jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

Darkthrone mainman Nocturno Culto has posted the following message online:

"Winter is most definitely full-on here now, and I'm enjoying the feeling of isolation as best as I can. Great! That out of the way, I will first thank Fenriz for doing a great job on the Darkthrone Official mySpace, du brenner for saken, bokstavelig talt!!! And to all of you who send me words through this site. Winter means a bit more actively indoors for me, so I'll give it my best shot to maintain this cyber-cage.

"Dark Thrones And Black Flags is, well, history for me now, since the planning and songwriting for a new album is well under way. We enjoyed recording it and looking forward to December 13th when we pull the trigger for a new album. There are small details this time around that will most likely result in a slight different sound and 'feeling'. Seems pointless to mention such stuff here, but I can assure you that both Fenriz and me looking forward to this. The first session of a new record is always exciting plus since it do set some fundamental standards...at least in our heads....well, at least in MY head then. Working the way we do now is such a blizz it's hard to describe.

"I'll get back to you all soon, about other music projects, bands etc..."

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