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Interview: Kill (Sweden)

Fuck Yeah! This is the Interview with Carl Warslaughter from the morbid and insane KILL!!!

1.- Hails guys! How is going on the things with Kill?

- Warslaughter – Hails! Things are going well. We quite recently did a gig in Oslo with Faustcoven and Ghoul Cult which was a chaotic discharge of satanic mayhem. Now we’re mostly concentrating on rehearsing new tracks for an album.

2.- Your last album "No Catharsis" is a great piece of obscurity, aggression and power... With who work for this album?
– The album was recorded in studio Dekay by a guy called DK, a friend of the band. It’s a small basement studio. Just the kind of place for band like KILL as we prefer to dwell in the darkness and filth of cellars and dungeons.

3.- What is the main influence for you to create music? You make a real morbid atmosphere!
– We invoke the darkness beyond and the hate within to take shape in the songs of KILL. In terms of music, we’re mostly influenced by ourselves and pungent, old Black Metal.

4.- Musically speaking, do you note some differences between "Inverted Funeral" and "No Catharsis"?
– Yes. For one thing the songs on No Catharsis and generally shorter than on Inverted Funeral. Secondly I would say they are more focused on aggression, speed and brutality. Inverted Funeral was more, well, ”epic” is the wrong word, but something like that, with its emphasis on long songs and its wide use of slow- and midtempo. I would say that it also was more second wave Black Metal-sounding than No Catharsis is.

5.- What can you say about this song "Rites Of Bestial Impurity"?
– It is about personal spiritual unification with Hell through means of ritual desecration and deliverence of the self unto the infernal spirits.

6.- How is the process to create a song?
– Usually the music is forged through rehearsal first, then lyrics are added.

7.- In the past you had some line up changes, this is the most stronger line up?
– This is absolutely the strongest line-up. Everyone is dedicated to KILL and the hellish covenant of our union.

8.- Do you believe in the Nordic Mythology?
– No.

9.- Is there any band can you recommend us?
– Loads. But from Gothenburg I would say Karnarium and Morbid Insulter, our brothers in crime and debauchery. Something I’ve been listening a lot to lately is also Goat Tyrant and Cultes des Ghoules, both from Poland. Excellent Black and Death Metal. Finally, to shamelessly promote myself, I would recommend my other band Funeral Curse. First demo Witchcraft and Hellfire soon to be re-released through Morbid Jehovah Productions.

10.- For you what is the meaning of Death?
– Descent into perdition. Ascent into the Great Satan.

11.- What do you think about this trend of depressive Black Metal bands?
– I couldn’t find it more uninteresting. I prefer old Burzum to modern shit like Hypothermia. Who gives a fuck whether someone thinks black coffee is a reflection of ones miserable life? Why don’t they just write shitty poems to show their shitty girlfriends and spare the rest of us the pain of having a scene overflowing with crappy records…

12.- In your own words what is Black Metal?
– Metal sworn to darkness and evil. Rough shit, the feeble wiped out.

13.- Plans for this 2010?
– To play more gigs and release the album, which is yet untitled. And to see the release of No Catharsis on vinyl.

14.- Anything you wanna add or ask?
– Thanx for the interview. KILL is the vessel of infernal vengeance. Hell shall prevail!

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