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BLOODY SIGN’s third full length album "Chaos Echoes" is in the pressing plant now and should be out in February 2010 via Blood Harvest Records in Europe, followed by a digi-sleeve version with different artwork for the US market to be released by Ibex Moon Fecords in early 2010. A gatefold LP version will be unleashed in Spring time, through Blood Harvest as well. Two new songs have been added to the band's myspace page www.myspace.com/bloodysign now. A picture of the frontcover and other parts of the artwork, created by artist Stefan Thanneur, can be seen at the blog section of www.manifeste.net. The album's track listing reads like this: 'Intro', 'Chord Temple', 'Down To Hell', 'For The Unknown', 'Voice From The depths – bass interlude', 'The Call', 'Primordial Sound', 'Symphony Of Bones – drum interlude', 'Words Of Death', 'Khordê’s Funerals – Guitar Interlude', 'Tongues Of Shadows' and 'Outro'.

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Interview: Deceased (Usa)

Hails! This is the interview with King Fowley from the legendary Deceased!!!

1.- With 25 years into the Underground, for you what is the best thing, that Deceased gives to you like a band?

- I have loved all of our years of learning our craft and performing our craft and every year getting a little bit better at it all. It’s all been what it is and it's all been a learning and living experience. the band means a lot to me! i am very happy to have had it for so long, it's personally kept me sane and out of trouble!

2.- Please introduce us to the new warriors in Deceased with a few words...
- The new warriors are Shane Fuegel on guitar, a long time friend and a wild as hell guitar player. I’ve always loved his band Biovore and we've always had a special bond as Voivod fanatics! He’s really added some wild, 'raw' edge to the guitar sound which i love!
Matt Altieria is the young buck in the band on guitar live and he's a real speed merchant on guitar who loves the fast picking stuff and really has a love for the energy and weird mayhem that is Deceased! He’s been a friend online for many years and now he's part of the band. Eric Mayes is an incredible drummer who I’ve known for almost 20 years. He plays in Biovore with Shane and I’ve always loved his drumming style and power hitting! We also have Chris Paolino filling in on some gigs on bass this year for Les whose about to marry and taking a little time off this year to prepare it all. He’s a thrash mutant and a great friend. he's busted ass to get the songs up to par quickly on bass so we can keep on rocking on the road! i love these guys! Couldn’t do it without them! Mike and Les of course are ready for the new lp and are vital parts to the Deceased attack!

3.- What is the main concept in the band?
- To be ourselves. To not cater to anything other then making and playing the best music we can possibly create. Doing things at our speed and in our own frame of mine. Sincerity, dedication and togetherness is how we live!!!

4.- How much differs the sound between the classic era with Relapse Records and this new era of Deceased?
- It all comes from the heart and it comes out how it does from whatever is creeping through all our minds when we sit down to write at any given time. We have always had melody and always had speed but we've also had ideas that took years to work up to and we've bettered our instruments as we've gone. Everything is made with full on sincerity and everything we put out is where we are at the date it's released! We started out to play fast and heavy and weird and we sit here today to play fast, heavy, and weird and make memorable tunes!

5.- Zombies, death, horror are the mainly themes in your lyrics, what inspires you to make this kind of lyrics?
- I have a weird though pattern at times. Very morbid! The zombies came from the early days and 'birth by radiation' demo. i wanted to do that story on record so we did 'fearless undead machines' record in 97. The horror/death themes are what i wanted to write about and why i chose the name Deceased all those years ago. It’s fitting and it's a spinning wheel inside me always. Death is such a thought provoking thing!

6.- Do you still have some memories about your first gigs?
- Absolutely! i love the gigs we've done, all of 'em! All are memories in many, many ways! the early gigs i remember playing parties locally without singing (i hadn't got it down yet while playing drums) and just ripping through Sodom, Bathory, Slayer, Hirax, DRI covers along with early originals like 'gutwrench', 'after the bloodshed' and 'sick thrash'! People not knowing what to make of us. borrowing equipment we didn't have. Making friends and enemies with local bands for many reasons. Smoke bombs lit off in people’s living rooms. Huge keg parties with 500 freaks. Cops busting places. Renting out local halls to do shows and trashing the places. it's always fun to think back!

7.- Do you think your old fans appreciate the evolution of Deceased or do they probably prefer the straight forward brutality of your earlier releases?
-I think it varies person to person. i have people come up and tell me 'play the luck of the corpse stuff' then the next guy say 'i want to hear the new material' then the next say 'i love it all'! i think people appreciate us being true to ourselves musically and i think they appreciate us 'growing' as a band as the years go on. it is never gonna be a phony sound from us and that is the thing people i think know most of all!

8.- How important are the lyrics in Deceased?
- Very important! i want the listener to understand the vocals and get an idea of the horror tinged tales i put together. i want the tunes to fit with the lyrics and vice versa. lyrics have become much more to me as time goes on. Early on it was just words that rhymed put into place to shout out, now it's more from the mind of a storyteller!

9.- Do you still listen to the same music these days that had influenced your writing when Deceased originally started out? Any new bands that you enjoy in the same way?
- I love tons of music and always have. i love my metal and love all the bands/albums/demos of those bands that influenced me. Voivod, Fate, Venom, Sabbath, Kiss, early Slayer, Exciter, Sodom, Repulsion, Maiden, Saxon, English Dogs, MDC, Ramones, all of it. a wide variety of sounds and bands have always lived within my musical tastes. As for new bands doing the death metal thing, I appreciate some of it but most bands sadly now just make it extreme with no substance. Throw away songs and little talent! That upsets me! To me the elders that write songs and deliver the intensity will always own my heart!

10.- Since 2001 you have a lot of Best Of Compilations and one EP, one Full length and some Splits, what is the reason of this, and why don´t make some new Full Length albums?
- We have had some major problems with the band and my health in this last decade. i had a blood clot in my lung in 2002 and a stroke in 2004! that really took time to recover from. we also lost long time band member Mark Adams a few years back and Mike Smith retired from playing live a year before that. We needed to put new people in and get it right. We don't half ass and i wouldn't just throw some guys on stage and call it Deceased! We also left Relapse records and needed time to regroup on that. All of our releases to us have been worthwhile. Two all covers albums with punk and metal covers of bands we grew up on. a 2 cd set of all our demos, some never released at all, not even on tape. an official live cd. a remix of 'the blueprints for madness' album as well as other singled out demos on cd as well. The only comp was a 'best of' for a polish mag exclusively! We expected to have a new lp by 2007 but then Mark left. it took awhile to get things right. but we've been writing through it all and the new lp is almost here! Look for it summer 2010!!!

11.- By the way did you choose the bands (Sacrificial Blood and Crucified Mortals are a great bands) for the Split albums?
- Both are friends! Cool guys and they asked us! it's been great playing with both bands live at times and we've enjoyed the splits very much with them!

12.- How do you personally judge “The Blueprints of Madness” in retrospect? Are you still Satisfied with it?
-I love the music, sound stinks. i remixed it and it got a bit better but it'll never be 'right'! i love the weirdness of the record and we really did go all out to freak things out and go left field a bit. a very odd record but one i appreciate and enjoy outside of the sound of it!!!

