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Interview: Dirges (Colombia)

This is the Interview with Dirges from Colombia.

1.- To begin with tell us about the history of Dirges. How you knew each other and where does the mane come from?

- Ok. The band was initially formed in 98 but was consolidated in 99. Was an idea of a group of friends who always had clear the idea to play thrash metal. The name Dirges was an idea of Tormento, the actual drummer and singer of the band who proposed it, and referinf to its meaning, immediately took acceptance of all members, perfectly fitting for what it meant. Those beginnings where tough in search of the proper musicians and for lack of instruments, but today and in almost 10 years that have passed, things are coming real good.

2.- What is the meaning of Dirges?
- Dirges it´s the name of solemn chants that in ancient times where used to accompany the warriors who died in battle towards their last path. Those chants represent the last homage that was made as a tribute to the snatched lifes in battle.
That is Dirges.

3.- As in all Latinamerica you know it exists the lack of support, how much difficult was for you to record your first demo Thrash Metal?
- Pretty much! But at that time I was not in the band, I was friend of all them dough, and I knew how things where progressing.
Thrash Metal had several difficulties (instruments and $$$) and when the band finally recorded it they were not satisfied with the result, and at the time we went back to mastered it again the record was already deleted. That first demo has never been released officially, it was distribuited from one friend to another ans so on. Eventhough the band´s discontent, today it’s a great piece and very demanded on live shows. We are planning that at the end of the year will be edited at last in CD format.

4.- You have a very peculiar sound I can hear black and thrash metal influences, could you name some bands considered as references?
- It´s weird, but a lot of people say we have black influences but we never planned like that: nevertheless we considered influenced by those first works of Kreator (Endless Pain), Destruction (Sentence of Death), Sodom (In the Sign of Evil), Venom (Welcome to hell), Slayer (Show no Mercy) and others with that same gloomy vibe. Prsonally i´m fan of Desaster that has the same gloomy vibe and which combines thrash and black perfectly.

5.- Now how has been the musical evolution since that first demo until After the Devastation?
- Our evolution has been essentialy on experience over the years. We do not make the same mistakes on recording sessions and we search to improve the execution skills more than technic aspects that until these days we want to preserve without letting new tendencies affect the sound of the band.

6.- Speaking of errors and technic affairs, how is the composition process in a Dirges´song?
- We all take part on it and we all look forward to agree at the moment we finish a song. Occasionally ideas take places on rehearsals, one simple song take several rehearsals we have clear that no matter how much time it takes to finish one song we have to persevere and search that special touch.

7.- People in Witchtrap and Luciferian told us that in Colombia tere is a strong metal scene, do mutual support exists in all Colombia or just local bands in your zone?
- Sure, fortunately that support exists cause it makes distribution easier we are very good friends and that same friendship has made a bigger support. I think the main problem is the lack of support by the general public that has no fate on the scene.

8.- What can you tell us about After the Devastation what inspires you to write the lyrics on the album?
- The songs in After the Devastation have a particular theme: the passion, energy and force that metal transmit to us, that is the most recurrent topic.
And it is so simply cause using an instrument to play metal music is an experience to be proud of, songs like Thrash Metal, Solo la Muerte, Guerreros de Maldad and No Comienza el Final, are examples of it, we speak also about war that for Dirges (taking in count what the word means) and also our reality it is impossible not to play; this seems to be tipical but I think that it´s inescapable.
Reffering to recording time Uh! It was very long.
It took near a year and a half cause there were $ and self esteem problems. We had to put money that is already back in our hands cause the CD is selling good, in that aspect it´s a total bummer for us…but things had gone the right way.

9.- How does people react in a Dirges live show?
- Brutal man! That is something we wouldn´t change at all, the support has been excellent, people singing the songs; speaking by ourselves each one of us break a leg an stage and that make people respond enormously. Think there is a great chemistry between the band and audience and I dare to say we are prophets on our land.

10.- Have you ever found in a comic or really problematic situation on stage?
- Problematic, never, we are aware that we all make mistakes, I believe there are more comic situations in rehearsals at the beginning it was traumatic but now is funny.
The first drum set was made of kitchen recipients jajajaja, the bass pedal moved everywhere, there were some funny shit going on.

11.- What are the plans in a near future for Dirges?
- We are actually working on the second production and the next year we´ll be in the studio recording it. We hope a South American tour will be confirmed but nothing is sure, the tour includes: Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, possibly Chile and Argentina. Touching other issues the next month After the Devastation will be released on LP by Utterly Somber Creation from U.S.

12.- If you have the oportunity to create a Metal Festival, tell me 5 bands with you like to share stage, Colombian or Inter national bands.
- Uff... from Colombia with Masacre and International mm a lot... Kreator, Desaster, Death (R.I.P. old Chuck), Megadeth, Bewitched... i don´t know, complicated.

13.- Could you recommend us some Colombian bands?
- Runner Hell (Heavy Metal), Schizofrenia (Brutal Death Metal), Satanachia (Black Metal), Revenge (Heavy Metal), Yoght Sothoth (Death Metal).

14.- Do you have other bands beside Dirges?
- Yes, with Julio (Black Arrow) guitarrist of Dirges we play in Runner Hell, Heavy/Speed Metal in the vein of Exciter, excellent.

15.- For last, Anything to say?
- Thank you so much brother for the interview and the support to the band, we hope play soon in Mexico and visit our Myspace, leave some comment. A strong greeting for all the Metalheads.

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