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Interview with DEAD

Interview with Dany guitars/vocals of Dead!

1.- You are a band with almost 20 years of carrer, how did you discover the xtreem music and what was your motivation to create a band?

-When we were teenagers and came into contact with "brutal" music like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, SOD, etc and alcohol at that time – mid of the 80's - we simply became addicted to that stuff, which lasts until today and I think we'll never be cured at all. As those named bands became more and more wimpy, besides better ones - in our opinion - came out such as N.D., Carcass, Autopsy, etc. , we decided to take part into it and created DEAD in 1990.
Unnecessary to explain that we never reached their level of success, but it's the same thing today as it was ment to be thesedays – a great hobby.

2.- What influenced you to become a musicians?
-Of course we wanted to follow suit our musical heroes and get drunk on each gig we would play, have Sex with groupies, and become rich by DEAD – but only the 1st case was realised, hehe..

3.- You came from Nuremberg, what do you remember from the Nuremberg scene at the time?
-As far as I can remember there were just a couple of bands like Lavatory (RIP), Cronos Titan ( RIP – now re-animated), Amen 81, and Immured. Todays there are more bands like Versus the Stillborn-Minded, Deathronation, Mechanix, Xenotaph and Necropsy.

4.- For you what is the essense of the Goregrind/Death Metal talking about the lyrics?
-It's just about dealing with death, guts, violence, zombies, and that shit. But that's not our thing. We just write about our topics in life : Sex and alcohol !

5.- Why more splits than Full Lenght´s?
-If you do more splits you have more chance to spread your bands name as the band with whom you're doing the split also has its circle of friends and contacts – it's a 2-sided promotion if you understand what I mean. The next release will be a full length again – promised!

6.- "Slaves to Abysmal Perversity" is a fucking great EP, how has been your evolution since this EP to your last Full Lenght "Whorehouse Of The Freaks"?
-I think our music did not really change that much..or did it ? What do you think?
Perhaps our style just dissociated a bit from the typical deathgrind and became more filthy, raunchy and sleazy, added by rock elements in some songs. But summarized we kept it at least.

7.- How was the contact with Haemorraghe to do your last split, and what we can expect of this EP?
-We'll it's not an EP as it takes almost 25 minutes - compared with other CD's from that genre it's nearly an album. A Split – Album! We just asked them when we played with them on their "Apology"-release Party and they accepted without any doubt.
Fernando (vox of H.) seems to be a Dead fan which I didn't know before – so I am very proud of that release as you can guess, pal.

8.- Talk to us a little about the tour in Japan, how was the experience, i mean the crowd, the food, etc...
-Japan is FUCKING GREAT !!!! JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKIN GREAT !!! BELIEVE ME !!!! Never thought that there were so many people in Japan who know us since the beginning…The only thing I just realised was that after getting more and more older ( I refer to our 2nd tour ) you really feel the hangover concerning the time discrepancies, food, etc.. Japan is really great, but without having a good friend there – you're lost !!! Tokyo is the biggest town in the whole world. I just remember going to Osaka…it took us almost 3 (?) hours to get out of Tokyo - weird !!!!

9.- What do you feel when you played in the Obcsene Extreme Festival an Party San Open Air in the same year? Because are a really important festivals.
-To be honest , at the Party San I nearly shitted my pants as it was too big for us…7000 people!!!
It was the 2nd gig with our new drummer and the stage was also too big for just 3 people. But it was quite OK…Suzann from Cliteater/Desensitized told us that the moshpit when we were playing was even bigger than Suffocation played!! That's Ok I think..right ?
OEF is also a really great festival – but it's more or less more into the underground scene, so I did not shit my pants really. My problem is that I am ALWAYS nervous before each gig – and that since almost 18 years !! Equal how big the audience is.

10.- Plans for touring soon?
-Not really, we have to focus on our next album. Nine songs are completed yet and one or two are more to follow to do the album finally.
You also have to consider that were not the youngest anymore ( I am now 35 !!) and also have to work each day. We cannot afford spending all our spare time/vacation for playing gigs.
But want I really want to do is doing the 3rd Japan tour someday and being invited again for the greatest Festival of all time – the Maryland Deathfest in the USA !

11.- Are you satisifed with the work that Obliteration is doing for the band?
-Yes, sure ! It's nowadays really hard to find a label that pays almost all studio costs. If Naru would be a girl I would marry him.

12.- Thanks for this short Interview, something to say?

-Yeah! Porngrind sucks!

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