13.- How was the experience to do a Live Album like "Up The Tombstones"?
- Great! fun as hell night that was! Tons of friends showed up locally and we had a hell of a party afterwards. a few songs never made the live record 'frozen screams', 'feasting on skulls' and 'two minutes to midnight' got taken off because the mix had a few problems and the snare mic was lost but it came out ok sound wise and served its purpose. Great memories for sure!!!!

14.- Could you please answer spontaneously to these words...
- Deceased: a very important part of my life!
Arlington: where i grew up! 'Home'!
Death: the end of life. a never ending wonder!
Heavy Metal: the best music ever made when performed correctly!

15.- What are the concrete plans of the band for this 2010?
- Recording and releasing our new LP 'surreal overdose' on our own record label Shrieks from the hearse records. lots of gigs in the U. S. to celebrate our 25th anniversary of the band! And getting the website back up, which it is now... upthetombstones.net

16.- Anything to add or ask?
- Thanks so much for caring about and supporting us brother! Happy new year to everyone! Hope to see everyone on the road in 2010! Look for the new record, visit the website and take care of each other! UP THE TOMBSTONES!!!!!

You can check this guys on:

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MASTER have revealed the final tracklisting for their upcoming full-length album “The Human Machine”. It will contain 10 tracks and was recorded at Shaark Studios in Bzenec, Czech Republic with Petr Nejezchleba and Pavel Hlavica at the engineering helm. Produced by Speckmann, Pradlovsky and Nejezchleba. The tracklisting are as follow: 'The Human Machine', 'It’s What Your Country Can Do For You', 'Twisted Truth', 'True Color', 'Suppress Free Thinking', 'A Replica Of Invention', 'Faceless Victims Expelled', 'Worship The Sun', 'The Lack Of Space' and 'Impale To Kill'. A 50-second video trailer for 'The Human Machine', which include excerpts from the new album, is now available at this location. MASTER is currently on the "Masters Of Hate" Brazilian tour, with support acts Predator and After Death, whom recently met with a mishap with two of the band members from After Death drowned in a beach accident.

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Swedish oldschool Death Metallers INTERMENT have issued the following statement: “Our debut album is taking form, everything except the vocals have been recorded. We have set “Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy” as the title and the plan is to finish everything around early February. The track listing is: 'Night Of The Undead', 'Torn From The Grave', 'Stench Of Flesh', 'Morbid Death', 'Sacrificial Torment', 'The Pestilence', 'Where Death Will Increase', 'Dreaming In Dead' and 'Eternal Darkness'. The old Carnage classic 'Torn Apart' was also nailed down on tape but we don’t know yet if we will include it on the final album. Time shall tell…“Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy” should be released in April through Pulverised and backed up by some European live massacres. Keep your filthy eyes open!!” For all further info check out www.interment.se or www.myspace.com/intermenthorde.

Cleveland, Ohio's Death / Grinders EMBALMER are currently writing material for their next full length album, to be entitled "The Apocalyptic Bloodshower" (label tba). According to the band "the new material is spewing out sicker than ever, and sounding way more intense and brutal than any of the previous stuff." The album is announced as being a return to the classick elements of their "Rotting Remains" and "There Was Blood Everywhere" releases of the '90s, "but with faster, face peeling grinds, a heavier overall sound / production, and all the trademark brutal and tortured vocals that gave the band a great buzz in the mid '90s, leading to their previous deal with Relapse Records." EMBALER have just released a brand new "2009 Promo II" that will be shopped to labels, and also be available for free through the band's myspace site www.myspace.com/embalmerband. The material originally appeared on their 2009 promo, but it got completely re-mixed / mastered with brand new vocals and other improvements. These tracks will also appear on a split 7" EP with Regurgitation (OH), to be released by Goatgrind Records later this year. The Regurgitation side will feature a song from their previously unreleased "Clitoraldectomy" EP to be out on on CD through Comatose Music this year. The EPs will be limited to 350 hand-numbered copies on green vinyl. Also, EMBALMER will be releasing a 12" LP version of the "Into The Oven" demo and the '92 "Taxidermist" tape through Hells Headbangers. You can expect expanded layout with plenty of old photos / show flyers / ads, etc. The band has also just released some new "Limbs In The Grinder" hoodies through Gorefiend Merch (www.gorefiendmerch.com) and also agreed for the release of full color "13 Faces Of Death" short- and longsleeve shirts, that will feature a totally updated design with full sleeve-prints and the original artwork by Mike Majewski.

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Interview: Fatalist (Usa)

This is the Interview with Classic Death Metallers Fatalist!

1.- Firstable for those unfamiliar with the band, please give us a history on the formation of Fatalist.

- Neil-Wes and I started the band in May of 2006. We went through a few drummers and bass players in the first year before we got a stable line up together. We recorded a demo cd called "Loss" on the end of 2007 and released our album "The Depths of Inhumanity" in November of 2009 on Ibex Moon Records.

2.- Why play in the vein of Old Swedish Death Metal and not the US Death Metal style? And who are your main influence to create music?
- Well, because even though we love a lot of American bands, the European bands always meant more to us. This style was just something that Wes and I wanted to do. We wanted to use the Swedish HM-2 distortion and it makes everything sound Swedish even when it is not supposed to. We thought people would hate us for playing this style, but that is not the case. A lot of European fans are into FATALIST. Our influences are Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, Unleashed, Grave, Edge of Sanity, Evocation, Autopsy, Death, Obituary, Asphyx, Morgoth, Gorguts, etc.

3.- Do you note some important differences between your demo "Loss" and your debut album "The Dephts of Humanity"?
- No, the album is actually just the "Loss" demo plus 4 new songs. It is sort of a re-release of the "Loss" cd with bonus songs. i wish we didn't have to do that, but we really didn't have a choice.

4.- How was the recording porcess of "The Dephts of Humanity", how many time did you take to wrote and make the music?
- The recording was done by me in my home studio and it almost killed me. I spent a long time editing and mixing this album. The writing was on and off for 2.5 years. i wrote Morbid Derangement as we were recording the drums for the other songs. Tyler couldn't even learn the song so I had to play the drums on that song for the recording.

5.- What can you say about "Life Deploration"?
- It is one of Wes' songs. He actually had this song on a demo before we even started the band. You would have to ask him what the lyrics are about. I have no idea what he wrote that one about.

6.- With who worked for this album, i can hear the classic Swedish Death Metal tone, did you use the HM - 2 pedal?
- I recorded, mixed, mastered, produced the album at my home studio. Yes, that is the HM-2 pedal you hear on the album. i hope to have an even better guitar sound on the next cd.

7.- How was the contact with Ibex moon Records, directly with John?
- I contacted John after i bought the last Nominon cd he put out. John liked our demo cd and said that he wanted to work with us. I talked with him for about 2 months before i signed the contract. We are lucky that everything worked out great for us.

8.- What happen with Wes and Tyler, are they still in the band?
- No, they are both out of the band. This was a decision that was a long time coming. I can't really say what i want to for this answer, so i will just say that there comes a time when you can't babysit people anymore.. They weren't really active in the band for a very long time. Fatalist would not exist for much longer if we continued with the same line up. We had to turn down some big shows because of them and I have worked to hard for this behavior to continue. I am trying to be very politically correct with my answer here.

