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Carcass' Michael Ammott Offers North American Tour Wrap-Up

Reformed melo-death/gore-grind legends CARCASS recently completed their first North American tour since first reanimating early this year. Guitarist Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY) commented on what their recent touring experience was like:

"What a tour! So many sold-out shows and fantastic, bordering on fanatical response from the fans everywhere we went! I’d like to thank the fans in the US/CANADA/MEXICO for waiting patiently and remaining fans all these years – and for coming out in such big numbers on the tour.

"For me personally it’s been quite emotional playing THOSE songs with THOSE guys again – really cool and almost too much fun. Playing the festivals in Europe over the summer was amazing, but I have to admit that I prefer being on tour playing every night in clubs – that’s when you get tight as a band and become a solid unit.

"Highlights? Without lying I’d have say that every night was special, it was just that kind of tour for me – but the NYC show at the sold-out Nokia Theatre was exceptionally killer, and Ken Owen (ex-CARCASS drummer) flew out for that one so the vibe was just incredible! That was the kind of night when you wish that the cameras were rolling."

Regarding the other bands on the tour and the people behind the scenes who made it all happen the guitarist continued:

"The other bands on the bill were all excellent - SUFFOCATION, 1349, ABORTED and ROTTEN SOUND – they all killed it, I’m very happy that they could be a part of the ‘Exhumed To Consume’ tour!

"Special thanks to all the cool people that made the tour happen the way it did; Ash at TKO booking, Gerardo and his awesome Nuclear Blast team, and Albert Mudrian at DECIBEL magazine. Thanks for making the tour a special one!

"I’d also like to thank my endorsers Dean Guitars, Randall Amps and Digitech effects for their friendship and supplying the ‘tools of the trade’ that I need to get the job done!

"Now we are en route to Australia/New Zealand and Japan, KEEP ON ROTTING!”

In February of 1999, CARCASS drummer Ken Owen suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage, leaving him in a coma for over 10 months. As a result, he is not taking part in CARCASS' current reunion run (ARCH ENEMY skinsman Daniel Erlandsson is filling in), but will reportedly be traveling with the band whenever possible and making brief appearances at select shows.

Here is CARCASS' reunion lineup:

Bill Steer (FIREBIRD) - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Walker (BRUJERIA) - Vocals, Bass
Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY) - Guitar
Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY) – Drums

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