jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

God Dethroned

God Dethroned have finished the songwriting for their upcoming new album. Here's an official comment from the band: “We're ready! We finished 8 songs for our new album "Passiondale". Those of you who are fans of our "Bloody Blasphemy" and "The Lair Of The White Worm" albums can take a deep breath now and wait out the time until the album comes out. Cause this motherfucker brings back all the good things you liked so much. Bringing back Roel to the band after all these years was a good idea. His drumming gave us the right vibe to come up with the stuff we needed for so long. We're really happy about the results and we can't wait to start tracking down those songs. We start recording on October 13th in the Soundlodge Studios in Germany." The album is a concept album about World War I and the song titles are ‘Under A Darkening Sky’, ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, ‘Drowning In Mud’, ‘No-Man's Land’, ‘Passiondale’, ‘Poison Fog’, ‘Fallen Empires’ and ‘Artifacts Of The Great War’. It is to be expected for release in April / May 2009.

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