9.- What do you think about this bands playing Technichal Brutal Slamming Gore Death Grind stuff, do you like some of this bands?
- Well, Art likes a lot of this sort of stuff. I do like early Dying Fetus and the band Prophecy from Texas, but that's about it. It just doesn't do anything for me. I still do listen to a lot of Grind and Gore Grind though, but mostly the classic bands and Rotton Sound, Nasum, Afgrund, etc.

10.- What is the meaning of Fatalist for you as a band?
- Fatalist is just a way for us to create traditional Death Metal with real songs. You shouldn't have to listen to our songs 100 times before you understand our riffs. If it takes you that many times, than I am not doing my job correctly.

11.- Could you describe in 3 words the sound of Fatalist?
- Traditional Death Metal.

12.- Plans for this 2010?
- I hope to get this new line up going soon so we can play some festivals and hopefully come out to Europe this year. I am writing the new album as we speak, so it shouldn't be more than a year before I start recording that.

13.- Anything to add or ask?
- Thanks for the interview and tell people to buy our album "The Depths of Inhumanity" on Ibex Moon Records. You can check out our video for the song Frozen Epitaph on line as well.

You can check this guys on:

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Bad News!

Blabbermouth.net have posted the following news: Joe Ptacek, former vocalist of the long-defunct 1990s Illinois Death Metal band BROKEN HOPE, died last night (Wednesday, January 20) of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was 37 years old.

Two musicians from the band After Death from the UK died yesterday afternoon (Thursday, January 21) drowned in a beach in Aracaju, Sergipe, near 4 and a half hours by bus from Salvador. They are: Leon Villalba and Timothy Kennelly. They are the supporting act for the MASTER tour in Brazil along with Brazilian Predator. The Brazilian site infonet.com.br says: "A tragedy killed two young foreigners from the British band After Death. They were in the Sergipe capital Aracaju for a show with the American band MASTER that would take place on Friday, 22 at a street parking in Santo Amaro, center of the city. According to the soldier Rodrigo, from the Fire Department, the two young men were bathing in the Atalaia beach, around 14:30, near the Aquarium when they drowned. According to the soldier, teams from the Fire Department were deployed, but when they arrived on the scene, they found only the body of guitarist Leon Villalba, 21. Bassist Timothy Kennelly, 18, remains missing. The soldier said that when the drowning happened, the beach did not show any current. "We do not know what happened, because the site did not contain any ditch or stream and also the floor of the tide was dry," laments the soldier, pointing out that the foreigners may have been victims of lack of experience on entering the water. Another site said that one of the guys was drowning and the other tried to save him, but ended up drowning too. The label Death Toll Records, responsible for the tour, has posted the following official statement: "Despite the death of members Leon Villalba and Timothy Kennelly (body not found yet) of the London based band AFTER DEATH drowning in Aracaju, the "Masters of Hate Tour 2010" will continue, mainly, in awe to the public. In talks with members of AFTER DEATH they said "we are all still grieving and shocked by what has happened, but we have assurances that they would like the shows were made. Do this in tribute to them!".

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Interview: Phlegethon (Finland)

This is the Interview with Lasse Pyykkö from the Surreal and Mythic Phlegethon!!!

1.- At this moment who are in the line up of Phlegethon?

- Actually I´m the only member in the band at the moment.

2.- What is the meaning of Phlegethon?
- We picked up the name from Greek mythology. Phlegethon is a firestream in Hades.

3.- Back in time, do you remember how was the Finland scene? What differences do you note with the actual scene?
- The scene back in the good ol´days was great. Lots of interesting young bands creating something fresh and exciting. Nowasdays the scene in Finland is doing well again. There´re many good bands around and many of them are strongly influenced by the older Finnish DM bands so it´s a good direction. But man... although the scene is interesting again it´s a bit unfair to compare it to the old times. Back then death metal was like an adventure. Nowadays it ´s pretty predictable. Don´t get me wrong! I think these times are good! Things could be worse. A lot worse! It´s just that the greatest and the most exciting era of metal lies in the past and it won´t come back. We are recycling the same old ideas again and again but at least surprisingly many of us are doing it damn well! As long it´s like that I cannot complain. The modern styles of metal don´t really impress me. Modern polished production and all that is not very metal in my book. So this so called “Renaissance” of old school death metal is a good thing. You can still find exciting new bands that reek of total death. Of course some of these new DM bands are mere unispired copycat stuff but that was the case more or less in the early 90´ s as well.

4.- After Phlegethon you was involved in some other projects?
- When Phlegethon broke up in ´92 we contued playing music together. It was just totally different stuff and that´s another story. After that I played in different projects but it was nothing serious. I was musically quite numb for many years until 2006 when I came back with a new Phlegethon demo. That led to the birth of my newer bands Vacant Coffin, Hooded menace, Claws and some others.

5.- I had the chance to hear your demo "Neutral Forest" and the EP "Fresco Lungs", what was you thinking when you make "Female Sabbath"? Is fucking insane!

- When I composed that song I was deeply possessed by “Darkness Descends” from Dark Angel. To be more specific I was heavily inspired by the title track of this brilliant album. I wanted “Female Sabbath” to have lots of fast parts that lasted for a good while. This needed to be a furious track. When Juha wrote the lyrics for it, it was just typical Phlegethon lyrism. Surreal and mystic. I remember once Juha finished it, Juha didn ´t have a title for it. Spontaneously I dropped the words “female sabbath” in Finnish language and we all started laughing. We translated it into English and there we had a good title for the song.

6.- In that time, did you never had a offer deal with some Label for a Full Length album?
- Actually Witchhunt Records originally asked us to do a full lenght but instead we offered them a mini LP. There was an interest after “Fresco Lungs” mini LP/CD but it didn´t led to a deal because we had drastically changed our style during ´91 already. We played pretty crazy crossover crap. We fused almost everything we listened at the time. That was a bit too much for one of the leading extreme metal labels that was interested in us. They were pretty confused after hearing our latest rehearsal tape at the time, haha!

7.- What is your main motivation to create music?
- The joy of overmatching myself and simply just good music. That makes me want to grab a guitar and start writing songs. It´s a reaction to the stimulus. Also bad music can cause a similar reaction or reading a mainstream music magazine with all these crappy bands featured, hehe! So in a way some of my music comes out from frustration too, I guess.

8.- Do you remember the compilation "Weird tales of madness vol. I"? How was the contact to participate?
- Yes I remember that compilation! I don´t remember at all how we got featured tho.

9.- Why do you split two times, the first in 1992 and the second in 1995?
- Originally we split up because we were dead tired with playing death/thrash metal. It wasn´t exciting nor very special anymore. So we eneded up playing this insane crossover stuff then we got bored doing that too and finally called it a day in ´92. We got together in ´95 just to record one demo “Promo 1995”. We don´t regard it as a real reunion. We just recorded a couple of songs for the fun of it and disappeared again. It wasn´t a serious attempt to make a return. We could (and should) have used a different moniker instead of Phlegethon for that demo. It doesn´t sound like Phlegethon at all. It wasn´t meant to be a Phlegethon demo in the first place. For some reason we just ended up using that name again.

10.- In this period what did you do?
- During ´92 - ´95 (up until ´97 or so) we were playing punkish stuff under the monikers Tallow and later One Trick Pony. We enjoyed playing something very simple after all that complex Phlegethon stuff. It was refreshing. Now as I look at it I´d say we were drifting. We were a bit lost.

