viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

Believer Signs To Metal Blade Records

merican thrash metal band Believer has signed a deal with Metal Blade Records, who will be releasing the bands forthcoming new studio album in early 2009.

Believer frontman Kurt Bachman recently posted this update:
"Finally, the mix is complete and we will be mastering on November 18th. So far we think it sounds killer and don't worry, we will not push the volume to limits of distortion. Our plan is to keep all the dynamics in place for your listening enjoyment. The record will be released early next year and the artwork is absolutely amazing! Check back often for more updates as they should be rolling in more frequently. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and for getting the word out there about our new record. Please feel free to link to our MySpace page on your own sites to help us build the buzz!"

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