martes, 7 de octubre de 2008

General Surgery Reveals New Album Details On Their 2nd Full-length Album

General Surgery has released the following statement:

“As of today (2nd of October), we have once again entered the filthy and repulsive confinements of Off Beat Studio to record our 2nd still untitled full length album. 20 songs will be recorded, and we'll pick the best material to surface on the release. Some new titles to be included are Plexus Necrosis, Exotoxic Septicity, Necronomics and Ichor. Due to scheduling conflicts, the new effort will be self-produced and will not utilize the services of Fred Estby as previously reported.

"We hope to finish the recording by mid November and the release is scheduled for Feb/March 2009. More news on the album and possible sound snippets as we progress."

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