lunes, 18 de agosto de 2008

Vader XXV Contest!!

Together with Regain Records, the Official Vader Myspace organises a contest to celebrate the release of "XXV"! You can win 1 of the 3 CD/DVD boxes from XXV that Regain Records has made available for this contest!

What do you have to do? Simple! Answer this question correctly:

Name 3 bands that Vader has toured with in the past?

Send your answer and complete address (important!!!) to webmaster@deprofundis. nl.

Only answers sent to mailaddress mentioned above and with your correct name and postal address will go in the winners-draw.
Do not(!) mail your answer here on myspace!

Winners will receive an e-mail after 01/09/2009, the prices will be sent out by Regain Records to the winners.

Let the contest begin! It closes on 01/09/2009!

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