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Entrevista a Witch Hammer

Hoy entregamos la entrevista a Witch Hammer, saludos a todos los que pasan por aqui.

Witch Hammer Interview

This is the Interview with Peter bassist of Witch Hammer.

1.- Hi guys how are you? Tell us what is Witch Hammer?
-Hi! WITCH HAMMER is czech Power/heavy metal band, from city Jablunkov.

2.- How were you formed?
-Witch hammer arise 1.9.1999 in line-up: Jan --otkovský - vocal, Old--ich Volný - guitar, Petr Caputa - bass and Daniel Bielesz - drums, in Jablunkov. We wanted to play some heavy metal music, because all around was many hard core, punks or nu-metal bands, but we don´t like that styles so much. Cause we form the band.

3.- Could you tell us your name and position in the band?
-My name is Petr and I play the bass. I´m in charge of lyrics to.

4.- How it was the musical evolution since your first demo to your debut LP?
-Well, our firs demo „Tears of the witch"(2001) was our very first experience with recording.We were 16-17 years old and we were so happy that this songs we record are ourselve.We didn´t take a notice about sound of the record or mastering.We were happy,that we have some promo CD for persuasion of the concerts.Our second demo „Heavy metal resurrection"(2002) was a recording premiere of our new drumer Robert.We were a little experienced, but the sound of the second demo didn´t be so great yet.Promo 2004 is our third record and we are very satisfied with him.All our demos were recorded at same studio, but the last one was recorded by new sound engineer and on sound of the record is it listen to. Our debut album PRICE FOR THE NEW WORLD we recorded with the same sound engineer Tomá-- --pirka. It is another step in our musical evolution and we are satisfacted with this record.

5.- Who is your maximum influence?
-We don´t have one or two bands which influented us. That is many many heavy metal bands. For example bands like: BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, RAGE, RUNNING WILD, SAXON...and much more. But we try to put in our music some ourselve energy.

6.- Inside the Czech Metal scene, Who is your most important reference?
-I don´t know how deep you know czech scene, but we like czech bands like for example: KREYSON, ARAKAIN, TORR, DOGA.

7.- How do you see the Czech Metal scene?
-I think that we have a lot of very good bands, but the biggest problem is repression metal music in TV or radio. If you want to listen quality music, you must search. If common man switch on the TV, he can see pop music, disco, brass band, but metal music only marginally. But the czech metal scene is pretty much alive! and it´s very good.

8.- You really make us remember bands like Iron Maiden and Riot, do you think the sound of Witch Hammer is similar to heavy of first half of the 80?
-It is possible. As I said, we listen many many heavy metal bands including Iron maiden or Riot and certainly all of them influenced us by its way. But I think, that we are just a little sharper.

9.- Besides Metal what other music do you like?
-I like hard rock music to or sometimes I listen czech folk musicians like NOHAVICA or KRYL (mostly because of lyrics).

10.- What is the feeling that you try to transmit in your songs?
-Our concerts are very energy. This is the right word. We try to transmit that very good feeling of our music to the people and If they give it back to us, it is someting superious! In my lyrics I try to describe my look on daily world around me and I hope that our fans find in my lyrics also piece of themeselves.

11.- Could you talk us about this song "Time of the Burning"?
-Time of the burning is first song on our debut album PRICE FOR THE NEW WORLD. Is it supple opening song and I think that Time of the burning is one of our best song. The Lyric of this song is about live and destinations of our band. I had an idea of this lyric, when we drove back from one concert of our band in the night on the highway.

12.- Have you played outside of your country?
-Yes we played in Poland for the 3 times and in Slovakia for the 3 times.

13.- Could you tell me your Dream Metal Band?
-Dream metal band? I don´t know really, Maybe WITCH HAMMER on some very big place. Even DONINGTON – Download festival or WACKEN Open air, Rock In Rio.

14.- Dou you have plans for touring soon?
-We have concerts through the whole year. Of course we would have very happy, for touring around Europe with some bigger band, but it wasn´t occasion yet. Maybe in the future.

15.- For last, do you know some Mexican Metal band?
-Sometimes I find some good band on

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