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Eulogy Guitarist Update

Eulogy guitarist Jarrett Pritchard has posted this update:

"Rob (Barrett - guitarist; also CANNIBAL CORPSE) and I sat down yesterday and did all of his trax for the demo...Mike (Pogionne - bass) came down last week and did bass. It all went incredibly well. So soon we will be doing vox. Jason (Avery - vocals) has recovered relatively well from the accident. The doctors have said he is ok to scream....when I was learning of the rest he needed, it became semi-funny remembering Nick Holmes from PARADISE LOST talking in an interview about popping his eye out from screaming. In our case this was a real possibility. But he has been cleared for strenuous activity. Any of you who have ever seen him live knows that he is relatively strenuous.

"Saw DIMMU and BEHEMOTH and lots of friends at Jannus Landing (in Tampa) last week. Good Show. One of the better I have seen in a long while. In about a month (July 8th), Cannibal Corpse is releasing a documentary DVD. It spans their entire career and should be pretty great. A whole bunch of us were included in it. Both Jason and I (Jarrett) were interviewed and as far as I know included in it. So needless to say we are excited about seeing our grills on camera in a retrospective of some important death metal history.

"As this demo thing draws to a close, my main concern next is festivals. If your doing one...get in touch."

Anal Vomit Plans European Tour

Peruvians ANAL VOMIT are currently trying to set up a European tour. Details will follow as soon as certainties are met. In the meantime, US specialist label Nuclear War Now! recently issued the latest ANAL VOMIT studio album "Depravation" on vinyl.


Toxic Holocaust Posts First Day Studio Report

Toxic Holocaust have posted the following message from the studio:
"Hell-o all,
Today was day number one in the studio for the new Toxic record. We are recording with Jack Endino at the Sound House in Seattle. This record marks the first time I won't be playing drums, instead I've got Donny Paycheck (ZEKE) handling the metallic wooden coffins.

So far, so good. The first half of the day was spent getting drum sounds and the other half was spent tracking drums. We were in there for about 11 hours today, and it looks like we have 5 keepers. The drums are sounding monstrous. Expect drums that sounds like lame triggers or shit like that.

Check back tomorrow for another update...."

Sothis Signs To Candlelight Records

California black metal band Sothis have signed a record deal with Candlelight Records.
Candlelight commented "Sothis has completed their much-anticipated debut full-length album entitled "De Oppresso Liber." The album transcends their demo by leaps and bounds in their performance, production and songwriting. The album was tracked in Los Angeles and then mixed in Varberg, Sweden by Andy LaRocque of King Diamond fame at his Sonic Train Studios".
Sothis' first demo, a four song self-titled release, won them the "Best Independent" release of 2005 in Canadian magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles.

jueves, 8 de mayo de 2008

Suffering Live Fest 2008


Attention all Californians and west coast thrashers! MUNICIPAL WASTE have set up a "surprise" show 7PM this Friday, May 9th at Relax Bar in Los Angeles, CA. This is a special one-off show and will be their only west coast gig until they come back in July with the legendary AT THE GATES.

For further details on this "surprise" show, go to

Even if you miss them in Los Angeles, you've still got an entire summer to FACE THE WASTE as they tour the U.S. with legendary metal innovators AT THE GATES alongside DARKEST HOUR and TOXIC HOLOCAUST.

July 9 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
July 10 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
July 11 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
July 12 - Montreal, QC @ Le Medley
July 13 - Toronto, ON @ Opera House
July 14 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
July 15 - Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
July 17 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
July 18 - San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
July 21 - Denver, CO @ Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
July 23 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
July 24 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
July 25 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
July 26 - Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse
July 27 - Hollywood, CA @ Henry Fonda Theatre

Return To The Pit has 163 pictures of MUNICIPAL WASTE at their headbanging best from the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival.Checkout the killer live photos here.

