viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Celtic Frost Becomes Officially Terminated

Triptykon/ex-Celtic Frost mainman Tom Fischer has posted the following message online:

"The intense rain outside continues unabated, and, far in the distance, the torn, grey clouds merge with the earth, obscuring any hint of a horizon. A fitting scenery to a final act of ignominy. I attended seven and a half funereal hours of meetings yesterday, initially with Celtic Frost/Triptykon manager Antje Lange, then including Martin Eric Ain and Celtic Frost's accountant, to discuss in detail the dissolution of most of Celtic Frost's business arrangements and the distribution of the group's remaining assets. What an infinitely doleful and emotionally draining undertaking, and one I did not ever wish to witness. And yet one that was probably unavoidable."

Fischer initially left the group in April of this year citing internal conflict as the reason and taking all music he had been writing for Celtic Frost with him to use in his new band, Triptykon which also features original Celtic Frost drummer Reed St. Mark and Dark Fortress/ex-Celtic Frost touring guitarist V Santura.

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