jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

Deicide Frontman Glen Benton Slams Blabbermouth

Glen Benton, frontman of the legendary death metal band Deicide has posted the following message online:

"Let me clear up a few things about past cancellations and the recent central american fiasco, firstly to all you stupid fucks on blabber crap in your mouth.net who talk your crap about my past cancellations of shows. I only cancel shows when the safety of the band has come into question or if there is a personal family issue for anyone in the band or crew that might arise ( and they do) and lastly the unprofessional and dirty dealings of adolescent shit promoters who like to play games with our money. Yes money!!!!!!…Did you stupid fucks that post your ridicules bullshit on blabber crap.net think we do this for free? Fuck no!!!!!…There is this bad habit my kids have it's called eating and living under a roof…and when you fuck with my money I take it personally and I walk, I have that option…I'm my own boss.. I have better things to do than get stuck at airports and stranded in foreign countries where I cant communicate in order to do my job when people drop the ball. So when we make an agreement with someone for a performance I expect them to live up to their part of the agreement, if not, I do what I have to. Most intelligent people would agree that not even I work for free. Unlike you children who post your ignorant bullshit on blabbercrap.net while living in your parents basement with mommy washing and folding your underwear and cooking your meals and wiping your asses…I am an adult with family and big people responsibilities…and have people who count on myself to make decisions in the best interest and safety of myself and the other members of DEICIDE..I am never happy having to walk off a tour or not do a scheduled show - this is not something I plan or conspire to do, and you the fan are not the only ones disappointed, we are as well. It is the nature of the beast in this business.

"I want all to know and remember this especially all you jack offs that like to talk shit but have never been out of your own front yard nevertheless out of this country, I don't do this for you…I do it for me…and when it comes to me you don't matter, so when you book DEICIDE you wannabe big time promoters …remember this, breech my contract in anyway and you to will find yourself with your dick in your hands and the fans kicking your ass….GB"

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