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Interview: Lust (Mexico)

Today we have this interview with Mauricio "El Chamaco" bassist and vocal of Mexican Thrashers Lust!!!

1.- How was born the idea to create Lust?

- Was born with a group of friends from the high school and the need of expres in a musical way. In the beggining we couldn´t say that we had a style, and this idea gradually became in what is now Lust, through 13 years of life.

2.- Do you remember how was the scene in Mexico in these days?
- The scene was more hermetic, the globalization had not affected the world in those days, we had a real band - fan relationship that we don´t have now.Back in the days, we went to saw our favorite band although this was national. Now all looks like a competence about who have more discs, a better guitar, or more patches in their jacket.

3.- Your first demo was recorded in 1999, how was the experience of record?
- The recordings of Lust always has been done by us, in our home or in a studio. The experience was calm, we do not hurry, because we do not pay for time and stuff like that. When we record Lust, normally we already have the idea of what will be; is not like in other bands where they going to the studio to compose or get some inspiration.

4.- Between your EP in 2001 and your next demo, passed a long time, 5 years... What happened with Lust in that time?
- In that time, we recorded 3 songs for a Split with the maximus Raped God, to this date has not been edited. The time goes fast, and we work on material for "Eternal Disgrace" demo and the "Possessed" Lp.

5.- How long it took to be ready with the songs and record "Possessed"?
- A lot; was 2 years of composition and a lot of gigs... Before, Lust was a much more a live band, i think that was the reason for the long time to compose and record.

6.- "Possessed" opened the gates for the European Tour?
- I don´t think the Lp was the reason. I think what made us visit the old continent were the impetus for Lust to find new listeners, that people could know the band live and then decide if a disc is worth it.

7.- What was the most memorable moment of that tour?
- See how music can unite continents, how the metalic brothers of other countries feel the same energy with the music, with the power of Metal. And of course hehehehehe the beer, so many! I don´t know what to do.

8.- You had some line up changes, now do you have a strong line up?
- Lust have 13 years of life, and we had a lot of members at this time, guitarrists, bassists, drummers, and singers. The line up of Lust is not based on me or somebody else, is based in the need to go against of the stablished, even into the Metal, this is what Lust needs to have a line up.

9.- Do you have near plans for Lust?
- The only plan that Lust have, is non stop. We don´t need play live, or every year put a new album for been a active band. All this, is a global tendency... Lust goes against that.

10.- Talking about the Mexican scene, how can we stay away from the trends that kill Metal?
- Stop watch the TV, don´t buying records in the monopoly stores. Send all the globalization to the shit, is not a retroces. Is simply make the decision to non accept this, stop think about the american dream of the yanquis (americans). And like fans, respect and support what it´s worth.

11.- Could you recommend some Mexican bands to our readers?
- That would be a little purpose. Is that people discover the band that nobody else knows. That stop say to us what is good, is better do it for yourself. Internet? Is valid, the gigs are valid too, the thing is go and watch, that not be told! I recommend that you listen a lot of bands, for sure 5 or more bands worth much!

12.- What is the most important thing that music gives to you?
- The reason to know what i want for my life and the chance to expres what i feel.

13.- Could you describe the sound of Lust in 5 words?
- 5 words? That´s hard hehehe... Mmmmm dirty, fast, irreverent, metal, Mexico. Ok that´s 5 hehehe.

14.- What is Thrash Metal for you?
- Thrash Metal is a way, the most fast form to expres your feelings, that they realize how you lives.

15.- New material of Lust?
- Almost almost. We gonna try to record the new Lust assault in the middle of the year, we hope it´s done for the second half of the year.

16.- For last something to add?
- Sure, thanks for the support to Lust all this time. Metal Til Die!

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