11.- When and why you decide to reform Phlegethon, from who comes the idea?
- I´m the one to blame for it. I think it was in 2005 when I got this almost compulsive urge to write new Phlegethon material. Why now? That´s a mystery to me too. I was spinning again some of my old fave metal albums like crazy and also absorbed lots of stuff that I missed during my absence from the metal scene. For some reason I felt very inspired to write metal again. You know, the idea was lurking in my mind every now and then and in 2006 I was ready to record a new Phlegethon demo “Totems Within”. Of course it didn´t feel exactly like in the old days since the line up was just me and Saku. Juha was also put in the line up although he only wrote the lyrics and didn´t touch a guitar. He didn´t want to do that. Saku played only the guitar solos while I was taking care of all the rest. Of course I wanted Teemu and Jussi to join the band but it was impossible. Teemu wasn´t interested and Jussi was too busy with other things.

12.- Talking about the lyrics, what are the main themes of the songs?
- Phlegethon´s lyrics have always been about our odd dreams and visions. Something that flows from the writers subconscious. They are quite surreal and mystic. Like some dark surrealist poetry or something. I can´t analyze them any better than that. They are very spontaneous.

13.- You recorded two demos before the reunion, this demos are available?
- They were originally released on tape of course and they haven´t been available since ´91 or so.

14.- Now you released a Best Of Complation "Drifting In The Crypt", how was the contact for work with Xtreem Music?
- Yes, this 2CD release includes the entire discography of Phlegethon. Mr. Dave Rotten from the label contacted me pretty soon after I put up a myspace page for the band and he threw me the idea about reissuing the old material. At first it was supposed to be just the first demos + some rehearsal and live tracks but in the end of the day it bloated to 2CD including all released material and the rehearsal and live tracks were left out.

15.- How is or was a gig of Phlegethon?
- We did only like 10 gigs. I´m not sure if we were very interesting live band to most of those people since we didn´t headbang or move on the stage much at all. Anyway, the crowd seemed to like us and stage-dived their ribs out. We just focused to play our songs well and that´s it. We played gigs with bands such as Xysma, Afflicted, Funebre, Old Funeral, Disgrace, Convulse, Sentenced, Demigod, Amorphis and so on. We didn´t enjoy performing that much because we felt like it was a bit awkward to be in the center of attention.

16.- For you what is the meaning of Death Metal?
- To offer a dark and vital alternative in the music field. Something that can be more than just music. It´s offers an comprehensive experience and a life style.

17.- Could you recommend us some Finnish Metal bands?
- Sure! Here goes a few names that keep the scene strong up here: Ascended, Lie In Ruins, Forced Kill, Krypts, Stench of Decay, Vorum, Slugathor, Death Toll 80k, Speedtrap...

18.- Plans for this 2010?
- The entire Phlegethon discography on 2 cd´s “Drifting in the Crypt” should be out any day soon. There will also be at least one surprise Plegethon release in 2010. So I´m not going to ruin the surprise by unveiling it just yet. I also hope to write and record some new Phlegethon material but we´ll see about that. I don´t want to make empty promises tho. We´ll see then.

19.- Anything to add or ask?
- Thanks for this interview! Now I will crawl back to my inner crypt and listen to Grave Miasma! They rule all!

You can check Phlegethon on:

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Ventura, CA-based Stockholm-styled Death Metallers, FATALIST, have released a video for the sone 'Frozen Epitaph' from their Ibex Moon Records debut, "The Depths Of Inhumanity". Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll had the following to say about the video, which can be viewed here: "So here is our video for 'Frozen Epitaph'. The song is from our recently released album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" on Ibex Moon Records. This video was made to promote the European release of our album on January 19th, 2010. It was a lot of hard work and it was totally low budget, but we think it does the job. Shooting this video was the first time the 4 of us were even in the same room for at least 6 months and it was probably the last time as well. We want to thank Frank Boross and Rachel Burkdoll for all of the work they put into making this video a reality. Also a special thanks to John from Ibex Moon for funding the project. Now go and watch this fucking video!!!" In other news, FATALIST recently parted ways with Wes Caley and Tyler Castro. FATALIST is now looking for a full time singer. You can contact the band through their myspace site www.myspace.com/fatalist666 for more info.

The following news we just received from APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' frontman Leon Manssur: "Our 4th album is already recorded. We are now mastering and doing the cover layout. It was delayed due to some private problems, but now things are being sorted out... We had a lineup change (drummer) in 2007, a Brazilian tour in 2008, and since then lots of gigs, more than 30 shows in 2 years was way beyond what we used to do. In 2009, we started going after some endorsements besides recording our 4th album. We have a new website online, www.apokalypticraids.com. It has a blog where we are trying to keep up with news and a webstore, and I'm working on a photo album of our 10+ year history... Aside from the new album, we recorded some extra tracks, and we plan to release some split eps in the near future..."

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Interview: Kill (Sweden)

Fuck Yeah! This is the Interview with Carl Warslaughter from the morbid and insane KILL!!!

1.- Hails guys! How is going on the things with Kill?

- Warslaughter – Hails! Things are going well. We quite recently did a gig in Oslo with Faustcoven and Ghoul Cult which was a chaotic discharge of satanic mayhem. Now we’re mostly concentrating on rehearsing new tracks for an album.

2.- Your last album "No Catharsis" is a great piece of obscurity, aggression and power... With who work for this album?
– The album was recorded in studio Dekay by a guy called DK, a friend of the band. It’s a small basement studio. Just the kind of place for band like KILL as we prefer to dwell in the darkness and filth of cellars and dungeons.

3.- What is the main influence for you to create music? You make a real morbid atmosphere!
– We invoke the darkness beyond and the hate within to take shape in the songs of KILL. In terms of music, we’re mostly influenced by ourselves and pungent, old Black Metal.

4.- Musically speaking, do you note some differences between "Inverted Funeral" and "No Catharsis"?
– Yes. For one thing the songs on No Catharsis and generally shorter than on Inverted Funeral. Secondly I would say they are more focused on aggression, speed and brutality. Inverted Funeral was more, well, ”epic” is the wrong word, but something like that, with its emphasis on long songs and its wide use of slow- and midtempo. I would say that it also was more second wave Black Metal-sounding than No Catharsis is.

5.- What can you say about this song "Rites Of Bestial Impurity"?
– It is about personal spiritual unification with Hell through means of ritual desecration and deliverence of the self unto the infernal spirits.

6.- How is the process to create a song?
– Usually the music is forged through rehearsal first, then lyrics are added.

7.- In the past you had some line up changes, this is the most stronger line up?
– This is absolutely the strongest line-up. Everyone is dedicated to KILL and the hellish covenant of our union.

8.- Do you believe in the Nordic Mythology?
– No.

9.- Is there any band can you recommend us?
– Loads. But from Gothenburg I would say Karnarium and Morbid Insulter, our brothers in crime and debauchery. Something I’ve been listening a lot to lately is also Goat Tyrant and Cultes des Ghoules, both from Poland. Excellent Black and Death Metal. Finally, to shamelessly promote myself, I would recommend my other band Funeral Curse. First demo Witchcraft and Hellfire soon to be re-released through Morbid Jehovah Productions.