MUNICIPAL WASTE - THE ART OF PARTYING is available NOW from the EARACHE U.S.Webstore: http://www. earachestore. com/store/product21. html

MUNICIPAL WASTE is featured on the new-school thrash compilation, THRASHING LIKE A MANIAC, available NOW.
To find out more about the release head over to http://www. myspace. com/thrashinglikeamaniac

Order your cd or limited edition vinyl copy of THRASHING LIKE A MANIAC (with FREE issue of Speed Merchants) from the EARACHE U.S.Webstore: http://www. earachestore. com/store/thrashinglikeamaniac. html

http://www. facethewaste. com

IMPIETY & SPEARHEAD Fibber Magees, Saturday August 30th

IMPIETY (Sing) & SPEARHEAD (UK) will play Fibber Magees, Dublin on Saturday August 30th with support from ETERNAL HELCARAXE & NEPHRIDIUM!! Invictus stall on the night!


House Of Dementia CD
Sevared Records is extremely Proud to announce the signing Of Wisconsin's Brutal Death Metal Powerhouse PUTRID PILE.For their 3rd Full Length CD coming in late Summer 2008! This will be their Most Brutal work to date, Do not miss what is sure to be an instant classic! Cover art being done by the master Tony Koehl!!!http://myspace. com/putridpile

Gore Kings Festival!!! Barcelona, Saturday May 17

Goreaphobia is forced to postpone canadian tour

GOREAPHOBIA — which was supposed to hit Canada for a short tour with ESTUARY and LAPIDATE beginning on May 8th in Toronto, Ontario has issued the following statement:

Chris Gamble GOREAPHOBIA's vocalist and bassist comments "An unfortunate incident has come up and Goreaphobia is forced to postpone the Canadian tour. A very serious issue has arose that had made it impossible for us to do the tour. We wish to keep the details private out of respect to the people involved. We are very sorry about this sad crisis that has happened. We all are in full preparations to re-schedule the Canadian tour dates as soon as possible. We thank everyone for their understanding on this unfortunate crisis, and sincere support for these difficult times. We promise to make every full effort to strike Canada with all our blackend death metal hearts! Thank you to everyone out there for your support and understanding of this time in personal need. We salute you all! See you soon..........."

Both ESTUARY and LAPIDATE will still be doing the tour so make sure you go to the shows and show your support!

ESTUARY and LAPIDATE tour dates:
May 8th TORONTO, ONTARIO @ The Wreck Room
May 10th SUDBURY, ONTARIO @ The Jubilee Centre
May 11th MONTREAL, QUEBEC @ Café Chaos
May 12th TROIS RIVIERE, QUEBEC @ Bar Cafe Le Stage
May 13th ST HYACINTHE, QUEBEC @ Bar Le Trash
May 14th KINGSTON, ONTARIO @ Time To Laugh
May 15th HAMILTON, ONTARIO @ The Casbah

ESTUARY'S second album, "The Craft of Contradiction", was released last spring on Ibex Moon Records.

Mithras Seek Liove Drummer

Mithras are searching for a sticksman to man the kit at future live shows.

Applicants should be familiar with the Mithras material; be skilled with blastbeats / double kick drumming / and have decent general drumming ability.
Mithras aim to play a decent number of shows and possibly tour in 2009 and simply need a drummer to complete their live line-up.
The band asks potential candidates to contact them on the following email address:

Dead Head To Enter The Studio

Veteran Dutch thrashers DEAD HEAD are ready to enter the studio to record their follow-up to 2005's Haatland. Returning to a more vicious rabid thrash approach, the new album "Depression Tank" (working title) is expected to be released in the fall via Displeased Records.
In other news, the band's 1999 thrash classic Kill Division will be reissued by Displeased Records around the same time, with bonus live material.


Stratovarius Members Explain Their Side Of The Bands Split

The remaining members of STRATOVARIUS have posted this joint statement on their MySpace page:
"Timo Tolkki published a statement on April 2 this year. The other members of STRATOVARIUS would now like to set the record straight. You can't argue with someone's perception of things, you can just explain how you see things differently.
The confrontations, fights, incompetence, tensions, negativity, bitterness, hostility, disinterest, bad musicianship, and unfriendliness that Timo described were never there. He constructed this alternate reality around these simple and for him painful facts:

1) The band's momentum has been slowing since 2004.

2) The media chaos of 2004 made him lose a lot of trust and respect both within and outside the band.

