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Interview: Karnarium

This is the interview with Swedish Deathmetalers Karnarium.

1.- First of all, how is Gothenburg nowadays musically speaking?

-A lot of people are making metal music here, but the bigger part of these people are into "deathcore" or whatever it's called nowadays, or they are into nu-metal or I don't know.. hell, fucken boring anyway, too much cheese as always.
I suggest you listen to Chronic Torment, far from new haha but doing good shit. they need more attention.

2.- If you could choose 3 bands that you think most define your sound, which bands would they be?
- How about if Raven(uk) and Immolation started a band together, and they in their turn started a side-projekt with members from saxon AND pungent Stench?! That band would be a clear influence on karnarium. The other two would then be Gorgoroth, iron maiden and old rotting christ.

3.- What was the main reason behind choosing Death Metal?
- Sadomasochism.

4.- Who is the mind behind the lyrics or do you all participate?
- Funeral Whore writes all lyriikks.

5.- Can you tell us alittle about your name?
- It starts with the letter K. it is from the latin word carnarium.

6.- How is your relationship with Blood Harvest your current label?
- Well, he's kinda slow in answering mails but apart from that he's kool.

7.- Do you think that the band has evolved in any particular aspect comparing it 10 years ago?
- Well yeah, we are better musicians. the lyrics have been a bit more complex up and down, and well..put it like this: if Karnarium were to be a single human, he would be a deranged drewling semi-autistic borderlining sociopath with hybris, but with a radiance of brilliance and glory comparable to the ancient days of Ur! That's our evolution. hahahaha praise the abomination!

8.- Tell us about those great new songs you have uploaded man, would that be part of your next work?
- Yes they will be on the album, they are typical Karnarium songs, but might come across as somewhat weirder musikallyy and lyriikally.

9.- Have you toured recently?
- No, hahahaha.

10.- Besides music how is living in Gothenburg?
- Grey, boring, miserable, cold. quite stupid also most of the time.

11.- Last but not least, when are you coming to Mexico?
- Hahaha, never?

12.- Anything you wanna add?
- Yes thank you for this interview, hello to all putrid punks in Mexico.

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