jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

Napalm Death Singer Barney Greenway Discusses The New Album, "Time Waits For No Slave"

Napalm Death frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway recently did an interview with RockSound in which he discussed the bands forthcoming album, "Time Waits For No Slave." An excerpt from the interview can be viewed below.

"Each album appears to have got progressively better and better. There was no great master plan really,” he explained. “We’re just a very organic band, very spontaneous, and we just try to write the best songs possible. If there is anything in the back of our minds then I think it’s that we always try to make each album differ without losing the thread of what should be there and I think we’ve done that with this album.”

“I still feel really humbled to be a part of the whole Napalm Death experience,” he admitted candidly. “People consider us to be a pioneering band, and once you’ve achieved that, what else is going to satisfy you? I get to work with some pretty unique musicians that come up with riffs and material that still blows me away, and it was no different for this record.”

Read the full article at http://www.rocksound.tv/articles/2284/Its-Napalm-Time.html

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