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Interview with Unconsecrated

This is the interview with Dave Devour guitarrist of Deathmetallers UNCONSECRATED.

1.- ¿When did you started unconcecrated and can you tell us something about the begining of the band?

-Hi David, well the idea of forming an Old school Death metal band was in my head for many years.
But all i did around the 90´s, was singing on a death metal band called BURIAL GROUND I was with them like 8 months and I singed 2 gigs,
Alter i leaved the band cause health problems, I keep listening to death metal but I never bought a guitar.
So 16 years later i meted to Robert ex-guitarist of Unconsecrated and we talked about it, he bought a guitar and immediately i did the same , and that´s how the idea of forming a band came out after many years , it was the first time that Robert and me played a guitar, that´s why im so happy with the results of the cd ,but you know everything gets better with the time.

2.- ¿How you chosed the name Unconsecrated?
-I started thinking names for the band and one day, listening to the Mcd record of the Swedish Crematory, I saw that track was called Unconsecrated Ground and I chosed the band name and that´s how it came.

3.- ¿How big is the Death Metal on Spain, there is a good relation between the bands?
-Man, i really dont know many bands, i know that there’s many new bands, but old school death metal bands there is only 4, but with awesome quality, I hope, in time, young people could make good death metal. About the relationship of the bands I can’t tell you much cause personally I don’t have much relation with the bands from this country, nothing personal.

4.- ¿How could you explain the sound of Unconsecrated, who’s your mainly influences?
-Obscure death metal that´s how. Our influences are Unleashed,Entombed,Carnage,Crematory,Goddefied,Dismember…. Those are our mainly influences. But any band that plays old school death metal is an inspiration for us.

5.- ¿Which are the goals for Unconsecrated?
-Personally i wanna keep playing and get better on guitar, and the day that i could give a concert release a second Cd and keep composing more material for future editions.

6.- ¿Are you satisfied with your album "Unconsecrated Cemetery/Dark Awakening”?
-Man you can always get better and better. The truth is that the CD is not an album concretely, but the 2 band demos and of course there´s many errors due the inexperience on the instruments and more, but if i tell you the truth im more than happy with the result, I never imagine that we could release an official with the demos of Unconsecrated, but at the end it came true.
About the CD, the presentation it cost us a lot , i went with my girlfriend to Madrid to Danny’s house, owner of our label Dans Crypt Records and we started doing the composition of the booklet, i can say that we spend more than 14 continues hours, of course on the making of the booklet, im more than happy with the final result, the only problem was that when the cd came out the back cover came out more less dark that it should be, but there’s no problem at all.

7.- ¿How did you get Kent contact for signing on the band?
-Well one day i was talking with a friend of mine from england, he asked me if i ever listened to an Norwegian band called Unspoken, when i told him that i never heard them before he gave me their myspace and when i heard Kent´s voice i was paralyzed , that was the kina of voice that i wanted for the band, so i decided to write him an email and make him a proposal , i told him that i liked his voice and that it could be possible to sing on our demos, after a couple of weeks Kent answered me telling me that he was interested, I couldn’t believe it, a couple months later I send him the songs from the first demo and in a few weeks he recorded the voice and the result was awesome, after we finished the second demo we played the same roll, I sent him the whole demo and he went to a studio on Norway and recorded the voice.

8.- ¿Do you guys do anything else instead Unconsecrated?
-yeah, i work on a car crystal workshop , hehehe, overlord is working on we desing company, and Jacobo our new drummer works on informatics too, c’mon I don’t think that Unconsecrated could feed us someday (HAHAHAH)

9.- ¿On your own words, can you tell us what is Death Metal?
-Death metal is darkness, death and destruction is everything that can feed you of strong and hate.

10.- ¿Do you have any plans of touring soon?
-No we dont, because like i told you, i need to practice more and get a place for practice several days but in time, I don’t discard anything, why not?
But like i said is not a priority or a goal for me, if someday that comes, no doubt that we will give our best on the stage..

11.- ¿Which bands Would you like to alternate with?
-Ufffff very hard but i could say ASPHYX,SLUGATHOR,NECROVATION,BURIED, GODDEFIED,SWALLOWED,MAIM,MIASMAL and thousand more mostly new bands, the old 90´s glories doesn’t do what they used to, or they doesn’t exist anymore..

12.- ¿What’s your opinion about the new Death Metal scene?
-Incredible, fuck the new bands that just came out are hallucinated, the truth is that everytime I update myself about old school bands, and all of them are pretty good with some exceptions like, MIASMAL,KARYBDIS,SWALLOWED,BURIED,MAIM....

13.- ¿How many time it took for the release of this, your first album?
-It taked a year or less, the composition and recording, Robert was very busy with his job so we took the weekends for record everything, it was long, but at the end the result wasn’t that bad and the truth im receiving many good critics about the CD and im so glad for that, cause I compose what I like and I don’t think if that would like to the people or not, but if they do it’s great don’t you think?

14.- ¿Swedish or American death metal?
-Swedish, no doubt is the fucking better style that I ever heard, but I recognize that bands like ROTTREVORE,IMPRECATION, NECROLATRY,DECREPIT,INCANTATION,IMMOLATION,DEATH,OBITUARY,MORBID ANGEL turn my motors on.

15.- Thanks for your time Dave, ¿you want add anything else to this interview?
-Only thank you for this fantastic interview and tell to the people that the cd still available for 10 euros plus shipping and I include an sticker with the band logo.
Cheers from la crista de la muerte.

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