10.- For you what is the meaning of Death?
– Descent into perdition. Ascent into the Great Satan.

11.- What do you think about this trend of depressive Black Metal bands?
– I couldn’t find it more uninteresting. I prefer old Burzum to modern shit like Hypothermia. Who gives a fuck whether someone thinks black coffee is a reflection of ones miserable life? Why don’t they just write shitty poems to show their shitty girlfriends and spare the rest of us the pain of having a scene overflowing with crappy records…

12.- In your own words what is Black Metal?
– Metal sworn to darkness and evil. Rough shit, the feeble wiped out.

13.- Plans for this 2010?
– To play more gigs and release the album, which is yet untitled. And to see the release of No Catharsis on vinyl.

14.- Anything you wanna add or ask?
– Thanx for the interview. KILL is the vessel of infernal vengeance. Hell shall prevail!

You can check this guys on:

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Interview: Relentless (Usa/Poland)

Hails! Today i have this great interview with Rick Buentello from Relentless!!!

1.- Could you tell us a little bit about the history of Relentless, and at the moment are you a one man band?

- Sure, Relentless started in 1998 in Northern Virginia after I finished High School and left home when I was 17. For the first few years I wondered around playing in band after band, but could never find the right one. During that time Alternative music was going full swing, and everyone wanted to play really awful acoustic music or rap rock. The metal bands that I did find to play were always either really lame death metal, or gay power metal with too many songs about magical elves, etc.,... So I finally decided to form a band of my own which proved to be very difficult since there were very few muscians to choose from. After auditioning about a billion muscians, I managed to find a line up to go and record a one song promo in 1999. It had just one song called "Wait For The Lightning" and was only on cassette tape. After the one song promo, I made a four song EP with a slightly different line up which. Shortly after that, the band broke up, I moved to Texas and tried to form Relentless again. But I couldn't find the right people, so I started to play in other bands as a result. After about six years I moved back to Northern Virginia and got the idea to start Relentless back up. I felt that the music could have gone father then it had and that it was worth it to give it another try. I made another three song demo with the songs that you see here, this time with session musicians. It was never released over the next two years due to just crazy shit going on in my life all the time. Soon after I found a solid lineup, wrote more songs, and started to play out live. I think we were playing out once a week at least for a while. But as with all bands, people started to argue, fight, etc., and that line up dissappeared. But I've got the recordings that I made during that time that I am using for this demo, and new recordings of all 9 songs that will be used later for a full length. I think that's about it,... That pretty much brings us up to where we are now.

2.- Why do you move to Poland?
- Mainly because my fiance lives here. But I find Poland to be a really beautiful country. The language and people are beautiful, and the food, beer, and vodka are AMAZING ahaha! It's really cool to know that I can drive a few hours here or there and be in Wroclaw, Prague, Dresden, etc.,.... And Poland LOVES their metal here! So I've been getting a lot of support as of late and I think 2010 will be very interesting for Relentless.

3.- How was the recording process of your EP "Wait for the Lighting", do you have some other recordings?
- To tell you the truth, I don't remember, ahahaa.... I was passed out drunk and whatever else, in the parking lot of the studio. The next day when I heard the recordings, I liked about one of the songs really. It was never mixed I found out later. We ran out of time and money. But you will hear two of the songs from that album on the full length LP coming out later this year. Storm The Gates and Dressed to Possess to be exact. And they will sound a hell of a lot better due to mixing, better guitar playing etc.,.. I even have new arrangements for one of the songs. As for other recordings, Relentless was on various compilations in magazines such as Pit, Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles, etc.,.. back in the day. Also, I had a one song promo in the very beginning. Maybe someday I'll that out as a bonus track, ahaha...

4.- I read about a new Demo for this 2010, is ready? What can we expect of this new Demo?
- Well it's just about ready. I am still waiting for some artwork and I am fixing some vocal work on a brand new song called Extinction. So by the middle to end of January it will be available finally. It will have five songs including the four you hear on MySpace and additionally one more. So War Without End, Drunk And Wild, Lycanthropy, Extinction, and Dead But Wide Awake. The cover art will be done by Polish artist Piotr Tylek, and it will be on a CD-R since it's just a demo. There's also going to be two vinyl pressings coming up as well, with Relentless doing a cover song on one of the vinyls. So look out for that as well.

5.- Who are your most important influence to create music?
- I think number one has got to Megadeth. My first album I ever bought was Peace Sells But Who's Buying back when I was 12 or 13 years old around 1988. I didn't even know what they sounded like, I just thought the album cover looked cool. Then I heard them,.... I forgot all about Metallica after that, ha! Then I will say also Motorhead and Mercyful Fate. And I can't forget Alice Cooper. My mother had the "Killer" album on vinyl and I would listen to that and get freaked out when "Dead Babies" came on. But hell I was only 7 at the time I think, ahaha...

6.- What can you say about this song "Lycanthropy"?
- Lycanthropy is a mental illness in which someone believes they can change into a wolf, to the point where their behavior is the same way. So in this song, I wanted to write about such a person. I know it's a bit cliche maybe to write about this subject, but I don't care. The rhythm and melody remind me of when I was younger and I would sneak out of my house and run through a forest at two in the morning blitzed. Ahaha, the good ole' days. But as I started writing I got the idea to write about maybe someone who has this mental illness. So on the back of the Relentless t-shirts that I had made last year, I had the chorus line printed saying: "Should have known not to walk alone at night, when I'm waltzing underneath the pale moonlight, refracted light, eyes drink the sky, black magic might, you're time to die". It's not my most popular song that I have, but it's my personal favorite.

7.- Could you describe in 5 words the sound of Relentless?
- Sure... crazy, cyclone-like, rabid, lucid, and RELENTLESS, ha...

8.- When you play the guitar, what do you feel?
- Really good question,... I don't think I have ever been asked that. But I'll do my best. I feel like I am with an old friend that knows everything about me. And we've just drank a couple liter's of Vodka, and it's okay to say and do whatever, because there are no secrets between us. If I want to sit and watch the tide ebb and flow I can, if I want to set everything on fire, jump off a building and take the stars down with me, I can... And they won't think anything of it. I mean this in a figurative sense of course ahaha,... It's hard to really explain, but it's kind of like that.

9.- Do you play some Live shows in Poland or the States?
- Not currently. I'm still learning Polish and getting used to living here. I've only been here for about four months. But I imagine by the end of this year you will see Relentless out on the stage again here in Poland. Relentless was playing out live a lot last year, mainly around Baltimore and Philadelphia. Then the line up that I had bailed out and decided to concentrate on the album. For those whose got to see the shows, I am sure they had as great of a time as I did. There was this one show in Baltimore where the band brought a keg of beer into the club as a promotion for t-shirt sales that we had,.... I don't think I have ever been so blitzed before a show in my life. I was walking in a zig-zag pattern to the stage, ahaha. But hey, we played better when we had a few.

10.- Chris Poland or Marty Friedman?
- Marty who? You mean that guy who plays in Japanese Pop bands now, ahaha... CHRIS POLAND ALL THE WAY!!! Megadeth was fucking AWESOME with Gar and Chris. They got really lame with the later line-ups. But I liked So Far So Good So What a lot. And I have to say I like some of the tracks off of their later stuff. The new album has got some good stuff as well. The new guitarist is a bit too mechanical sounding for my taste though. But nothing compares to the first three albums.

