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Entrevista a Paul Speckmann de Master.

Paul Speckmann Interview

Here is the Interview with Paul Speckmann (Master).

1.- Hi Paul, how are you? Could you tell us hoe do you feel with "Slaves of Society"?
-Things are great, I just returned yesterday morning form the Lividity, Master tour of Europe, and the finish with 300 crazy motherfuckers was a killer end to a three week journey. I ma getting ready to join the Massacre reunion tour beginning on October 26th as a merchandiser and assistant tour manager, so all is fine. I live around 6 months a year on the road these days.

Slaves To Society is the best CD I have recorded in many years. Of course I am happy with it. I just hope that the people are getting this in the shops. This is a CD not to miss.
The text deals with the state of affairs we are in today. All people are Slaves To Society working for the greater machine. Things are really shit at the moment with these idiots like Bush, Putin, and Blair at the helm or Brown for that matter. These geriatric patients are dictating the way we should live. The sooner the youth of today get up and take a stand against these assholes the sooner freedom will really realized. Anarchy is nearly lost.

2.- You have more of 20 years in the Metal, What is the most important thing the music given to you?
-Freedom, what else. The freedom to express my point of view, and the freedom to travel the world and share my message with the masses at the music's expense.

3.- How do you evolved since Warcry even the actual moment with Master?
-Warcry was the beginning of it all for me. this heavy Metal band brought me the courage and energy to take the stage. For this I am grateful. Master was created after listening to a split single called Live Like an Angel Die Like a devil. and In League With Satan from Venom. This single changed my life.
Deathstrike was really the band that broke through first, and Master followed shortly after.

4.- Do you remember what band or what song inspired to you for create music?
-Killing Yourself To Live from Black Sabbath

5.- Who is your most important influence?
- Lemmy Kilmister
Geezer Butler
Steve Harris
Phil Lynott

6.- Today Master is a cult band into Death Metal, for you who are a cult band?
-Rainbow with Dio.

7.- What thing inspired to you for write the lyrics of this album? we can listen topics like death, politic or religion.
-Society inspires me on every record.

8.- For you this is the best album of Master?
-Every album has its place in my career. All albums have good and bad points. This is the best one in the last year of course, but I have written many other great masterpieces.

9.-What is you more yearn in this life?
-More money what else. I have everything else, freedom, job security and my music.

10.- In the past, you come to Mexico, do you have plans for return soon?
-Probably not, no one can seem to arrange it.

11.-Do you like some band from Mexico?
-Disgorge is the best band from Mexico with Antimo on vocals.

12.- Why do you have that long beard?
-Because I like it. It's metal of course.

13.- Do you have something to say?
-Yes check out the latest CD Slaves To Society, you won't be disappointed. For more info go to

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