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The Seedbed Of Evil: Nadimac (Serbia)

Fast, Corrosive, Aggressive... Nadimac is a kick ass Crossover/Thrash Metal band from Serbia, they remind me the old glory days of Tankard, D.R.I., Cryptic Slaughter, Suicidal Tendencies or Excel. Their album "Drzavni Neprijatelj Broj Kec" with Area Death Productions it´s a good piece of xtreem music, they talk about Sects, Corporations, Political Incorrectness. In question of composition is really good, the songs structures sometimes are like a tornado, they play fast but suddenly goes faster! Riffs are good, with a great sense and secuence between riff and riff;the solos are good maybe a little short... but still good!! And the bass is amazing, not only for the rithym base, the bass support the guitar playing the same riffs in an excellent way!
Drums are played in the classic way of Crossover/Thrash Metal fast, loud, hard and of course a really good technique to mix all of this capacities to create a good drum tracks. The voice for me is a really strong part of the band, i like this type of voice, without try to sing guttural or really harsh, Danilo makes a strong and furious voice in allt he songs, i like the espontaneous final screams in some parts of the songs, that is the key to bring some peaced part to a violent and aggressive part!!
The best songs of the album for me are "Bog Cuva Bekriju", this song is like a hymn to mayhem, fuckin chaotic you just wanna break your neck with the headbanging!
Of course "Metal Je Rat", the intro is kind of the outro of Metallica´s "Metal Militia" some boots walking overthere, the first double bass part with the riff are great is just the beggining of the massacre!
"Usro Si Motku" this is my favorite, the first riff is Killer... Pure Thrash Metal! This song have a lot changes of rithym, really great song!
"Zmajeva Jajca" hellyeah the begginign of this song reminds me some Tankard stuff and the legendary "Open All Night" VHS... Fuck!!! The first riff is insane!! Fast and technique style! (Horns Up to Stefan) This is maybe the most violent song of the album, i love the vocal work in this song.. fast as hell!! And this song have a middle part just to take a chill for later Keep It Up with the Insane!!
The production is good, maybe the drums could be better, more powerfull!!!

Evilness 8.5/10

Nadimac are:

Danilo "Dača" Trbojević - Vocals
Stefan "Ćora" Ćorović - Guitar
Marko "Zec" Pavlović - Bass
Dragan "Draganče" Ristić - Drums


Vukodlak Metal Demo 2007
DaggerSpawn / Nadimac Split 2008
Metal Je Rat EP 2009
Drzavni Neprijatelj Broj Kec Full-length 2009
Authorization : Legal Offense Split 2009

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Interview: Nadimac (Serbia)

Interview with this crazy, blasting Thrashers from Serbia... Nadimac!!!

1.- How are you? First of all, tell us yiur names and possitions and how do you formed the band?

- NadimaC was founded back in 2003, two hairy metalheads dragan and zec wanted to play fast music , like german speed/thrash metal bands did. Few months later they found vocal and guitar player and first line up was complete. Band played on a lot of metal gigs,fests,and drunken metal nights,always playing as energic as they could and always hanging after gig with thrashers crew.By now NadimaC is known in region as pretty original and in a way unique band wich tryes to play thrash metal ,but combines metal influences and also gives its own mark.Lyricks were always special part of bands music,sarcastic,funny,weird and everything but ordinary. Band made lot of fast oldschool songs and recorded "vukodlak metal" demo in 2007. In early 2008 band got new line up. In that line up have played couple of good shows and recorded promo album called "Metal is war"-"metal je rat". Same (curent)recorded album for aread death productions (China) and it is out worldvide. In years to come you can expect everything but slower songs and changing of band style ,NadimaC is pure THRASH metal band and its the only way its ever ganna be...

2.- What bands inspired you to create Nadimac?

- Nadimac was created not to be one more metallica/megadeth/pantera clon band..
Everything elce will be more clear in years to come..

3.- How many recording do you have at the moment?

- Discography: Demo 2005Vukodlak metal(2007)Nadimac/daggerspawn split cassete (2008)Metal je rat EP (2009)Nadimac/crucifier split cd (2009)Nadimac/beshtoven split cd (2009)Nadimac/benefactor decease (2009)Nadimac/ five way split korea (2009)Nadimac/pervertum obscurum Split tape (2009) DRZAVNI NEPRIJATELJ BROJ KEC - ALBUM (2009) ADP.

