of Death Open Air (CH)

The Moutains of Death Open Air is the one and only Death Metal/Grindcore Open Air in Switzerland and will take place at the 22nd/23rd of August 2008 in Muotathal (CH).

The first confirmed bands are:

Insidious Decrepancy (US) -
Beheaded (M) -
Inveracity (GR) -
Inherit Disease (US) -
Twitch Of The Death Nerve (UK) -
Craniotomy (SK) -
Infected Disarray (UK) -
Sickening (I) -
Suffocate Bastard (D) -
Kronos (F) -
Censored (CH) -

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