martes, 5 de agosto de 2008

Obituary Vocalist Checks In

Obituary vocalist John Tardy has posted the following road report online:

"This year's Wacken festival in Germany was unbelievable. We really had a good time and appreciate all the fans support. I think the Wacken crew all did a great job and we thank them for inviting us to this year's event! It was a sold out weekend, somewhere around 80,000 people!!!!

"We played in Finland the night before and it was one of stage at 2:00AM, lobby call at 4:00AM, flights at 6:00AM and on stage at Wacken 4:00PM...and they lost our luggage so Frank [Watkins; bass] and I had to go on stage in the only clothes we had...awesome! At least all the equipment showed up or we really would have been fucked! The show in Finland was great, sold out and sick! Thanks to all of you that came out to see us!

"We now have a few days off that we are spending in Hamburg, Germany before we take off to Copenhagen, Denmark for the next show. At least we don't have to fly. Actually we are done flying until we head back home. Only two shows left so I hope you can make one of them and remember we will have the new 'Left To Die' EP with us!"

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