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Funebrarum Sign with Cyclone Empire

U.S. underground death metal band Funebrarum has signed to Cyclone Empire to release their first full length of new material since their hiatus four years ago. The band was formed by guitarist Nick Orlando (EVOKEN) and vocalist Daryl Kahan (Abazagorath) in April of 1999, with the intention of creating dark, nihilistic, crushing, morbid death metal. With fellow Abazagorath and Evoken member Dario Derna filling in on drums, the band recorded their debut demo "Triumphant Ascent" later that same year. Though the sound quality of the rushed recording was extremely crude, the material was well received by the underground metal hordes. The core line-up was solidified with the addition of Abazagorath bassist David Wagner providing the destructive low end. The first complete line-up was finalized with the addition of drummer Brian Jimenez.

In October 2000, the four-piece would begin recording their second demo "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness", after which Jimenez would part ways with the band. In July 2002, long time friend Roy Fox would release a remixed, remastered version of the demo under the title "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" on his label, Necroharmonic Productions. The release would receive international praise, with Unrestrained Magazine hailing Funebrarum as the "cure old-school death metal fans have been anticipating." (link)

From the end of the "Tombs of Sleeping Darkness" sessions, the lack of a drummer kept the band inactive, and they nearly disbanded. In 2003, with the help of session drummer Justin DeTorre, they re-recorded material for their next official release, the 7" EP "Dormant Hallucination," for Midnight 666 Records. Again Funebrarum received glowing praise. Metal Side Zine called the band the "masters of old school death metal." (link) The following year "Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods" would be reissued by Necroharmonic Records.

Enter 2005 and a new era for Funebrarum. The band returned from the lingering realms of death with the addition of drummer Shaun Eldritch. Finally able to move forward, the band began creating their first new material in 4 years. The line-up was completed when Matt Medeiros (Kalopsia) joined the band on lead guitar. Now more powerful than ever, the latest incarnation of Funebrarum is forging an even more potent, devastating version of their trademark pestilential, necrotic, old-school death metal.

In 2006 Funebrarum released a split cd with the Swedish Interment on Conqueror of Thorns Records.

With the new material for the second full-length, "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams," they suddenly got the attention of Cyclone Empire where the band finally signed a contract that sealed the return of death metalers.

"The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams" is scheduled for a release early 2009.

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