jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008


The follow up to Evocation's highly acclaimed debut-classic "Tales From The Tomb" is entitled "Dead Calm Chaos" and will be released on Halloween 2008 on CD and LP. The album was recorded by the band in their own studio under the supervising eyes of guitar player Vesa who previously has also been working with SUICIDAL WINDS. The tracklist reads like thiss: 'In The Reign Of Chaos', 'Silence Sleep', 'Angel Of Torment' (featuring Anders Björler of At the Gates / The Haunted), 'Boundead', 'Dead Calm Chaos', 'Truth Will Come Clear', 'Dust', 'Protected By What Gods', 'Antidote' (featuring Dan Swanö of Bloodbath / Edge of Sanity), 'Tomorrow Has No Sunrise', 'Astray Masquerade' and 'Razored To The Bone' (featuring Anders Björler of At the Gates / The Haunted).

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