4.- How is the Metal scene in Serbia?
- State of our scene today is not strange or weird to me, I'm 24 years old but have seen or participated on many concerts, fanzines, bands, and stuff like that, I'm not expirienced as some of my older friends from scene, but I know what I know. All I can say about our scene is that it is a standard model for a „after cold war“ and „post war“ scene, meaning that in 90`s you were lucky to see any band, and at the begining of 2000`s situation got better, domestic bands festival in Dom omladine, Motorhead and Paul Di Anno had almost sold out concerts, Metallica was success too etc.But in one point in last few years we found ourselves in between a couple of expensive concerts in couple of days, and you have money or entysiasm to go only on one concert, meaning that we have today couple concert organizations that organize concerts, but the relationship between them is neither healthy nor profesional.Also there is a lot of concerts booked and cancelled briefly after, people buy expensive tickets only to be later dissapointed by cancellations. Even underground and domestic gigs have some weird logic, some domestic bands with potencial have much less crowd than shitty tribute bands, much much less. Which is crap, when you combine all problems with concerts, and add to that Internet/download/mp3 listening culture you have a problem, beacuse people will download some live dvd of band they „love“ and not go to the concert of the same band in their own town! What's up with that!? Get a life! Get a real metal/music experience, be part of the scene or fuck off! You can`t compare 20000000 mp3 albums at home with one LIVE show experience, one beer in your neighbourhood with your friends, or one mosh pit! That's the point of scene and of music we all like. Thrash on rise..yeah it is, that's just one of indicators how people are fed up with system and life in our country and in the world. Thrash is by ideology more protest than just music and it's about denying authority, creating social messages, sharing UG spirit of friendship, hanging out and stuff so its cool. I'm glad to see we have couple of cool young bands, and we also have some fantastic older bands.Yeah thrash is on the rise. About Bosko`s death... sad, sad day for us all, for many people personally and for the whole scene, which he was BIG part of, and the scene was part of him so I dare say that part of scene died with him. He always had real underground spirit that I always shared and appreciate. He was friend, he was one of us...111
Hmmm... fans, very energic and agressive therefore..very good metal fans.
But our scene has at the moment something i would call „Post cold war, post war syndrom“. That meens that in the 90` during the wars we didnt had a lot of shows in Serbia and every band that came (napalm death, propain, and later UK Subs,Paul di anno, Motorhead) had big crowds and on concerts vent metal, hc, rock, punk people together. Now There is a lot of big concerts and they are expensive for most of fans :P Plus fans are now devided, not just on punks, hc punks, anarcho, metal heads etc, in metal subculture we are devided on black metalheads, thrashers, dm heads etc...that sucks ! :P

5.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- Hmm we all participate in making of songs, it’s cool thing because we start to play some tunes and rhythms on rehearsal and somebody says “hey put this part here or there” or “you can try and play this like that” so the final song is product of our united ideas. It was like that before I came to band so the author of the songs is NadimaC

6.- What is your main inspiration to write the lyrics songs (your songs are in Serbian), could you explain a little bit more about this?
- Hmm we all participate in making of songs, it’s cool thing because we start to play some tunes and rhythms on rehearsal and somebody says “hey put this part here or there” or “you can try and play this like that” so the final song is product of our united ideas. It was like that before I came to band so the author of the songs is NadimaC
Lyrics were always important for NadimaC, I try to combine sarcastic/dark humour approach, and what's more important - every song has two messages, one obvious and other hidden, interesting thing is how people understand our song lyrics very differently. I like to combine social themes, alternative religion concepts, corporations,war invades/invalides of war, secret societies, indoctrination, and off course I always try not to be politically correct. I'm not using other bands' song lyrics as inspiration, I find inspiration without thinking about it, just looking around and singing about what I see.

7.- How was the contact for work with Crucifier, Besthoven, Benefactor Disease and Pervertum Obscurum? You worked a lot this year!
- HEheh its harded to find label to release splits than bands. We wanted to release split with Greek bands because Serbs and Greeks are two brother nations.
Beshtoven is great crust band and we were honered to do a plsit with that and we was introducet for that split by Suffering jesus productions.
We like to support other bands by releasing splits with tham, and we think its tr00 underground way…

8.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- Although we like the metal music from the 80’s we are not one of these bands who is obssessed by 80’s life style and looks, the biggest influences on Nadimac are bands like German thrash metal school and old school crossover/hc punk bands. The main influence on our style has to be the life and the life experiences we share. Sure, we love all these old metal bands but we also love some of new wave of thrash / crossover metal, and we try not to follow any rules or boundaries in our music. NadimaC triies to be one of New Wave thrash forces in region,
Hmm ..we are totaly Uncool band.
We dont try to have same sound as Sodom, or Sadus 20 years ago, but we try to combine that tradition with some other styles or iideas.
But we wont ever play some comercial crap, or folow the flow.

9.- What can we expect from your debut Album "DRZAVNI NEPRIJATELJ BROJ KEC", you worked with some label or independent?
- The band is generally satisfied with the album sound in general, as far as sound quality goes we are pretty happy with the work the producer done. There is one saying in Serbia “as much money, as much music”, which means that we did great job having in mind how much money we had. The recordings and production was done by Archsound productions, and it was recorded in studio MIIR.
Album is fast, sarcastic, politicly incorect, and diferent.
For fans of ultra agresive, and fast thrash with exotic vocals and song structures... try it! 111

10.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?