11.- Relentless is a Great band! Do you have some offer deals with some Label?
- Thanks man. Not really I don't think many people know about Relentless to tell you the truth. Not yet anyway,... I've got offers from various metal and punk distros to press vinyl, etc., but as far as labels like Metal Blade, or Century Media, no. And who cares, I think those labels put out shit bands anyway nowadays. Maybe I'll find a cool label who's ACTUALLY independent and puts out bad ass music. It would be nice to get more capital to make even better records. But it's fun putting out your own music and learning how to do everything that is involved in the production. It's a lot easier now in this day and age.

12.- How is the process or composition?
- Process? To make an album? It's a pain in the ass, ahaha... But if you love what you are doing and you believe in it, then you don't feel a thing. This demo has taken forever and a day to make. But as I get closer to the finish line, it's that much better of a feeling of accomplishment.

13.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- I don't think anything can be kept underground. Because nothing in life stays the same. It happens with all music and it will happen to metal again eventually. There's a huge amount of people out there making metal music. It's cool that there's a new interest in this music. But at the same time, when you have too many bands out there doing the same thing, it becomes stale and tastless. I can't make up my mind if I liked it better when I was the only one wlaking around grocery stores with bullet belts and Mercyful Fate t-shirts, or if it's better now since there are more shows and more fans. My advice, don't worry about what other people do. Do your own thing and when the popularity dies off again, so what? The true metal manics will be headbanging until they die. Besides, we all know who the fakes are and who are the real deal.

14.- Your top 5 albums?
- Wow, this is going to be a difficult choice, but here we go (in no particular order):
1) Megadeth "Peace Sells But Who's Buying"/Megadeth "Killing Is My Business, And Business Is Good"
2) Wendy O' Williams "Coup Et' Tate"
3) Mercyful Fate "Melissa"
4) Alice Cooper "Killer"
5) Motorhead "Orgasmatron"

15.- Plans fot his 2010?
- Yeah, get this demo out, get the full length out, get t-shirts and patches made, get a new line-up, and finish work for the second Relentless album. Oh, and take over the world Relentless style. 2010 is going to be a REALLY good year for Relentless I can tell. I can't wait to play out in Poland and the rest of Europe.

16.- Anything to add or ask?
- I'd like to say thanks for the interest in this band and for the interview. I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who has been writing in the last year or so with all of the compliments and support. The demo's almost out! To those in Poland, East Germany, and Czech, if you'd like to try out for the band, send a link of your playing here: www.myspace.com/relentless13. For all those reading this who like to headbang to Relentless, see you out there center stage!

You can check this band on:

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After years of total unavailability, Displeased Records will reissue SACRED REICH's 1993 album "Independent" on March 15, 2010. The re-release will feature upgraded layout, to-the-point remastering plus the following 5 bonus tracks: 'A Question', 'Let's Have A War' (FEAR cover) and 'Who's To blame' (all 3 from the "A Question" EP), 'Big Picture' (MDC cover) and 'Crawling' [radio edit] (both from the "Crawling" EP). It will be available as a limited edition digipack (2000 copies, incl. a free patch) and jewel box (the first 500 will also include the free patch). For more info and pre-orders go to www.displeasedrecords.com.

Ventura, CA Death Metal band FATALIST is searching for a vocalist. The following statement is from guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll: "FATALIST is looking for a singer. We need someone who can handle the vocals from the debut album "The Depths Of Inhumanity" and be able to add a new spin to the formula as well. The singer needs to be able to practice at least once a week and be able to perform live as well. Transportation and a good attitude are required. Message us on Myspace for more information. www.myspace.com/fatalist666, www.fatalistband.com."

Necrowretch's second demo "Necrollections" is now available through Aural Offerings Records. More info at www.auralofferings.com

Spanish Dark Blasphemies Records have signed Helsinki's oldschool Death Metallers FROM CASKET. The band will shortly record their debut full length which is scheduled for a late 2010 release. More info at www.myspace.com/fromcasket

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Interview: Grave Desecrator (Brasil)

Today i have this interview with Necrogoat from the diabolic and obscure Grave Desecrator!!!

1.- Firstable for those unfamiliar with the band, please give us a history on the formation of Grave Desecrator.

-GD has become an infamous Black/Death Metal gang since 98, when me , Necrogoat as guitarist, and former vocalist F.Mordor joined forces. A few time later, Butcherazor was summoned to play the bass. Many problems during the early days till the time we decided to record our debut demo “Demo 01” in 2001 with a studio drummer. This demo got a good reputation worldwide and got the attention of Ketzer rec. from Germany to release in 2003 our 7ep “Cult of Warfare and Darkness”, including Adrameleck on drums, and in 2008 “Sign of Doom” debut cd, with me passing to bass lines, Butcherazor to guitar and voices - as we fired F.Mordor due his idiotic attitudes - and Black Sin and Damnation like a second guitarist. It has just a few weeks since Adrameleck stopped to play with us and then we called Angeldust (former The Endoparasites and Diabolic Force) to play the drums.

2.- With more of 10 years into the Underground, for you what is the best thing that Grave Desecrator gives to you like a band?
-We think to grant the scene with some good alternative to senseless Metal of these days is worthy. We’re proud to have the chance to show our music and ideology worldwide, it’s a good experience, as well as to make it the best way we can do. Also, the free beers, the travels and some hard sex…

3.- Since your first demo in 2001, do you note some differences (musically speaking) with your last work "Sign of Doom"?
-Absolutely. We’re not too much interested in our demo tape. That was another epoch and we didn’t have the best ideas. We learnt with our mistakes. We play what we really like nowadays. The pure, raw but well played Black/Death Metal with the old feeling on it. Take a listen to our demo and compare to our 7ep and debut cd. You’ll feel the evident difference.

4.- For your EP "Cultof Warfare and Darkness" you work with Ketzer Records, how was the contact with this guys?
-I used to have a tape label with a friend, namely Swords and Leather. We spread around 1000 copies of the demo worldwide. The guy from Ketzer rec., among others, showed some interest on us. But Ketzer rec. sold more than 150 copies of our demo in few time. The label offered a good deal and then we decided to release a 7ep firstly.

5.- How was the recording process for "Sign of Doom", and with who worked in this album?
-We didn’t have a very good budget, but we’re worried to the quality of our stuffs. We recorded it in a very good studio in Rio (HR Studios), where we mixed all the shit as well. The mastering was made by the well known Andy Classen in Germany. I think everything could be better, but the final result was really impressive in relation to our expenses.

6.- You have a great style guys! Who are your main influences to create music?
-Musically talking, only old fucking great acts like Slayer, Iron, Sarcofago, Necrovore, Autopsy, VON, Blasphemy, Vulcano, Sepultura, Dorsal Atlântica , Necronomicon, old Mayhem, Motorhead, old hardcore, old punk, rock n roll etc,etc…We live in a dense atmosphere of a dirty, violent and decadent city. We face the indecency, impure and filth human face as well as the lies of all religiousness. Everything of it reflex in our way of being and live, consequently in our music.

