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Mortifer Interview

This is the interview with this legend from Rusia, Mortifer!!!

1.- Looking back in time how was the Russian scene
compared to this times?

-Well in that time there were not so many bands playing heavy metal, and the metal itself was not so commercial as it is now. Metal was pure and free from any influences what I personally value in the old bands.
There were no small clubs back then in Russia and the performances usually took place in venues of 700-1000 seats. Each show was a great event. Now it's all way much more simply. There are lots of small clubs and the shows have turned into something ordinary and conventional.
On the other hand more of the up-to-date equipment for the shows became available. Playing technique and performance quality grew up significantly.

2.- How did you get to collect all the music that
inspired you when the communism was established in your

-In Soviet Union it was not a problem to find a particular western band. We were making copies from vinyls to tape cassettes, sometimes purchased the vinyls, thou' it was quite expensive.

3.- Tell us about the risk or the problems that you
have with police when you play Alice Cooper and AC/DC

-There were no particular problems, of course, but in general singing in English was risky. We played all kinds of covers of even not "very heavy" western bands and sometimes people in uniform approached us and ordered to stop. Otherwise they could just cease the show. But there were no serious problems as such. With beginning of Perestroika (reformation) it disappeared entirely.

4.- Was it difficult to find a record label to record
your first LP Euthanasia?

-I don't think it was more difficult than in any other country. We just sent our demo and in 2-3 weeks received our first record deal offer. By that time we were somewhat famous as we played a lot and participated in a fest in Moscow in 1991. There were a few articles in the fanzines. On the other hand there were not so many bands playing similar music on the decent level in that time.

5.- Due to the repression that you were living at that
time, did bands were very united?

-I think you have incorrect information about our country. Yes, there were certain prohibitions up to 1986, but after the Reformation everything cooled out, and full freedom of music revealed. Other bands were inviting us in their towns for joint shows, and we did the same in our turn. It happens to the present day. But there are no repressions anymore for a long time.

6.- Why did you wait 7 years to release your second
album If Tomorrow Comes?

-Simply because thrash metal became less popular by that time, the same as for the whole world, and the record label turned us down. The second LP we recorded was "Blind Faith", but it never appeared on a vinyl. That's why we took time for composing material for the 3rd album. When we had material ready for "If Tomottow Comes" we could not release it until 1999 and again received an offer to release it on a CD. In 2001 we re-recorded "Blind Faith" and it was released in 2002.

7.- How was the experience playing with Sodom and
Pungent Stench?

-It's always great to play with famous bands. It leaves a lot of pleasant flashbacks for the rest of our lives.

8.- Did you went to see the great masters of metal
Pantera when they play at Moscow?

-Yes, I attended that show in Tushino venue. Pantera was the first to come out and play, but they were almost unknown in Russia. They, of course, played it wicked, though they had rather nasty sound.

9.- Did your lyrics reflect the history and social
struggles of your country?

-Sometimes the lyrics indeed reflect the history and tragedies of our country, but mostly our lyrics are generalized. All too often it is about inner life of humans, about negative stuff happening in our lives.

10.- Have you ever think about to change your sound
like other bands due to get more audience?

-We are of not much of alternative to change our sound. We know how we should sound and we're satisfied with our albums sound. I think it reflects quite well the core and the mood of our songs. After all we never gonna change our sound for the sake of fashion flow.

11.- To end this interview, do you have anything to

-We'd like to thank you for the interest to Mortifer and wish you all the best. Thanks. Thrash will never die!!

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