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Entrevista a Dead Infection

Hoy les dejamos la entrevista con el baterista de Dead Infection Cyjan.

Dead Infection Interview

Here is the interview with Cyjan drummer of Dead Infection.

1.- Hi, how are you? More of 15 years playing a fucking brutal music, do you still feeling the same emotion like the early years?
- Yes, I still feel the same what 15 years ago. Very exciting that I can make my dream true... playing the shows, recording albums etc.

2.- Who is your most important influence?
- I think 3 bands: NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, TERRORIZER. The best old bands ever!

3.- Could you tell us your name and position in the band?
- I'm Cyjan. Drummer of the band.

4.- Before Dead Infection, you play in other bands?
- Yes. In the years '88-'89 I played in the grindcore band called FRONT TERROR. Watch here: www.myspace/frontterror

5.- What has been the better experience in Dead infection?
- It was a lot of experiences in the band. But I think the best one were our travel to Japan and Mexico. Hope to come there again.

6.- Could you tell us, how is now the Goregrind or Grindcore Polish scene?
- Grindcore and gore scene in Poland is very big! We have a lot of good bands! The best ones are: INCARNATED, SQUASH BOWELS, NEUROPATHIA, THIRD DEGREE, ANTIGAMA and some others...

7.- What is the feeling that you try to transmit in your songs?
- I express myself by the music. It's the most important thing to me. I don't care too much about lyrics. They're not much important like music. Through playing grindcore on drums I express my energy.

8.- How is the process of composition?
- Usually everybody makes the songs in home. When the riffs are ready then we're making arrangment on rehearsals.

9.- How it was the musical evolution since your first demo to your last LP?
- Just listen to our stuff and estimate yourself. He, he!

10.- Before you play, dou you have some kind of ritual?
- Before I played, I was a good, polite kid having school and listening the music.

11.- A few months ago, you played in Mexico, how was the expirience? Dou you like Mexico?
- It was one of the best experiences of my life! I really like Mexico, people living there. You have very beutiful girls. Wanna come back there again :-)

12.- Do you know some Mexican band?
- I know a lot of mexican bands like Brujeria, Disgorge, Porno Infantil, C.A.R.N.E., Anarchus etc.

13.- Anything to say?
- Take care and see you in Mexico!

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