miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2008

Death Angel Quits Bassist The Band

More than 25 years after co-founding Death Angel with his brother Gus Pepa (guitar) and cousins Mark Osegueda (vocals), Rob Cavestany and drummer Andy Galeon, bassist Dennis Pepa has left the band.

“I’ve been with Death Angel since its inception in the ’80s and believe it is time for me to move on,” he said in a statement to Blabbermouth.net. “Throughout my career with the band, I’ve brought a punk-influenced edge to the Death Angel sound, and as an open-minded musician in need of change, I’d like to diversify and explore other opportunities within and beyond the genre of metal.”

Pepa insists he harbors no ill feelings towards his band members. “The Death Angel guys are my family, both literally and figuratively speaking, and I wish them luck on their future endeavors. Many thanks to the fans, who have extended their support and friendship. I look forward to being involved in new music projects and continuing to connect with all of you.”

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