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Interview: Toxic Hate (Mexico)

We are back... Now we have this interview with Hatemaster the mind behind Toxic Hate, crushing and aggressive Death Metal from the Aztec Land.

1.- Hails Hatemaster, firstable for all those unfamiliar with the band, could you tell us a little introduction about the band?

- Hey thanks for the interview and the interest in Toxic Hate. Toxic Hate is Death Metal bands, which recently come out to the light, I uploaded the first songs to MySpace in the beginning of this year, tough this had more than a year of previous work. This starts in the end of 2008, was until 2009 that I decided the form in which the material would be released that I already had. I can´t describe the musical line in a exact term, because I have a lot of influences and I don´t try to imitate any other band, though surely somebody find similarities with other bands. Toxic Hate is a one man band, I make the music, lyrics, production and the drums sequences, but Erradikator makes the arrangements for recording, and of course he is the voice of the band.

2.- Why do you decided make Toxic Hate like a one man band?
- In that time, I hadn´t the opportunity for get the right persons for the project, so I decided start without other members. At the end I think is a good experiment for me, because now I value more the work of any single member of a band, the good thing here is that I don´t have problems for make the right decisions and I do the work to my way, the truth is I am learning more that I was thinking. The work is very hard, I do the things calm and I take the necessary time for each stage, as well as the steps to continuing in every process.

3.- The songs that you have on your Myspace profile makes me remember bands like Infestdead or Demigod, what bands are your main influence to create music?
- For me Morbid Angel and Carcass always been my influence, but with the time I discovered and arisen many other that I like more, and I took some of this bands, but I repeat, I don´t try sound to anybody in particular.

4.- How much time did you take to have ready the demo songs and how was the recording process?
- The songs in Myspace are the same that the Demo, I decided put out 2 songs and one Intro, based in the time on which they were composed. All was recording in Minibox Studio, a small home studio on south of the City, I worked the drums on my computer (hard process because I’m not a drummer), and the voice was recorded on the Composition Room, another small studio. In short, the process was long and a little bit tired, but I hope this first material moves good, for the next material (I working on that) I hope goes better, and of course the production it´s gonna be more detailed.

5.- How is the contact with Erradikator for the vocals, before Frodo 47 leaves the project?
- Since the beginning I search close friends that were involved into the music for the project, and Frodo 47 was my better option, but unfortunately by personal issues that he had, he can´t be the voice of Toxic Hate. So I decided to wait, when I had ready the songs I asked to Erradikator (a long time friend and Old School Metalhead) if he can help me for finish the project, and all works good, he make arrangements in the vocal line and some other in the lyrics, the result is correct for me.

6.- Talking about the lyrics, what is the main theme or from where comes the inspiration?
- Completely Social! The lyrics talk about the society that we living, our behavior, the religion like social influence, and all the shit that we found in the streets of this difficult City.

7.- Do you think Toxic Hate could conform a strong Line – up for live performances?
- Maybe this is gonna be real in the future, part of make music is be available to play live. For the first Lp I only think hired a good drummer for the recording, this is essential for any band. When you make all the songs with sequences, the times are precise, I try to find in a drummer; precision, quality and he can work with metronome. I know there are some good musicians, i have to found them and of course they are interested.

8.- In your words, what is Death Metal?
- I think like a genre is the most aggressive, strong and heavy… but is just an idea. Of course all of us feel different emotions with this genre, and depends a lot of the Interpreter, so I think all have something particular to say about it.

9.- What is your perception about the actual Mexican Metal scene?
- Uff… I think always being difficult, but now is more. First, we have trends, different genres came like a trend and they gone like a trend. Only the good and committed bands stay alive, the scene in these days is more complicated, the audience and the promoters are less quality exigent and more disinterest (not all of course), now we have more gigs with low quality, the promoters prefer do 5 shity gigs that 2 well done gigs. The audience now just goes to shine their “style” and get drunk, they not listen anymore the bands, but if you see the same bands every weekend, you know what happens and you don´t put much attention to them. The audience is younger, this is not bad, but they only worry about their look and style, they don´t really want know the bands, the starters of genres; just want to presume their rare and original T-Shirts, trying to demonstrate how “True” they are, just a pose. Of the new bands, I really think only a few are good, and I see in a worldwide level the Underground is growing up with a really good bands, includes Mexican bands, but unfortunately this bands are in the line for not being a Trendy band and they are really great. The problem with the bands that never goes far away from some points, is their unprofessionalism, simply they are not Professionals, they don´t have commitments with their music, they not invest in their music, How many bands knows what is a Professional recording? How much cost? Why we can say the don´t know? Because they are in the same place, playing in some shity gigs (fault of all parts), and they will follow there; with a good production yourself demands more, for example if you pay a studio by $500 per hour, of course you commit to work perfect, and a good productions open more doors. Be Underground is not conformist, or wrong done. Is be in a scene where we have work just like every workplace, a lot and hard work, time, money; I think this is forgotten in this days.

10.- I Know you have a lot of years into the music, what is the most important that the music gives to you?
- The music gives me a lot! I learned a lot of things, and play live is the best thing that you can do being a musician, when you play your music and the people responses in a positive way from the heart, touch the people in this way. The right word is Satisfaction!

11.- If you had the opportunity to choice some band for work in a Split, what would be that band?
- This is hard, because I really like work with a lot of bands. From Mexico Evil Entourage, Sarcoma, DNB, they are some I like. Foreigners maybe End Of Days, Hate, maybe Kronos, I don´t know is there hundreds of bands. Accepted proposals!

12.- Plans for the near future?
- Distribute the Demo as far as the budget permits, and find label soon, because being a “Orchestra Man” is expensive! Keep it working for make quality music, and I hope the Lp is ready for the end of the year, and would be very cool get a Split with another band.

13.- For last, anything to add?
- Thanks again for the interest in Toxic Hate, and thank all those who have done something in this project begins, to Christopher for the logo, Frodo 47 for the photos, Erradikator for their support, to Daniel for the design and unconditional support throughout ! And all they're missing, you know who they are.
If you don´t know Toxic Hate yet, check it out now! Thanks!!!

You can check Toxic Hate on:

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