7.- Talking about Satanism... is a really important part of Grave Desecrator?
-Yes, it is! But we deal with Satanism in a personal way, and it’s not really interesting to define Satanism here, as its mysterious matters aren’t to be comprehended by silly human minds. Humans are just to create and destroy. Mundane life and individualism are quite interesting for us, but we don’t consider the figure of Satan, or the Horned One related exclusively to such human mediocrity. We’re much more anti-religious than Satanists since we don’t practice any satanic ritual and just I used to have magical experiences in the past, but we don’t have any problem if one can consider GD as a Satanist band. We don’t care.

8.- Grave Desecrator try to represent something in their lyrics? And from where comes the inspiration?
-As aforementioned, our lyrics reflex a part of our views in a decadent society, devoted to bullshit and spiritual emptiness, as well as for our mundane life related to obscure feelings.

9.- What can you tell us of this song "Faces of Apocalyptic Batlle"?
-It’s a cool song with a cool lyric I guess. Savage and straight one!

10.- Talking about foreign bands, with who do you like share stage or record some split?
-We can’t choose the bands we’ll play with. We played beside some shit acts but good ones as well. For sure, we’ll never play beside a christian band. In relation to underground bands, I think we’d like to play alongside Mystifier, Nunslaughter, Blasphemy and a lot of other cool freaks.

11.- Can you define in 5 words the music of Grave Desecrator?
-Brazilian Blackest Metal Massacre forever!

12.- How is the Brazilian scene at the moment? Coul you recommend us some great bands?
-Brazil is a very large country. Let me teach a lesson of geography (hehe); we’re the world’s 5th largest country. So since the boom of Rock from the 60´s/70´s and Heavy Metal from the 80´s, Brazil has been ever a country with a good story in this genre. Bring back to nowadays, we face a great amount of bands if you’re talking about Black/Death or Extreme Metal. Like other countries we have cool and shit bands. But, personally I think there’s pollution where we can perceive much more untalented and mistaken persons trying to play the game. It results in abundant scenery but with few really interesting results. I can recommend you cool acts into Heavy/Thrash/black/Death stuff like Thy Rites, Apokalyptic Raids, Sodomizer, Vulturine, Osculum Obscenum, Dominus Praelii, Farscape, Diabolic Force, In the darkness is my Realm, Luvart, Grotesque Communion, Sovereign, Power from Hell, etc..and some old but still alive bands like Headhunter DC, Mystifier, Murder Rape.

13.- Plans for this 2010... Maybe a new album?
-We’ll try lots of things for 2010. We’re about to have 2 7ep´s released by Hell’s Headbangers (“Primordial and Repulsive” – including cover-versions of Repulsion and Mortuary Drape) and a split with Catacumba(bra) (“Tombs on Fire”) by Necromancer rec (Ger). A new cd/lp by Ketzer/Hell´s Headbangers for middle 2010 and we’ll try an Euro gig for end of this year. Let’s see.

14.- Anything you wanna add or ask?
-Thanks a lot for the support! Saludos a nuestros amigos de Mexikult. If interested in official merchandise, cd, lp etc.. Please get in touch directly to the labels :
Ketzer rec.(www.ketzer-records.de – for Europeans)
Hell´s Headbangers (www.hellsheadbangers.com – for US and Americas)
Blood Harvest (www.bloodharvest.se – for vinyl hunters)
Band contacts: www.myspace.com/gravedesecrator666 / www.gravedesecrator.com / grave666desecrator@gmail.com

See you in Hell my friend!
El Necrogoat

You can check this guys on:

Do You Remeber This?

Cult Brazilian Metal!!!

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Interview: Maim (Sweden)

This is the Interview with the amazing and crushing Maim!

1.- Firstable for those unfamiliar with the band, please give us a history on the formation of Maim.

- Maim was formed in the fall of 2006. Our main goal was to play some good old death metal! We drew influences from bands like Morbid Angel,Entombed,Autopsy,Dismember,Carcass and lots of bands. We recorded our first demo in december 2007 wich is also called
"From the womb to the tomb" And it was with that demo we got signed to SoulsellerRecords. The we decided we wanted to do a full length album
of the demo, so we added some tracks and recorded it once again with another sound.

2.- Why do you choose Maim for the name of the band?
- It sounds like a classic un-polished Death Metal band from the past.

3.- What inspired you to create Maim with all the Old School and True Metal sound, when most of the bands play Brutal Technical Death Metal stuff?
- It became natural for us since we were into that type of metal. We wanted the raw and ugly feeling,that it was supposed to be.
If i wanted to listen to some overproduced, hi-tech,2000 days in the studio-bullshit music i might just turn on the radio and listen to Lady Gaga or something.

4.- Before your album debut, do you recorded some rehearsal, demo or something like that?
- Like i mentioned before, the infamous demo "From the womb to the tomb" was recorded but never really was released officially, only a few people got it (on cassette). I figure its really hard to get hold on, even on the internet. The demo has that good old demo sound, so we are very proud over it. I think its a better sound on the demo than on the album,haha.

5.- At the time you are composing a new song, who is the one that bring the main idea of the song, or do you all participate on it?
- One of us usually comes up with a whole song, and then all of us participate to make it better. And then we work on the song until all of us is satisfied with it.

6.- Where does the lyric theme come from?
- Of course the theme comes from Horror and Gore movies, and old bands like Autopsy teached us the way!

7.- Hows been the relation with Soulseller Records? Tell us a bit about it.
- No comments.

8.- Talking about "From the Womb to the Tomb", how was the recording process of this Great album?
- It was a bit strange because we re-recorded the demo and added 3 songs to complete it. Scott, the other guitarist had moved to London for a year, so I (Chris) had to record all the guitars for the album. But i think it went out fine. We really worked our asses to create all the tracks on this album.

9.- Could you tell us a little bit about this song "Smouldering Ashes"?
- It´s a slow earie song that deals about a plague, that will bring mankind to it´s doom.

10.- You recorded an Autopsy cover ("Ridden with Disease"), they are one of your most important influences or what other bands?
- Of course it´s one of our main influences, and we thought why not cover one of their songs on our debut album?
It really shows how dedicated we are to this band and this kind of metal. It´s all about good music and having a good time.

11.- How is a gig of Maim? Do you remember your first gig?
- It´s gig filled with headbangable riffs and sweaty crazy kids,haha. Oh yes i did, we played Ridden with disease in a small club in Linköping and it felt
really good because the Linköping scence is all about Metal/hardcore/progressive/gothenburg sound bullshit.

12.- "Covet Death" is a new song for a new album? What plans do you have for this 2010?
- Yes it´s one of the new songs on the next album, cant say anymore for now,haha! Hopefully we are going to record the next album this year and we are really looking forward to it.

13.- It´s time to end this interview, anything to ask or add?
- Make sure you check out our buddies in Morbus Chron! Really great Old Death Metal! Thanks.

You can check this guys on:

Do You Remember This?

Dismemeber... Classic and Real Death Metal!!!!!!!!!!

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BLOOD REVOLT, featuring J Read and Vermin of AOA / REVENGE, with A.A. Nemtheanga from PRIMORDIAL handling vocal duties, will enter the studio in January to record their debut for Ireland's Invictus Productions. Expect an April / May release.