3) STRATOVARIUS' label Sanctuary had severe financial problems from 2005 on. It forced us to start a legal process at the beginning of 2007.

If you live your life through other people's eyes, declining sales or a perceived loss of power are matters of deep, stinging personal humiliation.

Other sad facts remain. The legal fight left us without a way to make a new album, and financially strapped. Timo's main motivation for what he did was greed, not issues of friendship or art.

In the summer of 2007, he presented the STRATOVARIUS / REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE demos we had all financed and recorded to Frontiers Records, and signed a recording agreement for a solo project. Unbelievably, he promised Frontiers that he alone could (and would) stop STRATOVARIUS from being active for the duration of the REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE project, for marketing reasons. In exchange for this, Timo alone was paid $154,000 US dollars.

He did this behind our backs, as we were deep in pursuit of Sanctuary legally with a large legal bill. He still hasn't had the guts to tell us what he did. We pieced it together from various press releases of his and scattered email correspondence.

In October he sent us a mail saying he didn't want to continue, a quite impersonal way after having been in the same band for 12 years. He explained that he was tired of STRATOVARIUS, and would concentrate on things like his opera. We had known for some time he really hated playing live.

He did not mention anything about his Frontiers deal, which placed the rest of us at great financial risk. He very clearly asked that we wouldn't contact him and try to talk him out of it, which we all respected. He would later make much of the fact that nobody tried to talk him out of it.

This year, Sanctuary agreed to settle, but Timo's announcement and Timo's announcement alone ruined that, leaving us with a debt of $54,000 US dollars. The total loss is around $346,000 US dollars. There was no reason for the timing of his announcement other than some foolish belief it would make the promotion of Timo's project record a bit easier. What he did to the rest of us was stupid, selfish and more than disappointing to us since we all stood shoulder to shoulder with him financially in 2004.

Then late January, surprisingly, he proposed us playing as hired guns on R.R. (turning it into a STRATOVARIUS record), and doing a tour with Jari on bass. Apparently he again had financial problems due to his failed opera project. He then quickly dismissed the idea himself.
In short it's not so much a story of simmering discontent leading to a wise and respectable decision. It's definitely not a story of naivité. It's the story of Faust, the story of madness, of a band's natural and slow decline, but in the end something mundane: the story of a supreme narcissist going broke and betraying friends of 12 years who helped save him a few years earlier.
Hopefully this explains the situation a little bit. Sorry if it is long on business crap, and short on humor or music. This was a terrible, disappointing blow to us.
We would like to thank our fans who make it all worth it, and despite it all, we would like to thank Timo for the past, the nice music and the good moments.

The rest of us want to make clear that we are doing great and that we will continue making music together, because we care about each other and we care about our fans. We have grand plans indeed, and we will have some very interesting news in the months ahead!
Timo Kotipelto (vocals), Jörg Michael (drums), Jens Johansson (keyboards), Lauri Porra (bass)... the remaining members of STRATOVARIUS"

Psycroptic Announces Australian Tour

June 6th - Rosie's Live, Brisbane with DEAD LETTER OPENER, ROOKWOOD & DEPRAVE
June 7th - The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney with DAYSEND & BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE
June 12th - The Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Melbourne with TERRORUST & ENNUI BREATHES MALICE
June 13th - The Enigma Bar, Adelaide with A RED DAWN & CLOSED CASKET
June 14th - The Arthouse Hotel, Melbourne with TERRORUST, PICTURE THE END & APHOTIC DAWN

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Sodom Announces More European Shows

30 - Zagreb, Croatia at Zagreb Metal Fest
21 - Clisson, France at Hellfest
3 - Belgrade, Serbia at Castle Fest
19 - Osterode, Germany at Rock Harz
25 - Elmshorn, Germany - Headbangers Open Air
26 - Obersinn, Germany - Eisenwahnfestival
August 2
9 - Losheim, Germany at Rock Area Festival
25 - Lichtenfels, Germany - Hellflame Festival
7 - Oslo, Norway - Screamfest
30 - Soest, Germany - Alter Schlachthof

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Thrasho de Mayo III


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