- Hmm,,..i (Danilo) have finished university and now im on master studies .. I do metal art… and stuff like that, I cant get a job and I mostly do nothing ..
Bass player(Zec) Is on final year on some computer university… Dragan (Drummer) also draws and he have some job …Stefan(Guitar) started on Soud and video injenering university…he doesent do anything elce haha.

11.- Could you define in 5 words the music of Nadimac?

- Agression, Energy, Attitude, Sarcasm, Desaster.

12.- How is a clasic gig of Nadimac?

- Hmm a loto of beer in us and on crowd, crazy fans(really crazy moshpits) constant screaming jumping, fast beats, moshpits, crowd riding etc.. we are underground band so when we come in some other country or city its cool to see people we don’t know jumping or singing our songs…

13.- What can you say about this song "SAD SI SAM"?
- Its song about thoughts of war invalide, its song of his anger and hate…that is his messadge to country...
Since we were born our country was in wars with more that 17 countries theres a lot inspiration here...

14.- Plans for the next year, touring, splits...
- We already played with municipal waste, i think it would be cool to tour with Tankard, Violator, Fastkill, Sodom, kreator or Sabbat(Eng).
We will recorde new EP next yrar, and release more splits, play more gigs and try to make diference..

15.- Anything you wanna add?
- Hmm... People, metalheads, punks, hc dudes, don’t be just “fans”, be part of the scene..
On gig don’t be voyeur, MOSH!
At hoem don’t be forum/internet metal voyeur, LIVE LIFE! For real, drink, have a good time, when you are angry with authorities –say it loud!
Make a diference or…fuck off!
Thrashers…thrash on!
Metal is war!
Its your choice!

You can cheack this guys on:

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Do You Remeber This?

Atomic Aggressor!! Cult Chilean Band!!!


Mexican Dybbuk Records, who recently released the AXIS POWERS compilation "Born For War", have several new items in the queue: concerning merchandise they already sell the official t-shirts from KILL with the "No Catharsis" cover and in the next week TRIBULATION t-shirts will be available (in size S, M, L & XL) and strictly limited to 70 pieces. Regarding official recordings they are going to release the demo from Swedish Death Metal band LAMENTATION along with the upcoming CD from RAWHIDE (Swedish Rock'n'Roll like a mix between MOTÖRHEAD, GG ALLIN, RAMONES and TURNONEGRO with BESTIAL MOCKERY members) and the pro-tape in a limited version of 300 copies of KILL's "No Catharsis" demo all in early 2010. Check out for additional information and ordering details.

The next 6 bands confirmed for Neurotic Deathfest are: ABORTED, CEREBRAL BORE, DEW-SCENTED, GOROD, ROTTEN SOUND and THE RED CHORD. With these confirmations the organisation is near completion of the festival. There are 3 acts left to announce, which will be done in about a week time. Apart from that the organisation will announce several other surprises in the forthcoming weeks.

Swedish oldschool Death Metallers FATALIST have begun filming a video for the track 'Frozen Epitaph'. Frontman Neil Burkdoll issued the following statement about the video shoot: "We filmed about 4 hours of footage for our 'Frozen Epitaph' video this past weekend. We have a lot of editing to do and maybe a few more things to film, but overall it's coming along nicely. We are happy with the footage that we captured, but now the real work begins with making it something anyone would want to watch. We are trying to get it finished for the European release date of "The Depths Of Inhumanity" in late January 2010. Wish us luck!!!" Stills from the Frozen Epitaph' video shoot can be seen on the band's myspace page

Underground journalist Ryan Bartek has unleashed his book THE BIG SHINY PRISON as a free PDF download here (MS Word Document or RTF File upon request from It covers all forms of extreme Metal, Punk, Industrial, Experimental, Rock, Electronic, Psychedelia, etc. and features interviews with a.o. Brutal Truth, Millions of Dead Cops, Impaled, DWARVES, Repulsion, Cephalic Carnage, A.C., Pig Destroyer, Kylesa, STALAGGH, Genghis Tron and Abysmal Dawn. Even USA president Barack Obama makes the most bizarre appearance of his entire career. The following statement comes directly from the author: "My name is Ryan Bartek. For the past 3 years I've sacrificed everything for the successful completion of this project. I spent a year on the road, another year completing and shopping it, and another year of total rejection. It is only karmically fitting that both the demise of magazine and book publishing come in one fell swoop. I was never in it for the money, nor the aspect of celebrity. I have spent an upwards of $10,000 on it, which I remark only to underline my absolute sincerity. No one would deny its quality - but the raw nature of the work, as well as its excessive length, made it impossible to pigeon hole or successfully shop. Nothing quite like it has ever surfaced, at least not in the format I've undertaken. After this seemingly endless struggle, I have decided to offer it to the public domain. While I retain the copyright / trademark, I both encourage and support file sharing. It is my only wish that this manuscript be circulated and appreciated. Perhaps when all is said and done, someone might offer a physical print run." More info you may find at

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