Gene Palubicki is busy laying the groundwork for the upcoming APOCALYPSE COMMAND yet to be titled full length. Assisting in the recording will be CJS and VK of DIOCLETIAN. Black / Death Metal in the vein of SARCOFAGO's "INRI" is what is to be expected.

Canada’s TYRANTS BLOOD will shortly see their second full-length album "Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" unleashed by Invictus. Numerous pressing plant issues have held the album up, which has been paid for in full for months now. Expect a musical mixture of POSSESSED, SADUS, MORBID ANGEL, DESTRUCTION and MORBID SAINT.

WITCHRIST will release their debut full-length album in early 2010 through Invictus Productions.

DIOCLETIAN are in the process of demoing material for their second full length "War Of All Against All". The band is also set to release some split EPs on various other labels. They are also planning a tour of Europe and the USA in 2010.

SANGUIS IMPEREM will record their debut, yet to be titled full length for Invictus in early / mid 2010. On the heels of the soon to be released split 12” with NOCTURNAL BLOOD, expect more brutal Death Metal militancy from this US quartet.

The official street dates for the upcoming re-issue album of Swedish Death Metallers MY OWN GRAVE have been set as 19th of January 2010 for North American territories and 27th of January 2010 for European territories.

Ibex Moon Records (www.ibexmoonrecords.com) have signed California's Black / Thrashers GRAVEHILL (www.myspace.com/gravehill666). The label will first of all re-release the band's 2009's debut full length “Rites Of The Pentagram” on 12" vinyl (with a special packaging, strictly for die-hard collectors) and CD (including the 5 song “Metal Of Death / Advocation Of Murder And Suicide” EP, complete with new packaging). The vinyl edition will be out in February / March 2010, the CD will follow in the Spring. GRAVEHILL’s sophomore record “Pravus Tyrannis” will once again be recorded at Trench Studios with engineer John Haddad. Some songtitles set to appear on the album are 'Unholy Executioner', 'Suffer No Man To Live', 'When All Roads Lead To Hell', 'Devil Worshiper' and 'War Prayers'. The release is planned for the Summer of 2010. In early 2010 Relapse Records will furthermore release a strictly limited Death Metal vinyl 7” EP series, featuring one band per side. The first one will feature GRAVEHILL and CARDIAC ARREST. This exclusive release features the GRAVEHILL song 'Of Wolves And Wickedness', recorded during the “Metal Of Death / Advocation Of Murder And Suicide” EP session. The EP series will eventually see a CD release as well. Check out www.relapse.com for more details.

INCANTATION will return to the stage at Urbana, IL’s Canopy Club for the Central Illinois Metal Fest. “The sickest fest in the Midwest” will take place on July 23-24, 2010 and also feature Ibex Moon Records label mates ACHERON. Guitarist, vocalist, and Ibex Moon chief John McEntee had this to say about the special performance: “It will be great once again to play the mighty Central Illinois Metal Fest. We played a few years back and the reaction was overwhelming. Of course, it’s an honor to play the fest again. We are planning to make this a very special performance of our "Diabolical Conquest" album. This will be our first time playing every song off the album live during one set. It’ll be a great opportunity to see us play some songs we haven’t played in quite some time. The Central Illinois Metal Fest is always a great time and extremely well organized. CIMF is definitely one of North America's premier metal fests and we are proud to again be a part of it. Thanks to the CIMF staff for giving us this opportunity.” For more info check out www.myspace.com/centralillinoismetalfest. “Also, we will be playing the Stonehenge Festival in Holland on July 31st. This will be our first time playing the Stonehenge Festival and it definitely is an honor to be part of it. We’ve heard a lot of good things about the fest from our friends and bands that have played it, so we are definitely looking forward to it.” More info on that you'll find at the official website www.stonehengefestival.nl

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Interview: Hatespawn (Germany)

This is the Interview with Blasphemous and Unholy Hatespawn!

Okay, here is A.O.D. Let's start a war !!!

1.- Hails dudes! Could you talk a little bit about the formation of Hatespawn?

- The main inspiration of HATESPAWN reaches until the middle of the nineties. I started collecting riffs and ideas that not compare to other bands and projects I played at this time. Some tracks were recorded by myself as demo versions and I saved all the stuff, recorded on rehearsal tapes, in a dusty box.
After the split of IMPENDING DOOM in 2003 I found a tape including two songs we wrote short before we buried the band. I recorded all instruments and asked Andy (the singer of IMPENDING DOOM) about a short studio session. We finished the entire recordings in 3 or 4 hours and it became released on a split-7", together with another project of me, SIGNUM DIABOLIS, through OBSCURE ABHORRENCE PRODUCTIONS.
Two years later, Raelin joined the band and we started rehearsals to record a demo tape. It worked very good and in september we recorded "Ascent From The Kingdom Below". This sessions became released in a limited edition of 100 tapes only. We started working on new tracks after the recordings, but Raelin is involved in other projects since more than one year and after the split-7" with DEAD CONGREGATION in 2008 HATESPAWN laid on ice.
In december 2009 HATESPAWN decided to continue as a two peace and Raelin left the band. In spring / summer 2010, A. Deathmonger and me will return to the studio to record new tracks and we are thinking about a LP release.

2.- At this moment you are a two piece band, for you this is the best way in the creative aspect?
- At the time there is no other solution, cause you can't find a good drummer out there who feel the same spirit as we...

3.- "Ascent from the Kingdom below" is a real masterpiece of Death Metal, how much time did you took have ready the songs and recording?
- The first rehearsal we made was in february 2007, the recordings were made in september same year!!!
As I told, I had tons of riffs and ideas, collected since the middle of the nineties and it worked fast to work out the final tracks.

4.- You recorded a Acheron (Legends) cover, they are one of your most important influences or who are?
- We have a lot of influences, but ACHERON is of course one of our absolutely faves!

5.- In the lyrics what is your main influence?
- Occultism, hate, blood, fire, death...

6.- In 2008 you make a split with Dead Congregation, how was the contact to do this split?
- Raelin was responsible for the contact to the guys. I really like that split-7" !!!

7.- Can you say about this song "...Of Unspeakable Cults...(Invocations from the Wasteland of Misanthropic Bloodshed)"?
- In my opinion, this song captures all the ingrediences of the typical HATESPAWN sound. If you like that tune, you will also like our other songs !!!

8.- For you what is the meaning of Hatespawn as a band?
- HATESPAWN started as a project...and will ever be one. Maybe we will find a drummer sometimes, otherwise we will continue our path as a two piece with studio recordings only.

9.- Why Raelin left the band?
- Personal reasons, but he will ever be a good comrade for us. HAIL TO YOU !!!

10.- How was the contact for work with Fog Of The Apocalypse Records?
- The owner is a good friend of A. Deathmonger and me and he was interested to give us a contract, so we signed !!!

11.- Now are you working in new stuff? Maybe a Full Lenght album?
- We will see, what happens. First we have to work out the riffs and new songs and then we will record new material.

12.- How can we stay underground with fashions which kill genres like Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal?
- No trend or stupid kind of scene or music can't kill the real underground spirit! Never!!!

13.- Besides music, what jobs or activities do you have?
- I work as a sound engineer in a well-known studio in Thuringia.

14.- Plans for this 2010?

- New songs, new recordings!!!

15.- Anything to add or ask?
Thank you very much for the interview!!! All the best with your zine!!!

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